Using Google Analytics to measure website effectiveness building long tail keywords

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					Using Google Analytics to measure website effectiveness building long
tail keywords
SEO (Web Promotion long tail keywords in
construction are nothing new, I believe many of my friends have their
own tools and methods to acquire and develop long tail keywords. This
article talk about theory, we take a look at how to use Google
Analytics data analysis site (construction page, the
effectiveness of building long tail keywords.
Analysis Web site (construction page number of the
average effective keywords
First, the background in the Google Analytics left navigation, Traffic
Sources - Keywords Report, select the paid search traffic for
non-senior population.
This report, we can see how much the website is the key word search in
the search engine results pages generated traffic effects, note the
key words count: 146 173.
And then to the GA content - the most common target page, select the
Advanced Group is a non-paid search traffic.
Here you can see how many Web sites on search results pages in the
search engine generated traffic results, note the number of pages: 22
Number of effective keywords / effective ratio of the number of pages,
each page is the average number of effective keywords, that is a page
about the number of keywords obtained through search traffic, this
value can be derived as the word for the page Long Tail effect
parameter words. Data obtained using the above two results
146173/22140 = 6.6, a larger number, indicating a long tail of web
pages to deploy the better word, 6.6 considered a lucky number it:)
This value is the estimated value of the whole station, only to have a
certain reference value. Number of effective keywords / effective if
the ratio of the number of pages is very small, it may be other
1, the site of each page focused on a keyword, page content, copy
writing have focused on the core words
2, page text is too small, not enough to support the long tail words
and derived words have an effect
3, the search focused on the user's awareness, common are
fixed keywords to search, or a single group of the industry key words.

The third possibility is relatively small, so if you page the ratio of
the average effective keywords small, first check whether the data
under the search keywords are set to match your title, and then see if
it is tail on the page deployment, and copywriting word problems.
Composition analysis of key words words
For the English station, there is a way to measure the performance of
long tail keywords situation. We know that in English, the word is a
space between the composition of the word subject, unlike the Chinese
word that is continuous. Therefore, we can number of spaces between
the words in English to determine the length of the word, for example,
contains two spaces is the three words forming the word.
Tailed definition of an inaccurate definition of the word: the word
length of more than two characters shall be composed of long tail,
composed of a word or words the words that are the core words. Then,
we can also apply Ggoogle Analytics to analyze the long tail of data.
GA reported in the bottom of the filter keyword keyword input box,
type ^ [^] +? [^] + $
At this time, we will come to all the key words in the data, length of
1 or 2 keywords (core word) the number, give an example note values:
the number of 15,042 keywords, keyword traffic 521,855
Comparison of the data in Figure 1, the number of core keywords / All
Keywords few = 15,042 / 146,173 = 10.29%, the core of key words flow /
flow = 521,855 for all keywords / 3,205,457 = 16.28%. According to
these two sets of values, we can also come to the site as a whole long
tail term effects.
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