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For a long time I did not write an article on economic class, at
school do not have reference to what information can also write a word
in the article to thousands. Now, even several hundred words are hard
to write a really long time I really felt that the school learning
things slowly returned on you.
Even after jumping 13 Foxconn Foxconn Foxconn in just a week to even
mention the two employees wages, said to raise wages after nearly
doubled. Then the country announced a number of provinces to raise the
minimum wage, followed by the consumer price index also soared, from a
variety of discourse also.
However, the wage is what determines it? What level of wages can help
the business development and social stability have staff living
standards improved? These are very controversial among economists. Tw
years ago, the new "Labor Law" and the minimum wa
provisions of the controversy is that such a problem.
Employers to pay workers wages that labor remuneration, that is, the
price of labor. The labor prices will be determined by the value of
labor. In short, the wage should be the value created by labor forms.
Think of a time when junior teachers to give us a problem is the value
of labor is determined by what? At that time our class into several
groups to discuss, only the answer to our group and the teacher
answers to suffer the side. I was thinking about that with the value
of goods, by the socially necessary labor time will be decided, but I
only mentioned the social labor time not complete. But the teacher
that is socially necessary labor of setting decision, with our almost.
At that time students also believe that our group of workers the
minimum requirements needed to live and raise children, elderly people
to decide. Also referred to the third determining factor, I can not
remember. Is almost three answers with the teacher, so our team win.
But I did not agree with the back of the answer, in their own labor as
commodities in terms of labor time as necessary. The minimum living
needs and the elderly are raising children on the wages which the
history of economics that content. The minimum wage can be life needs
and minimum requirements for child-rearing decisions the elderly,
because it is measured using the currency of a country's
situation according to their own wage or minimum wage regulations.
However, the value of labor is not required, it is the real number is
the number of labor produces is objective. The value of wages decided
by the labor force reflects the real production work harder and. If
you add the minimum requirements needed for life and parenting needs
to quasi wages, then. Labor can do it a little deviation from the
actual value. If you really want to be added, then the world would not
support themselves and their families do not, and a peaceful world.
However, in fact, wages are too poor to feed the world, holding the
family and even their own people everywhere, they are lazy or because
of taste or method of casting does not work Sanman or physical
disability, so work output was caused by low of course, received
relatively low. The minimum wage above this wage is clearly the high
efficiency of the wage labor force points down. Therefore, this is a
minimum wage requirement of the disadvantages, the boss would
definitely put this part of the labor output value is less than the
required minimum wage workers in the labor value of dismissal to
rising unemployment. But there is the question of social labor
productivity boss or not to raise wages to the workers. This appears
to mark time workers employers are getting richer, or even declining.
Wealth gap slowly widened.
In the slave era, the slave can only be bound slave labor in the
estate, slaves did not free nor other rights, they do not run out and
no land-for sentence is not to find another job opportunity. So no
matter how much they work to create the same value can only maintain
the status quo. Today we want more people to become rich, you must
give people more freedom rights, so they have more opportunities to
start, or that they have more opportunity to part of the world
competition. Enterprises with high wages to employees, will win in the
recruitment business, while other companies want to hire more
employees have had to raise wages. However, competition among
enterprises on wages up no significant results. Migrant workers in
China, too many unemployed people may be many, recruitment of
employees between enterprises are often in low wage equilibrium. Means
that they can not recruit workers higher wages or even good worker.
Therefore, businesses have looked to open at a lower wage. Such a
state of the labor force tend to make wages out of the value created
by a number of problems may occur.
Wages really and shows up to make the value of labor, then wages have
more choices to the right, with more and find another job in Ji Hui,
employees can really fried squid boss, Zuo control them, not afraid of
Qi Ye ¹¤ÈË wages are not rising . When the migrant workers have more
opportunities to start their own businesses after his boss can not
rely wages to live, so this will bring the company up in the
recruitment Fangmian difficulties, so that enterprises have to raise
wages recruit people. Also said that when the free movement of labor
are free to participate in the competition, the wage labor force able
to truly reflect the value created. For saying that when the workers
(migrant workers) are free to play their labor (their own businesses
or find another job) it will own labor and the labor required for the
formation of business competition, so wages will naturally improve,
and reflects the labor force created value.
From the reform and opening up to now, China's economy more
and more freedom, more and more intense competition. Because people
have more rights, and many workers are migrant workers through their
own businesses or become the boss, the boss over the workers (migrant
workers) would naturally be less. More and more bosses to fight that
fewer and fewer workers (migrant workers) wages do not rise will be
strange! Certainly not have to rise, there is a balanced, when the
workers own industry output equals the marginal wage or find another
job in the corporate marginal output, the whole of society the
greatest value created by labor, wages at this point to reach
equilibrium. At present, the balance is still far away and need more
workers (migrant workers) turned into the boss, your boss to increase
workers (migrant workers) to reduce the imbalance. Therefore, the
state's policy is to make the market more open and free
opportunities to more people, this is the most important and more
people the best way to become rich!