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             Learning and Development Journals

Learning and Development
  Business, Management and Economics

  Learning and Development Journals

                                                          ISSN 1477-7282    ISSN: 1477-7282
                                                                                                  Development and Learning in Organizations
                                                                                                  An International Journal
                                                Volume 22 Number 2 2008

  Development and
  Learning in
  An International Journal
                                                                            Volume:          25
  Inside Issue 2:

                                                                            Print Issues:     6
                                                                                                  Development and Learning in Organizations            Benefits and features
  Crossing the generational divide: engaging
  “young” employees in your organization
  Barriers to progress in learning – a global

                                                                            Internet Issues: 6
  convergence of concern?
  The future of workplace learning

                                                                                                  (DLO) is central to organizational success. DLO      • Easy-to-digest reviews keep you up to date with
  www.emeraldinsight.com                                                                          is written for busy managers, consultants and          the latest theories and practice in learning and
                                                                                                  researchers who need to know and understand            development.
  Online archive                                                                                  more about the latest thinking in the fields of
  Abstracts      2002 - date                                                                                                                           • Benchmark your research findings against other
                                                                                                  organizational learning, training and leadership       high-performing organizations.
  Full text      2002 - date
                                                                                                  development but do not have the time to access
                                                                                                                                                       • Track the success or failure of organizational
  Editor                                                                                          all the information available.
                                                                                                                                                         development strategies undertaken by other
  Anne Gimson                                                                                     Coverage includes:                                     companies of varying sizes and in different
  Strategic Developments                                                                                                                                 business sectors.
  International, UK                                                                               Creating, implementing and sustaining learning
                                                                                                  strategies; work-based and on-the-job learning;
                                                                                                  coaching and mentoring; managing change; and
                                                                                                  leadership and management development.


                                                          ISSN 0019-7858
                                                Volume 41 Number 1 2009
                                                                            ISSN 0019-7858
                                                                                                  Industrial and Commercial Training
  Industrial and
  Training                                                                  Volume:          43   Industrial and Commercial Training (ICT) helps       management and counselling; computer-based
                                                                            Print Issues:     7   readers to develop a well-trained workforce by       training and interactive video; continuing
                                                                            Internet Issues: 7    keeping them up to date with all the latest          management education; and managing change.
                                                                                                  initiatives and ideas in their field. This leading
                                                                                                                                                       Benefits and features
                                                                                                  international journal is highly regarded by

                                                                                                  training specialists worldwide. Its universal        • It focuses on the application of training theory,
  Online archive                                                                                                                                         identifying what works for practitioners and how it
  Abstracts      1969 - date                                                                      coverage and down-to-earth practical approach
  Full text      1994 - date                                                                      have been carefully cultivated.
                                                                                                                                                       • A very well-established journal which provides an
  Editor                                                                                          Coverage includes:                                     international perspective on real-life learning and
  Bryan Smith                                                                                     Action learning – principles and practice;             development concerns.
  International Consultant, Cogges,                                                               applications of new technology; careers


  Journal                                                                                         Journal of

   Journal of

  European Industrial
                                                           ISSN 0309-0590
                                                Volume 32 Number 1 2008
                                                                            ISSN: 0309-0590
                                                                                                  European Industrial Training
  A journal for HRD specialists                                             Volume:          35
                                                                            Print Issues:     9   Journal of European Industrial Training (JEIT)       Benefits and features
                                                                            Internet Issues: 9    provides managers and researchers with the           • JEIT focuses primarily on Europe but also draws
                                                                                                  knowledge base they need to develop plans and          on insights from the rest of the world.
                                                                                                  meet the challenges ahead. JEIT is the only
                                                                                                                                                       • The journal focuses strongly on applied research
  Online archive                                                                                  publication which has the information for which        and case study material.
  Abstracts      1977 - date                                                                      training professionals are looking, complete
                                                                                                                                                       • JEIT publishes several special issues per
  Full text      1994 - date                                                                      with the models they need and all the
                                                                                                                                                         volume, covering new or topical issues in the
                                                                                                  appropriate references.
  Editor                                                                                                                                                 field.
  Professor Thomas Garavan                                                                        Coverage includes:
  Kemmy Business School,                                                                          Globalisation and HRD; blended learning; corporate
  The University of Limerick, Republic                                                            strategy and culture; and employee engagement in
  of Ireland


                                                                                                        Business, Management and Economics

                                                                                                                               Learning and Development Journals

Journal                                                                     Journal of

 Journal of

 Workplace Learning
                                   ISSN 1366-5626
                         Volume 21 Number 1 2009
                                                     ISSN: 1366-5626
                                                                            Workplace Learning
                                                     Volume:          23
                                                     Print Issues:     8    As a fully refereed international journal with a   Coverage includes:
                                                     Internet Issues: 8     focus on learning in, from and for the             Employee counselling; formal and informal learning
                                                                            workplace, the Journal of Workplace Learning       interventions; knowledge management; learning
                                                                            (JWL) gives a voice to those teaching, training,   skills; learning styles; and training effectiveness.
Online archive                                                              researching and practising in the workplace,
Abstracts      1989 - date                                                  along with managers and policy makers. It          Benefits and features
Full text      1994 - date                                                  provides a global forum for the presentation of    • JWL publishes content which is strong on
                                                                            workplace learning research, in particular           application.
                                                                            supported by empirical data, as well as            • “Professional Practice” articles published with
Dr Sara Cervai                                                              systematic reviews referring to the main topics      workplace learning practitioners in mind.
University of Trieste, Italy
                                                                            of the journal.
Professor Tauno Kekäle
University of Vaasa, Finland


                                                     ISSN: 0951-3507
                                                                            Training & Management Development
                                                     Volume:           25   Methods
                                                     Print Issues:      5
                                                                            Training & Management Development Methods          Coverage includes:
                                                                            (TMDM) aims to provide an easy to use              Action learning/learning organizations; approaches
                                                                            compendium of tested, up-to-date training and      and techniques of training design; assessment,
                                                                            development methods, incorporating new and         diagnosis and evaluation; case studies; cross-
                                                                            interesting ideas and guidance on their use.       cultural issues; and self-development.
                                                                            This collection of training methods is compiled
                                                                            from actual experience, and includes               Benefits and features
Editor                                                                                                                         • The unusual format makes it a highly effective
                                                                            contributions from leading figures in the
David Pollitt                                                               training and development field. It builds into a     toolkit, which can be photocopied, sampled and
University of Bradford, UK                                                                                                       used again and again.
                                                                            bank of useful material that can be referred to
                                                                            again and again, and added to year on year.


                                                    “Thank & Management Development Methods lively the journal
                                                             you for the effort you have put into keeping
                                                                                                          and addressing
                                                    current issues in training and management development.
                                                    Professor Augustine Okanlawon, Isle of Man International Business School, Isle of Man