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					                           Media And Precision Technology Company News Letter

Doc. No.: MPNL081007E                                                                         October 7, 2008

                              New CtP System and Halftone Dots
                              for Flexo and Letterpress Printing
        — Developing a comprehensive product line to meet all market needs —

     The Media and Precision Technology Company (President: Kyohei Fujisawa) of Dainippon Screen
Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan) has developed the PlateRite FX1524
Thermal CtP System and new Stabydot halftone dots for flexo and letterpress printing. These products will
be available as of October 2008 in all markets worldwide.

    The recent trend toward digitization of platemaking systems and the introduction of Computer-to-Plate
(CtP) systems in flexo and letterpress printing has contributed to innovation in the printing industry through
improved print quality and streamlined processing. CtP systems for letterpress printing gained popularity in
the Japanese domestic market with the release of our PlateRite FX870 System in the autumn of 2006.

     The new PlateRite FX1524 is a more advanced version of the conventional PlateRite FX870 system
designed for package (stickers/labels) printing. It accommodates a wide range of flexo printing applications,
including labels, flexible packages, cartons, and corrugated cardboard packages. Equipped with an innovative
high-output exposure head, it can handle a maximum plate size of 1,067 x 1,524 mm (42 x 60 inches). What’s
more, it incorporates a loading mechanism capable of securely mounting large-size flexo plates. Thanks to
its enhancement of basic specifications and the pursuit of cost performance, the PlateRite FX1524 ensures
high-quality printing and contributes to increased productivity: 4 m2 per hour* with the flexo plate and 6 m2
per hour* with the letterpress plate.

     Stabydot, new halftone dots especially for use with flexo and letterpress printing, features a minimum
halftone dot size of several dots, in contrast to the conventional halftone dot comprising a single dot. This
novel approach applies a reinforcing pattern to the base halftone dot shape. This makes relief patterns in the
highlight areas more consistent. It also provides a wealth of gradations, as the minimum halftone dot shape
can be selected from the three available types to suit the specifics of the highlight printing according to the
platemaking environment and printing environment (inks or media).

     Screen is adding the new PlateRite FX1524 and Stabydot systems to its flexo and letterpress printing
product lines in order to further expand its markets and meet growing demand in the global market. With the
goal of being a global leader in the flexo and letterpress printing industry and platemaking industry, Screen
intends to meet the increasingly diverse needs of its customers.

    * Productivity varies with the media being used.

    ] The PlateRite FX1524 and Stabydot products will be on exhibit at the GRAPH EXPO 2008 printing equipment
      trade show in Chicago, U.S.A. on October 26 to 29, 2008. On October 15 and 16, these products will be on
      exhibit at the FLEXO JAPAN 2008 Forum in the TFT Building, Ariake, Tokyo.

             PlateRite FX1524
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