Yang Yuanyuan burst the bubble of life

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					Yang Yuanyuan burst the bubble of life
Yang Yuanyuan burst the bubble of life
A female graduate student angrily suicide, detonated an unprecedented
moral condemnation: The School of Shanghai Maritime University,
indifference, selfish suicide Yang Yuanyuan. This all denounced the
wave of public opinion, to meet the moral requirements of all
bystanders, but obscured the truth.
In my opinion, Yang Yuanyuan of China's education industry
victim. Thought that life would be a great return on investment,
become a Suoming iron rope. To collect the money for the features of
higher education certification, continuing the rapid release of a
large degree holders, and make it a standard of social superfluous
man, wandering in the absence of the root can bundle the city streets.
Sought-after academic certificates, like a piece of paper in front of
life. Yang Yuanyuan, who has some literary characteristics of the
three-year-old young women graduate students, that education can raise
himself to the dream of a high, but vulnerable in the face of harsh
Capital dominated by the elite of Chinese society, the lower strata of
upward mobility has stalled. Yang Yuanyuan feel this point, utter
despair, chose hanging. Even manage to survive with no way out too
soon, her life is a symbol of the fate of poor youth.
Loneliness, hardships, they were destined only have a one-dimensional
life. 3-year-old Yang Yuanyuan, only had a brief romance campus,
neither joyous love and sexuality, nor do the feelings of women and
leisure, let alone a wife and mother of life savor. She has few
friends, alone, support the camel on the shoulder of the home:
unemployed mother and brother of Ph.D. study.
?Almost completely abandoned their community. Her childhood death of
his father and brother, watching the door by his mother meager
compensation grew up study. Miyoshi eligible students and research
have been deprived of protection, relocation of military factories to
make them lose only one shelter - annual mud off the darkroom. Three
people, almost deprived of accommodation, and no help from the
government. This life seems to be no end, "Every day is a new
Crucifixion" (Philippine wild verses).
Life of poverty alone before loading the line. She is only a humble
life. Withdrawn, paranoid, are all the years to lay the mark, rather
than her innate disease.
She has been wandering in the Crossroads of Life.
Pierce the illusion of life, the need to end his own life.
Not his own life, still can not filial.
In his last few days, they staged a drama of filial piety and the
Merciful: school dormitory administrators were driven out, they found
a rough room, "two fully clothed lying on the ground, hold
together for warmth . "(" Southern Weekend
"on December 17 of the report) This is a bitter scene, live
to write human well-being. They are not related with others, live in
the power of that point only the family warmth. Match this little girl
as warm lit match, suddenly becomes cold and room will revert to the
dark. They are the reality version of Hans Christian Andersen.
Writers sheng had "good luck Design" article, the
possibility of life. Everything at the right time the best results in
life, is boring and uninteresting. Constraints are living the life of
the good is always strong and decisive and positive desire, and it is
beyond the ordinary imagination. Therefore, educators Mr. Xu Xiaoping
Yang Yuanyuan, a graduate student on the irrationality of the
analysis, I am afraid that the truth can only be useless.
She was a heavy gray life all twisted relationship between kinship and
In fact, she gave up as a possible path of goods, not to please the
opposite sex, boss and social colored gatekeeper to stiff posture walk
the walk alone. Then, society must take her as a neutral person or
persons who deal with the asexual. Useless to others who will have the
opportunity and good fortune?
Knowledge can not change destiny. Relationship destiny, and even that
relationship is fate. Change the fate of a power, wealth and sex, and
she totally did not have any one of them, they can only be determined
She plunged into the swamp of moral poverty, the plight of filial
piety can not destroy her. She hopes the school's kindness,
and related characters in the lack of flexibility and sophistication
to deal Shiyou, the school's business-like and I am surrounded
by Shanghai snob, destroyed her poor self-esteem. She thinks one with
this country is the same tree leaves, but they forget, he was just
another bargaining chip in it to make money, and she and they have no
spiritual commonality, they never imagined her social conscience
representative. She is a person in life. Happy life and hard life
seems to be born, all the relations of force by the decision.
Has once and for all life, but also the way rushing life, the gap
between the two apart. If no other path is concerned, Yang Yuanyuan,
who is miserable tragic fate. Nothing to do with the background, nor
the support of family financial resources, so that the academic
pursuit in exchange for the burden, reduce hours rather than extra
points, right up to the first knowledge of dyeing, is the wrong
choice. Are social relationships, the things you do not exchangeable,
bound to zero.
China entered the era without morals, whose social situation presents
a particular style.
Complex, dynamic, vibrant seem, this is one side, but also for
economic animals, business people delight in talking about China,
people living in this level, with endless opportunities, happiness,
wealth. They enjoy the community can provide all the freedom and
luxury, power and rights in this uniform, just not bear the social
responsibility. The lack of compassion privileged upper class, the
winner is not moral.
The other hand, is full of hardship, suffering and injustice in the
world, this is villa, high car, beautiful women, luxury cover China.
Is often no intention of deliberately ignored in China. Chinese people
living in the meantime, its marginal benefit to approaching the limit.
Life of misery and suffering, always fall on them, and the rights and
powers are only unattainable luxury.
Brought about by the wealth and power of social stratification, did
not lead to their moral stratification. Different levels of people
believe the same code of conduct, no moral is their common
characteristics. But, the bottom is more humble, more naked, more
erosion, more affected upper. People of different identities, to no
moral community into two bad extremes.
In this atmosphere, the amount of power and wealth has become a
successful open standards, created by the success criteria of the
caste system become visible gap between the crowd, arrogant, arrogant
extravagance, self timid playing evil poor, naked contempt for the
insult to exist in a variety of services hostile place. Between
people, in addition to interest and affection, are difficult to obtain
"type" of good feelings. Public space cold, dirty
chaos, everyone has an island of bad feelings.
Everything becomes deal, all can trade, so that society does not only
deal only stagnation.
Upper and lower division, the whole community fall into the terrible
abyss of non-moral.
Suicide seems very cruel, but their soul Yang Yuanyuan, the only way
to escape. He (she) who can deal at the loss of eligibility, it seems
no choice: either generally humiliating to live like dogs, or so it
goes away from the bitter sea boundless life.
- What can I say? !
Like he (she) who had passed away, rest in peace!

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