Useful photography sites by fdjerue7eeu


									Useful photography sites
1. The United States National Geographic magazine in the
world's largest human geography, a large number of fine
pictures on its Web site and consulting

2. National Geographic National Geographic magazine's official
website, introduces the domestic and international customs and
regional culture

3. Documentary video, a California nature photography site, containing
a large number of animal and plant photography image

4. Chinese landscape photography network in China's own
landscape photography organizations, including the equipment,
knowledge, image display, photo exchange plate

5. Mountains images take a British specialist mountain photography
site, containing a large number of panoramic images

6. China Wildlife Protection Association of China Wildlife Photography
photography channel, aimed at protecting rare and endangered wildlife.

7. Yann Arthus - Bertrand of France, a major display of aerial
photographs of the site, the site many of the photos are world-famous
classic masterpieces of our times

8. Wild China from the wild animal photographer Xi Zhinong history
Lihong couple created the hope aroused by wonderful pictures of
animals all of the environmental passion

9. Bob Hudak, a U.S. network of black and white landscape photography,
black and white photo of its main uses of silver plastic, silver
chloride, platinum salts and other technology to enlarge

10. TB Network, a risky site, the site contains a large number of
excellent photographic images of animals plants and people and nature

PART 02 portraits

11. GEORGE HURRELL Hollywood portrait photographer George
Hurrell's personal website, photos are mostly black and white
people thirty or forty years

12. Chinese wedding photography wedding portrait of China's
largest network of Internet exchange platform, content-rich.

13. Art Body Art Body, a photography site, its large black and white
photography is quite shaken by the human body
14. Breezes love Beijing, a wedding photography studio film,
specializing in wedding photography location

15. Dark green famous portrait photographer Doujin Song of photography
home page, which works sometimes quiet and beautiful, sometimes wild
and hot

16. JEANLOUP SIEFF portrait photographer Jeanloup Sieff's
photography space, web site design unique and rare white portrait
works are also City boutique (hit here,
can not help themselves first peeked 1, work is good enough really I

17. JENS BOLDT portrait photographer Jens Boldt's personal
photography site, wonderful photos and new website design worthy of
our collection (I can not help, and secretly
turn on a look ... ... *--*)

18. ONOREA BARBE Ondrea Barbe large portrait contains a lot of
fashion, its very beautiful black and white photo of color.

19. ELEPHOTO a Shanghai fashion photography site, the main figure in
fashion photography fashion photography fashion

20. Images taken the concept of a special couple and the
family's website, photos, warm and cozy, like a life to

21. World Press Photo World Press Photo Competition Network, also
known as Jose, the press, the biggest photography event

22. Pulitzer Prize journalism awards the United States the most
famous, of course, ultimately, the selection of news photography

23. White House News Photographers Association, the U.S. official
photographic organizations, mainly the external activities of the
United States Government reports released pictures

24. Electronic news magazine U.S. News photography, a network of
photographers gathered a lot of reports, including Stephen? Mai Kairui

25. China News Photos Photo coverage of the largest sites of image
reading for now, this report form is very popular

PART 03 Documentary News 26. Photography magazine news a
report's official website, containing a lot of adventure,
culture, fashion, image subject to a record

27. American Press Photographers Association Organization of American
photographer of the group not only includes a large number of pictures
the photographer, and some TV cameramen.

28. Digital Press photographer digital photography to the news media
understood the significance, the site contains a lot of exciting news
photos production slide.

29. Sunshine Focus Photos by the famous photographer Lu Guang report
creation, divided into leaflets news photos and picture story of two
large plates.

30. Photographers Association and the American tradition of similar
American Press Photographers Association. Organization is a
photographer, but also a picture trading platform.

PART 04 for map agency

31. State Council Information Office Photo Gallery formerly Photocome
photo agency, mainly engaged in domestic and international news
photography pictures, also the agent and a number of international
photo agency Getty images.

32. Panoramic pictures as expand the company's creative
bulletin famous gallery, the main non-effectiveness of publications,
advertising illustrations and other creative companies.

33. Time Gallery, China's largest gallery of copyright
transactions, the first to create a personal picture personal picture
trading platform business model (the site I
never heard of ... ... the idea is too Well, let me see this amateur
operators the possibility of a second job, huh, huh)

34. Gamma picture agency in 1967 to establish the old photo agency,
adopted the materials from news, entertainment, fashion, commercial
and other photography

35. Gai Di gallery one of the world's largest gallery,
pictures, a wide range. Its integration of more than a dozen
world-class professional photo agencies

36. Black Star Photo Agency, a prestigious news photo agency, nearly
70 years of history, not only can purchase pictures, you can also send

37. SIPA photo agency in France the famous news photo agency, has a
large number of forty or fifty years of valuable historical
photographs. China general agent for the State Information Office
Photo Agency.

38. Contact Photo Agency has more than 30 years history of the famous
news photo agency, has some 300 million images. Salgado and so had to
join contact photo agencies.

39.VII photo agency founded by seven photographers because of its
name. Founded in the United States two days before the 9-11 incident
and the incident quickly became famous through 9.11.

40. Magnum Photo Agency, a nonprofit established in 1947, picture
agencies, including the founder of Cartier-Bresson, Capa and other
world-class photographer.

41. Ansel? Adams, who did not like landscape photography, a few did
not know Adams, it is mainly black and white camera with a large
format landscape

42. Salgado Salgado is photography of the top master of his works with
the perspective of aesthetic interpretation of the suffering of the
43. Jerry? Usman top of a very creative darkroom master, he
synthesized a lot of darkroom techniques can only be produced by
computer image.

44. James? Na Qiewei "battlefield photographer"
movie hero, a true champion of photography. Here you can understand
him and his work.

PART 05 photographers

45. Frank?»ôÍßÌØ·ðÀ¼¿Ë? Horvath's personal photograph
black and white documentary photography, mostly images of thirty to
forty years.

46. Buddha Reed?˹̹ÌØ·ðÀïµÂ? Stent site, the main record of the
and forties Paris, New York, as well as portraits of celebrities.

47. Howard? Si Qiazi fashion photographer Howard? Si Qiazi personal
website, showcasing its large number of fashion photography.
48. Esther? Bubo Lai photographs of the site points are all black and
white photographs, showing four or five years of the twentieth century
the United States people's lives.

49. Helmut? Newton (this text magazines errors, and 39 of the text

50. Richard? Avedon Richard? Avedon in the prestigious American
fashion photographer, he was afraid a lot of celebrity portrait set,
such as Marilyn? Monroe.

PART 06 Photography Forum 51. Color video wild and the world&#39
largest one of the Chinese photography forum. In addition to pictures
forum, the site also contains lots of equipment, consulting,
evaluation and so on.

52. Hummingbird hummingbird Network Forum is the premier network of
photography photography forum, the Forum has been the development of
photography from the net for a photography portal.
53.POCO net saying goes: "a move fresh, eat days",
POCO by electronic album attracted a large number of users.

54. Best Friends is home to an online forum in early user-based, now
has developed into a large volume of comprehensive photographic camera
brand forum.

55. Car Forum Film Society Association has been insisting car article
reviews the main purpose of intent, although not significantly
stronger, but has a large number of loyal fans.

56. China webcam site with forums, monthly event, album, gallery,
secondary trading and other columns, the article is worth a lot of
photography and learn from.

57. New Photography New Photography to create time is not long, but
the development of very fast, clear interface, the forum is a good
photography forum.
58. Photographer hands on Taiwan's large-scale photography
forum contains a lot of real-time equipment information and equipment
test data.

59. Photographic style Traditional Chinese photography forum, we can
be here for the Hong Kong market as well as photographic equipment

60. Oak photography network as opposed to some photography forums,
photography network be young oak. Since the rise of digital
photography, oak king Net for a lot of popularity.

61. China's domestic well-known commercial photographer
commercial photography network, but also the first commercial
photographic industry portal http://www. Personages without party

62. China studio photography studio net comprehensive web site, would
like to introduce studio photographer shooting techniques, showing
excellent photographer photography.

63. Freedom of free people in the commercial photography commercial
photography Beijing design company, is a commercial photography and
design of integrated advertising.

64. Asahi Asahi U.S. commercial photography and design company
primarily engaged in the U.S. commercial photography, graphic design
and print production, with its photographic work has won a national
photography awards. 65. Janda Handa commercial photography commer
photography studio, a related people, products, construction and other
fields of commercial photography studio commercial PART 07 66 . Reinhard Hunger, Germany, a
comprehensive commercial photography Web site, contains a large numbe
of classic and creative photography.

67. Michael Taoist design studio photography studio is located in
Dongguan, Guangdong's rapid economic development, &q
speak with the picture" is the Taoist belief of photography
Michael truth.

68. Guangzhou Lee Lee ad agency Founded in 1994, is a company with
more than 1000 square meters of the old studio advertising
69. Tangram Tangram photography advertising photography company in
Guangzhou is a comprehensive photographic advertising planning agency
said the service with China Telecom, the Pearl River piano.

70. Image of the famous line of Shanghai, a commercial advertising
photography web, website with forums, image display and other columns. PART 08 organizations, 71 Chinese
Photography Association Website. 72. Folklore
Photographic Association of China 73. China Art
Photographic Association 74. International Center of
Photography 75. Aperture Foundation Institute
www.aperture. org 76. Canadian professional photographer
77. New York Photographic Society 78. the British
Professional Photographers Association 79. International
Association of Panoramic Photographers 80. Coffee

PART 09 Photography Books

81.DIGITAL CAMERA 82. Photographer network
www.fotomen, cn 83. Zoom International magazine 84
Double Palm 12 Press

85 China Photo Press 86. China Photo Press www.cpane
/ chinaphotopress 87.PAWPRINT Library Network
88. Photography secrets Press 89. Photo Eye Boo

90. New Photography magazine

PART 10 photographic equipment

91. Digital Eye 92.DPREVIEW
93.PTHOTODO www.photodo,. com 94.ADORAMA 95.
high-order networks Jian 96. Leica fans 97. Digital Camera Network 9
photographer Forum www.photographyreview . com 99. Hong Kong DCFE

100. Pacific Internet PART 11 Photo Gallery

101. World Photography Museum of Photographic Art Gallery 102

103. Landscape photography gallery 104. Camera
Gallery unknown

105. Weston Gallery

106. French Museum of Photography

107. California Museum of Photography

108. Northern Lights Gallery

109. Residual Gallery
110. Pakistan shortage studios

PART 12 photographic education

111. Oklahoma Photography Schools

112. Paris Photographic Institute

113. Rochester Institute of Technology www.rit.dedu

114.FULLERTON Academy awards

115. Columbia University Photography Department /
academics / photography

116. Northwest College Photography Departme

117. University of Pennsylvania Department of Photography

118. New England Photography School

119. Russia's nuclear Ohio Technical College

12o. San Jose State University Photography Department /
depts / photography

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