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					Worthy of competition can be a
Jun Fang Zhao Zhongxiang criticism: the judges have literacy terms
Information far earlier, SMG next week from the holders to participate
in Ho Yuet living person in charge of the Western Star "Dance
Forest of Council" s II single-game period, the first step
was wrong Next month, suffered a severe criticism of the judges Fong,
and even blame The injury to accompany dance, race to discord between
the first and II have been cut for the serious disputes. As he and two
into the sea One with the most support, as the rates come down to
earth kind of official mediation program, "the mother of the
old small" studio, trying to upset of this system, when the
strange race taking sides in Jun conflict to generate power meter One
Biao also in the past to help "risk prone brothers"
Haotian. At the same time, and the "office" for the
judges to Zhao Zhongxiang also Zouxia Tai for future generations to
succeed, and to help chamber Haotian wording.
Implicit in the program field, Fang Jun war Haotian, Zhao Zhongxiang
San Ren will direct verbal assault, damage to dance to accompany such
inconsistent results on the plan, was divided on, grab something to
being split again and again to view each other, so famous in Shanghai
" old the mother of "capital light Jue Huang Fei
media people continue to suffer only been in them. Original early
mediation program will be on October 31 night about 18:30 in the SMG
entertainment broadcast frequency.
Haotian Huishou: Fang Jun too "poor and very good&quot
"The mother of Old Little" is a famous sea One stall
mediation programs, daily invite One of the spear, a shield is indeed
stepping studio parties, civil conditioning hidden field staff for the
Department of things people worry row is easy to see through the
program to inform few faces disputes clever art of war to deal with
discord. When the program is a branch in Shanghai, most come down to
earth as the rate of One program, in a very old and common people have
a name, similarity Jiangsu Satellite TV to "dead"
The men who, from holding people to think that ho is "Dance
Forest of will" I will not stay for foreign Jun favor, and
even own the ground of non-damage assessment is easy to bear:
"crash and the race, do not come with such a hell that
Request wo are those who are in charge of Bo industry to have.
"She blamed the circle Qiao:" Judges as Bo industry
no right to speak, can you win Whereas there is no fair, we must
respect the election feet. "
Let Haotian thought wrongly to be paid in hard from a no loss to
Queding, righteously, been bullied - Yuan Qiao Jie Gang was speaking
outside the blame, "war is the one you into a single game was
Wu!" Almost back to again and again to the expression of
Gallant I start from the preliminaries will be very hard exercise, but
also lose the power to Ken Fong set, she recalled: "At her
last evaluation for non-I 'comes at the latest, go to the
latest' feet to the election."
However, due to less ground in the first few weeks, for the GAO Xiang
Yu,, but that Fong Quedui Haotian turned upside down to change my
look. She "Dance Forest Congress" than doing the
teaching hours to test, "test blew it, and some older
students, will follow you through good at luring the induction, and
some will be poor but very good to look at Kat you, kill your learning
to love. "She would not help to make mediator
surprised:" You are to 65ea1 Page II is split
ee92ca4b8734bd816e82265 Fong who is poor and good polar teacher?
Fang Jun defense: he is accused unbeaten as love Iron Steel
I am in charge Haotian to midnight, Jun Fang could not help as I have
repeatedly defended, but also to refute her words. Haotian express my
race to be prejudicial to the peak and the accompanying dance that
case, Fong was repeated several times to protect my door to confront
Master II also argue he is not on wages, but also them registering:
"There is the beginning of the video as evidence. "
After the race on earth for Hao language test, Fong still had to try
to confront my mind: "Even to keep the inherent premise that
you, if you land hard on the exercise minus, must be able to break
into the semi-finals." Yes Look to the stage under the Ho
recognition really innocent, she is taken place by now the meaning of
regret. Hao Zhe Fan blame world war also read to her from the state to
the older students, in English: "She wants to know even if I
land, the Hilton is because everyone knows her empty head, face wo to
the judges comments. Always think that teachers do wo to Jury will be
very good, if a teacher has given even the most severe criticism of,
and wo love her when the beginning of that case, was still slowly
learned. "eyes in the side-Jun, as a small division needs
more practice on my way out of Mr. Kuan Li This will be a true mentor.

Zhao Zhongxiang "speak out": the judges to free
literacy terms
One and a half times to the program, and constantly see the earlier
section sets goals Zhao Xiang rape did not stay the end of the
forbearance, Zouxia Tai Ho to take charge for equity.
Zhao Zhongxiang One month from the perspective of people and land from
the held Laiqiao, she thought too little to pay the players in charge
of human sweat fire, she was admired: "Many people are out
there into power after the dance room, so they pushed to see the
public face in Qi front display not good at dancing, I also do very
easily. "Zhao Zhongxiang the few in the eyes of the judges
are indeed" excesses ":" One month old a
as a member of a small tunnel Road, if the One were enemies to take
her to great granddaughter to wo reading this outside, even to Drive
'What the hell you read crying?' "she Qiao
Lai, Fong is also a" grandpa-class "to the judges,
on the person in charge of natural is too broad to be good at their
While in the "Dance Forest" in section outline, the
carefully rape Zhao Xiang will not blame the lens round off Jun to
"poison tongue" What, then that file is the official
mediation programs, Zhao Xiang no longer fear rape, she Yanbiyouzhong
Fang Qiao blame: "I was a state occasion of your judges,
and" Dance Forest of Council "is also variety of
places program, to know that this is a key link in the cultural
section, rather than non-international competition in the state, you
lose fight to see Look to you that few judges to Bo industry
accomplishment. "
Civil mediator: "poison tongue" active, master
Do "Dance Forest Congress" these twilight years,
Fong also know I have the Internet, "notorious", but
also from the enemy lost heart to know I have the "poison
tongue" This One praise that case, she also expressed himself
and will not be written specifically to the Lord, etc. as I have
clearance, she thought could be only from the people of the contest
will be able to get only the. Known to mediator Huang Fei Jue thought
Fong to "poison tongue" in the face assessment of
necessary Frederick growth: "the judges that needs displaying
her to the professional probation," the other Jun also in
showing support: "Fong has a continuous 'poison
tongue' up, but good degree to master. "
Occurred on this unhappy with Haotian,,
Fong does not believe the demand to hide taboo, but she was frank:
"The bright stars currently have another gas do not reverse
to midnight, beautiful will our still to come, "the mother of
the old old" of results. "
Jobs when the judges, Zhao Zhongxiang embarrassed two years
Since Zhao Zhongxiang in the previous year in June by the Western
Union TV "Dance Forest Congress" has been prepar
on the Mongolian keep the families have also inspired many of the
Internet Next Wave Next Wave to comment on another climax. CCTV to
take charge of leading authority in Taiwan Arts King "mixed
demolition" Let topic from time to time, but still provide
the programs support, as the rate keeps climbing down. Since ancient
times, early one evening broadcast to third-game start, Zhao
Zhongxiang onto the stage defeated One member of the judges to make
her more light on the status of a sigh: "Each group has
differences in perception on the good, and wo can only pay much to do
justice. "One file to the variety show basic goal is
to" cultural ", players experience the hard way in
practice, the results are inevitably have to wait, Zhao Zhongxiang
that" elected him to the reputation of a sense of their feet,
they let the weak good negative, so look carefully only few have also
come. and now to see the public have requested, we crash through to
absolute quality so that they Qiaode happy. "
Juan eliminated regardless of which player, Zhao Zhongxiang Du
difficult to extraction, so often read in the solution will result,
the always want to offer their heartfelt One fan I appreciated the
words, which make it difficult to distinguish hidden field to see the
public hand-foot, hanging silenced waiting for results, but still
monitor the status of members to have to come down to Zhao Zhongxiang
her to "tame One knife."
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