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Well-known retail chain of 20 people Description:
Bill Hunter: 21st Century Real Estate CEO
21st Century Real Estate President Bill Hunter is accompanied by the
growth of the 21st century system of senior business management
experts. Bill in 1969, entered the real estate industry, as the shop
owner began his career. In 1978, he led his agency to join the 21st
century real estate system, in the highly competitive real estate
market has achieved top performance. In 1987, Bill sold his business
to include the U.S. headquarters of Century 21 Real Estate. New
Zealand has served as executive director of the 21st century
Australia president, chief executive of Indonesia, Central America,
the rank of CEO. In 2001, in order to develop the world's
largest market, Mr. Bill appointed president of the 21st Century Real
Estate, started the trip to China in the 21st century.
Su: Yum global restaurant group president of Greater China
Su, Wharton MBA, Yum Restaurants Group, the global president of
Greater China. He made "In China, into the life of"
localization development strategy, to Kentucky to China fully into the
lives of people.
Su to Kentucky in the majority of consumers successfully establish the
concept of healthy eating and a lot of work in this regard. Out from
the official 1998 Greater China president Ren Baisheng start, he has
been working to develop into a Chinese restaurant Yum brand. Enough to
make him happy is now, Yum in China, "a leading market
position," the desire has been achieved. KFC's
profits in China accounted for one third of the world's KFC.
KFC has become the fastest growing and largest fast-food
"double winners."
Bill Ernest: Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong Disneyland
Bill Ernest in 1994 and joined the Walt Disney Company, who has served
as vice president of operations and support DisneyCruiseLine, Walt
Disney Resort Vice President of Operations, 1997, a former Walt Disney
World Resort, vice president of operations, access to a wealth of
holiday area management experience; 1998 launch in the United States,
Florida, Disney cruise, visitors are most satisfied with the service
to become one of Disney service. He was a veteran of the hotel
industry workers in 1996 as Disney's CaribbeanBeach Resort a
Walt Disney World in Disney's All-Star Resorts General
Join Disney ago, Mr. Ernest Marriott Hotels in the United States to
work for more than 40 during the opening of the hotel. Residence
InnsCourtyardsand Fairfield Inns, he was appointed leader of
marketing, management, operating 25 hotels.
Ye Ying: Global Vice President of Kodak
Ye Ying was born in Beijing, studying in Taiwan, the U.S. journalist,
diplomat and later returned to China to do, joined the company in
1997, he served as vice president and general manager of external
affairs. Responsible for the management, including China, Hong Kong
and Taiwan, Greater China, including Kodak's external affairs
and the media and public relations. She is the core negotiating team
Kodak project one of three members. Through negotiations, Kodak has
successfully allowed to invest 1.2 billion U.S. dollars in China to
establish production base photosensitive materials, the project known
as "Kodak model." Kodak in China in the developme
of her implementation of the strategy played a key role. March 1999,
Yip was appointed vice president of Kodak's Asia Pacific
general manager of External Affairs to assume more responsibility.
Subsequently, Yip in January 2001 was appointed vice chairman of
Kodak's Greater China, responsible for China, Hong Kong and
Taiwan region.
Yiyi Fan: Watson Group Chief Executive Officer
British, 46 years old, entered China 11 years. In 1994, Yi Yifan he
became head of the North PNS; in 1999 took over the South, became
Managing Director responsible for China PARKnSHOP business; in May
2002 rose Renbai Jia-owned retail food Watson Chief Executive Officer
of the Department, Watson's current food guide, the Departmen
of Electronic and department stores and many well-known retail brands
in the business, including China PARKnSHOP, Fortress, Watson&#3
Wine Cellar, GREAT and so on.
Wang Hao: Sunco Group Chairman and CEO
Wang Hao, 34-year-old Master of Architecture, Institute designer, and
state-owned banks in China Vanke to work after entering Shunchi, Wang
Hao served as chief financial officer, executive officer and other
positions. January 19, 2005 began as Sunco Group Chairman and CEO, h
refined and handsome appearance, poise, and wisdom of the conversation
gave logical thinking people left a deep impression. Wang Hao for his
assessment is "ability to learn." The outside world
believes that "young", "master of financial
knowledge" and "familiar with the overall operation
of enterprises," Wang Hao is the emergence of three major
Now, Wang Hao has led Shunchi set foot on the "New
Years" of the journey, his goal is to lead the Shunchi in
three to five years to achieve 50 billion or even 100 billion in
sales. In the meantime, he should take the guaranteed rate of return
on equity and corporate profitability to enhance and promote sound
management team, make the right investment choices.
Li Jianming: Chain Co., Ltd. in the telecommunications domain,
chairman, president
In 1994, Li Jianming brand created in the domain, as of now, the
domain chain network across 25 provinces and the market chain has
grown to 2,800. In 2003, Li Jianming was elected China's top
ten sales figures; in 2004, Li Jianming was awarded the Ten
Outstanding Chinese brand-building contributions of individuals, the
only selected private entrepreneurs in Guangdong this column.
32-year-old Li Jianming only in the field to lead the successful
operation of the mobile telecommunications manufacturers to sell
direct supply terminals, a Chinese mobile phone circulation first
person to eat crab. Successful manufacturer in the direct supply line
of products, after successful operation in 2004, 21 buy cell phone
operation, the buyout product sales volume of almost 20% of full range
of products, also created the industry competitors can not match 60%
of the profit component.
Tang Qingshun: Beijing Dong Lai Shun Group General Manager
Tang Qingshun in 2003 as the newly formed "Donglaishun
Group" president and general manager. In the same year on
September 19, Donglaishun Group business celebrations marking the
century, while Tang Qingshun proposed for the development of long-term
strategy Donglaishun Group - "1234 Project", that is
to build China's Halal Food "one brand",
Halal food market and the expansion of two major halal food market.
The formation of chain stores, chain factory, chain tripod chain
management system, the formation of Direct business, chain,
distribution center, production and processing four business segments.
The end of 2003, Tang Qingshun this was awarded the "2003 T
Ten Beijing business."
Currently, Donglaishun Group in a total business area of 65,000 square
meters, nearly 600 million yuan in operating income. Peking Eastern
Group in the next 5 to 10 years of chain development objectives are:
to 2005, operating income 1.5 billion, the scale of the development
chain to 200; to 2010, operating income 3.0 billion, the scale of the
development chain to 300.
Jiang Junxian: Beijing Quanjude Group Co., Ltd. Chairman and General
Jiang Junxian, graduated from the Renmin University of China, Master
of Economics, Senior Economist; in May 1993, set up the China Beijing
Quan Ju De Roast Duck Corporation, any Vice Chairman, Executive Vice
President; in 1996 he became Beijing Quan Ju De Roast Duck Group
president and general manager; in 1998 in Beijing, China after the
reform of any Quanjude Group Co., Ltd. president and general manager.
He made Quanjude changed the traditional hand-style business model
workshop, took intensive, large-scale operation and development of the
road; he took the lead in the national restaurant chain launched a
franchise system; He boldly introduced the concept of modern catering
industry enterprise management, the establishment of a set of new
management concepts. He continues to re-interpretation of
"all without missing, gather the dispersed, Rende
first" the eternal "Quanjude" spirit.
Deng Renrong: Dicos Food Development Co., Ltd. Corporation Deputy
General Manager
Taiwan University, MBA, chain and franchise in research and managemen
for over 10 years experience. Served as Taiwan Manabe coffee shop,
old-age is the Long River Development and Operations Division, since
1999, serving Ting Hsin International Group Dicos Food Development
Co., Ltd. Corporation, Director of Development, responsible for Dicos
market development, planning and development of franchise systems
work, so Dicos rapid growth in six years, and a breakthrough between
the 500 stores.
Bo Force: Super 8 China's President and CEO
Presnick in Hong Kong and mainland China has 16 years experience in
branding and management, is now living in Beijing, is fluent in
Mandarin. Joined the Super 8 China before taking office Mr. Pak force
of international public relations firm Edelman, Executive President he
became. In the meantime, Bo force of Procter & Gamble,
Microsoft, Mars, Intel, Wrigley, Anheuser - Busch (Budweiser),
GlaxoSmithKline, Fujifilm, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Ericsson, CHUBB,
etc. well-known multinational companies entering the Chinese market as
well as the brand in China to provide advisory services.
Super 8 China as president and CEO, Mr. Pak forces to lead the company
in 2005, achieved remarkable results, enhancing the investment value
of the economy hotels, economy hotels on the market for investment
play an important role in promoting. At the same time, he led the
Super 8 China on early November 2005 two months ahead of the mandate
of the year plan, and, Shide Deyi Super 8 brand in China, fast and
good communication, this Duiyu Super 8 in China, management and
promotion Youzhaofeichang significance.
Sun Danwei: Wu Yu Tai Tea Company General Manager
Sun Danwei, Beijing Wu Yu Tai Tea Company's general manag
depending on the quality of corporate life, like caring for your eyes
to maintain corporate brand and reputation.
Since its establishment, the Sun Danwei has always insisted on quality
and customer satisfaction of business ideas, and guide enterprises to
quality and efficiency of the road to sustainable development
In 1999, the company passed the ISO9002 international quality
management system certification. Sun Danwei said, the process of
establishing quality management system is the opportunity of improving
your sense of quality, but also quality conscious employees set the
best time. Until from ISO9002 ISO9001: 2000, she was always concerned
about the quality of state enterprises, goods and services to emerging
quality problems, asked to analyze the reasons, to take measures to
continuous improvement.
At the same time, Sun Danwei led the Wu Yu Tai Tea industry in Beijing
took the lead chain, "six reunification" Wu Yu Tai
chain management has laid a solid foundation for business. The end of
2004, Wu Yu Tai has become a specialty store chain has more than 80, 3
tea, 1 tea chain logistics center management company, formed the scale
of operations to realize economies of scale.
Wang Chaolong: Starbucks president of Beijing Mei Da
Wang Chaolong, Beijing Mei Da Coffee Co. executive vice president of
Starbucks, 1985 to 1987, studied at the University of California, San
Diego State Information and Decision Systems professional, be MBA.
After he returned to Taiwan, in Taipei, a textile group financial
manager appointed. The end of 1988 into the American Rental Group as a
credit manager. 1991 Department of Asian fund management company
appointed senior investment manager. December 1996 began the Beijing
Mei Da Coffee Co., Ltd. invests Fang Handing Starbucks Asia Pacific
(Hong Kong) Limited Vice President.
He is a very dedicated professional managers, the position changes for
their own reasons, he comes down to: be familiar with Chinese culture,
not in communication with the Mainland enterprises have barriers;
learning management background, the Chinese mainland has rich project
Six years, Wang Zhaolong grow from a nobody to a star, and quickly
Evolution of fashion as a symbol of the symbol. He led the American
and Starbucks, from the beginning of the first shop, on an average
annual rate of 10 two cities in China to open 60 stores out of
Ken Mai High: TNT China CEO
Ken Mai 1979, Gao has been working for TNT, 26 years to his strategic
leadership and performance aspects of a notable success good at the
company's headquarters business Mubiaoxunsu You Lide
introduced to each business. As across Europe, Asia, Middle East,
Africa and the Indian region are international, he was aware of
cross-cultural, cross-boundary management practices. His management
experience covers express, logistics and postal services, including
sales, operations, headquarters and senior management objectives of
change management and other fields. To further attention to the
Chinese market and accelerate the development of this market, Ken Mai
Gao was appointed as China TNT Group Chief Executive Officer, in
addition to leading express and logistics business unit of five major
markets, 3600 employees and business operations, but also full
responsibility for the company operations in China, reporting directly
to the TNT Group Board of Directors.
Bai Jiefu: SUBWAY general agent in China
50-year-old Bai Jiefu in Beijing, known as the "king of
franchises." His venture, the Chinese have not
"franchise" that. Bai Jiefu (Jim Bryant) in the
Beijing office plastered with awards: 1997, SUBWAY (Subway)
International franchise best sales people, single-store sales in 2002,
the fastest growing category in June 2003 to 2004 3 On sales in Asia
to join the top prize.
Bai Jiefu's philosophy is: "In this system, under the
direct supervision of the concessionaire will not promise them, but
through the regional headquarters, the development agent layer
monitoring. The development of agents have some decision-making powe
in their region to deal directly with Many franchisees for the
management of affairs, only in the event of significant matters, the
only reported a higher level. "Thus, the headquarters do not
have hands-on, can control the situation and devise strategies. This
design not only reinforces the headquarters of the remote control
system as a whole, but also detailed matters of daily supervision of
the regional division of labor, applied to the SUBWAY franchise Zhe
Yang's ´óÐÍ ÍøÂç very Zouxiao.
Lv Weimin: Best Buy Asia president, vice president and China
As the world's largest consumer electronics, personal
computers and entertainment software retailer specialized chain best
buy (Best Buy), Vice President and Asia's Mr. Lv Weimin,
president of China, graduated from the China University of Technology,
with University of Illinois at Chicago Master's degree. Best
buy in 1995, joined the company in 1999 was promoted to vice
president. Period in office, he re-operation processes through the
establishment of best buy.com, to create the company product strategy,
the establishment of the company's first global procurement
office, efforts to build world-class retail capabilities.
Mr. Lv Weimin that, compared to international mature enterprises,
Chinese manufacturers need of management philosophy and product
information on issues to improve, they will be more mature and into
the U.S. market. Mr. Lv Weimin often quoted Singapore Prime Minister
Lee Kuan Yew's remark: "China is changing not only
the participants in the revolution, and is one of the largest
players." He believes that best buy is to enter the Chinese
market by positioning themselves in this transformation role.
Lan: Beijing South Beauty Food Co., Ltd. President
Lan in 1987 graduated from the Beijing College of Business
Administration in 1989, went to Canada, back in 1991, 2000, Zhang Lan,
founder of South Beauty, with its many years of accumulation in the
overseas venture capital, and advanced management experience, after
long and painstaking investigation, learning more French, Southeast
Asia, North America countries, unique dining some of the advanced
management mode and style of Ji Chu Shang, in 2000 China Beijing
Founder Yi "Qiao Jiangnan" brand of, Ji Wen Hua is
Yiti East and West , and has a unique flavor of the Sichuan Fine
restaurants, the same year the establishment of Beijing,
"South Beauty" Food Co., Ltd..
The open office in Beijing, where the top of the food chain to the
environment and spicy elegant poetic atmosphere of the elite fire and
signs the pride and appetite firmly attracted business people, and
become "food" yet another synonym. By the end of
April this year, branches in Hong Kong, South Beauty has opened, which
is an important step in expanding markets Zhang Lan.
Lan's goal is "to make both the guests sitting in the
most classical style of China's most beautiful and the most
avant-garde, the most elegant of Western-style restaurant, enjoy a
delicious heart by the throat, straight."
Huang Guangyu: States United States Group President
Head of Huang Guangyu of GOME, in Beijing worked hard for 15 years,
earned 1.5 billion, and in 2003 successfully boarded the
"Forbes" Mainland China Rich List No. 27, started by
appliance sales, he is also very line of the capital operation of. In
1999, the country had to break the U.S. 10 state-owned shopping
centers in Tianjin to attack, get new chain business on the first win
of the traditional commercial channels; in 2000, it easily smashed
Konka, TCL and other 9 color TV enterprises limit alliances and
persist in 2004, parted ways with the air boss Gree.
January 1, 1987, Huang Guangyu Zhu Shi Kou Street in Beijing, founder
of Gome, a small store. And always adhere to the "small
profits, the service at the head" business purposes. GOME
Electrical Appliances in 1999 to lead into Tianjin, has taken the
first step in home appliance retail chain nationwide. GOME over 2003
business in Hong Kong, has taken the first step of globalization
electronics retail chain. At present, Gome 88 cities across the
country have directly managed stores 330, top of the first Chinese
home appliance retail industry.
Zhi-Min Wang: Formosa Optical Co., Ltd. Chief Executive Officer

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