Drag and Drop PowerPoint by kws19363


									Drag and Drop PowerPoint

 How to make PowerPoint behave
  like an Interactive Whiteboard.
                                        Match the correct
                                     definition with the name
                                          of the polygon

   Pentagon        8 sided polygon

   Trapesium       7 sided polygon

   Octagon      Quadrilateral with 2 acute & 2 obtuse angles

Parallelogram   Quadrilateral with 1 pair of parallel sides

  Heptagon         5 sided polygon
            Before you start

•   Open PowerPoint
•   Click Tools
•   Click Options
•   Click Security Tag
•   Click Macro Security
•   Select Medium
•   Close and re-open PowerPoint
    (you won’t have to do any of that again)
     Write your presentation

• Write the PowerPoint presentation as
  normal, or find the PowerPoint you want to
  add the macro to.

• Save it.
• Open ‘DragandDrop.ppt’
• (Click enable macros if asked)
• Click Insert
• Click Slides from Files
• Click Browse and then on your chosen ppt
• Tick Keep Source Formatting
• Click Insert All
• Click save as and rename your PowerPoint
To make bits move with Drag and Drop

• Right-click on the image or text box you
  want to move around
• Click Action Settings
• Click Run Macro
  (‘draganddrop’ should be in the box)
• Click OK
• When you have finished you can delete
  all these instruction slides
• Check security settings are ‘medium’
  (recommended) or ‘low’ (not recommended)
• Make sure you right-click on the top line of a
  text box if you want it to move – it will go
  transparent if clicked in right place.
• If a group of objects won’t drag, try right
  clicking and saving the group as a picture.
  Insert the picture back into the presentation
  (‘Insert, Picture, From file…’) and apply the
  macro to the picture.

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