Women in the car on the driver to persuade

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					Women in the car on the driver to persuade
Men cover their faces with newspapers, husband to wife, and she just
had a big slit windows Kai official police Zeshuo both, just do not
get off
¡ö Department of Xiang Tong Wangqiu forget those who really study
reprieve negative volume / report stresses Wu Ran / photo
News last night reported that 10 of the original right-left, taken in
Shaoqiu city bound lanes to establish street intersection, a back end
of chapter notes cross the line under the red Polo Road, two cars, the
driver of a real non-right-left 40-year-old female female, stand off
when the man was driving a female woman. Number of actual traffic
police are fighting the police officer sitting near the vehicle 110 to
persuade Road, but two women had been turned down and get off. Only
the good traffic police car with a trailer outside the car with a man
brought to sunny Alarm Team. With the first, when the men's
husband died after Liu arrived women, but how to persuade teachers to
let Liu, when the two women is not willing to take non-stop.
It is understood that real men just as the crisis has been
indiscriminate action against the law.
The real prize for at least 200
She make things complicated the
10:50 last night together, forgot to look to those who rushed to the
hidden field, a license plate number is fierce AS3228 red Polo car was
being Road, where no one in front of the trailer. Stand outside the
car off a real woman driver, was driving under the stand off of a real
child of 10 children aged less female.
Shao Qiu Xiang Yang City traffic police outside the team man squad
Alarm Feng Shuo draws your attention, 10 right-left, ÕâÁ¾ red Polo car
was put in the line up to sit cross under the bridge first, driving
back the Central and West bound lanes back, only the latter to
establish street heart, suddenly cross the line transferred Last, read
to the back stop driving. This chapter only for the back of the car,
inspect vehicles destroyed by Kai Feng Shuo found that, under the
inspection of vehicles, the Feng Shuo said that when the cars get off
get off, http://blog.39.net/upr6cs4f9a/a_4407605.html .
"I back the vehicle's female driver requite first,
asked her to drive into the said documents, if she did not complete
under the car under the back rather than continue to just
drive." Feng Shuo said she took a look in advance when the
vehicles, window, but the driver still does not after next.
"People only good after sitting in the rear when the car, but
even so, she is a non-stop by." Feng Shuo forward back again
and again, curved to the rear Fengdao white light, female, under the
car under the driver This .
"People struggle she said into the driver's license,
car license only, if she were a band, she replied without a no
identification, she did not bring Road, struggle into her Road ID
number, also Fengdao her rebuff." Feng Shuo, said that the
driver has no real children suffer punishment supreme car just outside
the car will be non-establishment is being put on the side of the
window gap War Alarm for words.
"The real general to say, just pay more, adjust the tail
section to pay 200 yuan award, without deduction of non-cooperation
of." Traffic police said the female driver now that things
get really complicated and a loss.
The 20 juvenile Alarm, from the kind of woman, every power
Feng Shuo Road, because when the man was a war without a
driver's license ID card to take care of driving, the law can
certainly open vehicle law, so will need to ask the bus driver, the
temporary detention of the car, and driver demand will receive the
documents in a timely manner Alarm Team . "But the real
driver constantly rejected children on the bus, and where indicated,
if and driving documents, Kai vehicles will need to come."
But that does not fit the rules of non-class request, and it failed to
allow her to take the train started. "Feng Shuo Road, so go
only to a single convenient stalemate." Alarm after the
battle at 4 approved two real 110 patrolmen, to persuade her to stop,
but she is not willing to get off of non-maintained. "Feng
Shuo said.
"People start to the hidden field, no matter how advised, in
which she did not willing to get on the train, if sustained, as up,
she alleged breach of chaotic crisis action law, impede the mother
works." Xiangyang Alarm Division Chi Division team order
less, and he was the out of 20 young Alarm are like children without
Fengdao power driver.
"I can not get off, you have to come to big zero, I will push
students are hungry"
11 right-left, is all the attention after midnight Ono, translation
company, continue to establish the status of the children are driving
his children Kai suddenly the door on the train speed step separately.
With the first, children come first and put the driver on the seats
are, and face with a newspaper to block zero. How to persuade Road to
avoid their own, children do to avoid what the driver did not reply.
Can not, traffic police will be when the train swing against, and the
car car with trailer driver with children outside the traffic police
team brought sunny. Trailer under a slow stop driving. To avoid
unexpected attack, Alarm constantly maintain is the middle car.
To the traffic police team first, the trailer will be put aside cars.
That time, anti-female driver in the car listening to broadcast. With
the first, Shaoqiu City mother critical situation for the Police
Inspectorate range from free traffic police unit arrived and the
driver stopped the car for the female persuasion. "I do not
read non-stop, documents are not with me, do not get off easy to say
no to it?" At this time a female driver eventually open their
mouths, and the windows opened a big gap. "People today
demand to bear you off the investigation, if you have any views on the
traffic police have not dynasties go, our needs and your record of the
exhibition company." Range from free for the female driver
"You kind of just been arrested for the violation of
sanctions law disorder risk, and please you to the people, good
you?" Fan-free tips from a female driver. "People
failed to get off, you have to come to small to zero, people will push
students are hungry." Female driver in the car said a firm
Husband wife again and again sorry that poor husband's body
Based on the vehicle license plate number, traffic police department
investigation into the annual inspection when the car did not stop.
11:30 Hop, female driver died after the husband left the Xiangyang Liu
women traffic police brigade, his attitude is very good, no less than
days Note: "her poor physical condition, have no work, and
now is the opposition women with children,
http://blog.rednet.cn/user1/1070981/archives/2010/965794.html. After
Kai trucks frequently were no results, translation company.
"Liu said the teacher.
12:00, after Liu died in the hidden field has to stop half old, but
still a woman without the husband advised on the train. "Hey,
people should be able to persuade non-up, she did not do a
woman." Liu teacher was walking beside the car came,
muttering Heaven.
Husband wife persuaded the four little old, after all, a collection of
Regardless of how the husband wife persuaded Road, it is not real men
get off. Hop song to 4:10 p.m., Liu teacher eventually bite the
bullet, being hidden field for their anger only to fight for its car
door opened immediately. The first child to suffer the driver to the
door Kai, the only vehicle passes into the show. In order not to
continue to ease the conflict, agreed with their husbands women
traffic police cars to the Kai brings the field, they will be
non-Alarm teams last Monday to withstand punishment.
Several men outside the car is large, the forgotten keep out those who
see the West in its battle to eat the next toilet. The husband wife
draws your attention, the driver surnamed Sun child, has no
trans-mission later, as the body inaugural round in the results,
outline only after the children are wild with women, female children
under the education settlement.
Loss of traffic police to know this situation first, suggesting that
women in their husbands out of their mood fluctuations without
completely after the car did not have to struggle under its Kai Road,
so the risk of attack.