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									Avenues Historic District
     Salt Lake City, Utah

      Reconnaissance Level Survey
    Historic Landmark Commission Presentation
                 October 1, 2008
                   Survey Objectives
The Avenues Historic District was designated a
       SLC Landmark District in 1978.

   Improve efficiency in the
    preservation efforts of the Salt
    Lake City Planning Division and
    the Utah State Historic
    Preservation Office (SHPO) in
    the Avenues Historic District
   Enable the Planning Division
    and Historic Landmark
    Commission to make informed
    decisions regarding design
    review and planning actions
    affecting the Avenues Historic
   Provide a higher level of
    certainty regarding historic
    district status among property
    owners in the district
Avenues Historic District
Reconnaissance Level Survey Map
Phase 1
Evaluation                         Quantity     %
A         Eligible/Significant       73        6%
B        Eligible/Contributing       954       77%
C    Ineligible/Non-Contributing     31        3%
D      Ineligible/Out-of-Period      76        6%
X             Demolished             37        5%
U            Undetermined            60        5%
               TOTAL                1,231     100%
Phase 2
Evaluation                         Quantity     %
A         Eligible/Significant       63        7%
B        Eligible/Contributing       717       81%
C    Ineligible/Non-Contributing     26        3%
D      Ineligible/Out-of-Period      35        4%
X             Demolished              7        1%
U            Undetermined            33        4%
               TOTAL                 881      100%
National Register of Historic Places

                     50 years-old or older
                     Has Historic Integrity
                     Significant: Local, State
                      or Federal
                     Associated with
                      –   Historic Events
                      –   Patterns of History
                      –   Important People
                      –   Architecture or
   Avenues Historic District (NRHP)*
   Data from the Previously Entered

Utah SHPO Database, 1977-2006*
Evaluation                         Quantity      %
A         Eligible/Significant       140        7%
B        Eligible/Contributing      1,726      80%
C    Ineligible/Non-Contributing     26         1%
D      Ineligible/Out-of-Period      241       11%
X             Demolished              4        <1%
U            Undetermined            33         1%
            No Evaluation             7        <1%
               TOTAL                2,145     100%
        Avenues Historic District
        SLC Landmark District*
Survey Results — Combined Phases Totals

  Utah SHPO Database / Survey Results, 2008*
  Evaluation                         Quantity     %
  A         Eligible/Significant       136       6%
  B        Eligible/Contributing      1,671      79%
  C    Ineligible/Non-Contributing     57        3%
  D      Ineligible/Out-of-Period      111       5%
  X             Demolished             93        4%
  U            Undetermined            44        2%
                 TOTAL                2,112     100%
     Highlights of Comparison

   General percentages/ratios
    of A, B and C remain the
   Nearly half of previous out-
    of-period resources
    reevaluated as contributing
   A number of resources
    identified as demolished
    since 1977
   No evaluation and obvious
    duplicate records labeled as
                Updating the NRHP
                Status of Resources
   Property owners of newly
    contributing resources may wish to
    take advantage of tax credit
    program available for NRHP-listed
   Official eligibility status for
    resources built during the period
    for significance as noted in the
    original NRHP nomination (1850s-
    1930s) may be changed by SHPO
   Eligibility status for resources built
    after 1940 can only be changed by
    submitting an amended
    nomination to the National Park
    Service (NPS) or by an individual
   Avenues Historic District
Recommended Further RLS Survey Work
   Avenues Historic District
Recommended Further ILS Survey Work

                   Conduct Intensive
                   Level Surveys (ILS) of
                   resources built
                   between 1930 and
                   1965 to determine
                   significance and most
                   appropriate cut-off
                   date for contributing
                   resources from the RLS
Early Settlement Period, 1860-1879
Victorian Urbanization Period, 1880-1909
Bungalow & Period Revival Cottage
    Infill Period, 1910-1931
Depression & War Domestic Adaptation
         Period, 1932-1946
Post-War Infill, Multi-family Conversion
 & Apartment Block Period, 1947-1965
Decline & High-Density Development
         Period, 1966-1978
     Conversion Reversal &
Gentrification Period, 1979-2008
    Observations on the results of
    Design Review in the Avenues
   Current guidelines adopted
    in 1999
   Increase in use of
    compatible materials:
    primarily porches,
    fenestration, garages, etc.
   Rehab or replication of
    historic materials — 1)
    examples of asbestos siding
    decreased from 146 to 39,
    2) high number of frame
    houses with new paint
   New construction more
    compatible in scale
Recommendations for the Avenues
      Landmark District
                   Determine whether changes to
                    NRHP status should determine
                    landmark status for properties
                    in the Avenues Historic District
                   Updating the status of
                    properties at the City
                    Landmark level should be at
                    the discretion of the Historic
                    Landmark Commission and the
                    Salt Lake City Planning Division
                   The commission and staff
                    should have sufficient
                    resources in place to handle
                    the case load required by
                    newly designated contributing
                    buildings that may now qualify
                    for design review
                Benefits of a
               Historic District
   All Contributing Buildings are
    listed on the NRHP or the Local
    Landmark District
   Potential State & Federal
    Historic Preservation Tax Credits
    for the Rehabilitation of NRHP
    listed buildings
   Design Review for Local Listing
   Public Education
     – History
     – Rehabilitation Compatibility
     – New Development Compatibility
   Community Pride
Avenues Historic District

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