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					Virtual spokesperson: brand strategy of the leading fast food
Virtual spokesperson to promote an enterprise product, according to
the characteristics of products or services, while based on market
research and consumer psychology designed cartoon characters, animals
or other objects, including live images or play cartoon dolls have
been very well-known cartoon image. Since the modern advertising has
generated, the virtual character has been a foreign endorser important
part of many famous foreign brands such as McDonald's, KFC,
Jollibee, Panda Express fast-food companies such as the charm is the
use of virtual spokesperson brand-name recognition, and gradually
gained recognized and welcomed the audience. However, the
attractiveness and advantages of the virtual spokesperson Where is? In
the end what is so great that many businesses on the image from the
virtual world so loved?
  Homogeneous competition need to establish brand differentiation
  Chinese fast food market is rapidly growing and tend to mature. In
recent years, Shanghai New Asia emerged as a large package, Malan
ramen noodles, Shenzhen, Wang, Lihua Fast Food, Qianxihe, Jiangsu
ma'am dumplings, oriental dumplings Wang, Guilin, Guangxi,
Wuhan Iron and Steel Group, fast-food company, Guangzhou and other
fast Atlantic House the growth of Chinese fast food brand. Some local
fast-food brands such as MCA, 900 bowl, blue and white, also have seen
significant development. They are learning a large international chain
brands QSC - standardization of quality, service, cleanliness, so that
they can be based and the rapid development of Chinese fast food
market, these show business state is experiencing major
transformation, and thus gradually mature. Chinese fast food market is
relatively mature and competitive environment is to import the basic
conditions of virtual spokesperson. Only in such a competitive
environment, the virtual image to the consumer's mind
occupied, otherwise the price competition is easy to use tool will
replace the brand. McDonald's, KFC target consumers with
children, young people, hence the use of a virtual spokesperson to get
close to good effect. Moreover, with the adult cartoon, more and more
adults joined the ranks of favorite virtual spokesperson, virtual
spokesperson for imported it provides more choice. Fast-food brand,
spending habits is simple, fast, impulsivity, emotional. So brand
loyalty is generally low, this decision is easy for consumers to
switch to similar products in different brands. The virtual voice
itself is an emotional product, it can effectively narrow the distance
between consumers and products. Vivid virtual spokesperson,
effectively to form the differences between the various brands, so
consumers can identify and generate memory.
  More favorable brand
  Virtual spokesperson is more conducive to business and establish
brand image and communication. With the fast-food products and
narrowing the gap between service quality and homogeneity, the current
market competition is no longer a tool for product quality, but
brands. Currently in China, CI strategy as an important aspect of
brand building has also been considerable attention, but as sense of
the limitations, many companies in pursuing this work had not taken to
the role of a virtual spokesperson. While abroad, many companies
regarded as an enterprise virtual voice part of CI strategy to promote
and maintain not only a more vivid image of the enterprise, but also
to allow enterprises to have more identification signs, thus
facilitating the audience's memory and choice.
  Ronald McDonald is McDonald's famous cartoon character, th
prototype is only the early operators Crocker restaurants play up the
clown distribution of gifts, but because the popular image of the
clown were to continue to use, doing my part to become the
protagonists of their advertising. Although McDonald's global
development strategy to take root in different countries and different
countries make different advertising works, but no matter where, as
long as related to the overall image of McDonald's own ads,
Ronald McDonald will appear as a hero. For example, the 2004 Athens
Olympics and the NBA during the race in China, McDonald's
produced as a sponsor of the series of ads, Ronald McDonald is the
lead of McDonald's enthusiasm for the expression of support
and increase their own contributions towards the ones left.
  Lower cost endorsement
  Virtual spokesperson is more of an economic and convenience. There
is a big endorsement star high risk of cost effective easy to test,
therefore, not suitable for all enterprises. The virtual ad
spokesperson in this area has natural advantages. Than celebrity
endorsements, the input cost of the virtual spokesperson is used in
image design and market research, these cost less and easier to
control not only in the input-output ratio to achieve a reasonable
  Also in the commercials, the big stars work, tight schedules, making
a set of ads will need to spend a lot of time to coordinate and
communicate with them. The star is tied up in the case, many
advertisers can only turn to the old hold regrets or other advertising
material to show with the general model, so that advertising
creativity and brilliance. Virtual spokesperson is not that problem.
As long as a virtual spokesman for the success established, will never
be on standby. Advertisers may at any time, any place, any way to make
a virtual spokesperson for their services. This not only facilitates
the production of advertising, but also allow advertisers to more
reasonable more independently organize their marketing and advertising
strategies, the problem will not affect the endorsers or hinder the
company's established advertising program.
  Use of low risk
  Virtual spokesman stable and safe and conducive to maintaining
corporate image. For enterprises, the biggest endorser of products
than the risk of negative news to the star product and the company
itself to bring the crisis of imagination. Star is a legal identity
and sense of freedom of the individual who, although they can be
signed on as spokesman for enterprise products, but the company has
for their work and life have no right to intervene. Therefore, the
burden of using celebrity endorsements should not only huge capital
investment, but also to take responsibility for voice problems, the
enterprise to bear huge losses on advertising spending and consider
how to maintain the image of companies and products are not affected.
And against each star has an audience, if the company ill-considered,
hasty opening of a certain star, is likely to give companies the loss
of some potential customers, causing some damage.
   ?Virtual spokesperson, these problems can be effectively avoided.
Because they are enterprises according to their needs and objectives
of the consumer group's preferences She Ji and only use
specifically, so you can enjoy the Xiguanjinhang Suizhuoshouzhong the
flexibility of adjustment, until the person's tastes Wei Zhi
Fu He Juedaduoshu, but from the beginning, the virtual spokesperson on
enterprise and products exist only in publicity and promotion,
completely dependent on corporate wishes. Ronald McDonald will not
make a mistake, because the reality does not exist, naturally, will
not do anything harmful to the McDonald's image. On the
contrary, lovely friendly personality will be full of virtual
spokesman for the company to win long-term goodwill and visibility,
and business or product woe.
  Greater plasticity
  Virtual spokesperson will not only increase the use of advertising
to see degree, but also show new ad creative. From a technical point
of view, the virtual spokesperson to a large extent dependent on
animation technology. Continuous development in computer technology
today, computer animation of virtual technology has been developed to
an unprecedented height, from "Toy Story" to
"Finding Nemo", the virtual digital animation
approach the real scene has been a great trend of the environment. In
the "Lord of the Rings," "King
Kong" and other large areas in the United States, the role of
the virtual computer has reached the point where real ones, so the
idea of creators better reflected. The same is true for the commercial
production is concerned, because the behavior of a virtual
spokesperson can any manipulation by the advertising man, and
therefore can be more creative advertising expression of these ideas
are impossible or difficult to use some of the performance of ordinary
words to break through the advertising limits; in Post-production,
advanced 3D animation technology can restore these brainstorms images
to the audience with unprecedented visual impact, which succeeded in
attracting the attention of consumers, to promote products or services
to lay a solid foundation.
 Better stability
  Virtual spokesperson design autonomy, endorsement specificity, from
different areas to meet consumer demands, so as to maintain the unity
of brand personality. Voice can be described as a successful
enterprise a unique and valuable asset. First, enterprises can find
their products a clear and specific virtual voice to the unique
personality and image, and similar products to avoid confusion. The
long-term stability, as the spokesperson for products different from
other similar products to find the unique character, a profound
impression on the target audience, after years of tests can still
remember. Although Kentucky experienced a number of experiences
acquired by other companies (such as Pepsi, Parkson), but the Colonel
Sanders image has been dominant with a deep impression on the heart of
occupied KFC logo.
   Virtual spokesperson in an endless stream of new, but the target
consumer group in the visibility and recognition is not high. Through
comparison and analysis of successful cases, the following six points
are worth learning and learning:
  In compliance with corporate and brand of temperament and future
development needs.
   Do not advocate the development of virtual design as an ordinary
two-dimensional works to design. An important feature of virtual
spokesperson is its shape temperament can be developed in accordance
with the requirements of enterprise design. Some enterprises in the
design of the virtual image, but the subjective demands of virtual
voice in shape consistent with cartoons, humorous, lively, lovely,
nice features, while ignoring the voice as a virtual enterprise should
have the most consistent corporate ethos and future development needs
of the content of temperament. For instance, real skill to the design
of virtual spokesman food chain, like McDonald's Ronald
McDonald, KFC's KFC colonel as "real effort&qu
need a spirit of "martial culture" of the image
carrier, but also the cultural integration of enterprises and products
and temperament. Then select the physical prowess, physical fitness,
righteousness of the Bruce Lee image resembles a virtual spokesperson.
His eyes full of power, his action is full of tension, in the global
Chinese mind, he is a symbol of national spirit, is the emperor of
China's kung fu. "Xiaolong Ge" maximum
effort reflects the culture of physical fitness, practice the essence
of the will, the perfect hosts a "real effort" The
Global Chinese chain restaurant brands to express all the real people
to the international effort, determination to carry forward the
Chinese food culture .
  Second, attention to overall design, and constantly improve.
  To attach importance to the overall design of a virtual spokesperson
to continuously improve their personal image and information to win
the target consumers.
Although virtual spokesperson does not exist in the real world does
not mean they do not have feelings and personality. The present era,
is a focus on emotional communication and marketing of the times,
provided by the popular virtual spokesperson, are carefully designed,
both in image and character recognition by the target consumer group.
  McDonald's success lies in its point that the double yellow
arches logo. As McDonald's international language, the M flag
a McDonald's ad the best way to communicate with consumers.
McDonald's advertising in many, if not a
"McDonald's" character, alone, M logo,
consumers can also naturally think of McDonald's. M logo as
part of McDonald's advertising strategy is also essential.
  Third, their own characteristics, play a brilliant idea.
  In commercial production, we should make full use of the virtual
voice of their own characteristics to attract audience, using the
wonderful creativity, to combine with to produce good results.
Currently advertising the use of virtual spokesman for the reason
generally at a low level, because many advertisers will continue
selling them as a simple tool that does not give advertisers more soul
and life. To get the public did not really accept the existence of a
virtual spokesperson, in addition to advertising creative and work
hard no other way.
  November 14, 2006, KFC announced the official website to the world:
the world's first look into the distance the Earth from space,
witness the 8129 square meters KFC unveiled a new logo Worldwide! 812
square meters of giant Colonel Sanders logo, not only is the
world's largest logo is only visible to the Earth in space
brand. KFC Corporation election in the world famous UFO (UFO) of both
the United States built the history of Rachel, Nevada, the largest
identity, and the area is the center of interstellar contact. UFO
mystery of all, contact the center of Star, the only visible in the
space of the Earth brand, have attracted people's attention
and the media provides an excellent information point.
  Fourth, focus on promoting all-round display the charm of a virtual
  The image of the virtual spokesmen have advantages not only works in
a variety of ads to play a role, and can extend virtual endorsement of
sale terminal charm, contributed to their buying behavior. Such as the
Philippines Jollibee Foods Corporation Jollibee use inflatable Idol
distributed gifts to children and the formation of a good customer
  In addition, spokesmen for the development of virtual peripheral
products, such as calendars, watches, lanyards, toys and other items
also sell products and attract the perfect gift to buy. Both have a
desire to satisfy the consumer, but also to those who follow the
virtual idol around consumers, they have a more long-term effects.
  V. Continuing development of a virtual spokesperson's image
and character traits with the times.
  Real success the virtual voice never set in stone, they will develop
with the times and enterprises adjust and change occur, or will be
very easy from the public focus on the aesthetic and business
development strategies have been forgotten. This change is not limited
to images, but also in the quality of the overall image, including
personalized settings.
  Salt Lake City in the United States since 1952, KFC opened its first
store to the present, KFC has gone through the Five logo update.
November 2006, KFC "take off" white suit
"to wear" red aprons. Colonel Sanders Kentucky new
red apron, the brand represents the traditional home-style cooking. It
tells customers still like today's Kentucky Colonel Sanders 50
years ago, in the kitchen cooking fresh hard for the customer by hand,
tasty, quality food, giving customers a new closeness experience.
Colonel Sanders himself seems to be back next year means the kitchen
making chicken plain suck era.
  The new logo changes from the gentleman to the chef, suggesting a
KFC on consumer demand and greater attention to customer value - the
white-bearded old man is no longer on the side to see you enjoy
delicious, but the cook delicious cuisine for you to the. In the era
of integrated marketing communication, the most important thing is to
establish the relationship between products and consumers. The new
logo is undoubtedly more affinity, better draw distance between the
consumer. It makes Colonel Sanders jumped from the upper class to
become Justices of the Peace will be cooking for the ordinary people
of the neighbor next door to Grandpa!
  These bold adjustments conform well enjoy the times used in products
for the enterprise and gain more new customers while old customers to
create something fresh. The virtual voice of "life"
has also been extended to the protection of intangible assets of
enterprises and value-added contributed.
  6, scientific development, and accurate design.
  In general, the development of a virtual spokesperson processes are:
market research - development and design - market testing - import.
Once the set of virtual spokesperson, spokesperson for the brand will
only long-term, stable image representative, it can not only accompany
the brand to grow, because of its unequivocal position that a durable,
strong penetration, once the emotional aspects of public relations and
the establishment of a Good visibility and impact, in order to bring
multi-business interests, the cumulative effect of brand advertising
will become increasingly apparent. Which is why the voice in the
development of virtual design process, the virtual image of the
scientific planning can accurately grasp the target audience's
psychology, business whether the design of the virtual image of the
strategic planning and business systems together to consider the
virtual image Design success is critical, so to operate according to
scientific ideas is particularly necessary.

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