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									 Business, Management and Economics

     Accounting and Finance Journals and Books

Accounting and Finance
     Business, Management and Economics

     Accounting and Finance Journals

                                                          ISSN: 0951-3574
                                                                                Accounting, Auditing & Accountability
                                         ISSN 0951-3574
                              Volume 22 Number 1 2009

      Auditing &
                                                          Volume:          24
                                                          Print Issues:     8
                                                          Internet Issues: 8    The Accounting, Auditing & Accountability             Coverage includes:
                                                                                Journal (AAAJ) is dedicated to the advancement        Alternative explanations for observed practice;
                                                                                of accounting knowledge and provides a forum

                                                                                                                                      critical and historical perspectives on current issues
     Online archive                                                             for the publication of high quality manuscripts       and problems; limitations in present accounting
     Abstracts      1988 - date                                                 concerning the interaction between accounting/        measurement; social and political aspects of
     Full text      1988 - date                                                 auditing and their socio-economic and political       accounting standards; and the broadening scope of
                                                                                environments. It therefore encourages critical        the reporting constituency.
     Editors                                                                    analysis of policy and practice in these areas.       The journal was rated A* in the 2010 Excellence in
     Honorary Professor James                                                   Analysis could explore policy alternatives and        Research for Australia ranking.
     Guthrie                                                                    provide new perspectives for the accounting
     University of Sydney, Australia
     Professor Lee D. Parker
     University of South Australia,


                                        ISSN 1030-9616
                              Volume 22 Number 1 2009
                                                          ISSN: 1030-9616
                                                                                Accounting Research Journal
                                                                                The objective of the Accounting Research              not exclude the publication of theoretical works.
     Accounting Research
                                                          Volume:          23
                                                          Print Issues:     3   Journal (ARJ) is to provide a valuable forum for      The journal is committed to the dissemination of
                                                          Internet Issues: 3    communication between the profession and              research findings to as wide an audience as
                                                                                academics on the research and practice of             possible. As a result, we strongly encourage
                                                                                accounting, finance, auditing, commercial law         authors to consider a wide and varied

                                                                                and cognate disciplines. The Editor would             readership when writing papers.
     Online archive
     Abstracts      1989 - date                                                 encourage submissions in any of the above
                                                                                areas, which have a practical and/or applied
                                                                                                                                      Coverage includes:
     Full text      2005 - date
                                                                                focus. In particular, work reporting the results of   Accounting, finance and auditing; commercial law
     Editor                                                                     research conducted using data from Australia,         and cognate disciplines; and profitability and
     Professor Christine Ryan                                                   New Zealand and other Asian-Pacific countries         earnings.
     Queensland University of                                                   would be welcomed. However, this policy does
     Technology, Australia


                                        ISSN 1321-7348
                              Volume 16 Number 1 2008
                                                          ISSN: 1321-7348
                                                                                Asian Review of Accounting
                                                                                The Asian Review of Accounting (ARA)                  Coverage includes:
     Asian Review
     of Accounting
                                                          Volume:          19
                                                          Print Issues:     4   addresses significant issues in the fields of         Financial accounting; management accounting;
                                                          Internet Issues: 4    accounting, auditing, taxation and financial          auditing; accounting information systems; taxation,
                                                                                management, which are of relevance to the             social and environmental accounting; and
                                                                                countries and regions of Asia and the Pacific.        accounting education.

                                                                                Perspectives or viewpoints arising from a
     Online archive                                                                                                                   Benefits and features
     Abstracts      2006 - date                                                 provincial, national or international focus, a
     Full text      2006 - date                                                 private or public sector information need, or a       • Current research in accounting affecting the
                                                                                socialist or capitalist set of influences are           expanding Asian and Australian markets.
     Editor                                                                     greatly welcomed. Emphasis is placed on direct
     Dr Jeffrey Faux                                                            and clearly understood communication,
     Victoria University, Australia                                             instructiveness, originality and scholarly merit.


                                                                                                                   Business, Management and Economics

                                                                                                                                              Accounting and Finance Journals

Journal                                                                                International Journal of

International Journal of

Accounting &
                                             ISSN 1834-7649
                                   Volume 16 Number 1 2008
                                                                ISSN: 1834-7649
                                                                                       Accounting & Information Management
Management                                                      Volume:          19
                                                                Print Issues:     3    The International Journal of Accounting &           Coverage includes:
formerly Asia-Pacific Journal of
Information Management

                                                                Internet Issues: 3     Information Management (IJAIM) is positioned at     Accounting information and systems; accounting
                                                                                       the forefront of scholarly research in areas        systems management; behavioural accounting;
                                                                                       embraced by the broad fields of accounting,         cost/managerial accounting; international financial
Online archive                                                                         finance, information systems and information        management; international financial services; and
Abstracts      2007 - date                                                             management. The journal will be of interest to      government and non-profit accounting.
Full text      2007 - date                                                             those in academia and professional positions
                                                                                       alike. The primary objective is to stimulate        Benefits and features
Editor                                                                                                                                     • One of the few journals that explores information
                                                                                       research in the journal’s areas of focus and to
Professor Lee J. Yao                                                                   discuss issues of significance to both the            management and accounting.
Loyola University, USA
                                                                                       private and the public sector. The journal
                                                                                       bridges the knowledge gaps between                               IJAIM is the official journal of the Bucharest
                                                                                       researchers and practitioners.                                   Academy of Economic Studies (Romania)


                                                               “As the new editor of theitInternational Journal of Accountingsay it
                                                               Information Management, is my honour and privilege, and I

                                                               with confidence, to have this opportunity to work with the industry
                                                               leader – Emerald – to serve our stakeholders and communities with
                                                               admirable standards.
                                                               Lee J. Yao, Loyola University, USA

Journal                                                                                International Journal of

International Journal of
                                              ISSN 1753-8394
                                    Volume 2 Number 1 2009
                                                                ISSN: 1753-8394
                                                                                       Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and
Islamic and Middle Eastern
Finance and
Management                                                      Volume:            4
                                                                Print Issues:      4
                                                                Internet Issues:   4
                                                                                       The international industry of Islamic finance has   Coverage includes:
                                                                                       grown exponentially in recent years, and shows      Fundamentals of Islamic finance; Islamic
Online archive                                                                         no signs of abating. The International Journal of   securitization; socially-responsible investment
Abstracts      2008 - date                                                             Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and              strategy; Islamic banking; Takaful- and Shari’ah-
Full text      2008 - date                                                             Management (IMEFM) seeks to serve as a              compliant insurance; Sukuk, Zakat and financial
                                                                                       central repository for research in this field,      planning; and Shariah-compliant risk management.
                                                                                       bridging the interests of scholars and
Dr Kadom Shubber                                                                       practitioners, and bringing the results of          Benefits and features
Managing director, Management                                                                                                              • IMEFM is the first journal to engage both Islamic
and Economics Consultants
                                                                                       research and product development to the
                                                                                       attention of the international financial and          and non-Islamic fields of scholarship in this
International Ltd, UK
                                                                                       business management community.                        dynamic and evolving sector.


     Business, Management and Economics

     Accounting and Finance Journals

     Journal                                                                      International Journal of

      International Journal of

     Managerial Finance
                                          ISSN 1743-9132
                                 Volume 4 Number 1 2008
                                                           ISSN: 1743-9132
                                                                                  Managerial Finance
                                                           Volume:            7
                                                           Print Issues:      4   International Journal of Managerial Finance             understanding the operation of managerial
                                                           Internet Issues:   4   (IJMF) aims to arm its readership with the latest       finance and its implications for all firm
                                                                                  research and commentary in all areas                    stakeholders.
                                                                                  associated with managerial finance, with an
                                                                                  informed, inter-disciplinary and international
                                                                                                                                          Coverage includes:
     Online archive
     Abstracts      2005 - date                                                   approach. Although financial in nature, the             Treasury and financial risk management; investment
     Full text      2005 - date                                                   journal is interested in papers from all                and financing decision making; and corporate
                                                                                  disciplines; in particular, knowledge                   finance.
                                                                                  management, accounting and economics, which             Benefits and features
     Professor David Michayluk                                                    shed further light on the financing decision
     University of Technology, Australia                                                                                                  • The journal is quickly establishing a strong
                                                                                  process. The journal provides an outlet for
     Professor Ralf Zurbruegg                                                                                                               reputation as a unique source for managerial
                                                                                  theoretical and empirical research into                   research.
     University of Adelaide, Australia


     Journal                                                                      Journal of

      Journal of

     Accounting &
                                          ISSN 1832-5912
                                 Volume 4 Number 1 2008
                                                           ISSN: 1832-5912
                                                                                  Accounting & Organizational Change
     Change                                                Volume:            7
                                                           Print Issues:      4   The main objective of the Journal of Accounting         and performance in the public and private sectors;
                                                           Internet Issues:   4   & Organizational Change (JAOC) is to provide a          corporate governance, disclosure, and
                                                                                  platform for researchers and practitioners from         accountability; triple bottom line reporting and social
                                                                                                                                          accountability issues; culture, performance

                                                                                  multiple disciplines to disseminate information
                                                                                  on organizational and accounting systems                measurement and change; and accounting change
     Online archive
     Abstracts      2005 - date                                                   change. To achieve this, the journal will be            in transitional and developing economies.
     Full text      2005 - date                                                   directed at mapping out contemporary changes            Benefits and features
                                                                                  in the new global business environment.
     Editor                                                                                                                               • Part of a new journal philosophy that represents
     Professor Zahirul Hoque                                                      Coverage includes:                                        a new emphasis on exploring how organizations
     La Trobe University, Australia                                               Accounting and management control systems in              change and how the change process affects
                                                                                  change management; changes in social and                  internal organizational processes.
                                                                                  environmental accounting reporting; accountability


     Journal                                                                      Journal of

      Journal of

     Accounting in Emerging
                                          ISSN 2042-1168
                                 Volume 1 Number 1 2011
                                                           ISSN: 2042-1168
                                                                                  Accounting in Emerging Economies
                                                           Volume:            1
                                                           Print Issues:      2   The Journal of Accounting in Emerging                   and accountability issues in the public sector,
                                                           Internet Issues:   2   Economies (JAEE) will be the sister publication         NGOs, multinational corporations; and accounting
                                                                                  to Research in Accounting in Emerging                   practices in family businesses.

                                                                                  Economies book series. Together, they are
                                                                                                                                          Benefits and features
     Online archive                                                               intended to provide an authoritative overview of
                                                                                  accounting research and progress in emerging            • JAEE is the only journal focusing specifically on
     Abstracts                                                    2011
     Full text                                                    2011                                                                      accounting research in emerging economies and
                                                                                                                                            encourages research in accounting and
     Editors                                                                      Coverage includes:                                        economic development, making it attractive to
     Professor Mathew Tsamenyi                                                    Education, training, and the role of professional         development policy makers.
     University of Birmingham, UK                                                 accounting bodies; financial reporting and
     Dr Shahzad Uddin                                                             accounting standards; auditing; corporate
     Essex Business School, UK                                                    governance; management accounting issues;
                                                                                                                                                                                            11 ch

     Consulting Editor: Professor                                                 accounting, regulation, and privatization; accounting
                                                                                                                                                                                          20 Laun

     Trevor Hopper

     University of Sussex, UK


                                                                                                         Business, Management and Economics

                                                                                                                                     Accounting and Finance Journals

Journal                                                                   Journal of

Journal of

Applied Accounting
                                   ISSN 0967-5426
                          Volume 9 Number 1 2008
                                                    ISSN: 0967-5426
                                                                          Applied Accounting Research
                                                    Volume:          12
                                                    Print Issues:     3   The Journal of Applied Accounting Research              accounting; environmental and social aspects of
                                                    Internet Issues: 3    (JAAR) will be of interest to both academics and        accounting; accounting in transitional economies;
                                                                          practitioners, as it is keen to encourage               management accounting techniques; public sector
                                                                                                                                  accounting; business and shareholder value;

                                                                          academic research articles which develop a
                                                                          forum for the discussion of real, practical             corporate financial management; and taxation.
Online archive
Abstracts      1999 - date                                                problems and provide the expertise to allow
                                                                                                                                  Benefits and features
Full text      1999 - date                                                solutions to these problems to be formed. This
                                                                                                                                  • Includes reports, case studies and letters
                                                                          journal aims to stimulate the dialogue between
Editors                                                                                                                             designed to further debate on real-world
                                                                          all those who have an interest in the promotion
Dr Kumba Jallow                                                                                                                     accounting issues.
                                                                          and development of accounting and
Leicester Business School,                                                                                                        • Bridges the gulf between theory and practice for
De Montfort University, UK
                                                                                                                                    accounting researchers and practitioners alike.
Professor Elaine Harris                                                   Coverage includes:
Roehampton University, UK
                                                                          Organizational reporting; governance structures of


Journal                                                                   Journal of

Journal of

Financial Crime
                                   ISSN 1359-0790
                         Volume 16 Number 1 2008
                                                    ISSN: 1359-0790
                                                                          Financial Crime
                                                    Volume:          18
                                                    Print Issues:     4   The Journal of Financial Crime (JFC) provides           underground banking; confiscating the proceeds of
                                                    Internet Issues: 4    authoritative and detailed information on               crime; and organized crime.
                                                                          understanding the methods used in economic
                                                                                                                                  Benefits and features
                                                                          crime and the steps that can be taken to avoid
                                                                          and combat it. The journal is essential reading         • JFC has established itself as one of the leading
Online archive
                                                                          for those concerned with the prevention,                  sources of authoritative and detailed information
Abstracts      1993 - date
Full text      2002 - date                                                                                                          on understanding the methods used in economic
                                                                          detection and prosecution of financial crime and
                                                                                                                                    crime and the steps that can be taken to avoid
                                                                          the protection of assets.
Editors                                                                                                                             and combat it.
General Editor: Professor Barry                                           Coverage includes:
Rider                                                                     Policing, prosecution and trying serious frauds;
Jesus College, UK                                                         preventing corporate scandals and failures; terrorist
Deputy General Editor:                                                    investigation and intelligence; cyber-crime;
Li-Hong Xing
Centre for International
Documentation on Organised and
Economic Crime, UK

Journal                                                                   Journal of

Journal of

Financial Regulation
                                   ISSN 1358-1988
                         Volume 16 Number 1 2008
                                                    ISSN: 1358-1988
                                                                          Financial Regulation and Compliance
and Compliance
                                                    Volume:          19
                                                    Print Issues:     4   The Journal of Financial Regulation and                 updates and guidelines; pension reform; fitness and
                                                    Internet Issues: 4    Compliance (JFRC) has emerged as one of the             propriety in financial services; audit regulation;
                                                                          leading journals on the regulation and law              regulation in emerging markets; regulation of
                                                                                                                                  internet banking; cross-border regulation; capital

                                                                          governing financial institutions. JFRC publishes
                                                                          double blind peer-reviewed practitioner and             adequacy; and compliance costs and benefits.
Online archive
Abstracts      1992 - date                                                academic articles, acting as a forum for expert
                                                                                                                                  Benefits and features
Full text      2002 - date                                                analysis and applied research, which focuses
                                                                                                                                  • JFRC publishes articles from practitioners and
                                                                          on the regulation of financial institutions both
Editor                                                                                                                              academics on the latest thinking, techniques and
                                                                          nationally and internationally.
Professor Kevin Keasey                                                                                                              developments in regulation and compliance.
Leeds University Business School,                                         Coverage includes:
                                                                          Basel II proposals; risk assessment and
                                                                          management; competition law; regulatory rule


     Business, Management and Economics

     Accounting and Finance Journals

     Journal                                                                     Journal of

     Journal of

     Financial Reporting
                                         ISSN 1985-2517
                               Volume 8 Number 1 2010
                                                          ISSN: 1985-2517
                                                                                 Financial Reporting & Accounting
     & Accounting
                                                          Volume:            9
                                                          Print Issues:      2   Journal of Financial Reporting & Accounting             Benefits and features
                                                          Internet Issues:   2   (JFRA) provides a valuable forum for the                • Gain an interdisciplinary and international
                                                                                 publication of research papers and book                   understanding of the field.
                                                                                 reviews that address significant issues on
                                                                                                                                         • Keep abreast with the development and
     Online archive                                                              financial reporting and accounting.                       advancement of accounting knowledge in
     Abstracts      2003 - date                                                                                                            financial reporting and accounting.
     Full text      2003 - date                                                  Coverage includes:
                                                                                 Financial reporting; financial accounting; accounting   • Explore the broad scope of areas related to
     Editor-in-Chief                                                             for human capital; accounting for specialized             financial reporting and accounting.
     Professor Muhd Kamil Ibrahim                                                industry; accounting education & ethics; Islamic
     Universiti Teknologi MARA,                                                  accounting and reporting; management accounting;
     Malaysia                                                                    and social and environmental reporting.

                                                                                                                                                                                           10 isi
                                                                                                                                                                                         20 Acqu
                                                                                                                                                                                     n      t

     Journal                                                                     Journal of

      Journal of

     Human Resource
                                         ISSN 1401-338X
                              Volume 12 Number 1 2008
                                                          ISSN: 1401-338X
                                                                                 Human Resource Costing & Accounting
     Costing &
     Accounting                                           Volume:          15
                                                          Print Issues:     4    The aim of the journal is to publish research in        Coverage includes:
                                                          Internet Issues: 4     the field of economic aspects of human                  Human resource costing and accounting; and
                                                                                 resources and accounting in organizations.              human capital theory.
                                                                                 The journal also strives to be a link between the
                                                                                 academic world and practitioners in the                 Benefits and features
     Online archive
     Abstracts      1996 - date                                                  business community and public administration.           • The journal offers a unique dual perspective on
     Full text      2005 - date                                                  The Journal of Human Resource Costing                     accounting and human resource management.
                                                                                 & Accounting (JHRCA) tries to highlight costs
                                                                                 and revenues related to human resources.
     Professor Robin Roslender                                                   The concept of JHRCA comprises both human
     Heriot-Watt University, UK
                                                                                 resource accounting and cost/benefit analyses
                                                                                 of human resources.


     Journal                                                                     Journal of

     Journal of

                                        ISSN 1528-5812
                               Volume 9 Number 1 2008
                                                          ISSN: 1528-5812
                                                                                 Investment Compliance
                                                          Volume:          12
                                                          Print Issues:     4    The Journal of Investment Compliance (JOIC) is          Coverage includes:
                                                          Internet Issues: 4     a quarterly professional journal covering               Research analyst independence; structure of
                                                                                 regulatory and compliance issues relevant to            securities markets; organization of the compliance
                                                                                 broker-dealers, investment advisers, mutual             function; the role of the chief compliance officer;
     Online archive                                                              funds, hedge funds and other types of                   and developing a culture of compliance.
     Abstracts      2000 - date                                                  investment companies in the principal financial
     Full text      2002 - date                                                  markets of the world. JOIC offers practical             Benefits and features
                                                                                 analysis on a wide range of issues, providing           • JOIC helps practitioners keep up to date with
     Editor                                                                                                                                SEC, FSA, and other regulatory agency
                                                                                 straightforward practical advice to help
     Henry A. Davis                                                              compliance professionals monitor a situation or           developments and new hedge fund rules and
     Henry A. Davis & Co., USA                                                                                                             their implications.
                                                                                 set up policy.


                                                                                                          Business, Management and Economics

                                                                                                                                   Accounting and Finance Journals

Journal                                                                    Journal of

Journal of

Islamic Accounting
                                   ISSN 1759-0817
                          Volume 1 Number 1 2010
                                                    ISSN: 1759-0817
                                                                           Islamic Accounting and Business Research
and Business
Research                                            Volume:            2
                                                    Print Issues:      2   The Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business       institutions and organizations; and historical
                                                    Internet Issues:   2   Research (JIABR) provides a dynamic forum for        perspectives on Islamic accounting and auditing.
                                                                           the advancement of accounting and business
                                                                                                                                Benefits and features
                                                                           knowledge based on Shari’ah and aims to
                                                                           publish high quality manuscripts related to the      • JIABR is the only journal that offers a platform for
Online archive
Abstracts      2010 - date                                                 interplay between Islamic business ethics,             publishing both theory and practice of Islamic
Full text      2010 - date                                                                                                        accounting, auditing and business research
                                                                           accounting, auditing and governance, in
                                                                                                                                  beyond Islamic banking, finance and economics.
                                                                           promoting accountability, socio-economic
Editors                                                                                                                         • A Research Note section provides a platform for
                                                                           justice (adl) and everlasting success (al-falah).
Professor Roszaini Haniffa                                                                                                        publishing briefer, less academically rigorous
Bradford University School of                                              Coverage includes:                                     articles which will have direct relevance to
Management, UK                                                                                                                    practitioners and students.
                                                                           Development of accounting, auditing and corporate
Dr Mohammad Hudaib                                                         governance concepts based on Shari’ah; socio-

Essex Business School, University

                                                                                                                                                                                10 unc
                                                                           political influence on accounting and auditing
of Essex, UK

                                                                                                                                                                              20 t La
                                                                           regulation and policy making for Islamic financial


Journal                                                                    Journal of

 Journal of

Money Laundering
                                   ISSN 1368-5201
                         Volume 12 Number 1 2008
                                                    ISSN: 1368-5201
                                                                           Money Laundering Control
                                                    Volume:          14
                                                    Print Issues:     4    The Journal of Money Laundering Control              monitoring patterns of suspicious payments;
                                                    Internet Issues: 4     (JMLC) is the world’s only quarterly, peer-          underground banking systems; confidentiality and
                                                                           reviewed journal designed to keep readers up to      the duty of disclosure; and prosecution for money-
                                                                                                                                laundering offences.

                                                                           date with the latest law, regulation, techniques
Online archive                                                             and best practice in the prevention,
                                                                                                                                Benefits and features
Abstracts      1997 - date                                                 identification and prosecution of money
Full text      2002 - date                                                                                                      • The journal assesses the impact of globalization
                                                                           laundering. The international journal publishes
                                                                                                                                  on financial transactions and financial crime from
                                                                           content which allows readers to stay in touch
Editors                                                                                                                           some of the world’s leading experts.
                                                                           with international developments in the area of
General Editor: Professor Barry                                            money-laundering control.
Jesus College, UK                                                          Coverage includes:
Deputy General Editor: Li-Hong                                             The fight against terrorist financing; Joint Money
Xing                                                                       Laundering Steering Group guidance notes;
Centre for International                                                   suspicious transaction-reporting requirements;
Documentation on Organised and
Economic Crime, UK

Journal                                                                    Journal of

The Journal of

Risk Finance
                                   ISSN 1526-5943
                          Volume 9 Number 1 2008
                                                    ISSN: 1526-5943
                                                                           Risk Finance
                                                    Volume:          12
                                                    Print Issues:     5    The Journal of Risk Finance (JRF) is the premier     reinsurance; alternative risk transfer mechanisms;
                                                    Internet Issues: 5     journal in the field of applied financial risk       and capital structure/credit arbitrage methods.
                                                                           management and insurance. JRF publishes
                                                                                                                                Benefits and features
                                                                           articles to bring together the buy-and-sell sides
                                                                           of the risk management market. It provides an        • JRF provides a rigorous forum for the publication
Online archive
                                                                           advice resource for corporate users of                 of theory and empirical work, from both academic
Abstracts      1999 - date
Full text      2005 - date                                                                                                        and industry experts in the areas of: financial
                                                                           insurance and financial products, whilst
                                                                                                                                  engineering, corporate risk management,
                                                                           supporting those institutions which supply
Editor                                                                                                                            traditional insurance/reinsurance and alternative
Professor Michael R. Powers                                                                                                       risk factor.
Temple University, USA                                                     Coverage includes:
                                                                           Risk securitization; derivatives and structured
                                                                           financial products; commercial insurance and


     Business, Management and Economics

     Accounting and Finance Journals

                                                  ISSN 0268-6902
                                        Volume 25 Number 1 2010

                              Celebrating 25 years 1986-2010
                                                                   ISSN: 0268-6902
                                                                                         Managerial Auditing Journal
                                                                                         The Managerial Auditing Journal (MAJ) aims to           Benefits and features
     Managerial Auditing
                                                                   Volume:          26
                                                                   Print Issues:     9   provide a dynamic international forum for the           • The journal presents a wide range of material
                                                                   Internet Issues: 9    examination of current practice in auditing (both         with an emphasis on practical examples from
                                                                                         internal and independent).                                expert practitioners, making it relevant to a broad

                                                                                         Coverage includes:
     Online archive                                                                                                                              • The journal provides a forum for those with a
                                                                                         Audit and assurance (financial and non-financial);
     Abstracts      1986 - date                                                                                                                    broad managerial as well as professional interest
                                                                                         financial and managerial reporting; governance,
     Full text      1994 - date                                                                                                                    in audit to explore current practices, ideas and
                                                                                         controls, risks and ethics; and organizational issues
     Editors                                                                             including firm cultures, performance and
     Professor Philomena Leung                                                           development.
     Macquarie University, Australia
     Professor Barry Cooper and
     Dr Steven Dellaportas
     Deakin University, Australia


                                                  ISSN 0307-4358
                                        Volume 34 Number 1 2008
                                                                   ISSN: 0307-4358
                                                                                         Managerial Finance
     Managerial Finance

                                                                   Volume:          37   Managerial Finance (MF) is an international             Benefits and features
                                                                   Print Issues:    12   general finance journal which publishes original,       • MF aims to answer the questions that are central
                                                                   Internet Issues: 12   creative and rigorous research in all areas of            to the operations of today’s industries and their
                                                                                         finance including corporate finance, financial            financial management.
                                                                                         institutions & markets, investments, real estate,

                                                                                                                                                 • With annual downloads of over 150,000, the
     Online archive                                                                      insurance, personal finance, global finance,              journal has a very large number of submissions,
     Abstracts      1975 - date                                                          financial education, financial services, corporate        and publishes a number of special issues every
     Full text      1998 - date                                                          governance and behavioural finance.                       volume.
     Editor                                                                              Coverage includes:
     Professor Don T. Johnson                                                            International financial markets; e-finance; financial
     Western Illinois University, USA                                                    management; executive compensation; economics;
                                                                                         and banking and corporate governance.


                                                  ISSN 0114-0582
                                        Volume 20 Number 1 2008
                                                                   ISSN: 0114-0582
                                                                                         Pacific Accounting Review
                                                                                         Pacific Accounting Review (PAR) is an                   Coverage includes:
     Pacific Accounting
                                                                   Volume:          23
                                                                   Print Issues:     3   international, refereed journal for accounting,         All areas of accounting, finance and related fields;
                                                                   Internet Issues: 3    auditing and finance academics, practitioners           research outside the Pacific area.
                                                                                         and students. First issued in 1988, the journal

                                                                                         was published twice yearly, with three issues           Benefits and features
                                                                                         per year from 2008 onwards. The journal aims to         • Publishing in the most respected and established
     Online archive
     Abstracts      1997 - date                                                          publish articles of high quality on a variety of          accounting journal in New Zealand.
     Full text      2004 - date                                                          accounting, auditing, finance and related issues
                                                                                         and topics from a variety of perspectives.
     Professor Markus J. Milne,
     Professor Amanda Ball and
     Professor Glenn Boyle
     University of Canterbury,
     New Zealand


                                                                                                         Business, Management and Economics

                                                                                                                                     Accounting and Finance Journals

                                                   ISSN: 1176-6093
                                                                          Qualitative Research in Accounting
                                                                          & Management
                                  ISSN 1176-6093
                         Volume 5 Number 1 2008

Qualitative Research
in Accounting &
Management                                         Volume:            8
                                                   Print Issues:      4
                                                   Internet Issues:   4   Qualitative Research in Accounting                      Benefits and features
                                                                          & Management (QRAM) aims to promote an                  • By providing a forum for publishing high quality
                                                                          international and interdisciplinary

                                                                                                                                    qualitative research on accounting, management
Online archive
                                                                          understanding of accounting, management and               and organizations, QRAM offers a critical,
Abstracts      2004 - date                                                organizations; recognizing the increasing                 interdisciplinary and international assessment of
Full text      2004 - date                                                contribution made by qualitative research in              theory and practice in these areas.
                                                                          these and related fields and providing a forum          • QRAM embraces a wide range of topics related
Editor                                                                    for publishing such work.                                 to accounting and management, and publishes
Professor Deryl Northcott                                                                                                           qualitative research from a range of positions.
Auckland University of Technology,                                        Coverage includes:
New Zealand                                                               Management accounting and control; financial
                                                                          management and accountability; financial reporting;
                                                                          corporate governance; public sector management;
                                                                          and employment relations.


                                  ISSN 1755-4179
                         Volume 1 Number 1 2009
                                                   ISSN: 1755-4179
                                                                          Qualitative Research in Financial Markets
                                                                          Qualitative Research in Financial Markets               Benefits and features
Qualitative Research in
Financial Markets
                                                   Volume:            3
                                                   Print Issues:      3   (QRFM) provides an international, peer-reviewed         • QRFM is the first journal to be devoted
                                                   Internet Issues:   3   forum to explore the burgeoning research                  exclusively to publication of studies in the rapidly-
                                                                          activity in finance that uses qualitative methods.        growing area of qualitative research in financial

                                                                          Coverage includes:
Online archive                                                                                                                    • The journal publishes methodological analyses of
                                                                          Inconsistency in managerial and investor
Abstracts      2009 - date                                                                                                          the issues arising from the use of qualitative
                                                                          perceptions of market pricing mechanisms;
Full text      2009 - date                                                                                                          methods in financial markets research.
                                                                          managerial and investor views regarding stock
Editor                                                                    market overreaction; and the effect of the sub-prime    • It explicitly explores links and relevance to
                                                                          lending crisis on financial market structure and          practice.
Dr Bruce Burton
University of Dundee, UK                                                  regulation.


                                  ISSN 1475-7702
                         Volume 7 Number 1 2008
                                                   ISSN: 1475-7702
                                                                          Review of Accounting and Finance
Review of Accounting
and Finance
                                                   Volume:          10    The Review of Accounting and Finance (RAF)              Benefits and features
                                                   Print Issues:     4    exists to publish high quality research papers in       • A distinctive feature of the journal is that it
                                                   Internet Issues: 4     both accounting and finance. The journal                  recognizes and supports the multi-paradigmatic
                                                                          encourages work that offers a global                      nature of both accounting and finance.
                                                                          perspective, especially given the international

                                                                                                                                  • Academics and those working on research
Online archive                                                            composition of the Editorial Advisory Board.              projects in higher-education facilities will find the
Abstracts      2002 - date                                                                                                          material in this journal both invaluable and
Full text      2006 - date
                                                                          Coverage includes:
                                                                          Innovative empirical, behavioural, theoretical and
Editors                                                                   historical articles on accounting and finance issues;
Professor Howard Turetsky and                                             the role of accounting internal and external
Professor Janis Zaima                                                     communications on capital market valuation;
San Jose State University, USA                                            microstructure; asset pricing; and corporate
Professor C. Janie Chang                                                  financial decision making.
San Diego State University, USA


     Business, Management and Economics

     Accounting and Finance Journals

                                        ISSN 1086-7376
                              Volume 25 Number 1 2008
                                                          ISSN: 1086-7376
                                                                                 Studies in Economics and Finance
                                                                                 Studies in Economics and Finance (SEF)              investments; risk management; theory of the firm;
     Studies in Economics
     and Finance
                                                          Volume:          28
                                                          Print Issues:     4    provides a valuable forum for publication of        competition policy; and corporate governance.
                                                          Internet Issues: 4     original theoretical and empirical research on
                                                                                                                                     Benefits and features
                                                                                 international developments in economics and

                                                                                 finance for academics and practitioners. SEF        • SEF is committed to the dissemination of
                                                                                 aims to maintain a sound balance between              research findings to an international audience
     Online archive                                                                                                                    and contributors are encouraged to spell out the
     Abstracts      1977 - date                                                  economic theory and application at both the
                                                                                                                                       practical implications of their work for economists
     Full text      2006 - date                                                  micro and the macro levels as it keeps its
                                                                                                                                       in government and industry.
                                                                                 readership abreast of current issues.
     Professor Mahendra Raj                                                      Coverage includes:
     University of Sharjah, UAE                                                  Corporate finance; financial markets; money and
                                                                                 banking; international finance and economics;


                                                          ISSN: 2040-8021
                                                                                 Sustainability Accounting, Management
                                                                                 and Policy Journal
                                        ISSN 2040-8021
                               Volume 1 Number 1 2010

     Sustainability Accounting,
     Management and
     Policy Journal                                       Volume:            2
                                                          Print Issues:      2
                                                          Internet Issues:   2   The aim of the Sustainability Accounting,           policy; social and environmental audit; and
                                                                                 Management and Policy Journal (SAMPJ) is to         stakeholder engagement.

                                                                                 find practical and policy solutions to improve
                                                                                                                                     Benefits and features
     Online archive                                                              the social and environmental sustainability
                                                                                 performance of organizations and societies.         • SAMPJ is the only journal bringing together a
     Abstracts      2010 - date
     Full text      2010 - date                                                                                                        range of disciplinary approaches to improving
                                                                                 Coverage includes:                                    social and environmental sustainability and the
     Editor                                                                      Carbon accounting and trading; corporate              social and environmental consequences of
     Professor Carol Adams                                                       governance and corporate social responsibility;       climate change and other issues.
     La Trobe University, Australia                                              environmental management accounting;                • It is the only journal focusing on practical and
                                                                                 environmental ethics; environmental management;       policy implications of quality academic research
                                                                                 sustainability strategy; environmental and social     in this field.

                                                                                                                                                                                       10 unc
                                                                                                                                                                                     20 t La


                                                         “The Emerald group of accounting and finance journals offers
                                                         researchers, policymakers and practitioners a suite of knowledge
                                                         resources that encompass the full range of contemporary issues of
                                                         global and local concern. Both enduring and cutting edge subjects are
                                                         addressed through innovative research and reflection that exhibit the
                                                         Emerald commitment to accessibility and application.
                                                         Professor Lee D. Parker, Professor of Accounting, School of Commerce – EQUIS
                                                         Accredited, University of South Australia, Australia

                                                                       Business, Management and Economics

                                                                                                       Accounting and Finance Books

                ISSN: 1475-1488
                                         Advances in Accounting Behavioural
                                         Advances in Accounting Behavioural Research            Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research is
                                         publishes quality articles, promoting research         essential reading for faculty, doctoral students, and
                                         that investigates behavioral accounting issues.        other researchers who are involved in behavioral
                                         The studies included in the series are                 research in accounting. The series:
Series Editor
                                         interesting, insightful and useful in facilitating     • Acts as a forum for development, discussion, and
Vicky Arnold                             future behavioral research.                              expansion of basic theories from psychology,
University of Central Florida, USA and
                                                                                                  sociology, and related disciplines.
The University of Melbourne, Australia   Coverage includes:
                                                                                                • Provides a unique opportunity for the exchange
                                         All areas of accounting that incorporate theory from     of peer-reviewed knowledge across all areas of
                                         and contribute knowledge and understanding to the        accounting behavioral research.
                                         fields of applied psychology, sociology,
                                         management science, and economics.

                ISSN: 1085-4622
                                         Advances in Accounting Education:
                                         Teaching and Curriculum Innovations
                                         Advances in Accounting Education is a                  institutional context of a course or program, as well
                                         refereed, academic research annual whose               as any relevant trade-offs or policy issues.
                                         purpose is to help meet the needs of faculty           Empirical reports should exhibit sound research
                                         members interested in ways to improve their            design and execution, and must develop a thorough
Series Editors                                                                                  motivation and literature review, possibly including
                                         classroom instruction.
Anthony M. Catanach Jr                                                                          references from outside the accounting field.
Villanova University School of           Coverage includes:                                     The series provides a forum for sharing
Business, USA
                                         Advances in Accounting Education publishes both        generalizable teaching approaches ranging from
Dorothy Feldmann                         non-empirical and empirical articles dealing with      curricula development to content delivery
Bentley University, USA                  accounting pedagogy. All articles must explain how     techniques. Pedagogical research that contributes
                                         teaching methods or curricula/programs can be          to more effective teaching in colleges and
                                         improved. Non-empirical papers should be               universities is also highlighted.
                                         academically rigorous, and specifically discuss the

                ISSN: 1474-7871
                                         Advances in Management Accounting
                                         Advances in Management Accounting publishes            systems, accounting for product costs, behavioral
                                         well-developed articles on a variety of current        impacts on management accounting, and
                                         topics in management accounting that are               innovations in management accounting.
                                         relevant to researchers in both practice and           Management accounting includes all systems
                                         academe. One of the premier management                 designed to provide information for management
                                         accounting series.                                     decision making. Research methods will include
Series Editors                                                                                  survey research, field tests, corporate case studies,
Professor John Y. Lee                    Coverage includes:                                     and modeling. Some speculative articles and survey
Pace University, USA                     The series examines areas of management                pieces will be included where appropriate.
Professor Marc J. Epstein                accounting, including performance evaluation
Harvard University and Rice
University, USA

     Business, Management and Economics

     Accounting and Finance Books

                     ISSN: 1041-7060
                                             Advances in Public Interest Accounting
                                             Advances in Public Interest Accounting aims to       Coverage includes:
                                             provide a forum for researchers, critically          Influences of gender and feminist theory, class and
                                             appraising and significantly transforming            race, on accounting practice, education, and
                                             conventional accounting theory, practice,            research; accounting as a communicative practice;
                                             teaching and research, and to increase the           effects of accounting on environmental issues;
                                             social self-awareness of accounting                  accounting’s participation in multinational
     Series Editor
                                             practitioners, educators, and researchers.           expansion, consolidations, and changing
     Professor Cheryl Lehman                 Advances in Public Interest Accounting also          economies; and the impact of new advances in
     Hofstra University, USA
                                             expands accounting’s focus beyond the                information technologies.
                                             behavior of individual corporate entities.

                     ISSN: 1058-7497
                                             Advances in Taxation
                                             Advances in Taxation publishes chapters              limited to, tax compliance, tax planning, and tax
                                             dealing with all aspects of taxation. Chapters       policy issues. The series encourages
                                             can address tax policy issues at the federal,        interdisciplinary research involving accounting,
                                             state, local, or international level.                economics, finance, psychology, or other areas.
                                             The series primarily publishes empirical studies     In addition, we are open to a wide variety of
                                                                                                  research methods, including analytical, archival,
     Series Editor                           that address compliance, education, legal,
                                             planning, or policy issues. The series also          experimental, survey, descriptive, and legal,
     Professor Toby Stock                                                                         approaches appropriate to the project.
     Robert H. Freeman Professor of          encourages interdisciplinary research involving
     Accounting, Ohio University School of   economics, finance, and other areas.                 Historically, the key audience consists of academic
     Accounting, USA                                                                              researchers interested in tax issues and problems.
                                             Coverage includes:                                   It is relevant to any researchers from fields such as
                                             Advances in Taxation considers academic articles     accounting, finance, economics and public policy,
                                             on any aspect of federal, state, local, or           psychology, and sociology, and law.
                                             international taxation. These include, but are not

                     ISSN: 0885-3339
                                             Advances in the Economic Analysis of
                                             Participatory & Labor-Managed Firms
                                             Advances in the Economic Analysis of                 Coverage includes:
                                             Participatory & Labor-Managed Firms is an            Typical areas of research include employee-
                                             edited annual volume of original international       ownership, co-operatives, labor-management
                                             research on the issue of participatory and labor-    decision making, co-determination, profit-sharing,
     Series Editor
                                             managed organizations. Past volumes are              and economic democracy.
     Professor Takao Kato                    representative of the best theoretical and
     Colgate University, USA
                                             empirical research being carried out on the
                                             economic analysis of participatory and labor-
                                             managed firms.

                                                                      Business, Management and Economics

                                                                                                      Accounting and Finance Books

                ISSN: 1569-3759
                                       Contemporary Studies in Economic and
                                       Financial Analysis
                                       The essays in this series offer fresh theoretical       relation to Central and Eastern Europe; and
                                       and methodological insights into the key issues         resistance, adaptation (and at times the mutual
                                       in the field of economic and financial analysis.        adaptation between the European and global
                                                                                               environments), and the production of alternatives to
Series Editors                         Coverage includes:                                      global norms and practices.
Professor Robert Thornton and          Privatization in transition economies; post-socialist
Professor J. Richard Aronson           economies in Eastern Europe; globalization in
Rauch Business Center, Lehigh
University, USA

                ISSN: 1569-3767
                                       International Finance Review
                                       International Finance Review is an annual book          Coverage includes:
                                       series in the international finance area (broadly       Asian financial crisis: financial, structural and
                                       defined). Each volume generally will have a             international dimensions; European monetary union
                                       particular theme. The series offers theoretical,        and capital markets; global risk management:
                                       empirical, institutional or policy-oriented articles    financial, operational, and insurance strategies;
                                       on multinational financial management and               Japanese finance: corporate finance and capital
Series Editor
                                       strategies, global corporate governance and risk        markets in changing Japan; Latin American financial
Professor J. Jay Choi                  management, global capital markets and                  markets: developments in financial innovations;
Temple University, USA
                                       investments, emerging market finance,                   emerging European financial markets:
                                       international financial economics or related            independence and integration post-enlargement;
                                       issues.                                                 value creation in multinational enterprise; Asia-
                                                                                               Pacific financial markets: integration, innovation and
                                                                                               challenges; and institutional approach to global
                                                                                               corporate governance.

                ISSN: 1479-3563
                                       Research in Accounting in Emerging
                                       This series arose out of the belief that the            awareness of real issues, so that accounting in
                                       international accounting literature should              these countries will not be seen as simply a
                                       devote more attention to the study of the               matter of copying what is done in the
                                       accounting problems and issues of emerging              industrialized countries.
Series Editors
                                       economies (developing and newly industrialized
Dr Mathew Tsamenyi                     countries).
                                                                                               Coverage includes:
The Birmingham Business School,                                                                Research in Accounting in Emerging Economies
University of Birmingham, UK           The volumes presented aim to: raise the level of
                                                                                               provides an authoritative overview of the research
Dr Shahzad Uddin                       interest in the specific problems of accounting
                                                                                               and progress in this field.
Essex Business School, University of   in emerging economies; and increase
Essex, UK

     Business, Management and Economics

     Accounting and Finance Books

                     ISSN: 0196-3821
                                          Research in Finance
                                          Research in Finance has made significant               longer than a normal journal article, but not the
                                          contributions to the literature by publishing          size of a monograph.
                                          many articles on important topics in the fields of     The audience includes financial economists and
                                          finance and economics. It is widely considered         accountants in academia, plus executives with
                                          to be a high calibre collection of titles for the      financial duties. Students are also considered
                                          benefit of academics and practitioners.
     Series Editor                                                                               as potential readers.
     Professor John W. Kensinger          The series seeks to provide a collection each
                                          year that reflects the primary issues in financial
                                                                                                 Coverage includes:
     College of Business, University of
     North Texas, USA                     markets for that year. Special volumes may also        Contributions include finance theory and financial
                                          be created to provide insight into important           practice, plus accounting issues such as reporting
                                          areas of current financial research. Published         derivatives positions, reflecting intangible holdings,
                                          as a hard-cover collection of readings, it offers      or predicting financial distress.
                                          a worthwhile outlet for contributions that are

                     ISSN: 0884-0741
                                          Research in Governmental and Nonprofit
                                          Governmental and nonprofit accounting                  the only academic series dedicated exclusively
                                          represents an undeveloped research area which          to governmental and nonprofit accounting and
                                          would benefit from rigorous examination. The           reporting issues.
                                          government and not-for-profit sectors are also
     Series Editor                                                                               Coverage includes:
                                          becoming increasingly attractive research areas.
     Professor Paul Copley                                                                       Traditional areas of bond pricing, public sector audit
     J. M. Tull School of Accounting,     With this in mind, the purpose of Research in
                                                                                                 quality and the use of accounting information in
     The University of Georgia, USA       Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting is to
                                                                                                 evaluating private not-for-profit organizations;
                                          stimulate and report high-quality research on a        analysis of US and UK government reporting and
                                          wide range of governmental and nonprofit               studies examining performance measurement and
                                          accounting and reporting issues. Research in           reporting by public school systems; and varying
                                          Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting is also          theories of reporting by non-profit organizations.

                     ISSN: 1574-0765
                                          Research in Professional Responsibility
                                          and Ethics in Accounting
                                          Research in Professional Responsibility and            Its threefold mission is to:
                                          Ethics in Accounting is devoted exclusively to         (1) Advance innovative and applied ethics research
                                          the advancement of ethics research and                     in all accounting-related disciplines on a global
                                          education in the profession and practice of                basis;
     Series Editor
                                          accounting.                                            (2) Improve ethics education in and throughout the
     Cynthia Jeffrey
                                                                                                     professional accounting and management
     Iowa State University, USA           Coverage includes:
                                                                                                     curricula at the undergraduate and graduate
                                          This series features articles on a broad range of          levels; and
                                          important and timely topics, including
                                                                                                 (3) Provide a source of information for the
                                          professionalism, social responsibility, individual
                                                                                                     professional accounting and auditing community
                                          morality, accountability, good business practices in
                                                                                                     for integrating ethics and good business
                                          public accounting and the litigation crisis. Papers
                                                                                                     practices in public firms, business corporations,
                                          will be empirical or theoretical in nature, and will
                                                                                                     and governmental organizations.
                                          draw on paradigms in related disciplines such as
                                          philosophy, psychology, theology, economics and

                                                                 Business, Management and Economics

                                                                                              Accounting and Finance Books

               ISSN: 1479-3512
                                    Studies in Managerial and Financial
                                    Studies in Managerial and Financial Accounting      students, but also often are of substantial
                                    includes research manuscripts in all areas of       interest to accountants and managers.
                                                                                        Coverage includes:
Series Editor                       These may be collections of original
                                                                                        Improving organizations and society; non-financial
Professor Marc J. Epstein           manuscripts from many authors written
                                                                                        performance measurement and management
Jones Graduate School of            expressly for a volume or fully developed books
                                                                                        practices in manufacturing firms; and performance
Management, Rice University, USA    written by one author. They are all aimed at a      measurement and management control.
                                    primary audience of teachers, researchers, and

               ISSN: 1479-3504
                                    Studies in the Development of
                                    Accounting Thought
                                    Studies in the Development of Accounting            origins of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of
                                    Thought works to inform readers of the              Scotland; the life and work of accountant Stuart
                                    historical foundations on which the profession      Chase (1888-1985), and his concerns about waste,
                                    is based, the historical antecedents of today’s     conservation, social action, justice, ethics and
Series Editors                                                                          fairness; and the evolving nature of accounting
                                    accounting institutions, the historical impact of
Gary J. Previts and Robert          accounting, as well as exploring the lives and      regulation, looking at the overwhelming number of
Bricker                                                                                 systems and checks that practising accountants
                                    works of pre-eminent individuals in the
Weatherhead School of Management,                                                       face in the wake of modern management fraud.
Case Western Reserve University,    profession’s history.
                                    Coverage includes:
                                    Recent volumes have addressed: the founders of
                                    accounting in the mid-nineteenth century and the

             “Emerald books are timely and valuable sources of scholarly
             research and information for researchers.
             Tom Simon, Student, Walden University, USA


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