Web site search engine optimization is the focus of by fdjerue7eeu


									Web site search engine optimization is the focus of
Optimization of the whole station is a comprehensive SEO strategy,
focusing on the overall master site planning site details. SEO website
optimization is considered attractive long tail keyword traffic, do
not discard any target user, control over 90% of the needs of target
user groups, keywords, make the site tends to healthy sexual
development, site operations is a key link; Website Optimization
Search engine marketing focus, the whole network is the essential part
in marketing.
Website Optimization in addition to taking into account the ranking,
the more attention to click-through rate and site conversion rates. It
does not to a particular keyword in a litigation engine rankings for
the gains and losses, but pay attention to all the high-quality
keywords in all search engine's overall display. Discuss the
data shows that more easily through the limitations of keyword ranking
to achieve good performance, the searchers brought better quality,
higher conversion rates.
With different PPC, website optimization can make more high-quality
site by keyword from more access to natural search engine traffic, and
do not worry about demand and malicious malicious click bid.
Calculations indicate that 80% of people would only check the left
side of search engine result ranking, the site has good natural
rankings, will be the strength of enterprises and brand awareness of
the means.
Website Optimization Results:
Positioning and marketing purposes through the site analysis, to
keyword selection, site content around keywords and website
optimization of all the formations to ensure that each page bearing a
different identification number of long tail keywords, so that all the
site's page that has search engine friendly, Make a site in
the major search engines have included high volume and good
performance of all ranks. After optimization, the site will have more
natural search page rank in front of more natural traffic, and not
demand a single click.
Web site optimization strategies include:
1, site design and reasonable structure and part
2, keywords, layout and title, designing
3, hot topic manufacture
4, within the continuous renewal of original update
5, high-quality import external links
6, Site Map, within the chain construction
Website optimization is to start small and medium enterprises in the
main part of network marketing, network marketing usually start small
and medium enterprises will be considered according to the
company's specific financial budget, select the input and
output is high and network marketing, and website optimization with
just a network marketing business the best way to natural result,
enterprises have been launched search engine marketing through
accurate keyword general will to bring precision to our enterprise

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