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									Viral Marketing
 Viral marketing is also one is a viral marketing and viral

Viral marketing is a common Internet marketing methods, commonly used
for website promotion, brand promotion, viral marketing uses the
principle of word of mouth is the users, the Internet, this
"word of mouth" is more ·½±ã, can, as As the virus
spread rapidly, so viral marketing has become an efficient means of
information dissemination, and, because users of such communication is
spontaneous, so almost no cost online marketing tools.
  To carry out the essential elements of viral marketing:
 ?(1) can provide valuable products or services;
 ?(2) no effort way of transmitting information to others;
?(3) the scope of information transmission can easily spread from
small to very large;
?(4) use of public enthusiasm and behavior;
?(5) the use of existing communications networks;
?(6) the use of other resources for information dissemination.

  To carry out viral marketing success stories:
  1, TUPPERWARE (Tupperware) to fully tap the strength of weak links
where the
Sociologists have long found that there are many informal social
contacts between individuals than those who appear to have strong
social relevance to specific groups of people more influential. Of the
virus in those links appear to be more fragile been extended. Just
think of the virus in the network - which can be said of numerous weak
link assembly of virtual communities on the development will
understand this. In the business world, this strategy is to use
multi-marketing strategy in many companies the most instinctive way,
such as personal and household products manufacturer TUPPERWARE
(Tupperware), Amway and Mary Kay, etc. all use this method . Zai every
place, their strategies are found a number of individuals, their
strengths to discover the weak links that were large, for use as these
areas to sell products or services. For example TUPPERWARE, it finds
some communities, such as the suburbs, where to open a number of
parties (Party), the parties use their products. All parties on the
face of it are non-commercial: their houses, make their own food,
their friends, but the whole party in a very important social
interaction is to promote TUPPERWARE products. Social interaction and
business activities have become in harmony, are inseparable.
  Second, Nike itself disguised as a carrier and not a virus
An innate ability to camouflage the virus, they can easily dissolve
itself to become any thing, so they can not be the body's
immune system, or computer operating system to see through. They
either enter the body cells or small objects on the gene, or access to
a computer software system and disguised the existing programming
languages. Marketing can be learned from this phenomenon of such a
principle: to become the carrier of their own. Nike to learn this.
Although the company has hundreds of millions of marketing money,
still frequently used viral marketing and push this strategy
perfectly. First it's "Just Do It" marketing
program it, Nike high top recruit world-class sports stars do product
spokesperson, and then to 40,000 dollars per second, the United States
won the Super Bowl ad time to buy advertising, and with overwhelming
product promotion and gifts, so retailers willing to work for him. But
think about it, these are not it that everywhere, affixed with a
"Just Do It" the little label a greater role. The
label even into the Webster's dictionary, out of sequence in
American culture. Those who had a skeptical attitude Di marketing and
advertising planners and in the secondary video in the prison custody,
and now are all of ironic mean to use the term with every word they
say, is in helping to promote Nike's products.

  What products and services for viral marketing:
  Viral marketing features for mass consumption, especially in the
fast consumption, highlighting the new features of consumer goods and
services as its main marketing options.
  Life experience viral marketing language:
  "If you think this software good, please tell your
friends"; "sent to your friends, increase your
popularity"; "link in this ad, to increase
traffic" ...
  Tea viral marketing programs:
  After determining the brand of tea, use of network, including Yellow
Pages, auction advertising, forums, blog, supply and demand
information platform running a large number of selective information.
Through the link, send online information, web advertising information
in order to achieve explosive results.
  By free email, free space, free blog, free real-time chat
dissemination of information.
  Targeted, the choice of professional information platform to
facilitate timely and effective information service to users.
  Tea as consumer packaged goods, consumer groups and reasonable
positioning of the brand, of consumption patterns, consumption habits.
Consumers are provided in good faith, the true consumer information.

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