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					WinPE¡½ ¡¼rain Rinpu feature page
Win PE¡½ ¡¼rain Rinpu feature page
Professional installation of Win pe small computer maintenance system!

       ?Feature page Click here to download Win PE
?Do not understand the Win PE to see the following:
Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE) (Windows Preinstallation
Environment) based on the protected mode kernel running WindowsXP
Personal Edition is a place with only small (but very core) services,
Win32 subsystem. These services for the Windows installation for
network sharing, auto-handling process and the achievement of
low-level hardware verification.

WinPE allows you to create and format the hard disk partition, and
give you access to NTFS file system partition and the internal network
permissions. The pre-installation environment can be used to support
all of Windows2000 and WindowsXP-driven mass storage device, you can
easily add new device drivers.

WinPE can help you use the existing MS-DOS-based tool to convert
32-bit WindowsAPIs, so your standard development environment (such as
Microsoft VisualStudio) in more easily maintain these applications.
WinPE contains the hardware diagnostic tools, and other pre-installing
WindowsXP driver supports standard, you do not need any other special
duties. For application developers in terms of, you can focus on
procedures for diagnosis, debugging and development aspects.

winpe up with features: easy to use CD system WINPE change the system

How to change the Win2K and WinXP system administrator password in th
network and some magazines have also introduced several times,
although some way useful, but for me in terms of other side dishes, or
some complicated, the slightest negligence, there may be
"laughable "Ha ha! This does not, I found a very
simple way to change the administrator password, using WINPE - an
operating system running on the CD, as long as a few minutes, you can
easy to get the administrator's password, that scene will Let
your worship MM Index N percentage points!

The first step: downloaded from the Internet, "leaves the
mountains Pocket System Toolbox", a WinPE CD-ROM of the
operating system software integration, micro-Linux systems, and many
useful DOS program, the software for the ISO format and burn directly
to guide disc capacity of 200 multi-trillion, a small 8 cm discs can
be loaded, the easy to carry, it is an indispensable tool for computer

Step Two: Set the CMOS in the boot sequence from the CDROM boot, int
the recording of the "mountain leaves" CD, reboot
the system into "the mountain leaves" Start menu,
shown in Figure 1, select the first "[1] Windows PE (XP )
CD-ROM tool kit "start WINPE system. The system simulation X
interface, so start the process and the XP boot process, the
show's start screen or "WINXP Profreeional&qu
too! In the drive light and hard disk light flash crazy after a while,
the system boot to complete, in Figure 2, the desktop background quite
shock people!

Step Three: Click "Start - Powerful system recovery ERD 2003
- the first in this set the current system directory! (Current
=)" in the pop-up "Browse Folder" window
select WIN2K or WINXP system Windows directory, as shown 3. Then stil
enter the "powerful System Repair ERD 2003" menu
select "Edit User Password (LockSmith)", then follow
the step by step guide LockSmith operation, set a new password in the
account when the account is the default display
"Administrator", Click Account in the drop-down
arrow, select the account to change your password, and then
"New Password" and "Confirm
password" box enter the new password, as Figure 4, next to
complete the password changes.

Step Four: Click WINPE system "start - reboot the
system" in the restart process to eject the disc into the
normal WIN2K or WINXP system and select just change the account
number, enter the revised code, the screen shows the user information
is being loaded ... ... shows that the password change successful.

Modify the system administrator password is only WINPE a functional,
it also has more practical features, leave friends, time and study on
it, have a good experience-sharing do not forgot to come out Oh!
Test environment: NTFS + WINXP


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Windows PreInstallation Environment (WinPE) directly from the literal
translation is "Windows Preinstallation
Environment", Microsoft in July 22, 2002 release, its
original interpretation was: "Windows Preinstallation
Environment (WinPE) is a limited service with the minimum Win32
subsystem, based on the protection mode of Windows XP Professional
kernel. It includes the Windows installation program and run the
script, connect to the network share, automate basic processes, and
verify the implementation of the minimum required hardware
functionality. "In other words, you can see the WinPE for a
minimum of core services with only Mini OS. Microsoft released an
operating system so of course, because it has a different system
functions, if use a word to explain, I think, compared with
Win9X/2000/XP, WinPE is a major difference: it can create its own
custom bootable copy of ensuring core services you need while
maintaining minimum operating system volume, but it also is a standard
32-bit Windows API, system platform. Of course, so that may be
difficult to understand, does not matter, let's examine it.

WinPE Overview

Even if just to explain, you must be on the new concept or Mini OS
confused, does not matter, Zai Here I will demonstrate what its
operation the whole process of reading Zhi Hou Xiang Xin Jiu Hui you
may have a general understanding. Most people get the WinPE CD-ROM
(including the ISO image I have this CD-ROM) should be a
"Windows XP OPK" CD, meaning that Windows XP O
Preinstallation Kit CD. In fact, Windows XP OPK CD is WinPE 32-bit
version of a bootable copy of, say, this CD has been produced is
defined with the WinPE operating system, we can directly use it to
boot. Take a look at this CD's directory structure it (Figure
1), a total of 352MB, is not there one? In fact, because this is a
copy of (at least a lot of drivers), the size of the decision made by
the custom at that time, and if the WinPE 32-bit non-customized
version of its disk image is about 120MB.

1. Boot WinPE

I take into account issues such as the network environment, the main
use of the environment and the Vmware virtual machine Virtual PC
virtual machine, but the two virtual machine environment and almost
indistinguishable from the real PC environment (that is, if you do not
know the virtual machine does not matter, let him directly in the real
PC is running).

BIOS set to boot into the drive and start the system, when the screen
appears "Press any key boot from cd" (Fig. 2), press
any key to boot from the CD-ROM on the WinPE boot (Figure 3,4). If
your storage device driver is not supported, press the F6 key during
startup to load special device drivers. When the boot to the desktop,
such as when the system will adjust the resolution to do some work
(Figure 5), finally opens the default CMD command-line tool of
interpretation, we look at is the real goods Dang Dang Fang Nai folder
last child support dice bite ¨Í?) .

Can see the desktop, empty, do not expect to get click of the mouse to
point, after all, what kind of application programs are not installed
in the smallest graphic operating system. But it really is a standard
Windows environment, the disc with Notepad, the command line, enter
"Notepad" and ENTER to open (Figure 7); other even
though the executable on the disc with a limited command-line tool,
but obviously you can add yourself to see what it is (Figure 8)? Yes,
we are most familiar with the mine game (now know the first question
referred to the bar, huh, huh), get it right the first play, which is
the author of the WinXP operating system familiar from the addition of
the (very simple to use ISO Tools copyed just image files directly on

Back then come before the CMD command-line tool bar. The default
directory is \ I386 \ system32 \, enter the command line "dir
*. exe / w" to see which can run programs (Figure 9). Here we
actually look at the individual user meaningful WinPE operating

In the CD-ROM image can be also seen 32-bit and 64-bit operating
system tools (Figure 10), in terms of individual users, you can boot
it directly without installing any system of machinery, and in its
32-bit systems to achieve many of function, which will be 11 years

2.WinPE support network

Dir just when we see the ping command, the reader should be familiar
with this command are aware, only installed the TCP / IP protocol to
use, then the just-do, first try to ping its own right, in CMD type
"ping ", Enter buttoned (Figure 11),
apparently can ping through, that shows TCP / IP protocol is part of
the run. Then try another CD command IPConfig, type run (Figure 12),
see the IP address is automatically assigned better. Since the network
has indeed connected to the actual operation that we use it (there may
be a lot of contacts from the Windows system started operating the
computer friend would know what to do, in fact, is not so difficult to
imagine, you can use the command in CMD Tools with
"/?" parameter to check the specific use, if already
installed on your machine XP, so check the Help Center is more
convenient, more experimental look to master the command line you will
find a lot easier later).

Now my physical machine and virtual organizations has become a virtual
network, using the CD-ROM image of the net command, type in the
virtual machine "net view" see the connected server
(Figure 13), shown here server "XQ-B6QAS26953 EC &qu
the name of that virtual machine has a network connection to my
physical machine. My physical machine has a folder called TUKU has
been shared, so then type "net use e: \ \ XQ-B6QAS26953EC \
TUKU", means sharing a physical machine as virtual machines
directory TUKU mirror on the E plate (Fig. 14), after the success of
freedom in the virtual machine to access a shared directory (Figure
15), then you can do through the remote installation and so on. Net
command there are many parameters, they can access and more attempts
before they can play a strong network WinPE environment function,
simply access the server if the above two command the basic parameters
is sufficient. But here's the machine to remember to use WinPE
operating system can access other machines, and reverse operation is
not, this is because WinPE own constraints, we revisit this issue
later. Facts, WinPE can start after the network environment.

3. Use WinPE to create, delete, format and management of NTFS file
system partition

For individual users, this feature was very useful and convenient. But
many friends in the dir to complain after completion, how only, not fdisk, ah, no way partition Well. In fact, this is a
misunderstanding, Windows XP disk management for the work of a
dedicated command line tool DiskPart.exe, it is a text mode command
interpreter that allows you by using scripts or direct input from the
command prompt to manage objects (disks , area or volume), WinPE use
of course DiskPart.

Type in CMD mode "diskpart" and press Enter to ent
DiskPart command line interpreter (Figure 16). Type "list
disk", showed that two hard drives (Figure 17), respectively,
disk 0 and disk 1. Type "select disk = 0"
implementation, meaning select the specified disk, and will shift the
focus to this disk, all for the next operation on it (behind the
operation are the same, in the disk, partition or volume, use the
DiskPart command prior to the first object list, then select the
object to the focus, only the object has focus, the type of the object
before any DiskPart order to operate). Type "detail
disk" to view details of disk 0 (Figure 18), and now the
entire disk is an active partition 0 C, the format is FAT32, capacity
of 16G. Here we practice the Disk 0 is divided into two areas, namely
NTFS format of 8G FAT32 primary partition and format C 8G logical
partition D, and a whole disk partition to FAT32 format on disk E to
demonstrate the management of WinPE Operation:

(1) implementation of the "select disk = 0", will
focus to disk 0. Implementation of the "select partition
1", will focus on activities to partition disk 0 C above.

(2) implementation of the "delete partition" to
delete the original partition C (Figure 19).

(3) implementation of the "create partition primary size =
8000" Enter the disk 0 create a new primary partition 8000MB
(Figure 20), the focus will automatically go to the newly created

(4) followed by implementation of the "create partition
extended" Enter, the disk 0 disk space remaining on the
establishment of the extended partition (Figure 21).

(5) to complete the step before running the "create partition
logic" Enter, the newly created extended partition to create
a logical partition (Figure 22).

(6) At this point, we have an active partition to the original C disk
0 created as a primary partition and a logical partition (Figure 23),
but not the two partition drive letter, the implementation of
"select partition 1" will focus to the primary
partition 1, then implementation of the "assign letter =
C" (Figure 24), the drive letter C: the primary partition.
Implementation of the "active" carriage return will
set the primary partition so that it can guide the activity system
(Figure 25).

(7) Next, the implementation of "select partition 3"
will be the focus to the logical partition, the implementation of
"assign" carriage return, meaning the system will be
the next available drive letter assigned to the logical partition, as
drive D, E were occupied ( D for disk 1, partition occupancy, E to
drive occupancy), so the system will be assigned to logical partition
F (Fig. 26). But never mind, let's drive letter regardless of
the order, here we are on disk 0 operation ended, the remaining goal
is to disk 1, partition the active partition D into E.

(8) implementation of the "select disk 1" will be
the focus to disk 1, the implementation of "select partition
1" will be the focus to the active partition D.

(9) As the disk 1, partition D is active primary partition, so set the
drive as E, is clearly to re-establish it as a non primary partition
the drive, then it will not take the drive D, but will it vacate the
logical partition of the disk 0. Implementation of the
"delete partition" to delete the original partition
D, implementation of the "create partition extended"
disk 1, set up all the disk space for the extended partition.

(10) to complete the step after the implementation of the
"create partition logic" to the newly created
extended partition to create a logical partition (Figure 27).

(11) Finally, the implementation of "assign"
automatically assign drive letter, the system is still the D assigned
to it (although the machine restarts, the system will automatically
adjust to D assigned to disk 0 in the logical partition, disk 1 of
logical partition will use the drive E, the drive will be extended to
F, and restart a system, these changes will be automatically).

(12) Now we have to re-partition the hard drive the machine work is
over, the implementation of "exit" out of the
command line interpreter DiskPart tool, and then run "format
c: / fs: ntfs", would have created the primary partition
formatted DISK 0 NTFS file format for the partition (Fig. 28),
Similarly the implementation of "format d: / fs:
fat32", "format f: / fs: fat32" to
partition D, F format (Figure 29), we end up operating on completed.

(13) completed the implementation of "exit" to
restart the machine, you can re-enter "DiskPart" to
see whether the correct area (Figure 30).

The basic operation of the above, including the creation of the disk,
delete, format and management, if you carefully read the help
instructions, to ensure you master the powerful features it will no
longer want to use Fdisk to manage disk. In fact if you use Windows
XP, these are very useful knowledge. In addition,
"DiskPart" tools the most convenient place is to
support script, is not described in detail here.

Restrictions on WinPE

We have the WinPE features above the basic operation of all practice a
little, should be able to appreciate the convenience of WinPE between
individuals, but as stated above, WinPE Mini features a limited
operating system, use a WinPE, of course have to understand its

1. In order to prevent it as a pirated operating system, after 24
hours of continuous use WinPE will automatically exit and restart.

2. WinPE you can directly access the computer network server and
share. But not from another location on the network access to WinPE
any computer file or folder. WinPE via TCP / IP and the NetBIOS access
to reach the file server's network connection, do not support
other methods (such as IPX / SPX network protocols).

3. Because it involves anti-piracy, we can only build from Windows XP
Professional CD a custom version of WinPE. But not from Windows XP
Home Edition or Windows 2002 Server operating system, the
establishment of any member of the family.

4.WinPE too big, not on the floppy disk. WinPE includes only a subset
of Win32 API available (including the I / O (disk and network) and
core Win32 API). If the service runs under Win32 on Win32 API subset,
it is available in the WinPE needs specific analysis. WinPE is not
detailed here do not support the API, and anyway, such as rundll32.exe
and shell.dll is not supported, and you want to play Quake in WinPE
the following friends, or as early as possible to give up.

The role of WinPE

Quite a few friends to see whether there are gains here, certainly
will want to WinPE in the end what their specific role, here might sum
up 12.

1. Easy to use the Startup Disk tool

Described by earlier, we can see, WinPE start very fast, but also less
demanding startup environment; the most valuable is that while we have
a boot disk, its function is almost equivalent to the installation of
a Windows XP, "the command line version "- Oh, do
not forget to network support. Therefore, for personal computer users,
so long as to burn a CD, can safely initialize the system to solve
problems like; and small network environments (such as Internet cafes,
etc.) users, this feature in particular practical.

2. Interesting features hard to use

Custom WinPE can not only put those removable storage devices such as
CD, can also be used on the hard disk. Because many friends will think
the custom version of WinPE on the hard drive does not make sense,
does not. To WinPE on the hard disk should be the most interesting,
not to mention damage to your operating system can not enter the case
on the WinPE boot disk can be easily repaired, the key is because
WinPE on the hard disk to install it in the WinPE environment there is
a possible application. Oh, do not speak digression aside, here look
at how to put custom WinPE disk on it (can only be placed on your hard
drive 32-bit version of WinPE).

First install the Recovery Console:

(1) Windows XP Professional CD on CD-ROM drive, here designated it as

(2) In the CMD window command line to run cd_drive \ i386 \
winnt32.exe / cmdcons.

Then the custom WinPE bootable copy placed in the hard disk, do the

(1) in the target hard disk, create a "C: \ Minint"
directory (where directory must be named "Minint").

(2) WinPE "root \ i386" to copy all the contents
under C: \ Minint.

(3) from the WinPE root directory will be copied to the target hard
disk Winbom.ini the root directory.

(4) on the target hard disk, the "C: \ Cmdcons \
txtsetup.sif" read-only attribute to read / write.

(5) on the target hard disk, the "C: \ Minint \
txtsetup.sif" copied to "C: \ Cmdcons" for

(6) Restart the target computer. In the "boot" menu,
select boot to "Command Console", the computer wi
boot using WinPE.

3.Windows XP OPK CD's own work
It says the fact that we get is an executable copy of WinPE, the
Windows XP OPK (Windows XP OEM Preinstallation Kit) CD. Know it from
the name of the original own work is to facilitate the OEM work. If
you open the CD under Windows operating system, it will automatically
run the Autorun for your system, install a "Windows Setup
Manager" tool kit (Figure 31). Use it, you can easily create
with computer makers to install Windows OEM logo image. Although this
is the Windows XP OPK CD's main own work, but apparently no
significance to us personally, of course, if you want to hand the
Windows installation CD are marked with their own unique mark, and at
a friend's machine installation Hyun look, it is a good idea
to use it. Of course, his "mark" is definitely not
as simple OEM logo, in fact, you can also set the WinPE carry any
software, can set the software to run in the WinPE boot; ideal
circumstances, you can even order a custom version of WinPE with
graphics similar to Windows Explorer shell program - Otherwise how
called for manufacturers OEM designs?


2, Microsoft Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE)
Microsoft's official home page link


WinPE is a tool based on Microsoft Windows? XP Professional that
allows IT staff to build custom solutions that speed up deployment
through automation so they spend less time and effort keeping desktops
updated. WinPE can run Windows setup, scripts, and imaging
applications. Enterprise Agreement (EA) and Software Assurance
Membership (SAM) customers received WinPE in their October 2002
updates, and it will continue to be offered as a benefit of Software


3, What's the Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE)?


John Savill

InstantDoc # 38308

John Savill's FAQ for Windows

A. WinPE is a minimal OS, based on the Windows XP kernel, that will
replace MS-DOS during the initial OS installation stages beginning
with the next Windows desktop OS, which is known as Longhorn. Recent
alpha builds of Longhorn use WinPE, which provides a GUI environment
during the entire installation instead of the old text-based screen
prompts that are common during the initial setup of earlier Windows
installations. WinPE will also let the user enter the license key
during the initial stage of the installation, rather than forcing the
user to wait until later in the installation process.
Click here to view image

Because WinPE is based on XP, this new minimal OS can

¡ñ create and format disk partitions for FAT, FAT32, and NTFS

¡ñ access file shares on an intranet and connect to as many as four
file shares

¡ñ support all mass-storage drivers for XP and Windows 2000

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