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									Wage Queen - Juliet Wu
Wage Queen - Juliet Wu
If what prompted me to go up, it is this constant stimulation from the
inferiority complex, it was like constantly whip me, as a kind of
pain, a touch hearts, wrapped in layers of self-esteem and dignity
under the tangle , on the strength of my stimulus is so strong, I
later took several years to overcome and transcend this inferiority.
Inferiority complex, the only sublimation, but also has
self-confidence, can promote you to do more things.
* July 1985 In February 1998 into the IBM (China) Company Limited,
IBM China company in nearly 13 years, successive sales representative,
sales manager, Southern Region General Manager, Network Computing
strategy researchers, distribution channels general manager duties
* February 1998 In June 1999 as general manager of Microsoft China,
is responsible for Microsoft's business in China.
* Since October 1999 TCL Group Managing Director, Vice President, TCL
Corporation, President of Information Industry

Person impression material
Appendix: Juliet Wu autobiography
Beyond the inferior
In 1979 I had a serious illness, this illness was completely changed
my life. Illness, I have very deep, very painful to think: Well,
physically, I also left as they live? After serious illness, as if his
life started all over again, life, life, and time never had the
feeling becomes strong. If a person always in a state without the big
wave of gentle living, perhaps waiting for him to white when looked
back and found so much time has passed in silence.
I decided to "shortcut" to change your life
Participate in higher education self-study exam in 1985 I received a
professional diploma in English and received by the first foreign
companies working in foreign countries To the IBM. Beginning to do,
"Chief Commissioner", and the same odd jobs,
anything dry. That period of life, a great impact on me, was not that
"odd jobs" What sort of work of humiliation, but
incomparably superior to living in a group of real white-collar
classes, often feel that they really have no ability, no value. Such a
feeling is inferior, it accompanied me for a long time.
Fortunately, everyone has the opportunity to constantly change, their
environment and will also continue to stimulate the emergence of new
people to go up or down. If what prompted me to go up, it is this
constant stimulation from the inferiority complex, it was like
constantly whip me, as a kind of pain, a touch hearts, wrapped in
layers of self-esteem and dignity under the tangle , on the strength
of my stimulus is so strong, I later took several years to overcome
and transcend this inferiority. Inferiority complex, the only
sublimation, but also has self-confidence, can promote you to do more

"Ambition" trilogy
When started with the ambition and the pursuit of career? I say very
clearly, but by the end of 1992 to early 1993 should be a turning
point in my. IBM was set up wholly-owned subsidiary in China, we are
also employees from foreign-owned enterprise into a foreign direct
employees of the original terms of the number of personal barriers
promotion begins to disappear. Prior to this, foreign companies, local
candidates can not become a manager, and now suddenly the roof opens
window of opportunity, and I suddenly realized that the local
employees in this group of people among themselves go a little toward
the front of some . Since then, I began to have a so-called career
awareness, germination a bit of "ambition."
It now appears that was just a little ambitious, but think: Oh! If I
one day become a manager, how it would be incredible! At that time,
this ambition and dreams can only hide, not with other people that say
it can not be afraid.
Done until after the manager, I has a new ambition To go step by step
to do. I began to work more consciously, and thought, would like to do
things better understand how to their lack of anything to add
something. For a specific job or see a little light a number of
promotions. In early 1997, I came back from Guangzhou, is to prepare
an "entrance", to lay down now doing to go to
school, learn something back, for those who still do not seem to
understand, do not know what to answer to resolving.

Sales (sales) and Marketing (Marketing) of the difference between
I was in Guangzhou, South China General Manager of IBM office,
managing a company has more than 200, need to be concerned not only
the sales of a certain industry, but from the personnel to all matters
financial, etc., and must be able insight into the market
opportunities and trends, the sales staff to attack the market alone
is not enough, need some Strategy Thinking (strategic considerations),
or be forever stay in the mindset of sales staff on: Which industries
are more capital, selling into the machine opportunities for more
strategic thinking ... ... but the concerns are: a market is the PC
market, or a medium-sized machine-based market? A market may look ve
lively, but the subsequent development and growth potential will not
be a problem, the local industries, and even cultural, political, ...
... to grasp these issues, I was very tough, they begin to look very
seriously the writings of some market analysis.
Now think about it, was a very funny thing is I always thought for
years about Sales and Marketing is one thing, until I truly understand
what is really Marketing. The reason the one hand, IBM is a Chinese
company was not very busy in the market, the companies, but
specializes in sales and major customers, down from the pyramid
structure to do a market; the other hand, their lack of theoretical
basis too, work hard and seat of your pants, when at a certain height,
found himself more than others is more actual combat experience, but
missing too many theories, so try learning to read, learn something
more, read the book more want to consider the issue more
systematically, the more confused, reading a strong desire to become
more and more.

To a beautiful small town in reading
I was fully able to grasp their own choice, but choice is not easy,
first of all is that they are not really willing to down the stage,
into the school, no one knew me, can not stay away from the bustling
commercial activities in colorful, well away from home and friends.
Make this choice, I went through a long thought.
Later, I decided to go to a school called the Wake Forest, totally
opportunity ʹȻ. That is not a very well-known schools, but good
schools, including Gerstner, including the senior management of many
companies have learned to read there. Schools in North Carolina,
Winston Salem, a rich tobacco, a very beautiful town. Said to be just
for some opportunity. I always thought they did not originally those
minimum qualifications to university studies may be difficult. May
1996, Wake Forest University offers a EMBA (Excutive, specifically set
up for senior administrative personnel), recruiting senior
administrators, students come from large U.S. companies, academic one
and a half. EMBA classes have a curriculum, each year visit to Europe
or Asia, to China's CITIC Group to arrange some seminars,
which includes IBM's strategy in the Chinese market, then I
can not go a Tongshi something, you asked me to He went to lecture.
To the level I was, it should be said about the quite wonderful.
Speech is not finished yet, when they go to Guangzhou, I made a return
to the landlord, talking about when I am envious of them to go to
school, they asked me if I really want to go to school, I really
wanted to say, of course, they said the whole class of people are
willing to be my recommendation, I was skeptical, because in general,
this EMBA class needs a number of years after graduate school of
senior management experience to school, they were to encourage me and
give me a lot of confidence, to say My experience and experience
should be no problem, they also used the "legend"
that the words to describe me.
After several twists and turns, I finally got the admission letter.
Such a chance, I finally had a chance round my college dream. At that
time many of my colleagues said I was crazy to leave the company a
year and a half, meaning that until the returned lot of opportunities
will be lost. Looking back, that had to go into, I am now about to
graduate, I will now certainly not the company's general
manager of Microsoft China. But I certainly have other valuable
rewards. If a person is always a period of time to pursue their own
look around, it may even top, the goal will never grasp the recent
I think the original idea to study very distant, unlikely, but those
only with the United States I've seen both sides of the bosses
of large corporations has helped me point out a new path. Later, my
speech became a dramatic routine program Each session of the EMBA in
China, will ask me to lecture. In 1995, I say to them: I would like to
like you read EMBA; 1996 Äê 5 month I told them that I have got
admission; May 1997: At the same time his elderly parents became ill,
I had to delay for one year ; 98 years in May: I have joined
Microsoft. May 17 this year, I have to go to lecture, it may be a knot
The original group of people get to know me, they are most surprised
that my English, they were also asked a lot of issues, such as where I
go to school, how to learn English so I told them that their
self-experience usher is a typical American-style voice exclaimed.
Many Americans are now able to speak fluent Chinese, English is no
longer always make a fuss, but in four years ago, those from the
United States inland senior management is still very surprising. Few
years, China and the Chinese people, great changes have taken place.
Outside of our understanding have taken place in the same major

Legend legend in China
It now appears that self is not always the most efficient way,
self-study is not always self-learners their own choice, many people
who have amazing self-study and taught as such, not many people. I
choose self-study because of no choice. I want to spend four years in
and earn sick, buried the University's strong desire, I can
spend more hard than others in the shortest possible time to earn
himself a new life direction, new opportunities for tickets? ? self
Each section has its own story of self-learners, so if the fish water,
Lengnuanzizhi less than to outsiders. I was to participate in
self-examination, even the English are learning from scratch, really
hard! Spent one and a half won the college, although there are
somewhat proud, but proud just to "make money" ba
to the point of time. In June 1985 when I went to test foreign
companies, as well as spoken English is not the last one over, I told
company executives said: I can definitely win, if not get, you fired
China has too many talents, many ordinary people's life is
full of sudden change, discovery and adventure, there are many people
buried in the hearts of every pretty, or tragic story. Many talented
and well, may have a similar or more difficult with my experience,
some may also be surfaced with the opportunity to slowly find
themselves in the community as a prominent or conspicuous stage. But
many people in such a focal point not found before, always only place
where dragons and tigers are hiding, success can not be legendary.
Heard the "Legend" this description, I am more and
more terrified, because I know too well: the people better than me too

And good dealing with people
Today, we have our own place, I can have the opportunity to deal with
a lot of good people. Wang Xuan, like teachers, I admire his heart,
there is a younger generation of the elders as a kind of reverence for
the natural heart. See his fragile but full of wisdom and personal
charm, it always made me remember with respect and love of Italy, is
not what I expect this to yourself, I do not know. In addition, like
Yang, Guo Wei as young Young Marshal, met with them when they feel
like very glorious, in a very dynamic young group, the impact not only
the spark of thought, from them you can feel to an excellent corporate
culture and spiritual impact. And their extremely fast learning speed,
savvy Ò²ºÃ. Market such as Microsoft do indeed have some laudable
inspiration and practices, and often partners with some of the local
market activities to do together, soon you will find some of our
partners Zai do when market activity will get from the Microsoft
reference, but it is not repeated, they are always to learn, absorb
and learn and digest, and marked the company's distinctive
culture of their own brand, they are China's IT industry
today, the most active group of elites.

Call the local hero
To Microsoft, more than a year, I got the most attention because I
live in today the new location, the spotlight suddenly playing in my
head, but in this new position I make with them? I often think it.
Opportunities before due to a lot of things, I just caught one of the
lucky few. Moreover, the past, after all, all in the past. I think
that he has aroused some interest, there may be some special
significance, perhaps one out of a call to the local hero. In such a
so-called "merchandisers" in the white-collar
workers, the local representative to call out, this rarity value is
even more intense attitude. Today's local heroes are already
many, some of which I admire, there are still good friends.

Profile and change the pain
Administrative staff from a start step by step grow into a manager, I
have experienced this process is not smooth. Off for a long time I
personally do not open their own ways of doing things, and can not be
carried out systematic, theoretical, often becomes a pattern:
"I'll show you altogether," but really do
so, a person How many people can do to see it? If you always stay in
the master train an apprentice-type model such words and deeds, is
difficult to do high, have done it. Changes must be very painful: must
learn to listen to others speak, learn to ask meaningful questions,
learning systems, abstract analysis and judgments, learn to trust
people, and learn to encourage and confidence to the team and help
them to think about the problem, which requires from a soldier, a
super sales rise above their status, to undergo a painful
transformation, and even reverse their character.
To Microsoft later, as a manager I have experienced a second painful
struggle and change, I also faced three major challenges. The first
course to fulfill the duty of general manager, a comprehensive good
performance. Second, I must as soon as possible about the company,
understanding its people and products, it is a stranger to me (I have
never done, but the software!) The third challenge is the people here
will I accepted, the company can not accept me. I began cautiously,
and even some of overkill, to completely discard their original style
and whole-hearted adaptation of Microsoft, doing everything we do or
express opinions, I will first ask their own words: I do not too much
IBM has? At that time I really want to get all the broken, erase, as
far as possible with an open mind to absorb, hope they accept my as
soon as possible, but also want to learn as soon as possible.
Now think back, do some very unnatural, and not the character I am.
Today or in the future to me so many years still have IBM training,
education and culture sediment of the brand. IBM 10 years regardless
of how heavy edification, but also did not change my personality as an
independent person, and now for a company, there is no need to change
many of my characteristics as a person. Hesitate, worried that
Microsoft and the Microsoft people could not accept me, so I am
cautious, as do the natural look is actually very natural, to a
certain extent hindered my hands and feet, twisted my style, affecting
my right to judge, decisions capacity. I have also hindered the
Microsoft Drill Down (Everlasting) style to do something, to
understand each of these areas. I look forward to a kind of gentle,
peaceful transition. I am careful to act moderate, spent nearly 5
months, to July 19 last year, the entire company general atmosphere is
a "victory, the success of the General Assembly," I
have a sincere heart happy: to see a peaceful transition done!

Why make the big move
Soon, feel less well. Incoming internal and external challenges, the
pain forced me thinking, forcing me to act quickly, the real start
drill down, drill down to each of the key business areas, including
managers of adjustment and reorganization. Gong Si in the development
process, especially for those of the company like Microsoft, leader
personality, style with unusual Zhong Yao, because Zhezhong
company's Wenhuaxuyao even encourage it 1:00, Microsoft sin
Tiaoxuan the I, Yeyinggaineng Jieshou I of style, I decided to go back
to my own, back to my vigorous and resolute style. One by one, to
solve the problem. Some of the most difficult moments, even I myself
do not really know what can not go on In retrospect, every month,
every quarter to come over, it is not easy! Today, I am his biggest
achievement has an excellent management team, they came from all over
the country, different experiences, different personalities, can soon
be fighting not only charge, but also understand management. They are
all excellent, but more unusual is that these good people really
integrated a team.
After the top is firm, I began to spend more time thinking about how
to all Microsoft employees more opportunities in China, so that we can

"Argument" an important
I used to control much more with much, and now need to
"reason" (to understand the rationale) is much more.
The past, my management style is very tough, sometimes very
sentimental, that management style is too old, as parents may say that
as a child first and sometimes very powerful, maybe more a bit like a
butler or a team leader. Now I have to do is to support and to empower
me as the manager of the team this group of elites. They can certainly
afford to worry, the key is to realize I have my own
"functional shift" was, like, I think some issues,
in the process to everyone to understand, to absorb their wisdom.
These sounds a theory, but I do really really going through this
process of change. Microsoft's talent is very good, there are
only partial and the monster was, the manager should be able to
effectively encourage them to burst out of spark and inspiration, when
the word is even more important to understand the rationale of the
so-called prevailing circumstances.
Talking is easy, doing is not easy, we often remind each other: When
the subordinates to make some fantastic idea, it should encourage the
inspiration, and not easy to say: This will not work! Microsoft,
rarely heard "It's impossible" argument. W
often think that to encourage people: Think again down this road
blocked, there may be no other way?

The pursuit of perfection and the pursuit of excellent
To Microsoft, I am most frequently asked question is IBM and Microsoft
the biggest difference is.
In my opinion, IBM is a company striving for perfection, it has a lot
of Processes (is the management process), often like to make things as
divided into small, sophisticated grid, and sometimes give people the
feeling of boring, but IBM has a very deep resonance of the corporate
culture, emphasizing respect for the individual and the pursuit of
perfection, which added to the cold Processes above the warmth and
Microsoft is a wonderful company to pursue and encourage wisdom and
spark, the rule of man relatively heavy components. In fact, as
Microsoft's management system, and even more closely, all the
branches, functions are connected to the "digital nervous
system" above, this system is not only fit so well, and has
sufficient flexibility to accommodate all the data, to achieve all
operational and management analysis, planning, supervision. Therefore,
no matter how wild you are, you will not a great circle.
Microsoft's digital nervous system, you can almost unlimited
drill down to any one area, big enough to pull out the outline
comparison of the global market leader of the past, present, and
future trends. Small to each regional market, or even distributors in
any one region and a place two structural system distribution
situation is clear.
IBM is a company with 80 years experience growing a company, its
legend has been speaking into history, in fact, IBM has experienced
the rise again from the bottom, seemingly through a brand new, the
past decade has turned into the new legend; and also still maintains
its cold Processes and sentimental culture. By contrast, Microsoft
although going into the mature, but it is the rule of man and the
leader of the honor has been given many myth. Microsoft internal
circulating a famous saying: Microsoft only constant is that it
changes ("The Only Constant In Microsoft Is
Change."). Such a large company, together with the massive D
asset composition and involve so large in a market, it has been able
to have being is constantly in flux, Yi Ding De has a very good Xitong
to support, Zhe Yi system Jijuyouhen strong scalability, but will not
break section. Microsoft and IBM as a very strange two companies, each
represents ×Å IT in the history of the only, only his Biao Xiang and Li
Shi De Nei shown Cengmian out different, Fan She can give people such
a big difference.
This is just my "feel" may also IBM and Microsoft do
not agree with this view.

Thank fate
To date, I have been in the company more than 14 months, which
condensed out of the experience and progress, I feel the more than 10
years past, but of course, thanks to the basis of accumulated over the
past decade, especially in IBM's experience. In IBM, I am most
fortunate that it is very inclusive culture and a group of very
tolerant spirit of good people. I had a bad temper, and for many years
may have put themselves in almost snapped the tension in the pressure
is directly related to, but fortunately there are these people know
me, when I took my haggard effort, from inside my heart grateful to
them. A company's culture is the emphasis on individual
heroes, or incentive groups, Team Work, for each person's
development may have very different effects and outcomes.
I grew up in difficult over the past 10 years has been heavy and warm
as a culture of tolerance, has been able to experience good, so I am
particularly grateful to fate.

The emotion of a nationalist
Just enter the foreign company, I like many locals, as are always and
everywhere to the kinds of "stimulus." In fact, I do
not think those people in Hong Kong, Taiwanese or foreigner is not
good, but as a situation at the time, they really are so superior to
it! You can imagine, at the time, compared with 1.2 billion Chinese
people, who undoubtedly is the most privileged class: they sell the
most expensive thing in the world; they represent the world's
most successful companies; they came to China as if with a little
"missionary" of color (Skill Transfer) bring your
best stuff, even I wonder if they are not with a "sense of
Later, in the local foreign staff gradually (slowly) to mature, the
slogan of the localization of the beginning called out the slogan when
such an emotion of nationalism known to me has also gone through
several stages of change. First, low self-esteem, often secretly teeth
said to myself, how the one day I will. Was really one day I finally
became a manager, with an equal number of foreign managers, the mood
is very extreme, I hope they will soon disappear. Still later, they
understand more and more fully some of it. For Hong Kong, Taiwan, this
group of people, and now I feel that our compatriots, some of them
even though we seem to be something evil, then their inner insecurity
with a great relationship. Specific to each person's work
(rather than the cause) and the family, are some very heavy things. Of
course, understanding the one hand, tolerance has its limits, some
things to understand, but encountered some really wrong and should not
be taken to the management should not affect our employees, customers
or even affect the local market China's commitment to the
phenomenon of behavior, I do not compromise. Although I am not as
extreme as in the past, but what was a nationalist.
Perhaps it is such an emotion of nationalism dictates, I will within
the heart, whether it is representative of Wang Xuan, the Young
Marshal, who is still elite

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