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Name: Yoga Lin
English name: James
Nickname: YOGA, psychedelic Sorry for any inconvenience, Doodle mouth
Gender: Male
Birthday: July 1, 1987 (Lunar New Year: Year Bingwu Dingmao on
Bingshen day)
Birthplace: Pingtung, Taiwan
Constellation: Cancer
Blood Type: AB
Height: 171CM
Weight: 63KG
One of: very good
Occupation: student, singer
Languages: Mandarin, Taiwanese, English

Education: Lu Xing Pingtung private schools in central / Fengshan
Senior / National Dong Hwa University, Department of Sports and
Leisure (schools in)
Favorite / most wanted co-singer: Eason Chan Cheer Chen
Favorite music: In addition to the various types of hip hop music,
including popular songs
Common hobby: eating good food, singing, playing basketball
Describe myself as: good
Favorite color: like blue like the color green
Like the typical girls: Karena Lam
Most want to do: to listen to the whole world sing
Family: father, mother, a brother of a sister
20th birthday wish: a long high-5cm, make a lot of money
Yoga Lin debut history
Campus Orchestra Period (2003-2006.12)

Yoga Lin childhood singing talent show, he accepted the interview with
Next Magazine, said Tao is an important enlightenment his music
singer. Yoga Lin for the high school band's lead singer
popular in schools, when a singer had received on the rock music Video
search guidance, Video search of the young Yoga Lin in the R &
B side showing off the talent has left a deep impression. Yoga Lin
continued after college practiced and in-school tour, and has no small
reputation in the school, and later because the breakthrough you want
to search for music while out of band, transferred to a local
restaurant in Hualien as singer. But to maintain this job singing
career only two months to cease operation because of restaurant fire
forced suspension. In December 2006 in Kaohsiung for the first
"Super Star Boulevard" before the primary partition,
Yoga Lin is not a personal capacity to attend any formal singing
One Million Star'''(2007.1-2007.7)
Yoga Lin was the first session of "Million Star"
title. During the competition, he used his unique voice and songs of
comprehension, interpretation of the total can be used in their own
way out and the original music of different styles, touched the hearts
of many people, the listener into a psychedelic music hall . During
the competition, Yoga Lin them, "the person walking a
tightrope" first started his well-known, so that the listener
the first time to experience the charm of his music, but also earned
him a "psychedelic Sorry for any inconvenience," the
title; in the game He is constantly in progress, and challenge
themselves with exciting interpretation of "You put me
drunk," "cliff", "I love&quot
and "You are my eyes," "those
days", "tug of war" "Love me
please", "short", "honest love
songs", "Creep", "last
order" won 11 out of is the "One Million
Star" out of the king in impeccable. In addition, Yoga Lin is
the first "Million Star" in the only tournament
victory record keeping Ìß¹Ý player. One final race named Ìß¹Ý singing
"You are my eyes" and the total final concert of
"Creep", the assessment also given high marks out o
25 points (maximum points to keep records), "I love the
people," " people walking a tightrope
"and" You are my eyes, "but also because
its unique interpretation of a popular favorite songs were included in
the" Avenue of Stars, ¡Á 10 Super Strong Memorial Collection
"and" Love Star Featured Yesterday Today Tomorro
" being.

"Million Star" competition track, original music and
2006-12-27 Southern audition "Katrina" / Tao (in the
introduction, describe the strength to be strong players)
Hundred primary, "I hate that I love you" / mei
2007-1-26 star desperate battle of 50 million with 20 people (on)
"Love" / Karen 16
2007-3-9 winner will be: PK-one match (below) "person walking
a tightrope" / Li Quan Yin-Wen Tao wins with 19 points on 13
2007-3-23 Bigger Bang: fast songs designated race
"can't take my eyes off you" / Frankie Valli
16 points
2007-3-30 same boat: 16 Chorus Competition VS designated duck
"The Butterfly and Juliet" / Cao Gezhuo xuan 19
2007-4-6 Breakout: 15 in the knockout stage (a singer jury),
"so I'm happy you happy" / Faye Wong 11
2007-4-13 pay tribute to the idol: big shock! Status knockout spot
test "Open Love" / Wang Lee Hom 19 points
2007-4-20 survival of the fittest: Race 1 on 1PK

"Really," / Karen lost 14 points 20 points duck 16
minutes Pan Yuwen
2 degrees PK "I was a fish" / Richie Ren 16 points
out of a tie vote Ber such as assessment Su
Note: As friends were out in the competition, Yoga Lin once collapsed
in tears, or even want out of the race. However, persuaded many
people, Yoga Lin decided to continue the race, faith more firmly on
the music for the realization of dream. In later games, such as Yoga
Lin ashes like the Phoenix, the performance of the past even more.
2007-4-27 challenge. Trials: race VS Huang Dawei designated artist
singing "you drunk I am" / Huang Dawei 20 (maximu
2007-5-4 opportunity. Fate: BACK OFF Challenge Part I
"cliff" / Chi Chin 20 (maximum) 18 points wins Lin
2007-5-18 Ladders: BACK OFF Challenge Part III "The One I
Love" / Jordan Chan 20 (maximum) 12 points wins Simba
2007-5-26 rock hills can break: Ultimate named Ìß¹Ý Competition,
"You are my eyes" / Xiao Huang Qi 25 points (total +
additional points out of 5) win 17 points 2007-6-1 Xianfeng Lin
Daoyuan: unplugged concert knockout "those days"
Tao Jingying 20 points
2007-6-8 points race water boat: High Heaven VS Hell song sad song
Hell Elegy "strangers" / Tanya & high heav
song "Half Moon" / Fish Leong 17 points
2007-6-15 points race: lost love, or the most beautiful VS Tsai
Cheng-lin, "Tug of War" / Edmond Leung, Eason Cha
23 points (total + additional points 3 points)
SHE autograph session the election of 4 individuals "love me
please" / Genie 20 points (out) do not broadcast pre-recorded
and later broadcast music clips.
2007-6-22 points race: Idol duet duet compression wars and Kang Kang
"to not" / Kankan 23 points (total + additional
points 3 points)
2007-6-29 fifth game decided to "honest love song" /
Harlem Yu 23 points (total + additional points 3 points)
2007-7-6 Finals "Creep" / RadioHead 25 (maximum)
"Last Order" / Eason 24.5 points (points in the
final after the media published)
Description: Yoga Lin song is selected in the final absolute popular
in the popular demonstration of his insistence on the music and
insights. Yoga Lin's interpretation of the song on the two
shock the audience, the judges unanimously decided to discuss that
Yoga is the ultimate Super Star Avenue, the first championship.
China International Music (2007.7-)

Yoga Lin to Avenue of Stars, the first winner of the identity of
super-smooth and China signed a six-year research and international
music labels and brokerage contracts, participated in two compilations
and a TV soundtrack recording, and performing many of the commercial
and advertising photography, and its fresh and positive social image
of Taiwan's National Science Council, the spokesman of the
exhibition. This is the first national scientific institutions singer
shot only use advertising.
September 2007 Yoga Lin twice to go to Hong Kong in business
performance, 11-December, and both belong to China's Chou W
research record, Panyu Wen and Xu Renjie go to Hong Kong and
Singapore, Malaysia, to attract a large number of fan support.
December 29, 2007, Yoga Lin and Chou Wei, Pan Yuwen, Xu Renjie and
Aska Yang at the National Taiwan University sports stadium,
"Star Teacher Student Association" concert set
Taiwanese singer's fastest start-up ticket concert record,
attracted more than 4,000 admission. December 2007, Yoga Lin and the
mainland, "Super Girl" singer Jade Liu famous Korea
actor Bae Yong Joon together for the costume drama "The
Legend mind" recording credits song <Legend>.
In February 2008 he first went to Shanghai, China, the official
propaganda Star singer compilations, and in March 15, 2008 and Chou
Wei and other Chinese research fellow singer, held in Genting
Highlands, Malaysia first official overseas concert ticket, the
reaction warm, causing the local media attention. August 3, 2008, the
same class again in Hong Kong Yilishabo Coliseum troops Kai Chang,
3000 tickets in the empty half a day, plus field day also all sold out
audiences and received high praise Hong Kong media. July 5, 2008 Yoga
Lin was invited at the 19th Golden Melody Awards as the guest
performers, the same year on October 3 to go to Seoul, South Korea on
behalf of Taiwan at the Asian Music Festival, performed well received,
and awarded the prize rookie of Taiwan. October 25, 2008, Yoga Lin won
the Golden Melody Awards in Singapore Award and Rookie of the Year
played in three awards, debut album, "mystery guest&quot
also was produced album of the year award.
Yoga Lin's first solo album, "mystery guest&quo
on June 3, 2008 issue. In addition to successfully invited to CHEN
Xiao-xia, Li Quan, Lin Xi, Shiren Cheng, Peng Xuebin, Xiaoyu and other
heavyweights of the creation, the famous film director, Yi Zhi Yan,
personally directed Yoga Lin album track "horses" of
the MV, and Yoga Lin In acting on the potential of much appreciated.
In addition, even with the album's release, on May 24, 2008,
30, on June 7 in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung to hold 3 tickets to
concerts, called Yoga Lin Labyrinth Tour 2008, a record Taiwan singer
concert ticket offer personal record of the youngest [14] [15]. Taipei
concert tickets sold out first, three total number of seats more than
12,000 seats, hit More than ninety percent of the track highly musical
and highly entertaining presentation by the industry and the media

"Mystery guest" album, was the general audience an
the industry wide acclaim, but also to the first week sales of more
than 40,000, won Taiwan, including G-Music (41.11%), five record
labels (21.22%), blog to online bookstore HMV Singapore and several
major sales ranking of the championship, and winning in three major
broadcast networks in Taiwan (Hito Radio Voice of Taipei, Kiss Radio
public radio, UFO UFO Network), and two network-on-demand system
(ezPeer + online music , KK Box online music) titles.
"Mystery guest" album, the 2008 Singapore Hit Awar
Best Producer Award, and nominated album of the year award. Single
"wink" was also chosen as the 2008 Global Chinese
Pop Chart of 20 major hits.
Yoga Lin Labyrinth Tour 2008
"Labyrinth Tour" (YOGA's Trick Concert T
is a Taiwanese singer, Yoga Lin in 2008 in Taiwan, for the individual
for the first time ticket concert series, on May 24, May 30 and June 7
at the Taipei National Taiwan University Sports Centre, National Chung
Hsing University, Taichung and Kaohsiung Huisun Hall Fengshan Stadium
The total number of seats 12 000 thousand seats, hit More than ninety
percent, the first Taiwan concert tickets sold out before the concert
started. "Maze Concert" is the Chinese music scene
has not yet released album, concert ticket sales will be held in the
only large-scale examples, Yoga Lin is also a ticket ever held in
Taiwan, the youngest singer in concert. To not releasing their posture
of singers, a few tens of thousands of listeners at large ticket
performance, Yoga Lin's concert in Taiwan and Hong Kong
entertainment detonated topic, and get the media highly. First concert
in Taipei, attracting many workers to enjoy the entertainment circles,
including the name of producer spirit of Wang Wei and Zhan Renxiong,
host Tao Jingying, well-known DJ Zhu Wei Yan, director Yi Chih words
and Chu Yu-ning, singer Selina, Ella, Power Station, TANK, Yuan Wei,
Fan, and dozens of Taiwan, Hong Kong star horse print and electronic
Style and Theme
"Labyrinth" concert theme, from Yoga Lin
expectations of the concert, "to be like a person (singer) as
a multifaceted personality." Wang Zhiping concert by the
music director, Chen Zhenchuan as general director, Zhang Shengfeng as
a choreographer. "Labyrinth" concert concert stage
design echoes the theme of "Labyrinth", bold use of
large projection screens on three sides surround the stage, presenting
"cubic three-dimensional space" feeling, and to use
a combination of video, overlapping, and arranged to create a theater
style, to create the audience of "four dimensional visual
maze," so that Yoga Lin, lighting and video intertwined into
psychedelic and virtual world. In music, old songs from the
40's to Yoga Lin personal album of new songs, spanning more
than six years, includes the lyric, rock, jazz, blues, youth dance,
express a variety of music that Yoga concept and music personality.
Unlike large-scale concerts of Asian pop singer will focus on the
costumes and stage effects of the mainstream,
"Labyrinth" concert in order to enrich the musical
rhythm of the leading concert, supplemented by self-timer DV and
monologues, complete show quality and the singer's heart the
Wink, I'm sorry thank you (Eason Chan), lying in your closet
(Cheer Chen), Black (Eason Chan), cruel moonlight, backs, Bling Bling,
ÇàÆ»¹ûÀÖÔ° (Little Tigers), not all have fond memories of writing a lov
song (Jimmy Lin) romance Front (Grasshoppers), Angel shot from the
side (Chen Hsiao-hsia), I (Leslie Cheung), and for your endless love
(Aaron Kwok), Dirt (Jacky Cheung / music: Chou Wei), Queen 's
high (Andy Lau / music: Xuren Jie), a fancy her (Dawn / music: Pan
Yuwen), Ben Xiaohai (Andy Lau / week, Pan, Xu chorus), love is round,
Love Fool (The Cardigans), Bole, world (Eason Chan), On Black wind
high (Eason Chan), a mystery guest, Let's Start from Here
(Joanna Wang / Taipei, Taichung), have your fun (Joanna), Evening
Primrose (Ri Koran / music: Yoga Lin, Joanna Wang), three dark on the
3rd (Jacky Wu, Yoga Lin), cry (Alphabetical, Yoga Lin), Why, that girl
(Mavis Fan, 100% band), ½ñÏü¶àÕäÖØ (Tsui Ping), soul-ying dream (w
barbecued pork bun (Paula Tsui), Only You (The Platters ), Blue Suede
Shoes (Elvis Presley), sick, walking a tightrope of people (Li Quan),
I love the people (Jordan Chan).
Encore: Rain and tears (quarterback), Stand By Me (Oasis), Diary of a
Madman (Eason Chan), thank you (Eason Chan), Fly Me To The Moon (F
Sinatra), that song, the children (Cheer Chen).
Concert special guest
Joanna Wang (Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung), Wu (Taipei), Mavis Fan,
100% band (Taichung), Chou Wei, Pan Yuwen, Xu Renjie (Kaohsiung).
Hair piece before Yoga Lin had set two records:
1. Not send the CD, we organize the north, central, and southern three
large-scale concert tickets, is the first person to music
2. Because of personal qualities, good company image and high
popularity to become a favorite piece is not made endorsements and
activities is constantly getting everywhere can see high-quality Yoga
Yoga Lin endorsements
? 2008 Äê P & G a good comfortable sanitary napkin
? 2008 Äê green thermos like India MY BOTTLE
? 2008 Äê 3M invisible pox bean paste
? 2008 Äê sym - mio motorcycle (¶ß À² A Dream article)
? 2008 Äê VSOP Hennessy - Sound of Music Hyun's spokesm
? 2008 Äê pine food - FIN health supplements drinks
? 2008 Toshimori Wing Confectionery - Hi-Chew Soft Candy
? 2007 in the sym - mio motorcycle (Bling Bling articles)
? 2007 In-game Orange - Bright Shadow online game
? 2007 in the Heme - Men Simple T-Zone Powder sharp zero membrane
? 2007 years away male construction - Mosaic Community Ambassador
? 2007 in China Telecom - Ezpeer online music player
? 2007 in the 7-11 - Disney Walk of Fame
? 2007 Annual Scientific quarter - Taiwan exclamation points
Yoga Lin Music Awards
2008Hito Pop Music Awards
Time: 2008.03.01
Location: Kao-hsiung
¡ï Hito sound fierce new Star help
¡ï Hito voted the most popular new stars to help
2008 Hit Radio Mandarin Awards
Time: 2008.07.30
Location: Hong Kong
¡ï new force Metro Mandarin Pop Music Awards Yoga Lin
¡ï Hit Radio Mandarin leap Artist Yoga Lin
¡ï Hit Radio Mandarin Awards Star popular idol help
¡ï Hit Radio Mandarin Awards combination of new forces to help the
2008 Singapore Hit Awards
Time: 2008.10.25
Location: Singapore
Singapore Hit Awards ¡ï 2008 album of the year production of Award
(Mystery Guest: Wang Zhiping, a food Guo Wenzong, CHEN Xiao-xia, CH
Wei) Yoga Lin
¡ï 2008 Singapore Hit Award and popular artistes Yoga Lin
¡ï 2008 Singapore Hit Award for Best New Artist Yoga Lin
Singapore Hit Awards ¡ï 2008 Landscape Awards Yoga Lin standings
2008 Eighth "Global Chinese Pop Chart"
Time: 2008.10.29
Location: Hong Kong
¡ï "Global Chinese Pop Chart," the annual 20 Grea
Songs - wink
¡ï "Global Chinese Music Chart" Most Popular New
Talent Award: Yoga Lin
2008TVB8 Gold Songs Award ceremony
Time: 2008.12.07
Location: Hong Kong
¡ï 2008TVB8 Golden Awards for best new artist Yoga Lin
Beijing Music Festival 2008 Billboard new
Time: 2008.12.23
Location: Beijing
¡ï 2008 Beijing Music Festival annual Hong Kong and Taiwan new
Billboard Award for Best New Artist
Yoga Lin concert calendar
¡ï Star students will help the teacher
Time: December 29, 2007
Venue: National Taiwan University Sports Centre
Artist: Yoga Lin Chou Wei Pan Yuwen Xu Renjie Aska Yang Tao Jingying
(guests) and Yuan (Guest)
Tracks: "can't take my eyes off you"
"Shadow," "I want to be with us&quo
"you put me drunk" (vs. Huang Wei) "thos
days" (vs. Yuan Wei Ren, "a small umbrella&qu
(vs . Zhou Pan Hui Yang Tao Jingying)
Encore: "I believe" (vs. Pan Hui Zhou)
¡ï Star Legends Concert
Time: March 15, 2008
Location: Malaysia Genting
Artist: Yoga Lin Wei-Chou Hsu Wan-Ling Pan Yuwen Xu Renjie (ducks) an
Yuan (Guest)
Tracks: "can't take my eyes off you"
"last order" "Shadow," &qu
want to be with us" "last order"
"new order" "Dream up man" (v
Pan Yuwen), "The Butterfly cornel Liye "(vs. duck)
Encore: "Because I believe", "across from
the girl," "palm" "Rasa
Sayang" (Malaysia's song "
¡ï 2008 Yoga Lin maze tour YOGA's Trick Concert Tour (see 2
Tour presentation maze)
Time: May 24, 2008
Venue: National Taiwan University, Taipei Gymnasium
Guest: Jacky Wu Joanna
Time: May 30, 2008
Location: National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, Taichung Hui-Sun
Guest: Mavis Fan and 100% band Joanna
Time: June 7, 2008
Location: Fengshan in Kaohsiung County Stadium
Guests: Chou Wei Pan Yuwen Xu Renjie Joanna
¡ï Star Concert in Hong Kong Alumni Association (matinee and evening
performance sub-two)
Time: August 3, 2008
Location: Hong Kong Queen Elizabeth Stadium
Artist: Yoga Lin Wei-Chou Hsu Wan-Ling Pan Yuwen Xu Renjie (ducks)
Candy Lo (Matinee Guest)
Tracks: "can't take my eyes off you"
"wink" "walking a tightrope of
people," "cruel Moonlight,"
"sick" "TiAmo" (vs. Xu Wan-ling
"New order" (a cappella) "added
Dream" and " because I believe "
Encore: "genius and idiot," "catch-up run,
jump touch" "barbecued pork bun,"
"home + you are my eyes + grape maturity" (a
Yoga Lin album description
Album art
Album name: Super Star Walk of Fame Alumni Association Top 10 Memor
Release time :2007-06-29
Release Company: China Research Records
Category: Mandarin Compilation
Tracks: "I love people," "because I
believe" (Chorus)
Album art
Album Title: Love Star Featured Yesterday Today Tomorrow
Release time :2007-10-05
Release Company: China Research Records
Category: Mandarin Compilation
Tracks: "that song" (song) "the person
walking a tightrope," "You are my eyes,"
"Always on my side" (chorus)
Album art
Album Title: "Bull Fighting" TV soundtrack
Release time :2007-12-07
Release Company: China Research Records
Type; Mandarin OST
Tracks: "Shadow" (new song)
Album art
Album Title: "mystery guest" (debut album)
Release time :2008-06-03
Label: China Research International
Category: Mandarin
Tracks: 1. Wink 2. Mystery guest 3. Love is round 4. Baron 5. Please
say 6. Morbid
7. Cruel moonlight 8. Slow 1:09. Heart with Lin Xi 10. Saying Good
BONUS: Legend (& Jade Liu) mystery guests MV
Album art
Album Title: "mystery guest - Deluxe Edition CD to return to
the maze"
Taiwan Version
Release time :2008-07-04
Label: China Research International
Category: Mandarin
Tracks: 1. Wink 2. Mystery guest 3. Love is round 4. Baron 5. Please
say 6. Morbid
7. Cruel moonlight 8. Slow 1:09. Heart with Lin Xi 10. Saying Good 11.
Legend (& Liu Li Yang)
Bonus DVD:
1. To return to the essence of the maze northern, central concert
2. Maze than a day
3. Maze concert wonderful "Ka" recorded statement
4. Bole MV
5. Sick MV
6. Wink MV
The interior version
Release time :2008-08-31
Release Company: Gold Typhoon
Category: Mandarin
Tracks: 1. Wink 2. Mystery guest 3. Love is round 4. Baron 5. Please
say 6. Morbid
7. Cruel moonlight 8. Slow 1:09. Heart with Lin Xi 10. Saying Good 11.
Back (mainland Edition exclusive)
12. You are my eyes (mainland Edition exclusive)
Bonus DVD:
1. The essence of the island over the maze Tour Review
2. Maze concert behind the Record
3. Maze concert wonderful "Ka" recorded statement
4. Bole MV
5. Sick MV
6. Wink MV
Song description:
"That Song"
Included in "Love Star selection ¨B Yesterday Today
Tomorrow", which is Yoga Lin's first solo release, by
the well-known creators Kuo and Wu Hiroyasu creative, clever collage
of Teresa Teng's "Ordinary Heroes" is a ve
emotional ups and downs the picture a sense of a strong lyric.
"Shadow '"
Included in the TV series "Bull ¨B should not"
soundtrack in. In the first melodic song in Yoga Lin unique style to
reflect the gas sound clever lyrics mood.
Written by a well-known creators Shiren Cheng, Cheng Nan composer, is
Yoga Lin and Jade Liu continental super singer well-known South Korean
film star Bae Yong Joon together for the costume drama "The
Legend in mind," the recorded song credits. The song will be
included in Jade Liu forthcoming personal album.
* "Mystery guest"
China research record is the most demanding standards and strict
elected the first wave of a single. Yoga Lin's magic in the
most good at singing singing this to "the intersection
between people" as the theme song lyric to be said very much
at home, singing disclosed in a kind of looking forward to the next
mystery guest appears in the life firm belief, but reveals the faint
exclamation on the fate of the disappeared.
* "Bole"
Following the Malaysian Fish Leong Peng Xuebin ace music,
"worship" a masterpiece after the. The
song's emotional level is very rich, from crooning to cry,
Yoga Lin song is its capability to successfully interpret a boy on the
girlfriend just broke up the heartfelt gratitude and feelings of
* "Sick"
Lin Xi to his super-rational left brain was a mockery of people who
have lost love in the sense of "sick", analyzes the
feelings of everyone in making unusual things, such as crying and
laughing and standing sleep these "pathological
"behavior. Yoga Lin spent some time into the songs, learn
lyrics overtones, in concert from the first full Broadway BIG BAND
JAZZ elements and more have fun song.
* "Wink"
Li Quan gave a perfect blend of classic and modern, full of charm
MUSICAL drama latest single, "wink", invited the
Shanghai Symphony Orchestra is full of dramatic tension to build
momentum Wanjun arranger playing.
* "Cruel Moonlight"
Yoga Lin's idol for the collection of works by Chen
Hsiao-hsia. Very few are willing to act as producer CHEN Xiao-xia
teacher, for her valuable diamonds in the rough piece of mind is
promised to personally wield the sword making, as the song's
producer, and spent her time making Eason same people, including
well-known in Hong Kong Arranged by Invisible Men and the well-known
pianist Wai Ming, a more generous specially flew to Beijing to invite
the members to Beijing Symphony Orchestra's string section
with a song. "Cruel Moonlight" this song is Yoga Lin
favorite in this album, a song. Melodious but sad melody, with simple
but memorable lyrics, so Yoga Lin whether in cameo or when listening
to the finished product, have been moved to the songs close to the
point of crying.
* "Slow down"
Rookie Xiaoyu music works. Ci Shi Rencheng write lyrics, write a
fast-food society, a leisurely stroll in the life of the new attitude.

* "Please"
Debut album, Yoga Lin said in addition to the story with the song with
the fans, the first time gave Lyric debut, "Speak,"
wrote the two can not communicate with people in their efforts to
communicate the theme.
* "Love is round"
Is a full taste of modern R & B soul music, Yoga Lin song
gives us a warm forces to allow people to get back lost love of love
and hope of life, comparable to other infectious,
"soothing" singer.
* "Heart with Lin Xi"
Is a quiet and lyrical slow songs, lyricist Lin Xi Lan Xiao Xie idol
by the important position in her heart, to write a show when the
people in the face of the landscape, and the flash behind the lonely.
* "Saying Good"
Hsu is being sung by a classic long poem, re-dubbed and contemporary
Scottish style of folk rock.
(Song title * before filling those comments from the International
Institute of China Records official website)
Yoga Lin singing skills and characteristics
Yoga Lin has a highly recognizable sound and wide range, according to
enthusiastic fans in the test, his wide range up to 23 degrees. In
addition to the high explosive full range, the fullness of his mellow
bass even more by the music-Yu and Huang Yunling much appreciated.
Yoga Lin also has excellent singing skills, whether gas or transfer
audio and sound, fake voice, he can control with ease. In addition,
when singing into increasingly mature, rich expressions and body
language, has become part of his unique charm arena.
Congenital and acquired such excellent conditions, reflected in his
diverse musical styles and a broad track. Yoga Lin access to a wide
range of music types, including Chinese and English, and Japanese pop
music, but also including many underground lines and non-mainstream
work. During the game, his most highly acclaimed by the assessment is
its unique taste and very personal song selection features the
interpretation that whenever Li Quan's "walking a
tightrope of people," Xiao Huang Qi's "You
are my eyes" and other songs, Yoga Lin are better known unde
the referral, and therefore been regarded as the most popular singing
ability to the Red Faction New singer. In which he, a cover of
"You are my eyes", the world famous video site
YouTube videos of reading a single number as high as nearly two
million times, is the only top 20 in the Chinese video.
Yoga Lin's fans layer from the secondary school students,
college students, to include business, finance and medicine community
are very widespread, for a very short debut of young singer in terms
of a specific phenomenon. His professional music in the evaluation of
especially high among the senior music Huang Yunling praised him as
"music wizard," gives the song to emphasize its
color and vitality, well-known producer Wang Wei-chung, describes Yoga
Lin has a "demon" hearts and minds as mime stage
Yoga Lin favorite singer is Eason Chan and Chen Qizhen, and he walk in
between the mainstream and non mainstream general track, both charm
and privacy of the stage singing style can be seen well Eason Chan,
and Chen Qizhen music.
Yoga Lin's style
Note: Yoga Lin on behalf of track that has been in the game, program
or activity or the cover of the song has been singing musical style
Yoga Lin concert is one of the characteristics of strong emotions and
dramatic tension is presented, with such features to his time in the
interpretation of lyrics especially persuasive.
Representative track:
Love, open love, a cliff, I love people, you are my eyes, to not,
Honesty, love me, will you, if not you, ten years, Terms of
Endearment, Love, a meter, when love has become the past, K King song
your backpack, embrace, if it is not love, Tears in heaven, one
chasing catching
Jazz, Swing
Keen sense of rhythm and free improvisation in the concert, so Yoga
Lin a handful of Chinese-language pop music in the style of men good
at jazz and blues singers, jazz and blues are best embodies Yoga Lin
psychedelic style of music.
Representative track:
Walking a tightrope of people, Can't take my eyes off you, you
happy so I'm happy, these days, honest love songs, Last Order,
the world of sleep, crying, I want to be with us, Stand by me, getting
old a little
Yoga Lin is full of high explosive range, the different types of rock
songs have a very good performance.
Representative track:
You put me drunk, Creep, you loved not, Look what you have done,
Heiseliuding, lower animals, I hate myself for loving you, Storm,
Zhiming and Chunjiao
R & B
Yoga Lin seldom sing in public R & B song. He did not want to
say that people think he sounds similar in imitation of singer Wang
Lee Hom. In fact, his voice and leave sound superb skills transfer,
and even a singer Video search is highly appreciate his R & B
singing skill.
Representative track:
Katrina, the lives of the angels envy, Spring Breeze, Simple, °®ºÜ¼òµ¥
common friends
Yoga Lin has a lot of interesting duet songs. Among those on the
Cantata, Yoga Lin always skillfully with choir, with excellent skills
but do not show off, to present a duet song needed for understanding
and emotional communication.
Representative track: The Butterfly and Juliet, tug of war, love and
commitment, not I do not understand
Representative track: children, Minuet, will, ocean, lying on your
wardrobe, Miss This is my business card
Yoga Lin other
In addition to musical excellence, Yoga Lin when they saturated with
witty metaphors and images blog writing style, receiving praise
friends and professional brokers, renowned director Chu Yu-ning of
their writing ability is also impressive. Yoga Lin read materials on
the books and films is very broad, and his favorite writer Eileen
"The first time the music moved me so important, because to
be moved in that moment, I realized that until then had been shut my
ears to listen to music. Because of that, I learned to listen to songs
. From that day on, every time I put on headphones, I attempt to want
to hear the deepest songs, as if every instrument and voice is in my
hand to the place, or the escape of some little distance away far to
enjoy a complete picture, complete moving. "(2007.3 Million
Star official website self-introduction)
"I think I quite rebellious, and if this is the music I want,
even if the world did not agree, I will insist in the end. If it is,
and why care about other people's eyes." (2007.12
Nong Nong Magazine)
"(Star help) is the trend, but we played a lot of ornate than
the others." (2007.8 VOGUE)
"Do not want to see Song of the Month forgotten, would rather
miss with the title, but also make them good music to be
heard!" (2007.12 Nong Nong Magazine)
"I have to know that people do not like the place where I
would not have been basking in their own world." (2007. 8
Men's Uno)
"The true test of a man is what he does when nobody&#39
watching." (2006.5.24 blog the same name)
"I'm not tired, because it is the era of the mold, so
I will not announce closer to accidents, although not as wonderful
work of the material, at least a good attitude but also with the
struggle to live." (2007.7.19 blog, "You has never
been afraid of? ")
"Thank you, my supporters, whether we had any, I will refuel,
I will try to progress, I do not want to live up to your message, do
not want to live up to your concern, and I do not want you alone, you
do not want to deny themselves." (2007.4.14 blog
"Open Love" during the game in Super Star Bouleva

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