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									When this obituary
At half past eight on the September 29, TU Xu-new teacher's
funeral was held in Hangzhou, the funeral parlor. Farewell ceremony to
participate in college leadership, relevant departments of the school,
some students and teachers relatives and fellow students painted a
total of 100 people.
Tu order new teachers in at 2 o'clock on the September 17,
2009 unfortunately falls sick, died aged 32.
Tu order new teachers in August 1977 Born in Zhejiang, Jinhua, 1995 9
months - in June 2001 studying at Tsinghua University, in June 2000 by
Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering degree, in June 2001 with
LLB degree. September 2001 - 2007 6 She attended Northwestern
University in the United States respectively in 2004 and 2007 received
MS and Ph.D. in geotechnical engineering. Northwestern University in
the United States was engaged in postdoctoral research, in June 2009
to return to college in mid-work.
Tu order new teachers sincere man kind, careful and thoughtful
treatment of colleagues, be respected by all; their students, and
patiently answered questions, several in-depth exchange of students
and student dormitories, loved by students. TU Xu learned new teacher,
ambition, rigorous scholarship, research work seriously dedicated to
To take this opportunity to thank the school teachers and students of
various departments and colleges care!
Dr. James sequence attached to the new primary school experience:
January 2009, Dr. Tu by e-mail contact with the Institute of
Geotechnical the application of the Job;
March 24, provided by the Institute of International air tickets and
accommodation from the conditions to college interview, Dr. James;
April 21, the College will be "new staff appointment
notice" issued to Dr. James, Dr. James said by e-mail the
next day, "I am willing to accept your position and the
treatment provided,";
June 12, Dr. James signed the employment contract with the Zhejiang
July 28, Dr. James provided rental by the Zhejiang University, Yuquan
Campus is located in the village of teachers seeking an apartment.
Apartment building area of 57 square meters (includes separate
kitchen, bathroom and TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, microwave
oven, induction cooker, beds, tables, chairs and other furniture and
electrical facilities). Since then, he successively participated in
the Institute of overseas returnees who organized the forum,
environmental and geotechnical engineering preparations for the
International Conference on the conduct of business, and served as the
2009 freshmen class teacher;
September 1st to 8th, Dr. James Jiang took part in the school campus
in the post at the centralized training of new teachers;
September 8, the school started the second half of the assessment
professional and technical positions. September 11, Dr. James School
"professional or technical titles system" fill in
the declaration, associate professor of relevant information;
September 17, Dr. James 2:00 unfortunate falls sick died.

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