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					Defense Agency
Customer Service Conference

Defense Finance and Accounting Service
Ms. Martha Stearns
March 13, 2007

          Integrity - Service - Innovation

     FY 2009 End State – Operation Highlights
     Centers of Excellence
     DFAS Cleveland Organization Structure Site
     DFAS Cleveland Assets, Functional Overview, Network
     BRAC Implications
     Transforming DFAS Cleveland
     DFAS Cleveland Initiatives, Successes, Challenges

8/30/2010              Integrity - Service - Innovation     2
   FY2009 End State - Operation Highlights

          Cleveland                     Columbus                             Indianapolis                        Limestone

Navy Field Accounting           Air Force Field Accounting        Army Field Accounting                 Air Force Field Accounting
Marine Corps Field Accounting   Defense Agencies Accounting       Classified Accounting                 Administrative Services
Navy/Marine Corps               Disbursing                        Corporate Accounting
   Active & Reserve Pay         Corporate Organizations           Disbursing
Disbursing                      Strategic Business Mgmt           Army/Air Force Active & Reserve Pay     Center of Excellence
Civilian Pay                                                      Trust Fund Accounting                       Limestone
Corporate Organizations          Center of Excellence             Civilian Pay
Strategic Business Mgmt               Columbus                    Transportation Payments
                                                                                                        Transportation Working
                                                                  Travel Pay
                                                                                                        Capital Fund Accounting
                                   Acquisition Accounting         Out of Service Debt
 Centers of Excellence              including Contract Pay        Corporate Organizations
      Cleveland                                                   Strategic Business Mgmt
Retired and Annuitant Pay
Garnishments                                                          Center of Excellence
                                                                         Indianapolis                   Army Field Accounting
                                                                                                        Administrative Services
                                                                  Security Assistance Accounting
                                                                                                          Centers of Excellence
                                                                                                          Medical Accounting
NOTES:                                                                                                    Special Ops Accounting
1. Backup for Travel Pay will reside in Columbus until DTS is fully implemented
2. Arlington Liaison, Bratenahl, Texarkana and OCONUS locations also continue mission operations

   8/30/2010                                    Integrity - Service - Innovation                                                     3
DFAS Cleveland – Centers of Excellence for:

  Retired & Annuitant Pay: Computes and generates over $3B in payroll
   payments monthly
             Comprised of three major components:
                • Continuing Government Activity
                • Contractor (Lockheed Martin)
                • DFAS Contracting Services Directorate (CSD)
  Garnishments: $50-60M average monthly payout
             Recognized as “World Class” for garnishment automated data systems.
              Cleveland’s Garnishment Operations is the sole provider of Garnishment services
              to the Federal Government
             Responsible for Child Support/Alimony Garnishments for All Civilian Employees
              and Military members Paid by DFAS – DoD, DOE, HHS, VA
             USFSPA Applications for Court-Ordered Divisions of Military Retired Pay
             Commercial Garnishments – Civilian Employees
             Military Commercial Debt Involuntary Allotments
             Chapter 13 Bankruptcies for Military Retirees and Active Duty Navy

8/30/2010                             Integrity - Service - Innovation                          4
DFAS Cleveland - Assets

             People
                Approximately 1400 DFAS employees
                Approximately 650 Contractor employees
                6 Field Sites

             Facilities Located in the Cleveland Downtown area -
                Anthony J. Celebrezze Federal Office Building
                Co-located with other Government agencies
                Assigned space:
                   365K Square feet of rentable space on 15 of 31 floors
                   27K Square feet of offsite rentable space

8/30/2010                        Integrity - Service - Innovation           5
DFAS Cleveland Functional Overview

 Military & Civilian Pay Services:                               Accounting Services
             Active Duty Military Pay – 400K                     Centralized Disbursing
             Reserve / National Guard Pay –
              305K                                                Technical Services
             Customer Operations (Contact                         Organization
              Centers) – 260K/month
                                                                  On-Site HQ/Support
             Garnishments – 513K
                                                                   Service Groups
             Retired/Annuitant Pay (CGA
              Oversight) – 2.1M retirees/341K                    Clients
             Civilian Pay – 245K
                                                                  Department of Defense
                                                                        All Services
                                                                        Primarily Navy

8/30/2010                           Integrity - Service - Innovation                        6
DFAS Cleveland Organization Structure

                                         Site Director                                                                      Standards and
                                       Martha Stearns                                                                        Compliance
                                    Acting Deputy Director                                                                    Al Runnels
                                      Shirley McConnell

                                                                                                                          Strategic Business
                          Site Support                Client Executive                                                       Management
                             Office                         TBD                                                             Lee Krushinski
                           Kevin Hart

                      Transformatio n               Central Disbursing                                                On Site Support Services
                          Office                    George Wingfield                                                   AMO, CIO, EEO, FM&C,
                        Pam Harris                                                                                   General Council, IR, TSO, etc.

                  Accounting Operations                                      Finance Operations/COS
                      Lou Ockunzzi                                               Karl Bernhard t

       Accounts Payable           Accounts Maintenance &       Retired and Annuity Pay     Military Pay Operations
          Directorate               Control Directorate           William Tyminski         CAPT Todd Friedlander
        Joe McCullough                 John Motley

     Accounts Receivable           Departmental Reporting      Garnishment Operations      Civilian Pay Operations
         Directorate                     Directorate                  Rod Winn                  Cheryl Catania
          Heng Ly                           TBD

     Systems Operations                                          Cleveland Customer
          Division                                                   Operations
       Aminda Schatz                                              Edwina Goudlock

8/30/2010                                              Integrity - Service - Innovation                                                          7
DFAS Cleveland and Network Field Sites

                                                                                      DFAS Cleveland Site Director
                                                                                         Ms. Martha Stearns


                                                                                                      Norfolk, VA

                                                                                                  Charleston, SC
              San Diego, CA

                                                                           Pensacola, FL


                          Pacific, HI

  8/30/2010                             Integrity - Service - Innovation                                             8
DFAS Site Closure Schedule
                     FY 2006                             FY 2007
                  Site     End Date                  Site    End Date
            San Bernardino Jun 2006                Dayton Dec 2006
            Lexington       Jun 2006               Lawton Dec 2006
            Oakland         Jun 2006               Norfolk   Jan 2007
            Seaside         Jun 2006               Pacific   Mar 2007
            San Antonio    Aug 2006                St Louis Jun 2007
                                                   Orlando Aug 2007

                     FY 2008                             FY 2009
                  Site     End Date                  Site    End Date
            Pax River       Oct 2007               Denver Oct 2008
            Charleston      Jan 2008               Arlington Dec 2008
            San Diego      Feb 2008
            Omaha          Feb 2008
            Pensacola       Apr 2008
            Saufley Field   Apr 2008
            Rock Island     Jun 2008
            Kansas City    Aug 2008

8/30/2010                 Integrity - Service - Innovation              9
DFAS Cleveland - Changes in FY06 and FY07
Site Specific Implications

  FY06
             Accounting from Oakland to Cleveland
             Army/Air Force Customer Service Operations to Indianapolis

  FY07
             Navy Accounting\Accounts Payable from Norfolk
             Navy, Marine Corps, Accounting\Accounts Payable from Pacific
             Army Reserve and USAF Reserve and Guard Pay to Indianapolis
             Disbursing Operations from Kansas City to Cleveland

8/30/2010                       Integrity - Service - Innovation             10
DFAS Cleveland – Changes in FY08
Site Specific Implications

  FY08
             Navy Accounting (DIFMS\MFCS\STARS-FL), Accounts Payable
              from Charleston to Cleveland
             Civilian Pay from Charleston to Cleveland
             NAVSUP Field Accounting from Columbus to Cleveland
             USMC Military Pay (Active, Reserve, Support), Accounting and
              Financial Services & Disbursing Policy from Kansas City to
             TSO from Kansas City to Indianapolis
             Navy Accounting\Accounts Payable from San Diego to Cleveland
             Navy Accounting\Accounts Payable from Pensacola NAS to

8/30/2010                        Integrity - Service - Innovation            11
DFAS Cleveland Initiatives

 Grow the staff to meet immediate and long term goals
  associated with the High Performing Organization and
 Develop Succession Planning strategy in accordance with
  new organization
 Meet established goals for all Balanced Scorecard and
  OSD Tufte metrics
 Improve the timeliness of field level military pay
  transactions (Military Pay Improvement Action Plan)

8/30/2010            Integrity - Service - Innovation     12
DFAS Cleveland Initiatives

  Implement the Concurrent Retirement Disability Payment
   (CRDP) and Combat Related Special Compensation
   (CRSC) payment processes in conjunction with the
   Veteran’s Administration
  Prepare and support initiatives associated with
   Department of Navy Financial Improvement Plan and
  Encourage all DoD employees to use the electronic
   feature for their Leave & Earnings statements and W-2
   related information
  Implement Wide Area Workflow for DFAS Cleveland and
   Department of Navy
8/30/2010            Integrity - Service - Innovation      13
DFAS Cleveland Successes
     Recent Successes:
             Received Administration for Children & Families Office of Child
              Support Enforcement Commissioners Award for Achievement
              Beyond the Call of Duty
             Received DoD Applied Innovation Medallion Award for the
              Interface of Integrated Garnishment System (IGS) with MyPay
             Received the Eastern Regional Interstate Child Support
              Association Recognition Award to Garnishment Operations for
              recognition of its efforts in electronic child support initiatives
             Implemented the Automated Interfund Reconciliation System
             DFAS-Cleveland finalized Phase One of the Direct Feed Project
              for the Navy Working Capital Fund activities currently on DWAS
              and DIFMS field level systems.

8/30/2010                        Integrity - Service - Innovation                  14
DFAS Cleveland Challenges

      BRAC/HPOs
             Managing the mix, uncertainty and affect on employees
             Coordinating workload transition with client’s transformation/changes
             Sustaining current operations throughout network
             Hiring & Training employees at enduring site
             Implementing the LEAN structure
      NSPS
             Implementation issues
             Increased demands on Supervisors
      Improving Efficiencies/Effectiveness
             Partnering with Customer to Improve Business Practices
             Responding to change

8/30/2010                         Integrity - Service - Innovation                    15