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					Virtual Reality
 Virtual reality (abbreviated VR), also known as Virtual Reality
technology is based on immersion, interaction, and vision of the basic
features of advanced human-machine interface computer. He utilization
of the computer graphics, simulation technology, multimedia
technology, artificial intelligence technology, computer network
technology, parallel processing and multi-sensor technology,
simulation of human vision, hearing, touch and other sensory
functions, people can be immersed in computer-generated the virtual
realm, and through language, gestures and other natural way real-time
interaction with them to create a humanoid multi-dimensional
information space. Not only can the user experience through a virtual
reality system at the objective physical world experienced by the
"virtual reality" of realism, but also can overcome
space, time and other objective constraints, can not feel the
real-world experience first-hand experience.

VR technology is beyond the reality of virtual sex. Virtual reality
system is still the core of the computer equipment. One of its main
function is to generate a virtual realm of graphics, therefore, also
known as workstations. Currently the most widely used in this field is
the SGI, SUN and other manufacturers produce dedicated workstation,
but recently based on Intel Pentium ¢ó (¢ô generation) generation of
chips and computer graphics workstation graphics accelerator excellent
cost performance, it may have sprung up everywhere. Image display
device is used to generate three-dimensional visual effects key
peripherals, current products include light valve common glasses, 3D
projectors and helmet displays. One high-end helmet display in
shielding the real world, while providing high resolution, large field
of view angle of the virtual scene, and with a stereo headset, can
engender a strong sense of immersion. Other peripherals used to
implement interactive and virtual reality, including the data glove,
3D mouse, motion tracking, force feedback devices, voice recognition
and synthesis systems, among others. Virtual reality technology has
broad prospects. It began in the field of military and aerospace
demand, but in recent years, virtual reality technology has been a big
step into the industrial, architectural design, education and
training, culture and entertainment and so on. It is changing our

Virtual reality has two contradictory meanings the word, these two
words together, it seems pointless, but the development of science and
technology has given it new meaning. Clear definition of virtual
reality is not easy to say, the concept of virtual reality made by the
earliest scholars J. Laniar say, virtual reality, also known as
imaginary reality, which means "to use the artificial
computer world." From then on you can clearly see the
computer in this area has a close relationship can not be separated,
and information science is the synthesis of the basic premise of
virtual reality. Generated virtual reality need to address three main

¢Ù as real the existence of technology. That is, how synthesis of the
observer's sensory organs is consistent with the real input,
that is how reality can produce with the same vision, touch, smell and
so on.

¢Ú interaction. How the observer active and dynamic operation of
virtual reality, in order to achieve a different viewpoint scene and a
higher level of sensory information. In fact it is more like how you
can see, hear more real so.

¢Û realistic self-discipline. Feel are not aware of how their actions
and behavior are brought to life under the conditions of sense of
reality. Here, observers, sensors, computer simulation system and
display system forms a closed loop interaction process.

Virtual reality is an integrated multi-technology, its key
technologies and research include the following:

1, Environmental Modeling

The virtual environment, the purpose is to obtain three-dimensional
data in real three-dimensional environment, and depending on the
application needs to obtain three-dimensional data set using the
corresponding virtual environment model.

2, stereo synthesis and three-dimensional display technology

In the virtual reality system to eliminate the direction of the sound
and the relevance of the user head movements, while the complex
three-dimensional scenes in real-time generated graphics.

3, tactile feedback

In virtual reality systems allow users to directly manipulate virtual
objects and feel the virtual object reaction force, thereby creating
immersive feel.

4, interactive technology
Virtual reality human-computer interaction far beyond the traditional
keyboard and mouse model, using digital helmet, gloves and other
complex digital sensor device, three-dimensional interactive
technology and speech recognition, voice input technology has become
an important means of human-computer interaction.

5, system integration technology

As the virtual reality system, including a large number of perceptual
information and models, so the system integration technology for the
most important: including information synchronization, model
calibration, data conversion technology, recognition and synthesis

Virtual reality is a computer construct a realistic model of the
image. People can interact with the model and generates the same with
the real-world feedback to enable people to access and feel like the
real world. When people need to structure the current environment does
not exist (reasonable virtual reality), human beings can not reach the
environment (exaggeration virtual reality), or construct a purely
imaginary environment (illusory virtual reality) to replace the need
for expensive real environment, you can use Virtual reality

In order to achieve and feel like the real world, it needs to achieve
a variety of sensory technology. People in the real world is through
the eyes, ears, fingers, nose and other organs to achieve visual,
tactile (haptic), smell and other functions. Watch the colorful people
through the external visual environment, rich sound through the
auditory perception in the world, through tactile understanding of the
shape and characteristics of the object through the sense of smell
that smell around. In short, through a variety of feelings, so that we
can interact with the objective real world (AC), so that we submerged
the same as in the real world environment.

Here, the most difficult to achieve hearing; implementation is
essential to the visual is the most basic and most commonly used;
implementation sense only in some cases necessary, now is perfect; to
achieve the sense of smell has just begun. Information obtained from
the outside world, there are 80% -90% of the visual. Therefore, in the
virtual environment and real environment to achieve the same visual
experience, for access to real sense of submerged sense of utmost

In virtual reality and often display a different image is required to
display the image with the viewer eye position varies. In addition,
the requested images to be quickly generated and real-time sense. For
example, when the animation does not require real-time, in order to
ensure the quality of the screen how long each piece of produce
unlimited. The virtual reality images generated when the order of 30
frames / sec. With such an image generation capability, which together
with the appropriate sound effects, it can give people a immersive

Can provide visual and auditory effects of virtual reality system has
been used for a variety of simulation systems. Urban planning, such
systems are playing an enormous role. For example, many cities have
their own short, medium and long-term planning. Need to be considered
in planning the various architectural harmony with the surrounding
environment is compatible with the surrounding new building are the
original construction coordination, so as to avoid the building is
completed, only to find it destroyed the city and the rational
distribution of the original style.

This simulation system can also be used to protect cultural relics, to
reproduce the ancient building. The precious artifacts out of the
virtual reality display for visitors and help protect the real
antiquities. Museum of Confucius in Qufu, Shandong is to do so. It
also made the Dacheng Hall model, viewers can browse through the
computer to the root Daeseongjeon hollow carved dozens of Panlong
large stone pillars, you can tour around to the back of Dacheng Hall.

Using virtual reality technology built reservoirs and rivers and lakes
simulation system, more people at a glance. For example, set up after
the Three Gorges reservoir model can be built in the reservoir before
the completion of visual to see the spectacular sight. Water
inundation which will be the first villages and farmland, which relics
will be submerged, it can take the initiative to solve the problem. If
the establishment of a regional flood control and simulation system,
we can simulate what embankment when the water level reaches the
warning line appears dangerous, in case of breaches which areas will
be flooded. This is the formulation of contingency plans are a great

The extensive use of virtual reality to computer applications to a new
level, its role and significance is obvious. In addition, can also
come from a higher level view of their role and significance. First,
the concept, from the "main computer" to
"human-subject." The second is increasing awarenes
in the philosophy of "virtual" and
"real" relationship.

Past human-machine interface (human communication with the computer)
to require people to adapt to the computer, using virtual reality
technology, people do not realize that they can deal with the
computer, but can, as in a normal environment to deal with things in
the exchange with the computer. This brings the complexity of the
computer from the operation of the work of liberation. Increasingly
complex information technology, uses increasingly widespread today,
this full potential of information technology is of great

The relationship between virtual and real is an old philosophical
proposition. We are in a real objective world, or just feel in their
own world, materialism and idealism has been the focus of debate.
Visual, for example, we see everything, but the images on the retina.
In the past, images of the retina are a reflection of the real world,
so the objective with the subjective feeling of the real world the
world is the same. Now, virtual reality led to the duality of virtual
reality scenes of human senses is real and exists, but it's
really about fictional things. However, acting in accordance with
imaginary things often will reach the right result. Therefore, the
philosophy on the trigger to re-understanding of
"virtual" and "real" relationship

Early 70s in the 20th century began to virtual reality for training
astronauts. Since this is a cheaper, safe and effective training
methods, has now been extended to all walks of life training.
Currently, virtual reality has been extended to different areas, has
been widely used.

In technology development, the virtual reality can shorten the
development cycle and reduce costs. For example, in early 1998,
Chrysler will be using virtual reality technology, two new vehicles in
the design of a breakthrough, for the first time to design a new car
directly from the computer screen production line, that is completely
omitted the middle of the trial production. As the use of virtual
reality technology superior to the 1500 Chrysler design to avoid
errors, save the 8 months of development time and cost 80 million U.S.
dollars. Using virtual reality technology can also be car crash test,
do not use the car can really show the consequences of collisions
under different conditions.

In the virtual reality technology has been and theoretical analysis,
along with scientific experiments, as the law of human exploration of
the three means of the objective world. Use it to design new materials
that can change the ingredients in advance about the impact on the
material properties. The material has not produced using this material
before they know the parts produced in different stress situations is
how damaged.

Business, virtual reality is often used to sell. For example, when
construction bids, the design of the program demonstrated using
virtual reality technology can be put into the future owners of the
building for visit, such as the height of the door, window
orientation, how much lighting, house decoration, etc., can share
their feelings. It also can be used for a number of tourist
attractions and features, uses a variety of merchandise to sell.
Because the use of virtual reality display the charm of these
commodities, than single words or pictures to promote more attractive.

Medical care, in general there are two types of virtual reality
applications. First, virtual human, that is, the digital human body,
so doctors easier to understand the human body model the structure and
function of the human body. The other is a virtual surgery system can
be used to guide the surgery.

Militarily, the use of virtual reality technology to simulate the
course of the war has become better and more economical of the most
advanced war, commanders training methods. As virtual reality
technology is to achieve a high level, so although not conduct nuclear
tests, also to the continuous improvement of nuclear weapons. War, to
plan for laboratory tests can also play a combat role. Before the
start of the 1991 Gulf War, the U.S. military Bianba Gulf of various
natural and Iraqi forces in a variety of computer data entry,
simulation and after various operations set the initial operational
plan. The actual operation of the development and experimental results
are quite consistent.

Entertainment, the application is the most extensive use of virtual
reality. UK and a ski simulator. User wearing a ski suit, ski foot,
Shouzhu ski stick, carrying the head mounted display, hands and feet
are filled with sensors. Although the small room, as long as doing a
variety of ski action, through the head mounted display can be seen
piled snow in the mountains, canyons, cliff, 11 passing from the side,
the picture is on and Ski in ski to really feel the same.
Now, virtual reality technology to create a virtual environment only,
but also to create a virtual host, virtual singer, virtual actors.
Japanese TV introduced singer DiKi, not only singing but also charming
and grace, attracted numerous fans have dumped a lot of groupies want
to witness its hosting the Games, forcing television stations had to
explain she is a virtual singer. Walt Disney Co. plans to launch a
virtual actor. This will allow "actors" art in
youth, vitality forever. Star paycheck to high price led to the use of
virtual actors is another reason. Virtual actor to become movie hero,
the film will become a branch of the software industry. The software
company will develop software for the countless people buy virtual
actors. While, in the humor and humane, the virtual actor in a very
long time or even never be compared with the real actors, but it does
become a good actor. Not long ago turned into the game by a computer
program, "Tomb Raider" heroine of the film was
selected world-renowned figures, indicating that the coming era of
virtual actors.

Virtual reality technology has been and theoretical analysis, along
with scientific experiments, as the three laws of human exploration of
the objective world means.