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					Who will Zhengfei and Huawei, Mao Zedong, Gerstner is the tutor

Who will Zhengfei and Huawei
Mao Zedong, Gerstner is the teacher Ren Zhengfei
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(1) Ren Zhengfei 17-year military career was forged business empire,
the spirit of Ren Zhengfei source of Mao Zedong's military
thinking and for learning and using Huawei battle undefeated in the
domestic foreign unbeaten magic.
(2) Mao Zedong Thought and told us to be the universal truth of the
revolution and the Chinese revolution, combining the specific events
in order to obtain victory of the revolution. Mao Zedong became the
great man, and Marx, Lenin par.
(3) Zhengfei to introduce advanced management experience from IBM,
Huawei, succeeded in Gerstner's management philosophy and
specific event combining Huawei has created hundreds of billions of
Huawei. Gerstner Ren Zhengfei become comparable with the great
entrepreneurs. As the success of students are beyond the teacher
Huawei IBM.
(4) the success of Huawei and Ren Zhengfei experience tells us that,
when Mao Zedong's philosophy is always, however, advanced
foreign experience for our use, the key is how we learn the essence of
the most applicable.
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  Ren Zhengfei has been working to traditional Chinese culture and
Western advanced management thinking, to Western culture and enhance
China's traditional culture, the formation of Huawei's
unique management system and corporate culture.
Ren Zhengfei ideas through research development process, we find that
there are two people in the West were the greatest influence on him,
one of Mao Zedong, one Gerstner.
 ?Huawei venture period (1988 - 1995), the development of rapid,
significant effect on market pull, due to management system is not
perfect, is more extensive management, the management is characterized
by too many individuals rely on the wise leadership, decision-making
process quickly, but the lack of sufficient proof, waste significant.
Profits mainly from the fast-growing market traction. Into the stable
development period (1996 - present), the need for sophisticated
management, to management for efficiency, profit mainly from
management rather than the market. Huawei venture period, Ren Zhengfe
consciously or unconsciously, Mao Zedong Thought will utilize to
manage the process of Huawei, Huawei has laid a foundation; the Huawei
into the stable period of development after, IBM CEO Lou Gerstner is
on Zhengfei former management had a major ideological impact.
Christmas Eve 1997, Ren Zhengfei has visited the United States Hughes,
IBM, Bell Laboratories and Hewlett-Packard. IBM vice president of
Harvard University, send Zhengfei a published book on the management
of large projects, and later, Huawei has bought hundreds of the book,
given the company's cadres to learn. In the IBM, Ren Zhengfei
management introduced a whole day listening to a detailed
understanding of the IBM research project to the end of life from
pre-investment assessment, integrated management, structured project
development, decision-making model, selection management, asynchrono
development, cross-functional groups department manager role resources
process management, scoring model ... ... day, Ren Zhengfei with rapt
attention, carefully taking notes, as a humble primary school
students, from morning until evening, the body is also bad that he
just did not feel tired.
Christmas night in 1997, Lights of New York, is imbued with the
festive atmosphere of jubilation. Ren Zhengfei visit the United States
put her off a pedestrian in a small hotel, the conference opened on
the fireplace, carefully digest the notes during the visit, sorting
out a thick stack briefing.
Ren Zhengfei was readme "on IBM's management m
very appreciated," but after investigation, he found that
Lucent is so managed, these advanced management methods from the
University of the United States and Kazakhstan brush management
writings of some famous universities. Back to Huawei, the Ren Zhengfei
at the top for as long as two days of communication and discussion,
issued a 100 page brief, provoked in the Huawei new reforms within the
He said:
We only have serious learning from these big companies, will make
their own detours, pay less tuition. IBM is paying billions of dollars
in direct costs summed up their experience of pain is a human
Ren Zhengfei access to IBM when the internal promotion as the first
non-IBM's CEO, Lou Gerstner at IBM has been working on this
place more than 4 years. In 1993, the 51-year-old, when Gerstner took
over, IBM accumulated losses up to 160 billion dollars, U.S. media
said IBM "has one foot forward of the grave."
Critical situation of not being optimistic Gerstner, one, IBM has been
ill, miracle-working doctor can hardly make it back to life; second is
that, for IT, Gerstner is totally a layman.
Gerstner at IBM made four claims: to maintain technology leadership;
to the values of customer-oriented, organized by target marketing
department, for providing complete solutions for different industries;
and enhance service, the pursuit of customer satisfaction; focus on
the network electronics IBM Business products play a scale advantage.
Finally a face for the IBM 1992 with the disintegration of the seven
companies said the circumstances. Scale advantages, scale basis in
Some arduous reforms, Gerstner at IBM have created a new miracle: in
1993, IBM's operating income was 62.7 billion dollars, the
year was negative 8.1 billion dollars in net income, diluted earnings
per share - 3.55, shareholders equity return is - 35.2, shares
(December 31, 1993) dropped to 13.98 dollars; the figures in 1997 into
a 78.5 billion dollars respectively, 61 billion dollars,
3.00,29.7,51.76 dollars. Gerstner led IBM out of the dilemma
In 2002, Gerstner retired CEO, became chairman of the time, IBM has
successfully completed the transformation, leap to a new period of
development. Of course, these are the words of the post.
Ren Zhengfei reason to visit in 1997 IBM, Gerstner created myth and
charisma is clearly an important factor. Ren Zhengfei was once said of
his visit to IBM that purpose - long-term victory in the state of IBM,
once redundancy, bureaucracy, leading to serious difficulties. Smart
people are very much, very many ideas, product lines are many and
long, not focused on investment advantages so, on to plan the year,
slow reaction speed. The disorder, so that IBM almost disintegrated.
Huawei will not be blindly optimistic, but also lead to difficulties
in it? This is the purpose of visit. "We only have serious
learning to these large companies, will make their own detours, pay
less tuition. IBM will be paying billions of dollars in direct costs
summed up their experience of pain is a human treasure."
After a day's visit, Ren Zhengfei on a giant IBM's
specifications management system, flexible, slow response speed is not
a new understanding. He readme, IBM's experience &quot
our growth and avoid detours, a new inspiration. Huawei bureaucratic
though not heavy, but the signs have been many. Corporate downsizing
will lose competitiveness, expand the scale, can not effectively
management, they face death. management is the internal factors, it is
hard. small to cope with the external factors, is an objective law, it
is difficult to man's will, and it must Kangbu Zhu storm.
Ren Zhengfei that Huawei "Only by strengthening management
and service, no return in this, the only basis of existence. This is
the scale of Huawei go, revitalizing the internal driving mechanism,
strengthen the management and service point of the strategy. In the
process of expansion , mismanagement is also a very serious problem,
Huawei has always wanted to know how the world's largest
management companies, IBM had the honor to introduce our good faith.
In 1997, Ren Zhengfei 53 years old, Gerstner, 55, Ren Zhengfei is led
by sales of 4 billion yuan, nearly 6,000 employees, the rapid
expansion of the IT industry, a rising star; Gerstner was led by sales
of more than 600 billion dollars , 269 000-odd employees of the IT
giant. Compared with the huge IBM, Huawei this time apparently was an
insignificant little company, Ren Zhengfei confident that Huawei will
one day as strong as IBM, but only to IBM, Huawei, the essence of
successful management of transplant in the past, and this management
essence largely from Gerstner.
Gerstner at IBM for a number of revolutionary change, subverting a lot
of inherent, but IBM has rigid standards for the administration behind
the times and culture. For example, in the 20th century after the
founding of 60 years, IBM has always stressed the welfare of
employees, its offer to staff pensions, medical benefits, lifetime
employment commitment and excellent educational opportunities, etc.,
the second company in the United States is not comparable to this kind
of system to employees with a strong sense of belonging, and to IBM
was given a great success.
But this too much emphasis on equality, sharing, rather than
performance-oriented distribution system, to the 20th century became
the leading IBM 90 years an important factor in trouble. Gerstner to
get tough abolished the wage system, IBM's paternalistic
welfare, equity and established a floating wage system, the core of
the new wage. This reform is clearly a great touch on the Ren
Zhengfei, Ren Zhengfei then clear that Huawei-oriented welfare system
can not pay system, was in hopes that Huawei has remained within the
competitive situation, always full of energy.
Gerstner is an extremely low profile and stubborn person. He worked at
IBM for 9 years, been one of the things the media attack is not
working with the media. And some of his competitors, "once
you see the hands of television cameras or reporters interview this
will walk way." Newspaper, a technical trade press, and even
openly accused: "When I give Bill. Cover Heights phone, he
would personally answer the phone; Why Gerstner can not it? "

In Gerstner seems to concentrate on his management of IBM's
public statements to the media than the important, more important is
that Gerstner always think, "say little and do better, but
better than well said done, "or" right before the
media the less the better. " As a listed company's
CEO, Gerstner can not face the media, but he insisted on receiving two
each year the two major media interviews.
Gerstner's this low-key style and Zhengfei very similar.
However, even more of Ren Zhengfei, simply never received the media.
This is hardly affected by the impact of Gerstner, because from the
time since the start of 1988, Ren Zhengfei on the low-profile case,
but low-key style Gerstner certainly strengthened the principle of Ren
Zhengfei low-key.
In 1994, Gerstner launched a major change in IBM, the IBM values in
order to deconstruct, to establish a customer-oriented learning
organizations. These new values include: new products from the company
itself, into production according to customer requirements; from under
the company act in their own way, into the customer's manner;
shift from a moral-style management mainly to the success-oriented
management ; from the fans will be heard and decisions on the basis of
myth, into established on the basis of facts and data; from a
relationship-oriented, into a performance and standards-oriented; from
the people instead of the issue, change things for the right not
people; from focusing only on personal values, into a focus on our
value, namely, collective attention on it; from the balanced fund,
into investment funds focused manner.
In 1993, Gerstner came scarred IBM, see the "technology and
product-led" under the command of the magic wand, IBM has
been seriously out of touch with the market, in his notebook and wrote
this sentence: "This is a serious matter, I must tell all the
senior managers, to learn the user's needs as a basis to
judge." has the iron will of Gerstner, IBM finally set a
"user oriented" enterprise culture. This culture is
an important decision for every IBM introduced the most original
basis. Obviously, Ren Zhengfei learned IBM "as the leading
technology and products," the lesson, Huawei has invested
heavily in a year despite the technical R & D, however,
attention to technical development, Ren Zhengfei also firmly opposed
to the blind, the technology leader, he repeatedly stressed that the
technology development must proceed from the customer's nee
and not blindly in the laboratory what leading-edge technology.
Research on its management, culture, we can clearly find, Ren Zhengfei
on Gerstner's management thought is obviously appreciated an
actively learn from.
Ren Zhengfei Huawei to build the management model and corporate
culture, a considerable part of the IBM 1994 with Gerstner approach
advocated, such as promotion of collectivism, and not the person,
performance appraisal to performance-oriented, only the presence of
Huawei the purpose for customer service, are an obvious brand of IBM
Gerstner era.
In the IPD (Integrated Development, Integrated Product Development)
mobilization meeting, Ren Zhengfei that said: "The world
still very much good management, but we can not learn anything, so the
result can only be an idiot. Because of this to the side pipe, the
pipe to the side, together to offset zero. So we just learn to a
consultant, only to learn IBM. "
Huawei in 1998 accused him of 10 million dollars requested for process
reengineering IBM, IBM is the hope that the management of graft.
Entitled "Continuing to raise per capita benefits, building
high-performance corporate culture" of the statement, Huawei
Ren Zhengfei warned cadres:
All our customers to meet the needs of our processes and organization
will focus on the purpose to build. Configuration Management is
required to meet the basic services and monitoring based on the
number, the configuration will result in excessive waste of resources,
and because of unclear responsibilities, it will reduce efficiency.
Gerstner clearly Huawei is also very interested in his visit, he
toured, studied Huawei.
Gerstner is ordered in the time of distress, save the IBM on the verge
of splitting edge, and re-create the IBM brilliant manager in the
field of information industry companies must scale in order to shorten
the new product investment of time, but tens of thousands of people
company also easy to bureaucratic, therefore, the United States
advanced in technology management is forced out. To have a deep sense
of crisis has always reminded Huawei "and the crisis at
hand" and Ren Zhengfei for such managers are more worthy of
respect, more learning value.
A growing number of science and technology heroes emerge and die, all
scientific and technological progress in promoting the United States
contributed. U.S. occupation of 60% of the world electronics market,
we can not but keep those in the information flow in the short-lived
hero, given the highest respect. Information flows unpredictable,
rapid evolution, so a group of a number of large companies in trouble,
and even die; group after group of small businesses, growing trees for
the support days, trees will again be hit by lightning. Continued
health, constant death, which is characterized by the information
industry. Huawei entered the information as naive and unfortunate
industry back is death, forced on the road of no return. Entrepreneurs
and successors are attempting to undermine the health, survival and
development for enterprise tenacious struggle.
Throughout the rise and fall of the U.S. information industry, and
awful. Five years to the day of the Spring and Autumn, if reduced
within, who is a hero? Huge information flows, rises and falls, with
the network technology and processing technology, the speed will be
faster metabolism. So hard to have the coffin of the hero. Any
crossing of the Hero will give the information to promote the
development of the industry, we should respect them and learn from
them, critically inherit them.
Huawei Ren Zhengfei warn people, only a few died after a few students,
but also to continue living is the real business success, while
Huawei's development is clearly still too smooth, and can not
be said to true success.
In the ensuing pages, the author will interpret different aspects and
perspectives of management thinking Ren Zhengfei.
From "Ren Zhengfei on international operations,"

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