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									                                                  JESSE KENDALL
               123 Elm Street • Miami, FL 33183 • (H) 305-555-5555 • (C) 305-444-4444 • jkendall@notmail.com

                                                 FLOORING SPECIALIST
Expert Flooring Specialist with superior product knowledge of hardwood floors, tile, vinyl, laminates, coverings,
treatments, and product care. Accomplished customer service and sales associate who understands the importance of
client satisfaction in generating referrals and repeat business. Highly successful relationship builder with more than 20
years of experience providing top-notch sales and service. In-house technical guru, proficient in PC construction, repair,
troubleshooting, Internet security, and small network privacy. Areas of expertise:

       •   Flooring & Floor Coverings            •   Relationship Building                 •   Training
       •   Estimates & Diagrams                  •   New Business Development              •   Budgets
       •   Sales & Service                       •   PC Systems                            •   Cost Control

                                             PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

ABC HOME SUPPLIES – Miami, FL                                                                                   20xx to Present
Flooring Specialist: Assist customers in person and via telephone with choosing custom carpeting, hardwood flooring, and
ceramic tile based on taste, style, budget, and dimension constraints. Lead customers through sample selections using display
and print aids, and develop alternate preliminary packages. Conduct site visits to customer homes to obtain measurements,
develop resource and materials lists, and build job quotes. Close sales and guide customers through the credit application
process. Schedule installs including vendor and third-party service provider participation as necessary. Expedite delivery by
removing financial, supply, and scheduling obstacles. Cross-sell floor care products, window treatments, and shelving.
•   Served as integral team member contributing to the San Mateo store’s reputation as the #1 store in the district for six
    consecutive years.
•   Generated client referrals and repeat business through superior service and sales support. Earned reputation as the resource
    of choice for new customers.
•   Facilitated store opening; trained 15 sales representatives in product features, customer service, and sales techniques.
•   Recognized with more than 25 service awards including a $1000 bonus for superior performance and willingness to “go the
    extra mile” to achieve satisfaction.

BCD CARPETS – Miami, FL                                                                                     20xx to 20xx
Flooring Specialist: Assisted customers with in-store product selection. Conducted home visits to finalize measurements,
diagrams, and resource estimates. Facilitated installation, warranty services, and account payments.
•   Supported store manager in store opening and closing.
•   Sold more than $98,000 in products during the last month.

CDE CARPETING – Miami, FL                                                                                  20xx to 20xx
Flooring Specialist: Generated new client business while nurturing relationships with established customer base.
Accomplished comprehensive cleaning of carpets, upholstery, and area rugs with the goal of restoring them to “like new”
condition. Specialized in removing corner and pet stains and rejuvenating heavily traveled areas.
•   Commended by customers for exceptional responsiveness and service quality.


                Associate of Science Program in Business, XYZ Community College, Miami, FL

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