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Who needs COO


									Who needs COO?
You may not surprised something like this: a search and others
co-authored a book, detail the company should begin to create a
"chief operating officer" role in this new approach
and why. You might say, do not control the organizational structure,
first calculate the cost of doing it.
This irony is unreasonable. Well-run business will always need to COO
- in the resistance to such a view before the reader should first
familiarize yourself with those impressive witness: This book, written
to their current and former chief operating officer.
Written by Stephen "Myers (Stephen Miles), and
Nathan," Bennett (Nathan Bennett) collaboration. The former
is a headhunter, is Heidrick & Struggles (Heidrick and
Struggles) a partnership; the latter is the Georgia Institute of
Technology (Georgia Tech) School of Management. They sketched out a
strong cast, including former Sun computer (Sun Microsystems) chief
operating officer of Motorola (Motorola) CEO Ed "Sandel (Ed
Zander); Starbucks (Starbucks) CEO In fact the former chief operating
officer Jim "Donald (Jim Donald); and former Dell (Dell)
Chief Operating Officer, currently own investment company, managing
director of Mott Castletop Capital," Topf (Mort Topfer), etc.
. The book had a total of 22 experienced executives played chief
operating officer, the author first-hand information from their
brilliant analysis.
Why should the CEO and senior staff of the existing post of chief
operating officer between the introduction of it? Miles and Bennett
presents seven reasons.
First, in the "operating intensive" enterprises play
a leading role in the daily; Second, the leadership of a special
strategic initiatives - to achieve profitability in a dynamic
environment, or rapid expansion; Thirdly, chief operating officer, as
a young and inexperienced CEO (usually the company founder) mentor
(such as Topf Dell is the case); Fourth, a balance CEO skills. Fifth,
the establishment of a "dual-leadership system"
(two-in-a-box) model of leadership - such as Microsoft (Microsoft),
Bill "Gates (Bill Gates) and Steve" Ballmer (Steve
Ballmer); s 6, to determine the successor to current CEO of the first
to gain experience; Finally, someone has to retain executives, to
avoid brain drain.
Since there are so many reasons to support this strategy, then the CEO
/ COO of cooperation in practice is how to play it? The book of
respondents to this case is instructive, and has launched several
themes. All former and current chief operating officer of both claims,
the job requirements self-restraint as much as possible. Chief
Operating Officer is not to attract attention, it is very much a
concern within the role. CEO to respond to the external world, it
time-consuming, such as analysts, consumers, regulators and media.
Ed "Ed Zander, Sun CEO Scott computer," McNealy
(Scott McNealy) men's chief operating officer. "For
me, very simple," he said, "I have to make quarterly
goals, the products shipped out of the door, according to business
plans to recruit the right person and be organized." Appears
in Zander, chief operating officer role which deals with everything
related to business operations. Job Title illustrates this point.
Needless to say, trust is crucial, the book cover almost all the chief
operating officer, referred to this point. CEO, chief operating
officer of the act should not be negative, weakening the position of
chief operating officer. Overlap between the two roles may be
inevitable, but should not each other's motives and behavior
of unnecessary guessing. The whole body should feel, the
company's leadership in the work of a healthy relationship.
Appointment of chief operating officer in this matter, who do the
right thing, who have done something wrong? The book cites IBM and
Intel (Intel) for example, they are regarded as the successor to
develop a master planning. Gerstner (Lou Gerstner) Let Palmisano (Sam
Palmisano) as IBM's chief operating officer, a few years
later, he was promoted to CEO Palmisano. Intel is also transparent to
a full understanding of the traditional way of training leaders.
However, the same is in the high-tech industry, recently there have
been a classic case to prove that if there is chief operating officer,
may alleviate a lot of pain. Carly "Fiorina (Carly Fiorina)
despite all the proposals the board has always refused to appoint
chief operating officer. In the HP (Hewlett-Packard) Compaq (Compaq),
this was adding to the difficulty of her work.
Here there be questions. As the authors acknowledged, the appointment
of a chief operating officer of the company carried out academic
research seems to indicate that the performance of these enterprises
is not as chief operating officer of the company who do not. The
author does not endorse the views, they believe, could explain this
phenomenon, perhaps the poor execution, not strategy.
United States, a survey conducted in 2002 found that he was promoted
to chief operating officer, chief executive officer, only 17% of the
company appointed a successor. Several had served as chief operating
officer of the current CEO, said when they promoted priority is to
thoroughly understand business, do not want to insert in the middle of
Chief Operating Officer - Jack "Welch (Jack Welch) is
described back to that situation: too much like wearing a sweater, can
not detect the true temperature.
Nevertheless, the book is on the role of chief operating officer, made
a compelling reason, especially in changing large organizations. Which
most human color, the most practical analysis by Mott "Topf
provided. He concluded that:
"Recently there have been some obvious failures, CEO, and
they are as a person caused by trying to monopolize everything. When
you have 70% of the time is spent on the journey, it will surely
appear indecisive from time to time so that people wait for the
decision-making. I think any ordinary people, those jobs are too
numerous and too challenging to the. "

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