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Space Planner Resume Example

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									        123 Em Street ∼ Miami, FL 33183 ∼ Home: 305.555.5555 Cell: 305.444.4444 ∼ jkendall@notmail.com

                                             JESSE KENDALL
                                       ∼ BUSINESS / SPACE MANAGER ∼
An organized and deadline-driven leader in project management and space planning with nine years of experience in
providing business solutions and technology to increase productivity and efficiency. Skilled at supervising teams and
envisioning strategies that propel them to achieve company goals. A self-starter with adept research and marketing
skills. Innovative in discovering cost-cutting methods and budgeting techniques. Commended for providing creative
and engaging presentations to secure new business and maintain existing customers. Strengths include:
    Business Administration ∼ Client Relations ∼ Small Business Operations ∼ Results-Oriented Business Planning
           Targeted Advertising ∼ Hiring / Termination ∼ Securing Permits / Licensing ∼ Vendor Relations
               Pricing ∼ System / Standard Developing ∼ Graphic Arts Support ∼ Event Coordination
                                     Floor Plan Assessing ∼ Trade Show Setup

                                                  ∼ TRACK RECORD ∼

SPACE PLANNER ∼ MIAMI, FL ______________________________________________________ 20XX TO PRESENT
Establish a successful home renovation company by implementing results-oriented business planning and devising
targeted advertising. Conduct billing and deliver quotes for projects. Handle administrative tasks.
    •   Protected company from legal problems by becoming educated on small business requirements.
    •   Wrote comprehensive business plan that examined areas of city that needed renovation, and performed
        extensive industry research and uncovered customer needs / wants.

SPACE PLANNER ∼ MIAMI, FL _________________________________________________________ 20XX TO 20XX
Planned, directed, coordinated, and oversaw 1,697,895 square feet of office space in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and
West Palm Beach. Hired contractors and subcontractors to perform required projects. Worked with management and
office staff to maintain / secure appropriate permits and licensing. Maintained accurate floor plans in company-wide
database. Built out new spaces and oversaw budgeting for each site with a budget ranging from $50K to $3 million.
Interfaced with architects to create new spaces and vendors to design and price the lighting, carpet, paint, cubicles, and
office / conference room furniture. Interfaced with internal groups such as facilities, IT, and project management to
make sure aspects of employee relocation went smoothly. Cultivated and managed key business relationships. Directed
the closing of sites during decrease in business from failed corporate merger.
    •   Ensured lowest possible level of vacancies, saving the company overhead costs.
    •   Promoted telecommuting among groups, producing cost savings.
    •   Applied an information, move, add, change system throughout sites, which streamlined processes.
    •   Collaborated with Vice Presidents to create user-friendly spaces that met the needs of their groups.
    •   Secured the application of cutting-edge technology in new spaces.
    •   Achieved Sprint Excellence Award for successful build-out in Bethesda, MD.
    •   Designated by peers for achieving standard of excellence within supervised sites.

                                            ∼ CREDENTIALS / TRAINING ∼

Bachelor of Arts: Business Administration, XYZ University – In Progress
Training includes: BOMI, Working Together, Stress Management, Facilities Management, and completion of Hogan
                   Personality Test
Technical skills:   MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access; AutoCAD R14; Persuasion; FrameMaker; FileMaker Pro;
                    HyperCard; and Lotus 1-2-3

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