Volkswagen New Beetle exterior - see design by fdjerue7eeu


									Volkswagen New Beetle exterior - see design
Volkswagen New Beetle exterior
New Beetle Appearance
True classic never fade with time, the new Beetle is the case. Rounded
shape of the many advantages of pooling will blend classic lines with
modern technology to show long-lasting charm. Excellent security,
perfect manufacturing process and the legendary VW quality, are all in
the interpretation of a fact - a new Beetle, the classic example of.
New Beetle shape curve harmony highly visual impact. Arc-shaped curve
of the roof has been extended to the engine compartment lid and the
front fender above the windshield until the sagging rear. Long
wheelbase and wide track indicates the strong momentum the new Beetle

The classic combination of integrated design of the headlamps fog
lamps, full front of the vehicle to ensure good visibility. Electric
tilt slide glass sunroof, fingertips and fully enjoy the sun
Intelligent rain sensor, rain drop in the first landing, automatically
activate windshield wipers and wiper speed can be adjusted according
to rainfall.
And body-colored exterior with mirrors, electric folding and
regulation can and has heating. Integrated turn signals, turning or
changing lanes in a very clear when you can make others see the
signal, further improving security.
Volkswagen New Beetle Power
New Beetle Power
Won numerous appearances in the New Beetle favor the same time, it did
not ignore the configuration in the hood following a powerful, heart.
New Beetle power to provide maximum output power 85 kW (115 hp)
2.0-liter inline four-cylinder gasoline engine and maximum output
power of 110 kW (150 hp) 1.8-liter inline four-cylinder turbocharged
petrol engine are two options.
2.0 liter inline 4-cylinder, 85 kW (115 hp) gasoline engine impeccable
in terms of power, to ensure the car good acceleration and
performance. 1.8 liter inline 4-cylinder, 110 kW (150 hp) and
turbocharged gasoline engine to accelerate rapidly, brings very
dynamic driving pleasure.
And with the 6 speed manual / self-integrated transmission agile,
quick shifting precision, handy, to bring you good acceleration
performance and sports performance, enjoy the fun.
Volkswagen New Beetle equipment
New Beetle equipment
The new Volkswagen with superior quality and reputation, the new
Beetle is no exception. Materials used undergo strict testing and
treatment, zinc plating process used in all body, anti-rust warranty
period of up to 12 years, to ensure lasting beauty.
New Beetle innovative processing methods to allow for excellent
quality. High-strength steel body, surface hardening and strengthening
of forming part of the hybrid structure composed of light structure
unparalleled security. Torsion stiffness of the body super fine
uniform gaps, not only to minimize wind noise, also received the
highest levels of driving comfort.
New Beetle equipped with fully functional electronic display and trip
computer, clear display speed, engine speed and the fuel tank and
other important information, vehicle status at a glance.
Fluorine-free air conditioning unit can be adjusted according to
personal preferences, rapid and reliable, enjoy an amazing taste of
feeling like spring.
With six speakers "gamma CD" sound system for mu
lovers to enjoy the perfect hearing, while the central armrest Office
CD changer, so you fingertips.
Heated front windshield nozzle with wipers with rain sensor device
system can automatically activate the windshield wipers, and adjust
wiper speed according to rainfall at any time to keep windshield clean
and clear vision to make incomparable.
Interior with delay off function lights and reflectors on the door for
the crew to bring comfortable care. The same as the camper, the two
rear reading lights reflect the unique nature of the design of the new
Volkswagen New Beetle Safety
New Beetle Safety
Comfort and safety is no contradiction between the new Beetle security
interface makes many worry for me. After careful research and
development of the protection system consists of two front airbags,
two front side airbags and front and rear three-point inertia seat
belt system components rolled. The head and front passenger side
airbags in a collision situation can provide the maximum protection
and can be the head, chest and pelvis to minimize the risk of injury
to bring you a sense of security.

Volkswagen New Beetle Interior
New Beetle Interior
New Beetle follow the rules but no lack of innovation, it is designed
not only to exhibit lots of creativity, but also more emphasis on the
operation of human experience. The interior is cozy vaulted room, get
rid of the monotonous and boring, the car all the switches and control
components are configured according to the latest ergonomic carefully.


Simple, convenient, more lack elegance of the steering wheel, gearbox
and handbrake handle the delicate design highlights the elegant. The
cockpit of a small vase for the fun of life for the car, so driving a
pleasant driving experience.
Whether you or high or low, arms or long or short, adjustable steering
wheel allow you to use vertical adjustment and height adjustment
device to find the most suited to their position.
Rounded appearance of the instrument panel, a clear indication of the
important driving information, and the blue and red luminous hands,
more to highlight the unique instrument panel shape. High quality
chrome grille vent trim, chrome trim new combined instrument would be
fresh and lively and dynamic fashion combine to bring you a new
Leather electric heated front seats drivers and passengers in
accordance with the needs of individual adjustment, maintenance and
comfort. Height adjustable driver's seat, to ensure the
sitting position to adapt to individual needs. Mirror at the top of
the blue liquid crystal display, outdoor temperature and time at a
glance, which show no doubt humanity.
In order to facilitate the boarding crew into the back seat, New
Beetle optional equipment to provide you with boarding support system
"to facilitate entry vehicle." Forward turn back
when the system under the front seats can move forward some distance,
thus widening the entrance boarding crew. Turn back back back, the
front seats moved back to the original position.
As a standard configuration, two cup holders front and rear, front
seats and the glove box can be locked in the glove box and provided
with lighting the appropriate storage space. There are boxes with
glasses and a driver in the roof lining of the glove box for your
In addition, the new Beetle leather shift lever and hand brake lever
handle ball with the same high-end design, the perfect plastic surface
so that it not only looks beautiful, and feel comfortable, easy to
operate, so you s heart.
Front seat head restraints, not only can be found in all the distance
can be comfortable sitting, but also help improve security. Highlight
the innovations is that when the tail of the collision suffered
cervical injuries, and can be avoided. Front and rear three-point
automatic seat belts for all occupants can be said to provide the
maximum capacity constraint. Integrated front safety belt tensioner
and belt force limiters for driver and co-pilot to strengthen the
For the safe and reliable delivery of the minimum crew, the new Beetle
is installed after the seats have ISOFIX fixed ring. Rear seats can be
quickly and easily install up to two children and to prevent the seat
sliding seats, a small crew to be transported to their destination
Each are equipped with a new Beetle electronic stability program
(ESP), all information related to driving, including accelerator pedal
position, etc. were introduced within the ESP computer, in case of
emergency, ESP can act on the braking system in an instant or the
engine control system to ensure the stability of the new Beetle
driving directions.
In the new Beetle's standard configuration includes anti-lock
brake system (ABS), electronic brake-force distribution (EBD) and
electronic differential lock (EDL). Electronic brake force
distribution system can be the ideal braking force distribution to the
four wheels, significantly reducing braking distance. When a vehicle
traveling in different road conditions, the electronic differential
lock can prevent vehicles driving wheel slip to improve traction.
This design from the popular New Beetle, we can learn many things
worth learning, for example: 1. Modern technology, modern technology
combined with classic style, can complement each other.
2. Classic classic because it is the reason why things will not over
time but abandoned by history. Or be designed from this new generation
of designers who let us be enlightened, to understand inheritance and
innovation. Sometimes, looking back, there will be a new harvest.
3. Modern design more humane, human and machine, and the environme
increasingly thoughtful and in-depth consideration, as far as possible
the three more harmonious link. Therefore, ergonomics, design
psychology these interdisciplinary us to say is the inevitable demand.

4. From this design, we can see that the designer of our subtle and
thoughtful person care, from the safe, stylish, comfortable, smart,
speed, considering various aspects. Windshield wiper system that can
test the intelligence of the miniature, the design reflects the
headlamps inheritance and innovation, as well as front seats and rear
seat design, circular roof design, greatly increasing interior space
and changed the styling of the monotony, but also embodies the human.
Design, we can see that good design is good shape with a reasonable
appearance of color. Meanwhile, the interior design also relates to
color application, see color application can not be ignored.
5. Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Anti-lock brake system (ABS),
electronic brake-force distribution (EBD) and electronic differential
lock (EDL). All these indicate the future direction of automotive
design: intelligent, more secure.
6. A key to a good design we can see that it is the same attention to
detail design.

In short, you can see the design direction: humane, intelligent,
stylish, comfortable, reasonable price positioning, consumer market
position, combined with new technologies, new processes, new material.

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