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									                     The Twitter Trade
   Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

   The Twitter
Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic
        For Amazing Profits
                       The Twitter Trade
     Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

 Table Of Contents
Chapter One – How Twitter Works and Creating Your

Chapter Two – Personalizing Your Account

Chapter Three – Getting Targeted Followers

Chapter Four – Tweeting and How to Sell on Twitter

Chapter Five – Building Customer Relationships

Chapter Six – Promoting Your Twitter Page

Chapter Seven – Account Maintenance: Account Tips
and Tricks

Chapter 8 - Not having your own products to sell
                              The Twitter Trade
            Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

Chapter One – How Twitter Works and Creating Your Account

What is Twitter?

Simply put, Twitter is a conversation. It’s a way for people to connect with each other and
one that is fast being taken up by more and more businesses. It is an interactive way of
talking to your customers – and hopefully finding a few more!

If you do it well, it can be a great way of driving traffic to your blog or internet site and from
there, hopefully, to make sales. It can also be another tool in your armory to educate people
about your products, services and company.

Think of it as an interactive form of email marketing and list building – and the good news is
that all of these people have opted in to follow you anyway; they are your (near) captive

What Twitter is not: It’s not a platform for you to talk and talk and talk without listening to
anyone or enjoying conversation.

Anyone who wants to use Twitter to talk to themselves – or to put marketing messages out
into the ether without caring who reads them – will soon by dumped by the majority of
Twitter users. That’s not what it’s about. Participation is key.

It’s fair to say that Twitter is a global phenomenon that, at the moment, shows no signs of
slowing down.
                            The Twitter Trade
          Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

How Does It Work?

In a nutshell, Twitter revolves around following people. They follow you and you can follow
them. You sign up to Twitter, choose people that interest you and opt to follow them. From
there, every update that they do will wing its way to your Twitter account so you can see
what they are talking about – and if you want to, respond.

And ideally they will also follow you too, or so will others. That is your aim as a business
owner. You want to generate followers who want to know more about you and your business.
We’ll come onto strategies and tips for doing that later in the book, but for now let me just

You want to… gain targeted followers who have a similar interest to your own.

Why targeted?

Because they are the ones that will likely become potential customers; they are interested in
what you have to say and, as an extension, hopefully in what you have to sell. Niche, targeted
followers are more likely to buy your product or visit your website.

Twitter can generate business for you if you are patient and put in the extra time it needs to
build relationships – we’ll come onto that in chapter five.

Who Should Be Using Twitter?

You’ll find all sorts of people on Twitter, from celebrities to friends, business owners and
more. If you can grasp its potential, Twitter is a ready-made tool for online marketers and
marketing execs as well as anyone in advertising and PR.

It’s a great way to spread the word about your business:

Launching a new fashion line – tell everyone on Twitter!

Hosting a charitable event – Tweet about it on Twitter!
                            The Twitter Trade
          Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

Every time you send out an update, your followers will see it every single time! You couldn’t
ask for more exposure. It’s a great way to get hype about a product before it’s even released.

The power of Twitter is seemingly endless; even Barack Obama has his own Twitter page!
Indeed he used it to announce his choice of Vice President and much more besides.

Quick note: Before you sign up to Twitter, you should spend some time looking at the site
and its users and evaluate if these people are the right audience for you. It should be said that
Twitter has millions and millions of users around the world, so the chances are that nearly
everything you could ever possibly hope to sell should be able to find an audience if you play
your cards right.

Why People Fail With Twitter – and How to Avoid It

When you tell people you’re on Twitter, you’ll get an enthusiastic response from some but
probably a negative response from others; they’ll probably even tell you that they tried
Twitter but they couldn’t understand it, or make money from it. They’ll no doubt tell you it
was just too busy, too noisy and none of it was relevant to them.

They’ve made the typical mistakes here:

   1. They haven’t bothered to make sure their messages – known as tweets – are
       interesting. In fact, they’ve probably just tried to sell and done nothing else.
       Promoting yourself and your company on Twitter needs to be done with finesse, not a
       mallet. Selling constantly is a huge turn off to Twitter users; after all, Twitter was
       created to be social. You need to communicate with people. See Chapter Five –
       Building Customer Relationships for more on this.

   2. The one downside to Twitter is that it can get very busy. Before you start tweeting
       you should take advantage of the many applications available to control your Twitter
       stream; ditto, use tools to help you find out what people are saying about you without
       having to trawl through thousands of updates. Chapters Three and Seven will help
       you with this.
                             The Twitter Trade
           Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

    3. And here’s the big one – they probably adopted a scattergun approach to gain as many
        followers as possible without taking the time to ensure they were targeted at their
        niche. As I mentioned above, it’s not surprising that they didn’t make any money if
        they were prepared to accept anyone as a follower. See Chapter Three – Getting
        Targeted Followers.

Ok, so now you know what to avoid, let’s get on…

Creating Your Twitter Account

The good news is that creating your Twitter account is incredibly easy (it’s the keeping on
top of it that’s the tough part, but we’ll come onto tips for that in good time). So what are we
waiting for?

Let’s get started...

Visit and click on the Sign Up Now button!
                             The Twitter Trade
           Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

Now you’re presented with an easy sign up page asking for your basic details. Clicking into
each field will give you advice just to the right of it.

Let me give you some basic advice here: -

     Use your own name and not your company name for your Full Name.

     Choose a username that relates to your business so people can easily remember you.
        (See the next chapter – Personalizing Your Account for more on this). As you choose
        your name Twitter will automatically check availability for you and let you know if it
        has been taken already. If it has, you need to think again.

        (You might find that someone has already registered a name that is the same or
        nearly identical to yours; in some cases this might be genuine, in others it may be
        deliberate as people register in the names of companies etc....) If you don’t want a lot
        of hassle trying to track this person down, then try another related name.
                               The Twitter Trade
             Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

    Choose a password you’ll remember but as Twitter advises you, make sure it’s tricky!
       You don’t want anyone to be able to hack into your account and pass themselves off
       as you. Mix letters and numbers. Twitter will automatically tell you how strong your
       password is.

    Use the email you use for work purposes here and not your personal one.

    It’s up to you if you want to be kept in the loop and have the ‘inside scoop’ – regular
       emails sent by Twitter. These are different to alerts when people start following you,
       by the way. You will be able to update, add or remove emails alert once you have
       created your Twitter profile. On your profile page, go to Settings in the top right-hand
       corner > Notices > and then choose just what you do – and do not – want to be alerted

    Type in the words that you see before you – this is to ensure you’re a real person and
       not a robot (you’d be surprised!).

And that’s it. Now you’ve created your account!
                            The Twitter Trade
          Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

Next step: See if your friends are on Twitter.

Twitter will use the email you log in with (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL etc...) to see if they
can find friends or contacts by importing the names you have in your email. It’s obviously in
their best interests to try and generate as many Twitter users as they can.

If you do not want this, you can opt to Skip this step (in small letters at the bottom of the
page). It’s up to you if you want this but I tend to think that it’s not appropriate for a
business account as you want to get to grips with creating your account first and then finding
the kind of followers you want.
                             The Twitter Trade
           Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

If you opt to skip this step, from here you’ll be taken to another page highlighting influential
and interesting existing Twitterers. You can sign up to follow some of these users or – as I
would advise – once again skip this step. You’re after targeted followers remember; keep
reminding yourself of that so you don’t get too carried away.

From here you’ll get taken to your very own Twitter page!

It will look pretty empty of course because you haven’t started sending any tweets yet, but
it’s ready for you. You can start tweeting straight away, or you can take some time to get
used to the features it offers:
                            The Twitter Trade
          Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

                                                                                  YOUR NAME HERE

                                                                                      <<< Your user name

So, what do you need to know on this page?

Direct Messages: These are private messages that have been sent straight to you. Beware –
these are often spam. If you send a direct message to someone and they don’t reply, don’t
assume they are ignoring you. People often don’t check these as they become cluttered very

Favorites: You can save updates that interest you to read for later and find them here.

Search: This is going to be your lifeline, at least for the foreseeable future. This is how you
will find people with similar interests to your own.

Lists: These are currently in Beta but are described as timelines that you build yourself of
friends, family or – in your case – potential business associates and customers. If you want to
categorize your followers (VIP, ‘real’ customers versus followers etc…), this is the way to do
it. You have the option to make these public or keep them private.
                            The Twitter Trade
          Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

                                                    Trending Topics

Trending Topics: You can see this list on the lower right hand side. This lets you see what
people are talking about right now. That way if you’re interested, or it is in some way
connected to your business or industry, you can get a great overview of today’s hottest

Following: A list of all the people you are following.

In the next chapter, we’ll tell you what you need to do to personalize your Twitter account
with your bio, pictures and backgrounds.

In the meantime, what are you waiting for? Get twittering!
                             The Twitter Trade
           Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

Chapter 2 – Personalizing Your Account

Once you create you account on Twitter, it’s worth taking some time to personalize your
page. After all, this is your brand we’re talking about here; you want people to come to your
page and feel an instant connection with you.

If you’re trying to set yourself up as an expert in your particular area, you don’t want a
lackluster, unprofessional and unappealing (for which read instantly forgettable!) page or
profile to let you down.

So, how can you personalize your Twitter account? What options do you have to really stamp
your own personality or company brand on your page?

Well, let’s take a look:

     Your bio

Writing a good bio is crucial on Twitter. This is how you are going to be found on the site;
use the right keywords and you’ll come up in people’s searches time and again. Other
external applications also use the information contained in your bio to categorize you and to
(hopefully) put you in front of the people that you need to see you.

So don’t skimp on it!

If you’re like a lot of people, being presented with an area to write about yourself in 160
characters or less might well put you into a spin. Don’t let it. It’s easy really.

Here’s a quick ABC guide to writing your bio.

    A) Write a list of the keywords that you would like to be associated with – for instance,
        entrepreneur, writer, blogger, online marketer, publisher etc... Tailor it to your
        particular niche, so if you are a company offering a particular product, think of all the
        words that summarize that product. Example: chicken, organic, fresh etc...

    B) Accept that you’ll never be able to fit all of your words into your bio, so choose the
        best three or four.
                            The Twitter Trade
          Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

   C) From here, put them into a sentence or two; remember this should make sense and
       explain who you are to people. You now have your bio!

If you have done this well, your sentence makes sense for anyone who reads it but is also
chock-full of keywords to make you easier to find in the search.

Great examples of bios include:

   •   @wholefoods: “Fresh organic tweets from Whole Foods Market HQ in Austin, TX.”

This is short and to the point, but gets in the words ‘fresh, organic’ and ‘Whole Foods
Market’ as well as their location.

   •   @popeyeschicken: “Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, marinated, hand-battered,
       Louisiana Flavor, Bonafide Chicken!”

Stuffed with juicy keywords – all of which make you hungry just reading it!

Add a link: I would also advise you to add a link to your website in your bio – after all,
that’s what you’re there for isn’t it, to drive traffic to your website/ business? And why not
add an invitation to your bio too, if you have enough characters?

   •   @delloutlet: “Refurbished Dell™ computers, electronics. Question/comment?
       Contact Stefanie Nelson at @StefanieAtDell. More Dell Twitter accounts at”

Using nearly all of its 160 characters (154), Dell Outlet includes the keywords ‘Dell’,
‘refurbished’, ‘computers’ and ‘electronics’, while also adding their website details and even
a contact name for further communication.

Make sure your bio accurately sums up you and your company – after all, some people won’t
know who you are; it also helps people find you at the same time.

Some Quick Tips for Your Bio:

    DO make sure you’ve spelt everything right

   •   DON’T use the ‘&’ sign, as it won’t work.

    DO make sure you tell people what you’re planning to talk about on Twitter
                            The Twitter Trade
          Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

    DO shorten long URLs with a tinyURL service if you plan to include it in your bio.

How to Add Your Bio: Click on Settings at the top of your Twitter page and all of this
information can be added here.

    Who Are You? Add a Picture

Twitter is all about being sociable, so unless you plan to hide behind a brand (and I’ll explain
why I don’t recommend that in Chapter Five – Building Customer Relationships), let people
see who you are. Go for a smiling pic that shows you looking professional but approachable;
choose one that’s from the neck upwards. Don’t post a silly pic or one that will take away
from your professionalism, as people will be less likely to trust you as a brand.

How to Add a Picture: Go to Settings again, and click Picture.

    Who Are You Part II? Choose a Name

When Twitter asks you to fill in your full name, I’d advise you not to use your website or
company name as this won’t do you any favors. Use your own name and people will instantly
feel that they can trust you more.
                            The Twitter Trade
          Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

When it comes to choosing a username, this is the opposite. This is how everyone will
remember you so something instantly recognizable, based on your business name, is the
better way to go here. This is not Instant Messenger – you do not need an alias, or want to
hide behind anonymity. Just the opposite in fact!

    Where Are You?

Unless you’re a national brand and you want to let everyone know you serve the entire US,
it’s a good idea to include your town or city in your location. People like to know where
others are from. You can even do both, let them know that you a national company but your
headquarters are based in xxxx. Remember @wholefoods!

Including your location is a great way to generate conversation as people ask you about the
area, people they may know there, the weather – anything really!

    Personalize Your Background

Some of the backgrounds on Twitter are, to put it frankly, a bit cheap looking. This is your
business, your own Twitter page, and it’s worth taking the time to make sure you present a
professional front. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend hundreds of dollars on a graphic
designer if you don’t want to, but opt for a decent background just the same.

There are a good number of backgrounds available on Twitter – and they’re not all poor – so
spend some time looking through them.
                            The Twitter Trade
          Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

To find a background, go to Settings, Design and then simply follow the instructions; you can
change this at any time by clicking on the Change Background Image link.

Alternatively, you can visit one of the handful of websites that exist to provide free
backgrounds, such as, or or any of the
other websites offering the same free service. If you want to create your own background,
Twitter allows you to do that too.

See how your chosen background looks from the front end by logging out of your Twitter
account and going to your live web page at[your user name]

It pays to spend time on personalizing your Twitter account; it’s really the best way you have
to represent yourself and your brand.

Make the effort and give your Twitter career a head start!
                             The Twitter Trade
           Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

Chapter 3: Getting Targeted Followers

                                                           For a business on Twitter, it’s all about
                                                           getting followers, potential new
                                                           customers that are introduced to your
                                                           product via your tweets and updates
                                                           and are so intrigued by what you have
to say that they’ll one day consider visiting your website or buying your product.

But, to mangle an immortal line, not all followers are created equal!

The irony is that it’s relatively easy to get followers on Twitter; you may have some people
wary of following you because you’re a company or a brand, but for many if you follow them
first, they will return the favor. It’s just etiquette; they don’t want to appear rude, after all.
Not to forget that they are probably grateful for the follow in the first place as they are trying
to increase their own numbers.

Some people even go out and actively seek thousands of followers straight away, clicking on
people’s profiles left and right, following hundreds of people a day in the hope that they will
follow them; it’s the scattergun approach. There are websites offering tools and advice to
help you become the most followed in a day, week, month or year – pick your marketing
gimmick. It’s fast becoming a business in its own right.

But here’s the downside – these aren’t the sort of followers you want.

Why? You want quality, not quantity.

You can have 2000 followers but if none of them are interested in what you’re promoting or
in the things you have to say, then what use are they? You’d do better with 500 people keen
to learn more about your special area of interest.

You don’t want these people because they don’t add value to your business; simply put, most
of them won’t be interested in your product, niche or business arena. Your tweets to them
will just get lost in the twitter stream or worse, ignored completely.
                               The Twitter Trade
             Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

Yes, it’s tempting to go all out and watch that people count roll over, but it’s pointless and
will only serve to weaken your marketing message – not to mention, drive you mad!

The key is to find targeted followers – people who do give a damn about what you say, or
could, if you made sure it was interesting enough.

If you are a small business offering custom-made sculptures, for instance, you at least want
people who are interested in art (and ideally have the money to back it up!) to be among your

Just the same as if you are a small publisher of sci-fi magazines, you wouldn’t want just
anyone following you and cluttering up your twitter stream. It’s hard enough to keep on top
of that at the best of times!

No, you need people interested in sci-fi who might well go out and buy your magazine or
visit your website once they learn more about you. These are the people who will be
interested in a tweet promoting your latest gossip about a hot new sci-fi show; so much so
that they might buy that magazine edition or visit your website to read all about it.

You want to engage your followers and generate curiosity; if you get it right, your tweets
should create a buzz around you and your products. That buzz is only going to be diluted if
you have followers who are not really interested in what you are trying to say.

Targeted followers are the way to go!

So, with that in mind, let me share with some a few tricks of the trade for getting valuable

              Know Who You Want: Before you do anything else, define your audience.
                Know who you want to attract and have a tweet relationship with. What do
                they have to be interested in, how do you define that interest?

                Once you know this, search for fellow twitterers with a similar interest to
                yours/ your business. Type relevant phrases into the twitter search box and
                look at the profiles of the people talking about those subjects – they could be
                your potential customers. If you can, try to ascertain the most influential
                Twitter users among your targeted audience (you can see their number of
                  The Twitter Trade
Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

   followers, how many times they are listed and how many people they in turn
   follow on their profiles.)

   Look at the sort of things they twitter about – is this someone you want to
   follow? Do you think they would be open to what you have to say? From
   there, decide if you want to follow them. These people will be much more
   likely to follow you in return if they share your interests.

 Slow and Easy Does It: That said, don’t start out by following thousands of
   people without any prior interaction; it can be disturbing to be stalked by a
   brand you’ve never had communication with before. It can also make you look
   like a spammer. Start by following a small number of influential tweeters –
   say 50 – and take it from there. Spend a lot of time responding to people who
   are talking about the things that interest you before you decide to follow them.
   That way, at least you have demonstrated that you are genuinely interested in
   what they have to say. And who knows? They might just decide to follow you
   before you follow them – in which case, don’t forget to return the favor!

 Talk, Talk and Talk Some More: Once you identify the most influential
   Twitter users from above, pay particular attention to them.

   Social media is all about generating conversations, so you need to make sure
   you respond to people and talk to them one on one, in addition to sending out
   tweets. This will pay particular dividends if you take the time to respond to
   prominent people in your chosen field, as they in turn will be followed by
   numerous other people. All your potential customers!

 Use the hash tag: Use the # tag (hash tag) in your tweets ahead of a phrase
   that people are likely to search (#scifi, for instance). This is a tried and tested
   technique to ensure that your tweet can be found easily by people searching
   for that same term. Make sure you don’t overdo it, however, or people will
   soon start to see through you; this is meant to help other people and not just to
   promote yourself. Use the hash tag only on the most relevant phrases.
                  The Twitter Trade
Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

 Search for Industry Keywords: Take advantage of this search mechanism
   also; search for as many #terms as you think might be used when people talk
   about your business or industry. This is your attempt to find out who is talking
   about things that are relevant to your industry; you might also find people
   talking about your own company here.

   Take a moment to think how people would talk about you, or find you in the
   real world and search for that; if you’re not sure you’ve got all the options
   covered, ask friends or colleagues how they would describe you, your business
   or your industry. You might pick up some phrases that you would never have
   thought of.

    To really raise your Twitter profile, don’t just answer people who send
   messages to your @username. Try to offer information or a response to those
   who simply mention keywords that are important to you; join in their
   conversation. Unlike other forms of social media such as Facebook, you don’t
   need an invite to join debates; this is Twitter’s biggest strength, so make sure
   you use it. If they are talking about subjects relevant to your industry, you
   should be involved in that conversation.

 Find out What They Are Saying About You: Make sure you know when
   people talk about your company. Sites such as can help you
   keep a track of conversations that mention you, your company, products or
   services or people who post links to your website or blog. If it’s relevant, try
   to answer every conversation, offering advice, information or help. If someone
   is asking if anyone knows your opening hours, for instance, tweet them to let
                  The Twitter Trade
Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

   them know! Likewise, if they have a complaint, let them know direct that
   you’ve heard their problem and will address it. This goes a great way to
   painting you as a company that cares.

 Become an Expert: Join communities that are relevant to your business and
   become an active member. Take part in discussions and talk one on one with
   other members; this encourages them to feel that you’re not simply on Twitter
   to spam them – you really do have an interest. This also helps to set you up as
   an expert and a professional in their eyes and they are much more likely to pay
   attention to what you have to say.

 Know What People Are Talking About Now: Keep an eye on the Trending
   topics in Twitter – this is an easy way to see at a glance what people are
   talking about now. It’s a great way to keep abreast of the latest issues. If any
   of these trends coincide with an element of your business, or you can tailor
   your marketing message around it, you will be much more likely to get their
                  The Twitter Trade
Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

   attention. Again, any way of capturing their imagination will make them much
   more likely to follow you.

 Search for Local Customers: Yes, Twitter is global and can be an
   international marketplace if you get it right, but what if your business is local
   – can you still benefit from using Twitter? After all, if you aren’t yet
   delivering worldwide or have no ambition to, you won’t need followers in
   Papa New Guinea or Europe, will you? These aren’t the targeted followers
   that you seek.

   There is good news for the local business, however. If you have a local
   business, Twitter can be a great tool for finding people in your local area. Use
   the search engine to search for people in a particular locale; these are all your
   potential clients – and they’re just around the corner. Spend some time looking
   at people’s profiles within this to see which of these people may be more
   relevant to your business aspirations; when you have identified these people,
   start to follow them as well as anyone relevant that they already know.

   Indeed, Twitter is planning to introduce geo-location functionality that will
   make this much more powerful; when released, it will allow users to switch
   between the tweets they already follow to tweets in their home town or
   neighboring city.

   Many companies are now using Twitter as a next generation Yellow Pages and
   you can see why.
                  The Twitter Trade
Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

 Use What You Already Have: Use your existing website if you have one, or
   mailing lists, to encourage people to sign up for updates from you on Twitter.
   You can send them tweets about your latest news knowing that they are
   already interested in hearing from you. Some of the most successful profiles
   on Twitter are existing companies that managed to convert their client base
   onto Twitter. If you need to, consider offering an incentive.

 Chat, Chat, Chat: Take part in tweet chats based around your subject of
   interest; consider even hosting some. This will bring you to the attention of
   anyone interested in the same topic and you might find that it generates
   targeted followers from the moment that you contribute.

 List Yourself: Take advantage of list building. Many Twitter users list
   themselves on sites such as; these sites allow users to search for
   you via certain keywords or under certain categories. You will be asked to
   provide these keywords yourself so think about them carefully – what
   keywords would you like to be found under? What summarizes your business
   or you? These lists are very useful for the potential marketer: it’s very easy to
   get lost otherwise. predicts Twitter will have 18million members from the US
   alone by 2010 – how do you make yourself stand out? These lists are a ready-
   made way of doing so.

   The lists are also useful for you as well, of course; use them to search for
   people who list themselves under keywords that make them relevant to your
                  The Twitter Trade
Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

 Use Other Networks To Spread Your Message: To find even more potential
   customers, you could use blog networks or aggregator sites such as to search for people talking about subjects of interest to your
   business. When you find them, visit their blogs to see if a) they are talking
   about things that interest you and b) they have a Twitter name. If they have the
   latter, simply go back to Twitter, search for them via the people search and
   start to follow them.

 Control Your Followers: A quick word about what you should do when it
   becomes clear that certain people have no interest in anything you say; this
   will happen, so don’t be discouraged. Some Twitter users follow anyone who
   asks, but don’t really have any interest in each person individually; on the
   contrary, others will not follow you back no matter what you do. Sometimes
   this is because they have a rule not to follow companies, other times it will be
   because they simply aren’t interested.

    So don’t be afraid to un-follow users that are not following you back or show
   no interest in your tweets; in some cases you may need to as twitter has a
   maximum of 2000 followings allowed, so you cannot follow anyone else until
                    The Twitter Trade
  Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

       you reduce that number. (Alternatively, if you have more followers than you
       follow, you will be ok.) Make the effort to keep your followers up to date and
       valuable and you will have much more success.

Before we go on to talk about how to sell on Twitter, let me make just one aside here.
No matter what steps you take to add targeted followers, the very best way to develop
followers on Twitter is to post often and to post interesting.

Promotion, promotion, promotion will not interest your followers; even potential
customers will be turned off if they think they are just being sold to day after day.
Follow a simple rule – for every promotional tweet you send, send at least one non-
promotional one.

So mix it up; include news about your subject area and opinions (don’t be afraid of
inciting debate) with enough personality so that people feel they really know you. Do
this between your promotional updates. You want authentic connections remember;
this is the way to get them.

Find out more in Chapter Five – Building Customer Relationships.
                              The Twitter Trade
            Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

Chapter Four – Tweeting and How to Sell on Twitter

What can you tell people about yourself in 140 characters? That’s what you’ll have to play
with when you join Twitter and want to tweet. Tweeting, remember, is the name for posting
updates on Twitter.

The question Twitter encourages you to answer in your tweets is ‘What Are You Doing?’ and
you need to be able to answer this in 140 characters maximum. Why only 140? Because
that’s the rule, the maximum amount of characters that Twitter allows you. If you like to go
on a bit, you’ll need to practice writing succinctly!

But to my mind, ‘What Are You Doing?’ is not really a great question; it’s partly why we’ve
all seen and heard of people tweeting about what they had for breakfast! How interesting is
that? Answer: Not very.

So, consider your tweets carefully; there will be some times when you are actually doing
something interesting, so you can answer that question head on. At other times, you might be
better answering other questions such as ‘What Has Your Attention?’ or ‘What Just
Happened?’ ‘Who Are You Thinking Of?’ ‘What Am I Missing?’ or any others that you can
think of.

Actually sending a tweet couldn’t be easier; just head to your Tweet profile and fill in the
box. And that’s it!

Your twitter is out there!
                            The Twitter Trade
          Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

How Many Times Should You Post?

How often tweets you can post is often dictated by the amount of time you have but as a rule,
I would say not to post more than once an hour and no more than 5-10 times in a day. These
certainly shouldn’t be all the same as you’ll only anger people that way. There are also
websites you can use to schedule your posts to Twitter but you need to assess if the non-
personal approach is what you want.

Let’s go over some tips for what sort of things to post on Twitter:

You’re after engagement with your followers, so try a few of these tips. You’ll find even
more in the next chapter.

    Ask a Question. Post an open question and watch the responses roll in. A couple of

   1) Don’t make the questions simple yes or no answers. That isn’t good debate!

   2) Don’t make it obvious that you’re just doing this to get followers. Make them genuine
       questions if you can.

                  Examples: I’ve just joined Twitter. What’s your best Twitter tip?

                     Or, What are the benefits of upgrading to Windows Vista?

    I’ve mentioned this throughout the book, but don’t sell ALL the time; people get
       bored of spam. Mix your messages up with things your followers might find
       interesting. Highlight new research, coverage or news on your chosen field; by all
       means tell them what you think of it too, if you can fit it in the 140 characters.
       Intrigue them if you can. This method is PROVEN for a much higher conversion rate.
       And after all, it is ALL about conversions. The sales that YOU make.

        Example: Don’t agree with point nine but what do you think? 10 Ways Why Google
                                      Will Always Beat Twitter...
                               The Twitter Trade
             Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

       Use other updates to highlight your favorite news stories, events, videos or anything
       else that shows you off as well-rounded individual.

    Tweet announcements, whether it be events you’re hosting or are relevant to the
       industry; new launches, new people gossip. If it’s happening, tweet it.

    Be optimistic. Positive thinking goes down well on Twitter, so share good thoughts
       and experiences as part of your non-promotional activity.

Things to Avoid

   •   Don’t clog up the Twitter stream with very similar posts within seconds or even
       minutes apart. This will be an instant turn off.

   •   Avoid bad language or bad spelling and grammar. Twitter users can be offended by
       both; the former may get you reported to Twitter.

   •   Don’t send constant messages to your affiliate links. Even if they signed up knowing
       this was a marketing list, you’ll still annoy them.

   •   Don’t be anti-social. Just a reminder of the need to respond!

How to Reply to People

Replying to an individual Twitter user can be done in one of two ways.

Direct Message – you can send them a Direct Message (DM) which is a private message that
only they can see. You can do this by clicking on the Direct Message link on the right hand
side. This will take you to your Direct Message inbox and allow you to send DMs to your

Public reply – to reply to someone publicly, you can simply put @username before your post
and type it into the box in the usual way.

You can find more advice from Twitter here
                              The Twitter Trade
            Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

What Are Retweets?

Retweets are what everyone on Twitter is secretly after; this is when someone takes your post
and forwards it on to their own followers, promoting it to a much wider audience. Your post
is credited to you and any link you include on it is now in front of many more people.
Retweets will get you SALES!

Retweeting is a basic form of 'Word of Mouth' advertising. And Word of Mouth advertising
is THE BEST way to sell any product. The More retweets you will get, the more sales you
will make

There’s no real telling what will get retweeted and what won’t, but here are a couple of tips:

    If you can, make sure your tweets don’t use the full 140 characters but allow some
       room for the person retweeting your message to add comment. It’s so much more
       powerful if they can write a few words ahead of your message, such as ‘You have got
       to read this!’ or ‘Wow! Amazing insight!’ Aim for 120 characters and you give them
       that freedom.

    Don’t be afraid to ask for a retweet. Ask and you may receive.

       Don’t do this for every comment you post; save it for the special ones. Just add Please
       RT to the end of your update.

How to make a Retweet:

Twitter is currently working on a new system for retweeting; this is currently in BETA. When
this is live, any retweets with be prefaced by a separate symbol. See below.
                            The Twitter Trade
          Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

Until then the traditional way to send a retweet is to type into your message box as normal,
starting the message with the letters RT. Then, as you would when replying to a user, you use
the @ sign followed by their user name – i.e., @wholefoods, and then the message you are
posting on.


  rockstarawesome RT @johnaugust Man, the V pilot has more Dutch angles than an Amsterdam
                                        protractor factory.

How to Sell on Twitter

Let me be the first to say here that selling on Twitter is completely different to all other forms
of marketing that you are likely to have done. In fact, selling things too overtly is actually
frowned upon on Twitter.

Huh. That makes it difficult doesn’t it?

The best way for you to sell on Twitter is to get into a completely different mindset. First,
get rid of the dream that you can tweet on Twitter and everyone will rush to PayPal to buy
your latest product. That’s not likely to work.

Aim instead to drive traffic to your existing website, raise awareness of your brand and build
your reputation – that’s the best way to sell your products. Prepare yourself too for the fact
that it may take a bit of effort. But the rewards MORE than make up for that!
                               The Twitter Trade
             Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

Imagine Twitter as the equivalent of list building; it’s worth taking the time to create a list of
email opt ins that you can message whenever you want. Twitter followers are exactly the
same except they expect you to work harder. They don’t just want to listen to your marketing
messages; they want to know more about you as a person and as an expert.

People on Twitter are more interested in relationship marketing than traditional blind forms
of promotion; they want to have a relationship with you, to share thoughts, experiences and
observations. They want to know that their opinion matters to you and that you are listening.

When you do talk about your company, products, services or anything-company related on
Twitter, make it interesting. Consider at all times how you can make it useful for your
followers; if you can become known for adding value, you are half way to creating potential
customers. Offering exclusive Twitter promotions, special offers and discounts will often do
the trick!

Be clever about your promotional messages. When you promote your latest blog post, story
or product, always remember to add the link in your message. Sell the message on what is
valuable to your followers, i.e, New Launch! Free Ebook on How to Make Yourself Rich in
10 Weeks here... or 101 Ways to Get Rich on the Internet… or Looking For a Smoking Hot
Date? Check Out Our Man of the Month….

As I mentioned above, intersperse your promotions with thoughts or reflections that mirror
your brand; this helps to establish your brand’s characteristics.

Some experts recommend sending only one promotional tweet out of every 10, but as long as
you are clever about it, you can probably get away with a few more. As a new Twitter user,
however, concentrate first on becoming known rather than sending promotional messages.

The more relevant you are to your followers, the more likely you will be to make sales. That
was the whole premise of our last chapter – Getting Targeted Followers and it bears some
repeating. Always be on the lookout for people talking about you and your industry, and
tailor your marketing messages if you can to what people are talking about today. Find these
in the Twitter Trending Topics.
                            The Twitter Trade
          Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

Make sure you listen to your followers and actively demonstrate it. Experts on Twitter differ
on whether you should try to answer every message that you receive, but as a general rule of
thumb, that’s a good way to go. Sometimes you won't be able to answer ALL of your
messages, but try to answer at least enough messages to be seen as listening to your audience.

Veer away from standard replies, even if you have 25 people all responding to the same
update from you. If you can, send each of them a personalized reply showing that you know
something about them, that you’ve taken the time to read their latest tweets or visited their
profile. Examples include thanking them for their messages and then asking them ‘How’s the
Weather Today in New York/ London/ San Francisco?’, or wherever it is they happen to live.
On another reply, you might ask if they are feeling better today (perhaps their page shows
they were ill yesterday) or ask them what they have planned for the rest of the day.

It shows that you are taking the time to find out about your followers, and this makes the
difference between a quality reply and a bog standard one. If you just don’t have the time to
answer each and every one, prioritize. Answer those people who you think are more
important to your business – we talked about this in the last chapter – How to Get Targeted

One of the best ways to sell on Twitter is to create a buzz around your products and launches
before they’ve even been released; many of these go internet-wide. Getting people talking
about your product is a sure fire way to get sales.

How can you do this? Well, again the key is not to be sales, sales, sales all of the time.

Say you’re working on a new product but it has some kinks; ask Twitter users for help and
ideas to correct those kinks. Or, ask them what they don’t like about their current xxxxx
(whatever your product will be) and what they would like to see in the next generation.

Let them know throughout of any milestones that the product is going through, so they feel as
if they are following its creation. Offer free samples before general release, put parts of your
new website out to Beta and ask for opinions, answer people if they start speculating about
your new product….

There’s a whole host of ways to really get your Twitter followers involved in your new
product. Just remember not to overplay your hand.
                            The Twitter Trade
          Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

Chapter Five – Building Customer Relationships

Relationships are important in the business world; that doesn’t change just because you’ve
                                                               gone virtual.

                                                               And just like the real world, you
                                                               need to put in the same amount
                                                               of time, care and attention into
                                                               your online relationships as you
                                                               do your offline ones.

                                                               That brings me to my first point
                                                               – you should consider Twitter a
                                                               long-term project. Just like
                                                               building any other relationships,
on Twitter mutually beneficial connections won’t happen overnight. You need to be prepared
to put in the time and the energy to nurture each and every potential contact. Yes, you CAN
make money overnight. But you won't be able to leave your job based on that effort. If you
build up your account, you will amazed at the profits you will see coming in.

You need to understand that Twitter is all about social interaction; it thrives on participation.
If you want to join Twitter simply to sell and send promotional tweets and nothing more, then
think again. This simply won’t work for you. This is exactly why people fail with Twitter and
give up before the week is through. Direct pitching and selling marketing messages aren’t the
way to go here. You will be treated as spam and people will be un-following you in their
droves if they ever followed you to begin with.

You have to be clever. You should start by picturing Twitter as a network.

Imagine you are visiting a convention with your peers, for instance. Some of them may be
potential customers, others may be business opportunities. Would you start by selling your
products and services to each and every person straight away, or would you at least introduce
                            The Twitter Trade
          Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

yourself, make conversation, perhaps share a beer or two? Who knows, perhaps you’d even
bond over a joke or three or four.

Simply put, you would network, wouldn’t you? You would look to make connections that
could last over time and hopefully one day turn into a sale, a valuable commission, potential
business or a referral. And you’d do that by leveraging your biggest asset – you. Your
personality would make the connections time and time again.

Picture Twitter as exactly the same thing, in just a different format.

You want to make valued connections with people interested in the same things as you, who
could one day become potential customers – that of course first means that you need to let
them know what you are ‘about.’

Consider your Twitter followers as investments; you are hoping for the same ROI as you
would in the real world – respect, trust, friendship, intelligence etc…

You need to connect with your followers, generate authentic communication; namely, you
want to have conversations – your ability to listen is just as important on Twitter as it is in the
real world.

You need to put a personal front onto your business. The latter is important - after all, if they
wanted to feel that they were talking to a brand and not a person, they’d go to your website
and send you a formal email.

And that brings me onto the best piece of advice that I have for you.

Be a Person.

Don’t hide behind your company or its logo; you want to be its figurehead and its accessible
‘human’ side. If you appoint different members of staff to update your twitter feed (always a
good idea to cover holidays, lack of inspiration and the like) tell them to let their personalities
shine through and let them use their own names, ie, Jacksonat[brandname].

Show the human side of you or your company.
                             The Twitter Trade
           Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

That’s not to say that some brands haven’t done well despite hiding behind their brand but a
lot depends on how well they can interact with other users; as a rule, I would say that the
personal approach is an easier one to pull off.

If you do this well, people will associate your brand with a human face and be more likely to
want to follow you. Being a known face and personality also helps as you aspire to become
recognized as an expert in your field.

People are much more likely to want to hear your ideas, discuss your theories, swap stories
and follow you if they feel that they are talking to a real person and not a company. Promote
yourself and you promote your company.

So talk about yourself, put your name out there, mention real stories and observations, add
pictures and generally share your thoughts.

Here’s where you have some decisions to make however.

Just How ‘Human’ Should You Be?

Tweeting about what you had for breakfast, lunch or dinner is unlikely to thrill anyone,
unless you ate something remarkable, you’re a chef or you can make a point out of it

So, just what should you tweet about and just how mundane should you be? Should you tell
everyone, for instance, when you go into your next business meeting? (Maybe, if there’s
some amazing news to come out of it).

The golden rule of thumb here is to tweet about something that you’d be interested in if you
were a third party – and remember that people follow you because of the interests that you
share. They want to know about the things you feel are important and what you think about
them; they want to have their attention drawn to information they wouldn’t otherwise have
seen. Ignore this and you’ll soon have people turning away in disappointment.

Here’s one other thing to think about; most brands have what the marketing folk like to term
a persona. So should you keep your twitter feed true to that persona, or just be yourself? I
                             The Twitter Trade
           Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

imagine you can come up with your own answer if you think about it; twittering as your
brand persona, complete with marketing messages, can soon get stale. Not to mention false.

As author and business guru Seth Godin says: “Networking is always important when it is
real and a useless distraction when it is fake.”

Decide that your Twittering will be real; you’re much better to be yourself if you want to
create long-term relationships. That’s what you would do when networking offline, so keep
to the same theme here.

The other key piece of advice that I would give you is going to repeat some of the advice that
I mentioned in chapter four, but it is a crucial point to make when we’re talking about
relationships, so it bears repeating.

Don’t Sell, Sell, Sell

I cannot stress this point enough. There will be times when you may become tempted to
simply 'up your sales' for a week. But, unfortunately, this will only hurt your progress.
Obviously you want people to want to buy your products, convert into sales or show an
interest in your services, but Twitter is unique in that people tend to hate that! As I said
earlier, avoid direct pitching ALL of the time. This only turns people off; after all, this is a
medium that is known for its socializing. How is it social to say ‘Come here, buy my product’
once a day for 365 days a year?

                                                   Answer: It’s not. If you sell more than you talk,
                                                   people will dismiss you as a spammer with
                                                   nothing useful to say. This can be a real
                                                   problem on Twitter if you’re not careful; a
                                                   friend of mine finally joined Twitter only to
quit 24 hours later because of all the spam.
                            The Twitter Trade
          Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

People have little tolerance for spam on the internet; namely because it’s overwhelming. So
you need to work smarter.

First up, don’t just talk about your product. People don’t like to be sold to. Don’t mass follow
people for the same reason. Instead, you need to take a more well-rounded approach.

Answer queries about your business by all means and let people know of promotions that
may interest them, but mix it up by also offering news and opinion on your area of interest.
Link to other websites and blogs that you think people might find interesting and retweet
interesting posts from other users (crediting always, of course).

Add in competitions and spark debates; even tell them something interesting that has
happened in your life or the lives of those around you and use it as a jumping off point for
discussion. In short, be a person and not a salesperson. For every promotional update you
send, send at least one non-sales tweet.

Even in marketing lists, where people have joined in the knowledge that they will be
marketed to, it’s still not appropriate to blast out message after message after message. Not
only will you annoy other Twitter users, but when you have a genuinely exciting promotion it
will be lost in a mass of communication and bad feeling.

Here are some other key things to keep in mind –

   •   Add Value: Try to add value to the other person; this is a tried and tested business
       strategy. The best business relationships are formed when you can be helpful to one
       another, so advise, inform and entertain your followers. Add links to articles they will
       find interesting; offer advice around any problems that they may have – or just give
       them a good laugh once in a while! All of the above will help your reputation. If you
       can make your tweets useful to others – give them advice, information, point out new
       research, make them special offers (read on to hear the amazing story of Dell), answer
       their customer queries, let them know about new lines that might interest them – you
       are going to be on to a winner.
                        The Twitter Trade
      Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

•   Try the Personal Touch: Don’t be afraid of sending people direct messages
    occasionally; after all, in the offline world, you’d pick up a phone or send an email to
    keep in touch personally, wouldn’t you? Don’t do this all the time (it helps your
    brand to be seen replying to people in public) but choose your target carefully.
    Perhaps they are tweeting about something you find interesting - the launch of a new
    product that you could learn from, perhaps, or a new twist on an old idea. So send
    them a direct message (DM) to say that you’re keen to keep an eye on their progress
    and good luck. You might find one or two people don’t appreciate direct messages
    (and will probably let you know!) but the personal touch can really make a difference.

•   Respond: Don’t be afraid to respond to angry customers. The benefit of the web is
    the ability to spread news, but that can also be its biggest drawback. You don’t want
    an unhappy customer warning off others from using your services; once bad news
    about a business generates pages and pages on the web, it can often be hard to claw
    your reputation back. So, tackle it at the source. Use the likes of Twitter Search, or (currently in beta) to keep on top of what
    people are saying about you. If they are angry, have a complaint or even tweet about
    miserable shop assistants in your store, reply to them. Apologize and, if necessary,
    take it further. Show them that you are listening and care about your customers. This
    is one of the strongest ways of building your brand.

•   Ask Questions: What can be more interactive than asking questions? Whether it’s a
    plea for help regarding new research, an opinion poll on an idea you had or asking for
    examples of good / bad service that you can learn from, you are encouraging them to
    respond. Of course, you can’t just leave it there. You must reply to each response in
    turn. An author friend of mine recently tweeted asking for a name for a new character
    in her up and coming book and her fans responded; she got a great name for her lead
    character while her followers got to feel that they had just contributed something
                         The Twitter Trade
       Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

    towards her new book. Guess who will be first in line for the novel when it’s

•   Remember to Thank Them! To really be remembered, don’t let the conversation die
    there. Share your observations of the discussion, summarize the conclusion, let
    everyone who participated in the debate see that you appreciated their time and were
    genuinely interested in their opinions. If you have a winner (the person who submitted
    the winning character name above, for instance) let everyone know and thank that
    person publicly. If you have a blog, highlight the debate on there, telling everyone this
    was a result of your Twitter updates. And then, of course, encourage them to join
    Twitter and follow you!

•   The Dell Success: A great way to show your loyalty to your Twitter followers is by
    offering something special that they can only get via Twitter. It could be a
    competition, a special offer or discount; this is also a great way to enlist more
    followers as word gets around.

    Twitter-only coupons and discount alerts were a big factor in the success of Dell, for
    instance. The computer company claims it has made $1million from Twitter in the
    past year and a half as a result of sale alerts. People sign up for its Twitter alerts on
    discounts available through its website; they can then click to go to the website
    immediately or forward the information onto others.

    Dell has now started offering exclusive discounts to followers of @Delloutlet,
    offering laptops with up to 15- 30% off for a limited time. No doubt part of the reason
    Dell’s following has increased from nearly 12,000 followers to 1.3million in just six

    A great marketing success.
                        The Twitter Trade
      Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

                                                              Another Twitter exclusive

•   Use Twitter or Twitter related technology: Take advantage of the technology
    available on Twitter or associated tools; @wholefoods, for instance, asked people to
    send in pictures via Twitpic of their pumpkins for Halloween. They then picked the

•   A little etiquette 101: Make a point of acknowledging anyone who re-tweets or
    shares your updates or promotions. It’s always nice to feel appreciated.

•   Be Professional At All Times: Don’t forget that you are marketing a product. As
    strange as it sounds, it’s actually very easy to get carried away on Twitter and forget
    that you are still the public face of a company. Twitter is probably a lot more informal
    than you are used to using, but be careful to remain professional at all times. People
    don’t want to follow a company that isn’t trustworthy or serious about its commitment
    to customers.

    Note: Professional doesn’t mean that you can’t be fun! Keep it light unless you have a
    reason for being serious.
                        The Twitter Trade
      Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

•   Don’t be afraid of being opinionated. It’s tempting when you’re trying to market
    yourself to veer away from annoying anyone, to try and be all things to all people. If
    you’re not careful, however, that just makes you a bit boring. So if you have strong
    opinions on a subject, share them; you may split your followers down the middle in
    their responses, but those who agree with you will feel a much closer connection –
    this is more likely to lead to sales! Even those that don’t agree with you will certainly
    notice you.

    To remember: Being opinionated is not the same as being rude. If you’re rude to
    people, you lose everyone’s respect - and pretty quickly. Always take the high road
    and be professional at all times, no matter what the provocation.

•   Don’t Leave Them Hanging: The final bit of advice that I have for you is to try to
    reply to every tweet in person. This may be tough if you receive a lot, but it’s
    important for building relationships. If you speak to someone and they don’t bother to
    reply, for instance, would you want to talk to them again? No, of course not.

    If you are a large business and you become overwhelmed with tweets, ask your staff
    for help. Make it a part of someone’s duties - just don’t forget that you need to make
    sure that someone is keen and enthusiastic first; don’t add workload to an already
    overworked staff member, for instance, or their resentment might come across in their
    tweets! It could, however, be a nice job for the office junior who is keen to take on
    more responsibility; even if he or she isn’t ready to tweet information etc… they can
    at least make a point of answering customer queries.

    For a good example of this, look again at @wholefoods. In the past day alone, they
    have responded to tweets or queries about new store plans, store policy, a complaint
    about one of its stores, a product development observation, the contents of its
    prepared food section, peanut butter grinders and a whole lot more besides. Not only
    do they seem to answer every single one, but they make the point of letting the
    tweeter know that they have passed it on to the relevant department or store. Not
    surprisingly, they have also answered tweets praising them for their customer service
    on Twitter!
                            The Twitter Trade
          Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

All of the above ideas will hopefully help you to build relationships with potential customers;
just remember – slow and steady wins the race!
                            The Twitter Trade
          Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

Chapter Six – Promoting your Twitter Page

So you’ve joined Twitter, started to follow the tips and tricks I shared with you in chapter
three and you are slowly starting to see the number of your followers rise. Congratulations!

That’s a heady thing to observe, but you shouldn’t just leave it there. Oh no. That would be a
little like a Chinese takeaway only leafleting people in the same street or just a few streets
behind; in reality, they could deliver to an entire town.

You want to get as many (targeted) people following you on Twitter as possible; followers on
Twitter form a kind of permission based marketing that’s much easier than worrying about all
those opt ins that you’d have to secure otherwise. It stands to reason, therefore, that you want
to attract as many targeted followers as you can.

So how do you do that? You achieve that by                     It goes without saying
shouting out about yourself.                                (though I'm going to say it)
                                                              that there's no point in
Imagine if your Twitter page were your normal
                                                              promoting your Twitter
website; you wouldn’t just put it up there and hope
                                                            page until it has updates on
for the best, would you? You’d actively promote it,            it. So spend some time
work your way around the web telling people about           thinking of updates that will
it.                                                           get attention and speak
                                                              directly to your targeted
So, treat Twitter as you would a normal
website; do the same for your twitter page as
you would your corporate site. Promote the hell out of it.

Tell anyone and everyone you can think of that would appear to be relevant; advertise it in
niche spots, ask other people in the industry to promote it for you while you do the same for
them and try to find any way of getting the word out there.
                             The Twitter Trade
           Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

Start by setting up your Twitter page and putting some great content on there; when you start
promoting your page, people will probably pop in to have a look. Your page needs to be

So, in addition to the tips I gave you in Chapter Three – Getting Targeted Followers, let’s
look at some other ways to promote your Twitter page.

In no particular order...

     List Yourself on Twellow is a directory of public twitter accounts,
         nicely categorized for people to find and follow; it boasts 9.9million twitter profiles
         and 1.4billion followers. That’s a powerful marketing tool and you should be on it.

         Just one word of warning – Twellow does the categorization itself so you may be
         surprised where you end up! It pulls automatically from the information in your
         Twitter bio, so make sure this is as accurate as you can make it. If you find it places
         you in an inappropriate category, you can at least edit it manually via Twellow,

         Before you register it’s worth checking to see if their software has already added you
                        The Twitter Trade
      Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

 Connect All Your Social Media Offerings Together. If you have a Facebook page,
   for instance, promote your Twitter page and vice versa. There’s even a way to link the
   two together so you can update your status in one place and also have it show in the
   other! See how here

 Download a Twitter Widget to Your Existing Site. Just as Twitter offers a way to
   pull information from your personal or business blog or corporate website, so should
   you use those sites to send traffic to your Twitter page. Upload a Twitter widget on
   your corporate site and let people know that you are on Twitter

 Announce that you are now on Twitter to any current marketing database or email
   list; invite them to join and follow you. Consider offering incentives for all those who
   make the jump. After that, make your Twitter news a regular part of your email
   newsletters to remind people that you are still there and still tweeting.

 Make It Official: Also make sure that you include your Twitter name in official (and
   unofficial) documents, emails, newsletters, business cards, posters and anything else
   you can think of.

 Use to take your blog posts or RSS service and broadcast it to your
   Twitter followers and other social networks of your choice.

 Email Friends and Send Them the Link. If they’re on Twitter, they’ll follow you
   and if they’re not they might sign up!
                        The Twitter Trade
      Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

 Post on External Forums: As well as joining conversations within Twitter itself,
   post on external message boards or forums that have an interest in what you do. Make
   sure you include your Twitter name in your signature. If someone likes what you have
   to say, they may look you up.

 Make Sure You Tweet Regularly: There are now websites pulling Twitter feeds and
   aggregating them. This means that Twitter conversations are no longer just on Twitter
   but are spreading out to the wider online world, and you want to be a part of that.

 Consider Originally an application to allow you to create free
   branded backgrounds for your Twitter page, it added a new feature this year –
   Promote your Twitter page. For a fee ($9.99 for 30 days) it will add your bio and
   services to top directories, feeds and search engines such as Oodle, Lycos and
   GoogleBase, as well as promote your profile around the web.

   By supplying your own biography information and blurb, as well as a classification of
   your business, your profile should be promoted in relevant areas, meaning these might
   just be the targeted followers you are seeking.

   Only you can decide whether you want to pay for a service such as this, or do it
   yourself in house.
                        The Twitter Trade
      Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

 Ask Other Users to Recommend You: Ask other people in your industry to
   recommend your Twitter profile on their blogs, websites and Twitter pages, and do
   the same for them on yours. Make sure that you have already had contact with that
   person and know them well enough to be sure they will react positively; otherwise
   they may find it an imposition.

 Join Twitter’s Follow Fridays. Here users recommend and post the name of an
   interesting user they encourage their friends to follow, followed by #followfriday.

   By taking part in this and recommending people you think are worthy of note, you get
   your username and link to your profile in front of a large proportion of the Twitter
   user base who flock to Twitter just for this purpose.

   #Followfriday is now a weekly international event and has even spawned its own
   website. See it here –
                            The Twitter Trade
          Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

Promoting your Twitter page doesn’t have to be daunting if you follow the basic premise of
promotion; tell people about it loudly and often!

Just remember that you want targeted users; it’s all well and good to promote your Twitter
page to as many people as you can, but if they are not likely to turn into potential customers,
then you really don’t want them.

That said, anyone who chooses to follow you from outside Twitter has to have some interest
in you and your products in the first place, so enjoy!
                             The Twitter Trade
           Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

Chapter Seven – Account Maintenance; Account Tips and Tricks

By far the hardest part of using Twitter is staying on top of it. If you follow hundreds of
people, their tweets will be flying into your account faster than you can keep up. At the same
time, trying to find out what people are saying about you and your company among the
millions of tweets a day is a tough job.

In this chapter, I’m going to share some tips and tricks for keeping on top of your Twitter

It’s easy to get overwhelmed on Twitter so first up, before you do anything, spend some time
setting up the best ways to track your followers, tweets and mentions.

I’ve already mentioned numerous tools and websites for this throughout this book so I won’t
repeat them again, but here are a few more valuable sites and applications:

Schedule your tweets: I touched on this in Chapter Four – Tweeting and How to Sell on
Twitter. This can be a lifeline for the busy entrepreneur who doesn’t have the time to sit at his
computer all day. (formerly allows you to
create a series of Tweets and have them sent out at times of your choosing.

Many experts frown on this for business purposes, claiming you need personalized tweets to
really stand a chance of being noticed, and this could be the case but it is also useful if you
simply can’t dedicate the time.

It’s also a good way of increasing your chances of capturing people’s attention; never forget
that twitter moves on fast and furious. Your first few tweets of the day may not even get

If you do use a site to schedule your tweets, I’d still advise you to make sure you find enough
time to reply to all those who reply to you; it’s just polite.

Social Oomph (like also allows you to automate certain processes such as
automatically following those who follow you, automatically sending DMs to new followers,
purging your inbox and others. Alternatively, you can opt for semi automation and choose to
vet your followers yourself.
                            The Twitter Trade
          Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

A quick tip: If you do set up an automated direct message response to thank new followers,
make sure the message inside isn’t just trying to sell them something, or you’ll probably find
they unfollow you pretty quickly!

Want a Helping Hand?

If you just wish there was someone around who could hold your hand and tell you which
users were the most influential to follow, you’re in luck. Mr Tweet can do just that! bills itself as your personal networking assistant and will send you
recommendations of who to follow based on your current relationships and tweets.

A great many people swear by this as a starting point for increasing your followers; the good
news is that you can then assess their recommendations and choose to follow people or not.
That way you are still in control of choosing the most targeted followers – you’ve just had a
helping hand to find them!
                            The Twitter Trade
          Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits


No site quite captures the phenomenon of Twitter like This site is an
amazing repository of all Twitted related applications. There are more than 1,300
applications in its database here to help you with every aspect of your Twitter life!

It estimates that people are creating new applications or tools at a rate of one a day. That
more than anything shows you how huge the Twitter ecosystem is.

Twitdom may be a bit overwhelming at times, but it’s worth taking a look at, as it could
really make your life easier.

If you’re not sure which application could be right for you, you can always ask your
followers in your next Twitter update!
                             The Twitter Trade
           Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

Now, let me share a few more general tips to help you with your account maintenance:

Should You Unfollow Those Who Unfollow You?

People have different views on this, but my take is that yes, you should. After all, if someone
is not interested in you anymore, why should you be interested in them? They are not going
to be potential customers and that’s what you’re after here. Unfollowing users is a good habit
to get into from the start; there’s nothing worse than having to tidy up your followers weeks
or months down the line.

Web Address Too Long? Shorten them at - - - - Or

All these sites provide the same excellent service for free.

When Should You Tweet?
                            The Twitter Trade
          Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

Do you really need to Tweet all day to be successful? Ideally yes, but that’s not always
possible so let’s think of ways that you can get the most out of Twitter without sacrificing
your life or getting behind on your other work.

   •   Don’t think you have to sit in front of Twitter for hours on end; you’ll be amazed how
       much you can get done by popping on for 15 minutes at a time or so. Use Twitter as a
       break from the rest of your routine.

   •   Sign up for Mobile Twitter; this means you can send updates from your cell phone
       whenever you have a spare two minutes.

   •   Tailor your tweets around the best times for your audience; if your audience is West
       Coast US, for instance, make sure you send your tweets when they are awake! Ideally,
       when the numbers are at their highest.

   •   Post to Twitter while you’re watching the TV!

Getting To Grips with the Twitter Lingo

It’s not surprising that there’s a lot of Twitter lingo around; it stands to reason when you only
have 140 characters that it’s going to develop its own version of shorthand. There are also a
lot of terms that you need to understand to appreciate and use Twitter; not surprisingly a lot
of these begin with Tw. As do a lot of tools and applications. They may be 'cheesy' but they
sell! Incorporating words like 'Twello' instead of hello and 'Tweople' into your tweets, aside
from being very popular, often can help you connect to other users. And Connections = Sales.

Here are a some general 'Twitter' terms:

    Tweet-back – ( term ) Bringing a previous tweet conversation or reference back into
       the current conversation.

    Tweetbar – ( browser plugin tool ) Put Twitter on your Firefox sidebar.

    Tweetbeep – ( tool ) an alert email service where you can filter keywords.
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    Tweetburner - ( tool ) a url shortener with stats

    Tweeter – ( term ) A user of Twitter (compare: Twitterer).

    Tweeterboxes – ( term ) Twitterers who tweet too much

    Tweetfeed – ( tool ) A customizable page that displays related Twitter activity live, a
       wayto keep track of what is happening on Twitter that interests you (and share it with
       friends), A super-easy way to create “tweet walls” for conferences and events.

    TweetIn – ( term) When a group of twitterers agree to get together at a set time to

       Tweets – (term) Posts on Twitter by twitterers.

    Tweetscan – ( search tool ) Search by term and username.

    Tweetsulted, Tweetsult – ( term ) insult

       Tweetup – ( shorthand ) an in-person meet up of Twitter members

Here are a few other phrases and shorthand versions that you might want to learn.

    DM – ( shorthand ) direct message
    Drunktwittering – ( term ) Similar to drunk dialing
    @twittername – a public reply
    Follow – (action) Choosing to sign up to receive someone’s Tweet
    Follow+ username – (action) The instruction to keep up with a user’s flow of Twitter
    Leave + username – (action) stop following someone
    Followers – ( term ) People who follow your updates.
    Friendfeed – ( tool ) Puts all of our RSS content onto one page, making it easy to see
       from one glance (rather than going to different properties) and you can even reply
       from Friendfeed to different tools. It’s smarter to organize around people, rather than
                              The Twitter Trade
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     Geotwitter – (action) Tracks the geographical location of the most recent Tweets.
     Get+ username – (action) A command that retrieves the most recent updated Tweet
        from that user.
     IM – ( shorthand ) instant message
     IMHO – ( shorthand ) in my humble opinion
     IRL – ( shorthand ) for in real life
        iTweet – ( mobile tool ) A mobile Twitter site designed for the iPhone.
     iTwit – ( mobile tool ) Mobile version of Twitter made for the iPhone.
     Micro-blog – ( term ) A tiny way to blog. Twitter only allows 140 characters and
        classifies as a micro-blog.
     OH – ( shorthand ) overheard
     Retweetme : ( tool & action) Use Twitter to remind yourself of things you might
        forget. When the time comes, Twitter will message you the reminder.
     RT / Retweet – ( shorthand ) when you repeat a tweet from someone else
     Tweet-back – ( term ) Bringing a previous tweet conversation or reference back into
        the current conversation.

Also a great Twitter lingo list (with some fantastic Twitter selling words – such as 'This
product is 'twittastic')
                             The Twitter Trade
           Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

Chapter 8 - Not having your own products to sell on Twitter

While it is recommended that you have your own product to sell and promote on Twitter, it
isn't absolutely necessary. Selling your own products, means that you are able to sell YOUR
OWN brand and keep 100% of the profits yourself. However, not everyone has their own
products to sell.

There are a few options to consider when you come upon this junction. One is to consider
creating your very own product. There are plenty of places on the internet that will help you
with this and a quick google search will lead you to places which aid in your own product
creation. ( , , )      are all excellent services.

But for the sake of this course I will focus on selling other peoples products.

Selling other peoples products has many advantages. For starters you don't have to spend any
time on product creation, so you can spend more time on 'promoting' your sales. The trick
with selling a product that isn't yours lies in HOW you promote it. There are certain products
that you can buy and sell as your very own or you could become an 'affiliate'.

Becoming an affiliate is the most simple and effective way, because it doesn't cost you
anything. The secret with Twitter affiliate marketing lies directly in the PRODUCT. If you
choose products that you know nothing about, or have no interest in, then how will you
promote them? It is always best to choose products that YOU find interesting. Not only will
you enjoy it more, but it will be much more successful for you to promote products that you
feel comfortable asking questions about.

Such as 'I really love my Mac – But the new Windows 7 is sooo tempting. I really love
the new task bar. Think I might be hooked! - -

As opposed to 'This product is amazing – What is your favorite thing about it -'.

The latter is very impersonal and it will not garner ANY interest or reactions whatsoever.
Whereas, by mentioning the actual product and a certain feature of it, you will get interest
replies and retweets. Your not actually 'directly' selling anything this way, but rather directing
peoples attention to a certain product. Which, if they choose to buy, you gain commissions
                             The Twitter Trade
           Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

Again the trick is to sell that are popular – but also products that interest you.

There are numerous places that you can find products to sell. is the largest affiliate marketplace on the internet and has the largest list of
products to choose from. also offers a very similar service.

Or alternatively you could do a simple google search for affiliate products. Products that sell
very well on Twitter include, but are not limited to: dating, games, health, weight loss and
many many more. Take some time to browse throughout the very many products and find
which type of product suits you.

Make sure that you get your very own referral link and use that exact one EVERY time you
'direct' someone towards your site. Without this link, you are simply promoting another
companies product and getting nothing in return.
                            The Twitter Trade
          Develop Powerful Personalized Traffic For Amazing Profits

I really hope all of this will help you walk through the marketing maze – for which read,
great marketing potential – that is Twitter. By far the best tip that I can give you, however, is
to just be yourself and to HAVE FUN! Trust me, other people will notice and flock to follow

All the best. I hope to be following you on Twitter very soon!

Happy Twittering!

Paul Liburd

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