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					Why preference Lu Xun Mao
There is no doubt this is a good text articles, but I do not agree
with a view of "living in the Mao era is bound to become a
prisoner of Lu Xun," because Lu Xun can live in Mao'
era (time), rather than living in the Kingdom of Mao ( space),
different independent personality, wisdom and great Lu Xun would be
foolish and distorted to the less serious grievances themselves to
anyone willing to do a prisoner, "neither silent nor do
prisoners" the best option is to leave! Go to another free
country! Lu Xun's actual situation, he not only possible, but
certainly did choose to go to Japan or Europe and the United States!
Although Lu Xun has repeatedly said, "I want to continue
living in Shanghai, in China's fight on!"
That's because at that time he thought necessary and Xi Wang
still fighting, he does not see the truth Gengrang he thoroughly Jue
Wang, then a keen and with the predictability of the Prophet Lu Xun,
will leave, not willing to wait to be re-locked into the iron house,
willing to pretend to sleep until it burned Biequ death, or burned to
death, although the fear of bloodshed and sacrifice of Lu Xun, and
stand courageously fighting , but he has not any value against the
unnecessary sense of sacrifice, when he realized that no matter how he
sacrifices have been wasted time, they should choose to temporarily
leave, leave not escape, but rather on strategy, in order to better
battle in order to better come back! I firmly believe, I believe,
I'll bet anyone who does not believe who can personally ask
President (Lu Xun) Go! - Children love poetry.
Lu Xun Mao Zedong loved what? (Zhang Shan Wen)
  ?Zhou Haiying Lu Xun's son, "written by Lu Xun and
I seven years" (South China Sea Press, September 2001
Edition) is an important book that the political circumstances: the
summer of 1957, Mao Zedong met in Shanghai, entertainment
personalities, translator Luo Ji South to participate. Conversation
between the Luo Ji south to Mao Zedong put forward a bold question:
"If today's Lu Xun were alive, he might
like?" Mao on this bold design question very carefully,
thought for a moment, replied: "In my estimation, (Lu Xun) is
locked up in prison or even writing, or his cardinal principles was
silent. "suspense of a close inquiry, was actually received
such a severe response. Luo Ji while surprise South, did not dare to
voice. Luo Ji South made the proposition, involving China, the two
icons of modern history. To Mao's answer, executive authority
in the era of Mao, Lu Xun's position two, and only two: one
silent, one prison, there is no other choice. But anyway - silence or
go to jail - that the subject of ridicule, into the article, Lu Xun is
no longer true colors. This means that the original is considered to
complement each other heart to heart, two prominent leaders - are
viewed as representative of a correct political orientation, a culture
represents the right direction - the fate of a camel walk after the
founding of two opposite poles. However, general view of Mao Zedong,
Lu Xun's life involved in writing the text, one can see is
that he loved and revered of Lu Xun to Mao's personal
statement: "Lu Xun's heart is connected with
me," .1933 year, was told Mao, Mao's poetry is full
of Lu Xun said, "Shanda Wang Qi," Mao laughed to
hear, do not think that disobedient, anti-proud, is the heart of Mao
Lu Xun obtaining the evidence. December 1949, when Mao
Zedong's first visit to the Soviet Union, to cope with intense
diplomatic activity in the margins, also read the writings of Lu Xun
carry, and the staff said: "I love the book of Lu Xun, Lu
Xun's heart and that we have forged. I read the night in Yanan
Lu Xun's books, often forget to sleep. "July 8, 1966
Mao again in a letter that" I told Lu Xun's heart is
connected, "and said, "I like him so frankly. He
said that his anatomy, anatomy others are strict. In the fall, after a
few setbacks, I am often the case." lives close to the
countdown in November 1975, Mao also proposed by Lu Xun Zhou Haiyin
book publishing and the study's recommendations to make
instructions, "Please week (Haiying) Political Bureau issued
a letter and discuss the time, decided to implement
immediately." "Complete Works"
Mao's instructions for speedy publication.
  The confidant of Mao's self-care, Lu Xun deceased
Zuoheganxiang, people naturally do not know; but why, as Lu Xun Mao
Concert, then can get a glimpse of Mao's text. As early as
October 19, 1937, held in memory of Lu Xun in Northern public schools
the first anniversary of the death of the General Assembly, Mao Zedong
made a speech, highlighting that: "Today we commemorate the
Lu Xun ... ... not only because of his article, well written, is a
great writers, but also because he is a pioneer of national
liberation, a great help to the revolution. "It is clear that
Lu Xun Mao respect one of the reasons that he thought the cause of Lu
Xun and his pursuit of consistency. So, although he thought Lu Xun
"is not one person in the Communist Party organization, but
his thinking, actions, writings, are Marxist. He is a non-Party
  However, the best move of Mao Zedong, so that he cited as the fellow
is Lu Xun's character traits. Lu Xun's life Jieruchou,
no compromise on the old forces, especially his
"Dalashuigou" spirit of struggle, and until his
later years for his opponent "a no forgiveness" and
pull off, are very consistent with Mao's stomach, his
congenial personality; More importantly, the hair seems to draw from
the Lu Xun, where the power of example, as he learned from Marx and
make use of Chinese, life as a magic weapon for the
"philosophy of struggle" to find the alliance. So
he's fighting spirit and toughness of Lu Xun praised the
preparedness, praise of Lu Xun, "consistent with the feudal
forces and perseverance to make a resolute struggle against
imperialism, the oppression of his enemy, destroy his hostile
environment, he felt, against the ... ... is full of the spirit of
arduous struggle. "He believes that Lu Xun's life has
three characteristics: the" political vision; fighting
spirit; spirit of sacrifice. "However, these three
characteristics, Mao Zedong's most important is undoubtedly
the" fighting spirit . "
  If before the founding of great importance in Lu Xun's
"fighting spirit" is the objective need to seize
power, then the establishment of political power, Mao Zedong did not
compromise the contrary, even this "fighting spirit"
innovation, creativity to flourish, to be used flexibly . The early
60s, in a conversation he once again referred to Lu Xun's
character, that "Lu Xun's fighting method is worth
learning": "Lu Xun An important feature of the
fighting method is that all the arrows to shoot him, all took it,
grasping live and hold the first opportunity to archery who attack.
They say he spoke accent, he a "northern and southern
mobilization." Liang said that he had betrayed the old
society, surrendered to the proletariat, he was a
"Janus-faced set." People say that his article with
a flower border up, he went out "Snappy".
"declaration" of the 'free talk'
editor by the pressure of the KMT, complaining that the "free
talk" not about politics, only about the Romantic, He went
out of the "quasi-brothels and on." KMT call him a
corrupt scholar, his pen name on the paper with the fall. He died,
also said others died to repent, forgive their enemies, but his own
'Yuandi ',' Let them hate to go, do not
forgive me '. We should learn from Lu Xun's that
fighting spirit and method. "shows, where he came to realize
that Lu Xun was a consistent of the" fighting spirit.
" He Bi Shengzhen and maintained as described youth Chi
famous invention "and the days of struggle, endless joy! And
to struggle, endless joy! And human struggle, endless joy!"
Shows his "philosophy of struggle" is what the love.
He has done since its founding, indeed as it said, was "all
shot the arrow to his, all took to our focus on the first opportunity
for people to archery attack." Even with his common destiny,
fellow of the criticism of his mistakes, once he considered
"the arrow shot him," he would be "an
opportunity to people to archery attack." Peng, the tragic
death of Liu Shaoqi, Deng Xiaoping and cracked down, are proof.
  Lu Xun to live in the dark ages of the Chinese society, literature
and art as a weapon he carried out resistance against the emerging
power of the old social forces and transform the efforts of the old
cultural traditions, so his lifelong "struggle"
against the old forces and their maintenance are persons; as a writer
and thinker Lu Xun, if living to 50 years later, of course, will not
soften its criticism of society's edge, to give up critical
social obligations. Mao Zedong seized power before, in the form of
armed struggle to criticize the old system, the same as the old
regime, Lu Xun rebels; but the difference is that Lu Xun, Mao Zedong
or the establishment of the new regime, he mastered the supreme
authority, the habitually to "philosophy of
struggle" and "fighting spirit" to protect
their political power, not only "philosophy of
struggle" sharpen the sharp spearhead a new enemy that
threatens the regime, but also ruthlessly point to disagreement with
his former through fire and water with them, fighting alongside his
comrades, so, Peng, He Long, Liu Shaoqi, Deng Xiaoping and so became
his "philosophy of struggle" of the victims were
dead, wounded and paid a heavy price; when he feel the need to
mobilize all people to participate in the struggle to maintain their
political power, then at "Cultural Revolution" that
destroyed the national economy and civil strife, finally directed a
settlement of the entire Chinese nation untold miseries havoc through
the ages, but for the defense of all this, is he set of to
"philosophy of struggle" as the core of the sounding
of the so-called "continuing the revolution under the
dictatorship of the proletariat's theory." Starting
point of this theory of Marxism Mao unique
"understanding": "Marxism is too
complicated, In a word, said, rebel." "Marxism
thousand words, words, class struggle." This theory has been
advocated as the instrument of public opinion at his disposal,
"a major development in Marxism."
  On the struggle of love, or say hobby, throughout the life of Mao,
even in the life time of the fire will go out, he never forget the
class struggle. The day before New Year's Day 1976, Mao Zedo
met in the library Former U.S. President Richard Nixon's
daughter Julie Nixon Eisenhower and son David Eisenhower.
Conversation, so that the two surprise guests, Mao Zedong on the
"struggle" nostalgia theme of passion. He said:
"We have a class struggle, classstruggle (class struggle)!
The people there fight. The Communist Party inside a
struggle." He seems to declare he used life energy to find a
truth: "No struggle can not be progress," "
800 million people, do not fight you?! "Julie, David noted
that efforts had been exhausted Mao apparently hit the"
struggle "topic," as excited as the young
"," his mind than even China The younger generation
is more dynamic, more eager to struggle. " The young couple
not help exclaiming: "No matter how the conclusion of
history, Mao's life will certainly be a striking manifestation
of human will power." Pursuit of the struggle into a hobby,
do anything to, to know if Lu Xun underground, how to The evaluation
of him as a confidante of the "struggle on" hero?
 ?Mao Zedong's "saints" ideal and the
evolution of the status of Lu Xun
  When a person awake, but also sleep; to understand a person, while
awake to hear him say, but balderdash be useful, it enables people to
know his subconscious desires, people know he is not conscious like
the idea of the defendant; through his performance in the very state,
people can see the true content of his unconscious. December 15, 1964
to January 14, 1965 work meeting between the Communist Party of China
Central Committee, Mao Zedong, Liu Shaoqi wrath on the offensive, in
front of everyone for Liu wrote: Do you have any great, I move a
little finger can bring you down! (See Liu Yuan, He Jiadong:
"Liu Shaoqi, Mao Zedong and the four clean
campaign", "Southern Weekend" on Nov.
1998) Liu Mao's position in mind this
"gaffe" in the phrase truly revealed. Similarly, Mao
Luo answer should be the same.
  The summer of 1957 Mao "If Lu Xun were alive,"
answered a question, inadvertently reveals the new environment of
their innermost secret: crisis is over, Mao Xun has become the
dominant condescending attitude. This situation is very similar to the
Tang defeat Turks, hesitant proud occasion, casually say "to
those countries, grassroots, overlord (emperor) to the people,
therefore, to concede defeat on the Turks," and so on, said
Li Yuan had to concede defeat to the Turks a terrible secret. However,
Mao is not the moment the secret inner product of emotional impulse,
but the ideals of his life. Mao Zedong all his life for the ideals of
heroism agitation. Set at a young age he was "confident life
two hundred years, Fen when splashing into the water three thousand
miles," rhetoric, aim high, pointing country, "asked
the vast land, Decisive Force." However, Mao's ideal
resolution and more than that. He believes that "the emperor
emperor generation, sage 100 emperor." ("Ethical
Principles of comment is") he said in a letter to a friend,
"Yu Yu neighbor, independent service Zeng is"
because the fan set to "Hero" (Courage) and the
"saints" (Culture) rolled into one example. Up the
prime of life, his "saints" ideal even more
prominent. In his Majestic, male as the 100 generation of
"wills" the poem, explicitly "of Emperor
literary grace; Tang cases SONG Zu, lagged", implying that
these brilliant sage is but just passable martial arts As for
"literary grace," "flair" is
insignificant zai. "Strategy" and the
"less" look like the humble, but in fact is arrogant
conceit. Proud Son of Heaven for the Genghis Khan known that
"the only shooting eagles, bow harness knowledge",
will cover the Gonglue world into a world conqueror ordinary Jiujiu
Takeo. "All to the men, and a few truly great men Look
eras," people see a darling of ambition, a kind of
"there must be five hundred years the King Hing,"
who but myself, doing my part of the mission: Mao not only established
beyond the powers of the emperor through the ages, but also achieve
immortality in the "saints" ideal.
  In order to achieve its vision to destroy the old regime, Mao Zedong
used along with civil and military full use of all available
resources, culture and thought. Mao appears, Lu Xun attacks and
destruction of the old system, is the pursuit of their careers
coincide, solidarity, so he was Lu Xun's position in the new
culture of foresight fully affirmed, even up to and Confucius compared
to the height, saying that "the value of Lu Xun in China,
seems to me to be China's first such saints. Confucius is a
feudal society of the saints, Lu Xun is the Sage of Modern
China." in January 1940 he published the famous " O
New Democracy ", wrote the widely read that part was later
widely regarded as setting evaluation of the text:" Lu Xun
was the chief commander of China's Cultural Revolution, he is
not only a great writer, but also a great thinker and great
revolutionaries. Lu Xun's bones are the hardest, he has not
the slightest Nu Yan and Mei bone, which is the most valuable colonial
semi-colonial character of the people. Xun is on the cultural front,
the representative of the majority of the entire nation, towards the
enemy strikes, the most correct, the most courageous and most
determined, most loyal, the most ardent national hero. Lu
Xun's direction, the direction of the Chinese national
culture. "Mao's words to a few" great
"and the word" most "form a complete hym
he three years ago (1937) proposed the "sage of Lu
Xun's" done to further develop and explain. The
People's Republic of China was established in 1949, marked the
career of Mao Zedong's vision of a stage of completion. His
eloquent historical facts will clear Luhe, sweeping history and a
glorious, illustrious buildings as mixed martial arts one, understand
that no doubt was placed in the world. However, this is a new starting
point in his career, he was in this broader arena, in order to conquer
the Universe thought, as Confucius as the "saints",
the completion of his "Jun division one, conceited"
new exploits.
  To this new career goals, he set off again and again thought reform
of Hai Tao waves, much needed in Chinese society at destroying
hundreds of thousands, millions of the most developed brains. His
first action taken is from the early 50's kicked off a
large-scale transformation of the intellectuals, and this match is the
transformation of the university, the University of the Humanities to
create an independent thinking body of this dissolution. Mao said: The
University is still to do, and I mean science and engineering. The
Italian Shiming. Following this, after 1957, the so-called
"old author" as the object of the anti-rightist
campaign in full swing, had been regarded as allies of the Communist
Party and other parties subject to a thorough knowledge of human
settlement, a large number of Western education in the liberal
intellectuals, such as claimed that "a small intellectual
proletariat bourgeois intellectuals, political experts," the
Longji of generation have been largely eliminated; up the
unprecedented 1966 "Great Cultural Revolution life",
the so-called "bourgeois intellectuals" in
Mao's fight have been exhausted under the strength - or
silent, or dying, then turns on its efforts against non-party
intellectuals have been the party of intellectuals. Intellectuals
outside the party have all been eliminated, the gross personal
"saint" status to "total
dictatorship" way up in the face of the establishment.
  In this process, the "Luo Ji Nam asked" as the
symbol of Mao intellectuals - Lu Xun, but its typical - the attitude
has been very clear, that is: either shut up or make a prisoner, in
his "sage "before the cause of all resistance must
be thoroughly removed, even if his former admirer of Lu Xun is no
exception. However, Lu Xun, as he will not speak of the ancients, do
not criticize the regime, and his "fighting spirit"
also play a role in reality, his hair is not necessary to start formal
crusade; opposite As long as Lu Xun was "to look up only
see" the lofty image placed under the authority of their own,
set off immediately apparent effect. The hair has gone through
numerous hardships and refining the consummate war strategy on the way
home in a re-use. Sure enough, this target in the "Cultural
Revolution" Early on in accordance with Mao's desire
to achieve success. October 19, 1966, the 30th anniversary of the
death of Lu Xun, Mao himself control of the "Red
Flag" magazine and "People's Daily&
published a commemorative editorial. "Red Flag"
magazine editorial as "a celebration of our cultural
revolution pioneer Lu" as the title, writes: "Lu
Xun's most worthy of our study is the great leader Chairman
Mao and his unparalleled respect and love. ... ... He has firmly
followed Chairman Mao walk bravely defend the correct line represented
by Chairman Mao. "" People's Daily
"in the" study of Lu Xun's indomitable
spirit, "the editorial said:" We learn from Lu Xun,
as he does, in the struggle of learning utilize works of Chairman Mao,
Mao Zedong Thought reform with his soul, in the Great Proletarian
Cultural Revolution, the greet and courageously advance the struggle
of the storm! "highly consistent with the spirit of these two
editorials. These seemingly simple words to Lu Xun and Mao Zedong in
the history of the relationship completely changed, Lu Xun's
generation is no longer the open atmosphere of the Illuminati, is no
longer the pioneer spirit of Mao Zedong, became a passion for
leadership, learning and using leadership works advanced models, has
become under the command of Mao Zedong, "bowing to a willin
ox," always be ready to call leaders, leaders point to where
the battle where the literary small fry.
  The formation of this pattern driven by two key figures. First Guo.
Kuo started the history of controversy with Lu Xun, Lu Xun was called
"wets + rogue", but after the establishment of the
new regime gradually was touted as the first cultural classes, after
Lu Xun, "another side of glory the flag." Guo,
entitled "Memorial of Lu Xun's rebel spirit"
of the article, said: "Lu Xun is willing to Chairman Mao and
Chairman Mao's closest comrade in arms 'cited as
comrades' and to 'thinking that glorious', in
my view, this can be considered Lu Xun's application to join
the party shortly before dying book. Xun Mao was certainly a
'communist', this can also be that Lu Xun's
application has been approved by the party. "submit an
application for an approval application, leadership and the led
relationship, in the great wit pen has clearly emerged. Then, Kuo You
Yi Lu Xun and his tragic untimely born at the right of the lucky child
care out of Mao's great: "Today we are living the
times when compared to Lu Xun, in all conditions are completely
different the. Almost every one of us has a Chairman Mao, Selected
Works of Chairman Mao, Chairman Mao's poems. into the goal
with a brilliant performance that attracts a mighty voice. We can also
saw Chairman Mao, and hear the instructions of Chairman Mao . we are
very lucky ah! "Finally, Kuo to Lu Xun's ideas in the
form of skillfully placed under the command of Mao Zedong:"
If Lu Xun were alive today, how pleased he would ah! he will stand in
front of the front ranks of the Cultural Revolution, vanguard, with
us, under the leadership of Chairman Mao, predecessors did not take
the path, climb approached people do not climb the peak. "Guo
sensitive sense of smell is worthy of a politician, brilliant writing
master, belittle and touted done between the unemotional, at one go,
approach the skill, amazing.
  Another is the widow of Lu Xun Xu Guangping. On Xu Guangping, she
has hair in the obvious after the founding of the ideological and
cultural authority of past experience to a trend offensive. As early
as in the "Great Leap Forward" movement, Mao Zed
issued a challenge to the Marxist. In the Second Session of the Eighth
Party Congress, Mao Zedong called on Karl Marx: "Do not be
afraid Well, Marx is two eyes, two hands, with almost the same,
nothing but my mind a lot of Marxism. But ... ... we do more than
Marx. Marx did not do such a great revolution in China, our practice
over the Marxist. "where" we "actually
mean" I ", that Mao himself. Aggressive in this
situation before, Xu Guangping can not understand the best way to
protect the Lu Xun is the initiative, feeding into the coat to have as
"saints" of Lu Xun beats in order to avoid the
embarrassment suffered by disgrace. So, in October 1966 she was
entitled, "Mao Zedong Thought, the sun shining on Lu
Xun," the article wrote: "Lu Xun is the cultural
revolution of Chairman Mao praised the Lord, but Lu Xun, a soldier is
always self-proclaimed party ... ... Lu Xun life by the observance of
the order ... ... the party and Chairman Mao's orders. He
tried to learn and master Comrade Mao Zedong, the party's
principles and policies formulated by ... ... "," Lu
Xun on our most beloved and revered Chairman Mao is infinitely
infinite love ... ... Lu Xun's heart, dreaming of Chairman
Mao, followed Chairman Mao, our great leader Chairman Mao, is the
heart of Lu Xun the most red, most red, red sun. ""
invincible Mao Zedong Thought, at the time that Lu Xun and all
revolutionary literary and art work The maximum guidelines. and Lu Xun
is the guidance of Mao Zedong Thought, also charged in the cultural
front, a most courageous fighter, a great standard-bearer. ... ... Mao
Zedong Thought, the sun, guidelines, and inspired a great Lu Xun
Communist fighter. "This easy to understand the"
Cultural Revolution "language, the surface on the show is a
typical characteristic of the reverence and piety of the times, but in
essence it is the initiative to stay aloof, in order to save Lu Xun.
Chinese saying goes: "understand the times for the
Junjie." Xu Guangping "belittling" Lu
Xun's favorite course is "understand the
times" move. Great tone was set in the environment has an
atmosphere, in addition to the notes with the times, sing it, sing the
"theme", there are other options? Even Afterward,
what can? But objectively, Xu Guangping Lu Xun Lu Xun derogatory voice
of special status, in order to heighten the authority of Mao, the
effect is difficult to compare to others. Rely on superb strategy, Mao
Zedong as "saints" ideal hard done quickly made
"amazing" achievement, and has yielded fruitful
results. Lin Biao, Mao to put on the "great teacher, great
leader, a great commander, the great helmsman" four titles,
marked "Monarch Division One, conceited," the grea
goal has been achieved. However, the crash of the
"saints" of the industry, Mao's heart still
linger, linger a "revolution is not successful, and the
comrades need to make it." 18 December 1970, he received the
American writer John Snow, the title for these four, mixed feelings
and said: "What 'four great' annoying! One
day to be all removed, leaving only a Teacher , is the teacher.
because I have always been a faculty member, now is a faculty member.
the other, nothing has resigned. "Although he will be one of
four titles," mentor "was changed to"
teacher ", but this" teacher "crown of love
is Obviously, because this Teacher and the "saints"
of the same nature, that is: bringing the common people, participate
in opposing or conquering it. Of course, he's definitely not
want to educate dozens of children, but the will of their own
discipline by the entire Chinese nation, and even the people of the
world. At the meeting, Mao talked about the "Cultural
Revolution" and the cult of personality problems, asked Snow
if no one worship, you happy? Mao's the problem, from his
"sage ideal" point of view is perfectly
understandable, because the saints and leaders need personality cult.
But Snow, it seems incomprehensible that in the history of modern
Western culture, the personality cult and cults are the same. So he
told Mao that "absolute power corrupt absolutely,"
the truth, the gross woodenly not have any reaction. (See
"Personal Experience and knowledge: Huang memoir&quo
World Knowledge Publishing House in 2007, "Wen Wei
Po" August 18, 2007) However, even if Mao Zedong has been
touted as the God, evidently felt faint, to achieve his "sage
"ideal, no easy task, he must not engage in the political and
military struggle with the kind of old-handy, highly competent calm,
not to much at home in using the class struggle as a share of the
arts" is worth strolling " self-confidence. 1971,
"September 13" incident, re-read Mao Zedong,
"Complete Works", may have some perception Ming
However, in the same year on November 20 on the related personnel,
said: "I advise you look at the Complete Works of Lu Xun is
China ... ... The first such saints. China is not the first such sage
Confucius, nor I, am I worthy, is the saint of students.
"these words show that he had indeed themselves as&quo
saints ", but also shows that when the At the moment, he had
to admit, "saints" is not made, and his
"saints" is not a complete realization of the dream.

  However, no matter how mouth, said his heart was not a moment to
abandon the "saints ideal"; the day as long as the
hair of this dream unfulfilled, others will not dare to celebrate
Confucius and Lu Xun, Mao called even if the latter was
"modern saints." As in 1959, the Lushan meeting, Lin
Peng, said on the subject to criticism, you have to throw away too
much personal self-confidence, and discard individual heroism; only
Chairman Mao is a hero, in the President before any of us do not want
to be heroes ! Lin Biao black bully worthy of Mao's
understanding is clearly higher than the other edge. Later, Lin Biao
incident, with Lin Biao and Confucius was innocent bundled into
"Pi Lin Pi Kong" campaign target of the criticism,
it seems clear to people that, in the face of Mao Zedong, no one
should say "holy" is no exception Confucius ; Lu
Xun's "saints" Although the status of Mao
himself, "closed", but the modern
"saints" of the title can only come from the mouth
of Mao Zedong, but not from the mouth of another person; if from the
mouth of another person, it means that Lu Xun " sage
"status of public recognition of, constitute a threat to
Mao's prestige. For evidence that, until the end of 1976, the
Cultural Revolution, Zhou Jian Lu Xun's younger brother who
also had to continue to lower profile, belittle Lu Xun, said:
"Lu Xun firmly implement Chairman Mao's proletarian
revolutionary line and defend, on the infinite yearning of communism
This is Lu Xun, "tough" battle the spirit of the
ideological foundation. "(" study of Lu Xun
"tough" battle of the Revolutionary Spirit - the
commemoration of the fortieth anniversary of the death of Lu Xun
") can say that from the beginning of nation-building as well
as Mao passed away, Lu Xun is always leaders of the political
chessboard of Lu Xun, a political reality as a pawn to be used by Lu
  Living in the Mao era is bound to become a prisoner of Lu Xun
  In China thousands of years the history of evolution, each face a
new regime to consolidate power problems. Solution of this problem the
first condition, which naturally exist to solve the political problems
of material production. If there is no material basis at least, any
regime must not last. Made of material and spiritual means of
subsistence producers in the moral support, is crucial. Solution, a
multitude of things, the crucial point is the people recuperate and
restore the people's livelihood. In this basic condition, the
most difficult problem is posed to solve the new regime (apparent or
potential) threat to the social forces the issue. In the new pattern
of distribution of benefits, the authorities must make proper
arrangements for the new regime and efforts, military commanders and
civil officials set a great feats, to the security of its points, not
  Mao Zedong himself "Emperor Marx added," but
according to long-term follow Mao, has done his research secretary Li
Rui, Mao learned from Marx, where only two words: class struggle;
understanding of democracy is "let the people speak&quot
, the gift of it to others; he calls himself "absolute
lawlessness", indicating he had no legal concepts. (Li Rui:
"Opening remarks and promote political reform,"
"Yan Huang Autumn" 2006 10) on the other hand
addicted to power, such as life, open to the people speaking,
"I was right not to" until the end of life at the
last minute, have not let go; also superstitious self, think they
always right, made it clear that "I do not do
self-criticism." (Yu Guo W: "Hu Yaobang, during his
lifetime have had the" Theory News>
"" Yanhuang Spring "2007 No. 9) of these
characteristics shows that he is not the modern sense, in large part
politicians, rather, two thousand years of autocracy in China The
traditional top births. He therefore to consolidate the measures taken
by the new regime can not jump out of the stereotype of Chinese
traditional culture of officialdom, breaking the barriers of
traditional autocracy.
  In dealing with the "military" power, in view of
political power has changed hands, the hostile camp to surrender the
original generals, even if the mind with ill, the situation in the
loss of popular support has been impossible to stir up trouble, so,
even for his theory that is all reactionary Pu Yi, the representative
of the Qing Dynasty Modi forces, as well as front end of the war as
"war criminals" of Fu Zuoyi, Du Yuming effective
go-getters such as Chiang Kai-shek group, often show considerable
tolerance; the contrary, he highlighted the danger for those who made
major contributions toward, in the population has a high reputation
comrades, but it is a defensive and a little unhappy that the line
severely punished mercilessly.
  The country is a scholar from the root cause of the policy for the
literati class, fundamentally related to the safety of the new regime.
Mao certainly understand that, "once was the world can not
immediately rule" of the truth. However, when it comes
scholar, relatively well-developed thinking skills, will have the
ability and inclination to think independently, regardless of their
previous stance. Especially since the early 20th century by the New
Culture Movement on the spread of Enlightenment, the modern
ideological symbol of "the spirit of independence and freedom
of thought" has been accepted for many intellectuals, while
the enlightenment process as cause of national salvation foreign
invasion by the interrupted, but its impact is still underestimated.
In particular, the ban on maritime trade and opening up, a large
number of Chinese students go abroad to study asked, after returning
to the impact of China's imperial tyranny become a major force
in cultural traditions. After taking over China, specializes in state
of the nation's gross for all observant, well aware of.
Therefore, scholars have been insisting for non-economic
transformation of the attitude can not be used. Approved Hu, anti-Hu
Feng, anti-right wing, rightist approved, the "Cultural
Revolution", the last drastic measure in order to solve, will
be education of students rushed to the rural mountain areas,
re-education by poor peasants - the illiteracy of its nature and
ignorance of - the idea that reform movement again and again only one
real goal: obvious motive is to suppress the media, to consolidate
power; deep motivation to complete the immortal
"saints" exploits.
  However, as the tortoise can always be reduced to the neck inside
his head out of the danger of escape, like intellectual thought can be
hidden at any time in the head shell to hide the inner surface of the
toe disagreement and confrontation. Therefore, the hair several times
for his reform movement launched by the effect produced is not very
much confidence, and for future generations to leave two cynical
saying: "The more knowledge the more reactionary,"
"read more more stupid." Indeed won before a
traditional fools strategy of "Quintessence", and
the hole Meng Shengxian the only consistent if the character fit the
spirit. I said: "Guzhi Shan Dao, non in order to clear the
public, will be fools. The people of the refractory, its intellectual
and more. So as to rule country wise thief, not to rule the country
any good intelligence." A saying of Confucius: "Man
from which can not be made aware of. " Mao is revealed after
a number of ideological transformation in the work can not be fully
demonstrated when the feelings of helplessness and jealous.
  Mao was founded to face the civilian force has three main parts:
First, the writers had to follow him to conquer the world, such as
Guo, Deng Tuo, etc. Second, the dispute process in the free world,
detached state in the middle of scholars such as Liang Shuming, Chen
Yinque etc. Third, the hostile camp defections of literati. Among
these three parts, the first part of writers through the
Yan'an Rectification Movement, Mao's strategy and
means already too familiar with, has become a tame things, is
implementing its cultural strategy of Mao to rely on force; the second
part of the largest, most well-read them Chinese classics, while
addition of the baptism with modern Western culture is the culture of
this era of China's largest bearing body. Because these people
to accept the liberal tradition of education, and Mao's
"saints" good odds, so Mao's thought refor
to become the main target of the cause. The third part of the force is
relatively small.
  Mao forces to combat these three parts of the sequence are
successively, but the attitude and strategy are the same, namely:
either took it on board for our use, or the self disappears. The
former type to Guo, lan represented. Guo in the fledgling National Day
celebration, on behalf of non-party people to Maoxian Li speech, have
been "You are our teacher, we always go with you"
sort of vassal of the language, then more time to "I am Mao
President of an old student, "words like humility, that
surrender. Lan of groveling, it is well known. The latter type, some
people choose to be killed can not be humiliated's suicide,
such as Lao She, Deng Tuo and so on, some chose to silence their
mother tongue, eat humble pie, Gouquanxingming, such as the novelist
Shen diverted to research the history of Chinese clothing, historians
Yinke three sighed, " Free of Road Scholars pen, most of the
literati are not free ", the select" Ode to Red
loaded "- written" Biography of Liu Rushi
"- of" useless things, "" in order
to repatriate a career year. "
  However, these scholars already achieved political power changed
hands before the name, the school has a wide range of people, that
among some people Even though some people refused to accept
Mao's will clearly stated, nor the killing. The most typical
example is Shuming. September 1953, Liang Shuming and hair
controversy, increased aid was scolding the hair, coat scolded for
"kill without spilling blood with a pen to kill the
murderer", and Chiang Kai-shek par with guns kill, but still
Gouquanxingming , and eventual death. This shows that Lu Xun, such as
live to that time, probably much better than this. But Lu
Xun's usual lack of cooperation with the authorities of
character, he must make repeatedly against the move, or even write a
similar "good people who were allies of the Kuomintang, is
what things" like making stirring language to curse. That
being said, he was alive, probably only one way into the prison so
  In fact, as a writer and thinker Lu Xun, for some kind of their own
destiny seemed to have predicted. He delivered a speech in 1928, the
text "Art and Politics of becoming" a reasonable
interpretation of the text has very clearly. He said: "I
often feel that art and politics from time to time in the conflict;
... ... most politicians do not like the people against him, most
people do not like wants to open." The writer of professional
instinct made him state of perpetual dissatisfaction with the status
quo, always criticizing the social, and political conflicts continue
to become a thorn in politicians, the ultimate outcome is not being
squeezed out, is beheaded. Of the writer, the only option is to
"escape" - fled abroad, escape would be killed. Lu
Xun's life, insist on non-cooperation with the forces in
power, with its unique style and sharp criticism and fierce criticism,
although wanted by the authorities not to oppress or even caught in
disaster, in large part because of foreign forces in China Concession
existence - his "ÇÒ½éͤÔÓÎÄ" for evidence - prov
with a body between escape.
  Richer implication is that Lu Xun's literary history, the
fate of the revolution after the observation of success: "It
was flattering revolution, some people celebrate the revolution ...
... At this point, the writer may be feeling sensitive, they are not
satisfied with the status quo, but also out openings. former writers
and artists, then, political revolutionaries had originally agreed;
until the revolution, politicians opposed to those who previously used
the Lao Fazi re-use them in the artists not from dissatisfaction, but
also rolling out non-ranked can not, or cut off his head. "so
the summary of historical experience, or to predict the future of
Prophecy? Coincidentally, after his death, his descendants are still
alive you ask the question, get answers, he was actually expected
  ?"If Lu Xun were alive," the significance of the
virtual proposition
  ?"History can not assume that" is a long time many
people believed in the principles of, and "If Lu Xun were
alive," but it is a non-existent "Lu Xun is still
alive," the assumption that the premise of historical
inference, therefore, in the eyes of many people This seems to be a
historical research should not be the proposition seriously. It is
not. "History can not assume that" this principle
refers only to have generated the irreversible nature of historical
facts. If history has on the usefulness of the reference function -
the so-called "Histories make men wise" - is
concerned, "what if" is not only possible but
essential and necessary, because this "hypothesis"
is People learn from experience, a necessary condition to avoid the
error. "Lu Xun is still alive," of course is a
"what if", but the resulting virtual "what
if" received "either shut up or go to
jail," the historical answer, but show a very rich history
and social significance. People from this seemingly simple answer is
that history there and then to a continuation of the old traditional
shortcomings wrong direction. The error from the First Emperor,
"Fenshukengru" open its bad precedent and lasted tw
thousand years, at a crucial historical period should be thoroughly
reformed, and has not been modified, on the contrary, reappeared.
China's deep-rooted cultural tradition toxins once again
rampant, rampant, like a pot of water, out of the New Culture Movement
Illuminati are painfully lit up the fire of Enlightenment, the Chinese
community moved toward a wrong direction of the departure from the
development trend of modern world history. then China can request the
right direction toward history? How can the right direction? Then go
the wrong direction, why not? Can be avoided? If that happened in
history are the so-called "no people's
will", and inevitable, we say that the Chinese people deserve
to suffer "either shut up or go to jail," the
torture? Deserved to be man-made catastrophe after years of suffering?
If we say that everything is predestined in history, history, what
significance? (Http://
  Chinese people have always stressed the "mirror",
"past experience, future events." Lu Xun's
ideas for a giant such a culture, whether a prisoner was forced to
silence or do, are the Chinese nation's great tragedy, how to
avoid such tragedies need to consider "If Lu Xun were
alive" conditions, how can not silence him do not question
the prisoners. This is fundamentally related to the design of the
political system, but also the old system of Chinese society from a
traditional to a modern new system can not be avoided changing the
fundamental problem. To solve this problem, it means that we have
completed the transformation of modern China, one of the big - the
democratization of political system reform. This is the "If
Lu Xun were alive," This seems contrary to the
"History can not assume that" old cases
"what if" shows the great practical significance.
(Yanhuang Spring 2009 No. 6)


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