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					What is a computer-aided design (CAD)

What is a computer-aided design (CAD)

Computer-aided design and computer graphics equipment that help
designers to design work. Referred to as CAD. In engineering and
product design, the computer can help designers responsible for
computing, information storage and mapping and other work. Zaishe Ji
usually use computers a great deal of different programs of
calculation, analysis and Bijiao, to determine the best option;
Gezhong design, whether on digital, text, or Tu Xing, and
Dounengcunfang the computer's memory or Wai Cun Li, and fa
retrieval; designers usually start with a sketch design, working
drawing Bianwei draft plan to the heavy work can be handed over to the
computer to complete; automatically generated by the computer design
of the results, you can quickly make Tuxing displayed, so that
designers timely design decisions and changes; use of computers and
graphics can edit, zoom, pan and rotate the graphic data processing
and other related work. CAD designers can reduce the labor, shorten
the design cycle and improve design quality. For example:
computer-aided circuit design
?Overview of CAD
50 years of the 20th century was born in the United States first
computer drawing system, began with a simple plot function in passive
computer-aided design techniques. Appeared in the early 60's
cad of the surface film technology, the commercialization of the
medium-term introduction of computer graphics equipment. 70's
began to form a complete cad system, post-emergence to produce
realistic graphics raster scan display, launched a manual cursor,
graphics tablet and other forms of graphic input devices, for the cad
technology. 80, with a strong VLSI microprocessors and memory devices
made of the emergence of engineering workstations come out, cad
technology in small and medium enterprises and gradually spread. Since
the mid-80s, cad technology to standardization, integration,
intelligent direction. Some of the standard graphical interface
software, and graphics one after another, to cad technologies,
Ruanjian of transplantation He Shuju share important role in promoting
from ÁË; Xitong construction You Guo Qu's Danyi function
Biancheng Syndicated news features, there Liao aided and Fu Zhu She Ji
manufacturing into one of the computer integrated manufacturing
system; curing technology, network technology, multi-processor and
parallel processing technology in the cad application, cad greatly
improved system performance; artificial intelligence and expert system
technology into cad, there intelligent cad technology, the ability of
solving problem cad system greatly enhanced the design process more
automated. Now, cad in electronics and electrical, scientific
research, mechanical design, software development, robotics, apparel,
publishing, factory automation, civil engineering, geology, computer
art, widely used in various fields.
?CAD system function
Modern CAD systems include:

(1) design component reuse (Reuse of design components)

(2) Summary of design changes and version control functions (Ease of
design modification and versioning)

(3) design standards for components generated automatically (Automatic
generation of standard components of the design)

(4) whether the design rules to meet the requirements and the actual
test (Validation / verification of designs against specifications and
design rules)

(5) No need to build physical prototypes of the design of simulation
(Simulation of designs without building a physical prototype)

(6) assembly (pile of parts or other assemblies) and automatic design

(7) the output of engineering documents, such as manufacturing
drawings, BOM (Bill of Materials)

(8) design to production equipment directly to the output

(9) to rapid prototyping or rapid manufacturing industry the direct
output of the prototype machine

CAD software introduced

MicroStation is as famous international and AutoCAD two-dimensional
and three-dimensional CAD design software, the first version of the
Bentley brothers from the completed development in 1986. The special
format is DGN, and is compatible with AutoCAD's DWG / DXF

MicroStation is Bentley Systems, Incorporated in the construction,
civil engineering, transportation, processing plants, discrete
manufacturing, government, utilities and telecommunications network
solutions for the areas of basic platform.

MicroStation has a very strong compatibility and scalability, can be
achieved through a series of third-party software, many special
effects. For example, third-party plug-ins with TurnTool can directly
publish online three-dimensional display case MicroStation