Wa are the frogs by fdjerue7eeu


									Wa are the frogs
Wa are the frogs
Zhang North China
June wind, soothe with Wali's wet on the slip from the reed
tip. Last night's rain accompanied by thunder and lightning
poured into the reed under the Wali. Wali is full of water, that from
the stems, the leaves under the Tang Chu subtilis overnight
infiltration of water filled Gully weir weir.
Grass came from Mizobe, "Gung ... ... wow," it
flexible long as soon as the frogs, then sheepishly, such as hoop
tight neck out of the voice, makes his arms, legs really shallow to
emerge blood rash. "Look, snake smoking a toad."
Walk in front of a small late with sickle plants to pointed to the
huge Gouyan Road. Snake to slightly smaller than the sickle, curled, a
frog was tightly wrapped around it, bare head and big eyes open wide.
See snake in slowly rotating high pressure extruded thin strips to
make frog, frog head snake-heads stare too closely, lest it escape
frog slide. Green snake with a red ring in the letter as a child
shrink sorghum slim telescopic extension.
That year, my teens, first time I saw a snake with a frog embracing
the scene, just curious. "Gung ... ... wow," that
frog is wretched to sound, my heart involuntary tightening a bit.
Little late with a sickle from the Mizobe Wei Xiang Na from the cook
black mud snake suddenly cast it as a shell mud lump, exactly fall
snake around, splashes hit the snake. Snakes hate the participation of
people, stubbornly ignored our mud pie and fly two. "Gung ...
... wow," the snake finally let go of the fly frog who
claims, under the protection of plants sway in the body drift away. It
can not play like the wolf prey flew hundred, even a trace of regret
can not be expressed.
Frog body rolled into the water, which stretched some stiff limbs,
slowly paddling a few, hidden into the grass yard trees, no hint of
complaint, and a grateful. Just like what had happened, everything
resumed peace and quiet. Said in ancient books, there are frogs can
swallow a snake of Field parent, this time for real change are willing
to field this frog father.
The next summer, hot sun sinister side of Elm to hang a little
depression, in 30 River warm water, we, or floating or submerged, with
small fish glide in between legs. Shore, three, five teenagers, boy,
some holding small bamboo, go past the edge plants. When the frog
jumped up and latch onto your fishing line tip on the grasshopper,
refused to blurting out, boy were fishing rod lift of the left hand to
catch that frog. Frog regret giving up Grasshopper, has been late,
little children, waist cloth pocket into their camp, there have been
dozens of similar in agitation.
Grass frog, often soon as rings, song connected. Green rice fields,
shallow grass fertilizer. Ji readily recall the "Rice said
floral harvest, listen to frogs 1", such as meters for
fishing village of Dawa write to. Wali of the guy who did not catch
frogs the boys is so elegant, bamboo canes tied to a fifth wire,
polished sharp, sharp flashing light. In the shallow side, and
thorough understanding of the frequent bar-out, that need accuracy and
a strong heart. "Gung ... ..." Frog were a
scattering into the water, before and after the limbs gracefully
stretched it out a joint. People now do not need water, animals, and
then teach them swimming. The tip of the iron Qian frog rock, guy who
Lie Kaizui, eyes narrowed in the first line.
Frog is the most patience of aquatic animals, their inactive nerves
and stereotyped expressions to help them, so dripping with blood in
the soft skin and physical separation, no more soon as the song.
Frog's song most distant and full of brittle, it is full of
water relations. The best piano to listen to the frogs in the pond
when the number of frogs, one year I went back to Shunan home, in that
wet rock, the pool side, at night, "Ding Dong, Ding
Dong" sound at first ring, just like the qin legato, trees,
Bamboo adds charm immediately. Mountain secretive and said:
"That piano frog, too delicious." But the frog does
not eat a lot of sleep at peace, there is an old record: there is to
be imperial frog who dreamed that beg for the lives of hundreds of
Lvyi Ren. It seems not eat better.
Somehow, a child will have a good impression on the frog, probably
from the Brothers Grimm, "The Frog Prince" as well.
An extremely large ugly frog in Yuantan Village picked up the golden
ball for the little princess, little princess is bent and friends.
Eventually the frog into a handsome prince, two olden good form.
Prince Turns Frog is the original witch magic which is annoying. If
the frog prince is a symbol of love overcome the monster, and
China's Frog God is given to soft frog to powerful portrayal
of the spirit. Frog Mother of God to marry women 10 and Xue Kunsheng,
not having children, loving husband and wife. But also those who
violate God angry, the home will be a different trillion, swim a few
couch frog, as big as the cage body. Frog God also Secretary to
collect donations for the charity to do, better pass on. This ghost
story in the story, the frog Rana God who not only constructed the
model consistency, but also stark choice for the world to seek
Another summer, after heavy rain a few days, riding walk wheat field.
A small strip sidelines of a shallow depression with depression of
water, water very clear, and the water can be seen from the clouds of
heaven. Clouds burst into the end of tadpoles swimming in the dozens,
all Dai black, long tail in action, they no rules to static guarding
the Wang Silk. Wang, on the edge of the water out of the overturning
of the soil drying film. For them, this is a clear huge lake, is their
source of life, here they are president of the limbs, Tuidiao tail,
rushed into the bushes, Ming Zhong exhausted to the Voice. The sun
beat down, I spoke out on what's shoulder, license to cast a
flame. I took off my shoes, in Nanxiaowang and stepped on the
sidelines between the major groove opened a general width of the
channel as the shoes, which is a canal in my heart.
(1640 words) contains the "Dawa Chant"

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