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This is a true testimony to share with friends:
My childhood living in the southern Chinese rice mills in Myanmar by
the wood and zinc panels cover the roof of the long house, the mother
often sat at the gate, facing east, the broad river bottom within
Jirava shore, I was sitting in her lap to listen She told the Bible
story. Across the sun about to rise up early in the morning sun about
to rise in the level of red present, Zhaohui Mitsue, brilliant shine
Quartet, bright extraordinary, indicate that the great and Almighty
God. In the evening, cooked rice field behind the house, the wind
blowing, waves of gold like the wave, described the abundant grace of
trance. Mothers know this from the mouth of the great God, that He
created all things in the world, prepared all the good of mankind, so
is the creator felt since childhood, and humans are closely related
and inseparable.

Then our neighbors have Chinese, Indians and Burmese, all regardless
of race, to get along quite happily. My mother always keep the
sympathy of the poor, those poor workers to demand for them to sew,
her mother would try to find time to finish the domestic economy for
their durable sewing clothes, so I grew up on the experience of racial
harmony, not high and low points, I planted the seeds for God so loved
the concept of nations peoples.

After World War II, my family were bandits robbed his family moved to
the capital Yangon for security reasons. After the war the original
inhabitants of the parties to return gradually, began to re-open the
church in Yangon, with Sunday School and church schools revived.
Later, the foreign missionaries who have come back Pope UNESCO and
English classes to learn much from them, they have a good impression,
get a good effect, but also appreciate and respect the attitude of
their ministry, and sacrifice.

High school will participate in a sermon, he confessed to the crime,
clearly born again through repentance and sacrifice their lives to the
Lord to use. University of Delhi University after graduation to study
social work, there are a small number of students to preach the
gospel, then told that a priest class, female students to believe him.

Back to Yangon from India will be the Methodist Church in the home
service center, and the Department of social work in Parliament about
seven years, because social workers are not completely help people
solve the fundamental problem of human sin problem, can not really
lead people to salvation. In the first operation, the recovery period,
that the reading of theological necessity. Therefore, in 1965-67 years
of seminary training, but also work part time to help the church. Two
years later, was sent north to join the church sermons by a full-time
pastoral work of three years (1968-70).

Early in 1971, my mother and I moved to Taiwan with their families.
During this period, understanding husband Xue Yuguang pastor, after he
married. Fellowship campus ministry after marriage to join the ranks
of Taiwan, can be considered transnational, with the culture ministry
in the church. My husband works for training and counseling with the
staff, my University Fellowship for different counseling. We serve
three years back my husband on his own period of residence in
Malaysia, so I can apply to become Malaysian citizens, good access
with the country's passports to go abroad together serve to
facilitate later.

In Malaysia, three years (1974-76), involved in a Christian Bible
training center to teach work and shepherding a small church; and with
their Methodist Klang Church Pastor church members to establish good
relations. Both of us to the autumn of 1976 the British missionaries
in a training college education to understand the situation of
cross-cultural missions and equipment. 1977 Easter holiday, God my
husband open, so he went to Africa and his party were among the
month's visit to four countries, also see the main words of
the excellent local response. From Africa, the burden back to England
with a mind to continue to pray for Africa. University graduates back
to Malaysia, from waking up every morning were to remember the Church
in Africa, for the suffering of persecuted Christians pray and hope
the opportunity to serve two to go there with.

From the 70's, West Malaysia a number of church leaders very
concerned about the urgent need for national training missionaries,
every Saturday morning to pray together Lutheran Church Luther House.
We have gradually returned to Malaysia after my husband joined the
prayer. Among them more than my husband to take up the post of
president. My husband has no intention, but in prayer reminded me of a
thought on theological education in Indonesia, with the workers, wrote
to mention this to his work, the other party could accept the job,
everybody happy, thank God prepared. Opened in June 1978, Malaysia
Bible Seminary, both of us were invited to become full-time teachers
in the initial stage of four with two workers.

During the holidays in December the same year with two Ethiopian
mission trip to East Africa by, my husband to be the second time, I
was the first country to go by. Ethiopian people by their relatives
and friends when believers meet, the two-phase is about to kiss hold
three or four. At first glance it felt curious, but think of the New
Testament, Paul had exhorted his followers with an holy kiss each
other, so we went to them also learn to accept their custom.

Once the object of gathering a group had been imprisoned, whipped,
subjected to prosecution of young people. They have more than a dozen
priests in the West to accept a disciple of training, all have a good
faith and witness, is admirable. My husband gave them encouragement,
encouraged them to be strong and hold fast in the end, because we
trust that a true and living eternal God.

SIM difference in tens of miles from the capital of a beautiful lake
outside of the training will be held. At the time, participants were
better after imprisonment of church leaders and believers tortured,
who have suffered the injuries. They are individual quietly for
several hours on the way to go to the party. They said: "Mr
SIT we live in the Acts of the Apostles is the period of imprisonment
to force some can not afford to beat hard, denied selling the Church
of Christ, but God's mercy was awakened know our mistakes,
repent, plead guilty to come back the main sheep pen A more honest
believer. "

The beginning of the end of 1979 we go again by 80 countries, poor
countries will be informed by our entry into the Visa card application
must be in a foreign country, was heard by the country in Mumbai,
India has consulates in Mumbai a couple of days we can stop, take the
opportunity to apply according to the Consulate. When arrived in
Bombay, the finally asked to address, but found, consulates have
closed, according to the Consulate of economic relations only in the
capital New Delhi. From Bombay to New Delhi have a long journey, the
train back and forth at least two or three days. We are not expenses
of running a visa is not enough time, how do? Were not afraid to go
home the glory of God; directly to by States, fear not, as some
visitors visa will be refused, on the spot of sending back.
Consideration was struggling to pray for a long time and finally
decided that only risks to advance the ministry of God, God himself is
responsible, we will continue to pray along the way on the plane at
ease. When my husband thought to how the speech upon arrival, and I
was sitting on the other side of India to preach the gospel of women,
sent leaflets, she also willing to accept, willingness to think.

Praise the Lord, we are in the uneasy state of mind according to the
country to reach the airport, the airport outside a Ju Zhaoqiang
soldiers hold, the airport gate was locked, so we stood outside for a
while, some people take the keys opened the door, we kept the
cautiously approached the immigration officer the heart, my husband
told him we were from Malaysia needs a visa, he did not ask the court
pointed diagonally across the counter and told us to, pay five dollars
per person, that simple, in our hearts big stone fell immediately,
full of wonderful grace of God Praise. Out of the airport to greet the
missionaries kept informed about visa after we get all surprised to
God's mysterious leader, Praise the Lord!

Trip to the State noted that according to the strict control of
foreign people are not allowed to go inland, only to live in the
capital, but God's wonderful arrangement will bring leaders in
some parts of the capital to do more services, give us the opportunity
to have News of God in all parts of the signs and wonders, such as:
God with a burst of storm the government blocked the door of the
church vigorously open; believers live in rainy areas, while other
parts are dry; prison places as the introduction of the Lord, That
believers out of the prison authorities and so on, the occurrence of
these signs and wonders, so that the confidence of believers even more
solid. My husband also has the opportunity to appropriate church
leaders to convey the information, and a spiritual traffic.

That trip also have the opportunity to fly the newly independent
neighbor Eritrea by force Ventria to visit an orphanage founded by SIM
(now taken over by the local church to the school), and preaching in
local churches, had the opportunity to visit a pair of senior
missionaries transport large metal boxes with the Bible, converted
classrooms and small class library, there are 10 believers trained
neat. When they see the way forward after the war the Soviet Union
left behind parked vehicles more than the old broken tanks, as they
defeated the Soviet monuments. Teia by force by Ethiopia and was
originally a church, and the latter after independence, the church
still retains the original name for the life of Daoism, their adult
choir of young children are very lively, very concentric. When they
sing the poems, sing, singing over again, Yue Changyue vigorously, to
the height issue was a sudden cry of rejoicing in the joy (Joy Cry).
This is both common phenomenon, and it seems more likely to send this
woman scenario.

From my husband for the first time to Africa alone, then both of us to
go further with two trips, to see God as a wonderful arrangement and,
in the universal missionary work, we clearly see that God is the
master work, his own plan, in charge of the details of all sizes. My
husband first went to Africa, the local government of the country
began to close by the church, forcing believers. It would be a bad
president of the Bible College students with work and determined to
lead the one we urgently pray for believers to Asian countries to help
them according to how atheism had believers live under the system.
They pray to wait for several months.

Then we are a British missionary training college education (mentioned
above), the United States before and after Christmas 1976, a couple
moved to send 2000 U.S. dollars grant by the various aspects of our
costs, we have received Cikuan when that ask God how to use the money
when God touched my husband he could go to Africa, God has, through
Africa back to England to help introduce students in Africa, friends
arrange everything. So that is my husband to Africa, is the first
country in accordance with the country, when the President received a
letter that he made a special drive up from the south to visit my
husband's to due with the background, they think this is their
prayer to God for the proof. At that time a holiday, I stay in the UK
College dormitory earnestly pray, to understand that God is indeed the
master in charge of all land continents, he has prepared in all
continents and different people playing different roles to explore his
work in Africa need to send voice, God heard prayers in North America
selected a pair of devout couple, moved them to devote a sum of money,
sent to Europe is learning the hands of our couples, and then lead us
to Africa to complete the work of God. As the Bible says:
"all things work together for good to those who love