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					What qualities required to become CEO?
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Excellent quality of CEO

Today's most famous stars in the end business management
methods through reached the summit of what?
Carefully study the experience of top CEO's career, we can
find some special skills and working style made outstanding
achievements in their course played a vital role. Each of them leads a
huge business, each person's leadership exhibited by all
withstood the test of time.
CEO are the best way to start their work: visit to the enterprise
market into a new concept, that is, to resolve any issues that should
be the first of the external business environment, and then analyze
the internal environment, the so-called "outside and in
"approach. Many outstanding leadership of CEO's
incredible talent, words, they most love their work and company. The
most successful CEO to understand the importance of corporate culture,
corporate culture is also well aware of the difficulties of
substantive change.

Gerstner: listen to customer opinions
IBM's founder, genius of Thomas Watson (Thomas Watson) has
warned colleagues to "aim high, mind a great cause.&quot
When he said "great cause", he certainly did not
think turned out to be a great loss. However, the early 90s of last
century, corporate giant IBM faced precisely this situation. The
computer not only deep deficits leading enterprises mud, and because
no party business, the situation is getting worse. IBM Board urgently
needs a new business leaders in the end, when he was a giant food
company RJR Nabisco's CEO, Gerstner (Louis V. Gerstner)
selected, stepped in.
Announced the appointment of a rise to a suspicion and anxiety.
Gerstner opponents criticized the lack of management experience in
technology companies. In this regard, Gerstner showed great courage
and patience. For example, when asked about IBM's future
prospects, he replied: "from the current situation, IBM also
simply not talk about any prospects."
Prior to this, the company many people think that, if the company
split into several smaller companies, the possibility of their
respective survivors will be even greater. But Gerstner made the first
important decision is to not split IBM. He took the first flight of
tens of thousands of miles a month, with customers around the world to
meet with the manager, and then made the decision. Tour ended, he
reached a conclusion: IBM expected recovery can not rely on hardware
and software production, but on the company offers a wide range of
computer products and services. If IBM can do this, the customer will
be completely rely on the company to resolve all issues related to
computers, not just relied provision of equipment components or
temporary IT testing services.
Gerstner took the first month of work experience provided to other
managers how to deal with valuable experience in critical situations:
1, take full advantage of all the capabilities of enterprises.
Gerstner clearly he needs to use all the power of IBM to transform the
company, so he had not let the company split. This experience is
equally applicable to medium-sized enterprises. You re-enact major
changes in business strategy or implementation, we must fully mobilize
every part of the business. Never let any one department, unit or
individual to stay out.
2, allow customers to point out the weakness of business. Gerstner
well aware of the situation is not good business. He talked with
customers all over the world, they frankly acknowledge this painful
truth, and ask the customer pointed out that the business problem. In
this regard, your company managers and employees may be well aware,
but your customers are able to provide you with a new perspective. But
Gerstner know only sustain the integrity of business is not enough. He
knew that for them to pull through, we must reverse the mentality of
employees and corporate culture. "IBM has long been plain
sailing, business people looking for the next challenge, he discovers
that it does not come from the market, but from within the enterprise.
Thus the focus of business from the customer to a series of internal
Gerstner was a bold decision, fully committed to reversing the old IBM
corporate culture, "cultivate attention to the market, speed
and team spirit of these three key qualities." No matter how
he felt not stress that too much publicity. The company's
focus from internal friction to the market and the customer service is
"to change the IBM of the most urgent priority."
Recollection of events, the Gerstner said that the change of work
culture, "frustrating." When asked about plans to
change the corporate culture of other managers in place to advice, he
replied: "Be patient, this will take time. This process is
often more than you expect long delays." Gerstner again for
those words and actions to change the corporate culture of companies
facing provides a rough blueprint:
1, so that enterprises outside to find the answer. Once business
leaders realize that business is in crisis, they are likely to freeze
their own learning mechanism. Therefore, they must emphasize the
importance of customer and market focus, and set an example, draw
strength from our competitors, humbly ask to key customers.
2, attention to three key factors: market issues, speed and teamwork.
Gerstner is to these principles reshaped IBM. These timeless ideas,
whether in small shops or large enterprises are also applicable.
3, changing the corporate culture to understand the long-term nature
of this task. In large enterprises such as IBM, especially, but small
businesses are no exception. Major changes must try to be patient.
4, do not expect managers and employees take the initiative to adapt
to changes in strategy. Any substantive strategic change may be used
to the old ways of staff conflict. Therefore, leaders should be in the
corporate culture and corporate strategy on the two-pronged approach,
common to achieve change.
Gerstner to IBM within five years from the loss of 16 billion U.S.
dollars back to a profit of 5 billion U.S. dollars, which is one of
the most amazing revival. Gerstner was such a huge success, not just
by selling more computers, but to an old hardware manufacturers
transformed into a new company, one to provide customers with
solutions to the problem rather than simple hardware sales enterprise.

Now, self-assess the quality of you as a CEO:
You are to solve customer problems for the purpose of, or adhere to
the product-centric thinking? If you choose the latter, you and your
team on some issues to resolve. Do you often receive clients in the
office, with customers face to face communication? If not, you and
other senior managers have much time with customers together? Does
your business services from existing products, profit? How will the
expansion of this business?
Gates: employee talent to play
Microsoft is the world's largest and most powerful companies.
Even in the economy since 2000 and technology downturn,
Microsoft's operating conditions are still better than most
technology companies, achieved sales growth of 12%. Although the
company is in some legal dispute, Microsoft still is one of many
companies to follow their example. First, it is a "creative
first" business. Bill Gates (Bill Gates) and other senior
managers spend a lot of time and effort to create a good environment
in the company, so that all employees can contribute to the
enterprise's knowledge base.
Of course, this is also the goal of many enterprises verbal. But the
company achieve this goal better than other companies. Gates has been
publicizing this kind of enterprise culture: not only to encourage all
employees to think and encourage them to put their ideas and business
colleagues and within the upper and lower managers to share. He uses
"digital nervous system" describes information
sharing within the enterprise. He believes that the role of digital
information like the meaning of the central nervous system, like the
human body. The digital-type nervous system, including strategic
planning and the like not only the macro issues, but also includes
exchanges with customers like ordinary but very critical event
information. Digital nervous system to establish the ultimate goal is
to create a faster, more decisiveness in the enterprise. This ability
to integrate enterprise information, the stronger, more convenient
access to information workers, the market reflects the more rapid
Gates to create the ideal business, should consider taking the
following steps:
1, the company's most important digital information. Digital
mode only to the most important information on the integration, be
possible to build a digital nervous system. To ensure that key sales
reports, memos and proposals and other documents into the online
database. In addition, we must ensure that all necessary information
to employees and managers can have ready access to such information.
2, to ensure that the infrastructure of business and corporate culture
encourages every member of staff to make creative. Gates believes that
Microsoft's corporate culture on the formation of corporate
Internet strategy has played a great role in promoting. If enterprises
can not really encourage employees to contribute their ideas and
creativity are likely to miss a potentially valuable important
Gates attaches great importance to promote a higher level of
employees. In his view, the most accurate data is needed middle-level
managers and employees, because they are responsible for most
practical work. Therefore, he abandoned the enterprise to promote the
habit of centralized collection of information, but their
understanding of education staff, analysis of information and take
appropriate action. The following methods will help to promote the
flow of information within the enterprise:
1, encourage any employees and customers contact you directly. In most
companies, virtually no one dares to send e-mail directly to the CEO.
Gates set an example to encourage people to write e-mail him at any
time. He not only wanted to hear good news, also called for faster and
to hear bad news.
2, with "pure digital transactions" as the goal.
Gates stressed that the operation of the enterprise, there still
exists a large number of inefficient phenomenon. This is because the
"pure digital transactions," caused by low levels.
To encourage customers, suppliers, key sectors and enterprises in
close cooperation to achieve transactions (such as to-order supply,
etc.) of pure digital.
3, to ensure that enterprises can quickly retrieve the information
already. Gates called the "corporate memory." Need
access to important information not only employees of enterprises,
enterprises also have such external customer needs. Thus, in
discussing the trading accounts, corporate account manager with the
customers to have access to the same file, retrieve the required
Improve corporate memory has the following methods:
1, to ensure your customers and suppliers and employees the same
access to information. This makes transactions go more easily. This
approach requires a great adjustment on the psychological state.
2, 60 seconds to ensure that any documents and files search. If your
business fail the test, then all these transactions and the operation
of the process of digital would be meaningless.

Now, self-assess the quality of you as a CEO:
In your business, if there are staff is only responsible for the
information entered into the system? Do you encourage employees at all
levels and positions the company to any person to send e-mail?
According to the senior management team, your last beyond the
recommendations of the general staff to make important decisions is
Kelleher: the use of cultural assets
ºÕ²¼¿-À³ºÕ (Herb Kelleher) became Southwest Airlines (Southwest A
the CEO, the company only has 27 planes, only 270 million U.S. dollars
turnover. By 2001, the company has grown to 57 million. Despite the
energetic lawyer, the outgoing CEO in 2001, but his impact on the
business of building, and continued to the present.
From the fare structure to the policy without reserve a seat,
Southwest Airlines, are in almost all areas of the traditional
philosophy and challenges. But the loss has never appeared as the only
major airline year, its achievements must be attributed to its unique
corporate culture. Staff extremely loyal to the company, although they
believe Southwest is a large enterprise, but enterprise warm intimate
atmosphere more like a small family. Kelleher of the bureaucracy has
always hated. He said: "The Southern Air's corporate
culture may be its main competitive advantages. Intangible assets of
enterprises is much more important than tangible assets. This is
because tangible assets can make up the gap. You can buy the aircraft,
you can hire booking counter, but your spirit is the staff of other
companies can not replicate. "
Increase in fuel costs twice a crisis when Southwest Airlines,
Kelleher asked each employee save 5 dollars a day for the enterprise.
If they can do that, then a year down the company would save 5,000
In fact, the employees respond positively to his call. A group of
engineers developed a more economical method of air heating, and the
other departments, staff willing to take the house cleaning work in
this sector, and so on. Just the first six weeks, Kelleher under these
hardworking employees on the company saved more than 200 million. Thi
example clearly shows the managers and employees of mutual trust
between the great power.
Southwest Airlines also employed in the personnel to corporate culture
as the standard. Apply for a job in the 9 million people each year,
only 4% of people will be hired. To ensure that employees and
enterprises with suitable, Southwest Airlines must meet the set
looking for active, affinity and sense of humor as one of the
corporate culture. To this end, the company uses a personality test,
positive emotions, optimism, decision-making, teamwork, communication
skills, self-confidence, self-motivation in terms of ability to assess

Your business in key positions on the candidates to conduct interviews
of personnel, may wish to adopt Nakailaihe proposal to adopt the
following two methods:
1, evaluation of intangible assets. Kelleher well aware that an
important intangible assets than tangible assets. For example, the
attitude is difficult to assess, but in creating a corporate culture
of Southwest Airlines, the attitude is a very important factor.
2, to establish its own employment standards system. List for you and
your business all the most important characteristics, and make hiring
decision, we must ensure that the character of the candidates to meet
these requirements.
Although Southwest Airlines is a big business, but maintains a small
company spirit. Many companies are pretentious manner, carrying the
shelf, but Kelleher is actively encouraged to create a relaxing
atmosphere, in particular, especially when at work. He believes that
CEO should spend more time in contact with the customers at home and
abroad, and to leave other tasks to handle at night and on weekends.
He warned the staff not only concerned about statistics, but should
focus on services. He said: "We told the staff not to worry
about profit, simply to serve our customers. Profit is the product of
He also explained that the spirit of participation in a really rich
environment, managers are without too much intervention. "If
you create an environment in which we truly participate, you do not
need to monitor and control."
The corporate culture also features:
1, the manager of low wage standards, high standards of wages.
Kelleher said that without a fair and reasonable compensation system,
there is no more of them corporate culture. He set wage standards for
employees above the industry average, and allow all employees to
participate company's generous profit sharing plans. But he
paid the salaries of managers than other airlines by 30%. Southwest
Airlines executives try to compensate for the income gap caused by the
stock right of first refusal.
2, the corporate management structure within the limit at four levels.
Just hire the right people and let them share the profits is not
enough. To ensure the smooth implementation of various decisions, the
company's chairman insisted that managers from the CEO to a
maximum of Division 4 first-line managers. The most outstanding
performance of staff, who have confidence in their decision making,
proactive attitude of the staff work.

Now, self-assess the quality of you as a CEO:
In your enterprise, between staff and management is a high degree of
trust? Without the approval of the owner, employees are able to
independently make decisions? Most employees are sharing in the
economic or other business income? Your enterprise recruitment is
based on attitude, or more rigid under various conditions?
Honest communication is more important than intellectual exchange. Not
only that, on goals, ideas, emotions, creativity and love of the
exchange, and exchanges on the situation and figures are equally
Like Gerstner, Bill Gates, Kelleher outstanding as CEO, although the
origins are different, but they can accurately grasp the needs of the
future, created a landmark product, work processes or solutions, the
implementation of the most outstanding creativity. They are the rich
and the expansion of management knowledge to make an important