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  Leaving tomorrow, now mind share of the feeling of nostalgia, still
not as strong as the original to make their own little depressed
level. Is he really grow up?
  A holiday and more time to do a lot of things, I met a lot of
people; eat a lot of food and drink a lot of wine; eat a roast ears
block street hawkers, but also enough of the bridge where the old Dian
Wei rice noodle ; in the cloud, and Professor Chen, National Taiwan
Normal University to meet again, in the street also and summer
teachers a chance encounter. Kunming, a long time I would like to
place in two months time gave me too many surprises.
  Back to school is not allowed to, I always wondered why so early
return to the chilly, Nanjing; but it seems there are a willing heart
and willing, I would like to see the early A ZAN's goes on a
greeting card.
  A holiday play, "Nobunaga's Ambition," o
of the original joint war scenario. Although to 1620, but has not yet
reached complete unity. I will use the Toyotomi clan has been closely
surrounded by Tokugawa's letter in a region, leaving him only
four points of the city and the two cities. Ou district, Date Masamune
separatist party, Shimazu Yoshihiro dominates the Kyushu, Shimadzu,
and Ukita's forces in the fight for the clouds and the long
doors, four countries only Teng Tong Gao Hu as the Toyotomi and the
Shimazu family between buffer.

 Have been unified with Oda Nobunaga once, although the eldest son
Xinzhong, second son Nobuo have gone, but still got a long letter levy
Professor of General Yi large print. Wildness, after all, wild hope,
in the game Nobunaga from the Kyoto instinct temple under the eaves,
paced into the palace of the Muromachi balcony, but the instinct
Temple of the change in maintenance of the public cause and the wisdom
and light show, this time on the only way the government protect the
royal authority of the extension deposit. As the prior knowledge of
the history, I think to reverse the controversial figures like that
begin with regret there will be a special joy. Oda Nobunaga is the
case, Toyotomi Hideyori too. If the former is the embodiment of
dignity in that voice which really is tragic. Court may be too
brilliant to cover up the first screen after a tragedy - show times in
Koyasan's grudge, but this too Court of grace, and not to
pursue the five old and five show the same allegiance to Lai. History,
or Shiba Ryotaro's novel worth mentioning, I think only few
governments in the departments Ishida three talent is a model of
loyalty, Ieyasu Tokugawa Ogosho also just a ninja. Here the history
not only of the original joint warfare, there is a long prosperous and
war, a war between the narrow barrel, Sichuan fight and so the island
together, Oda, Imagawa, Takeda family rivalry actually go to the last
Tokugawa of sects, I guess they will not think of Easter.
  This period of history together too many heroes, and their brilliant
enough to make people feel dazzling. No wonder Mr Eiichi Yoshikawa
rule "Miyamoto Musashi", Shiba Ryotaro's
historical novels, even the vector Li Chao's "armor
Biography" regard the set in the era of the star bright -
senguku, Warring States Period. At the same time, this has become
history, or anything related to this inherent Mishap, so many people,
so many things, how I remember to live in? I guess playing
"Nobunaga's Ambition" very few, because
many people, history is too long. Unlike the "Three
Kingdoms" does not take the time and effort to study this
history, this game is missing the joy and excitement on the source.
And Star, World of Warcraft is different and history of the game
detached from the main fun is not over the computer, but they have
created or adapted a virtual history. It's like
"Three Kingdoms", the Shu of the National Unity;
"raid", as the Allies captured Berlin.
  KOEI's "Three Kingdoms" is successful in
China, their "Nobunaga's Ambition" is
undoubtedly successful in ni hong. However, this "Japanese
invasions of Korea", the stick had called "Renshen
Patriotic War", and devils are called "Wen Lu,
Qing-long battle," again there? If a company did not stick a
"seven years of war" game, I will never know this
history; if not high-humble tone that the "Legend three
thousand miles," I will never know the government of Yunnan
soldiers and the Shimadzu's actually a war. Ambiguous attitude
to history, causing confusion in understanding of history now, but
also created the existence of the current bunch of angry youth.
  2005 NHK drama is a big river "fame crossroads,"
Yamauchi said is one of Ma Shou-Feng and his wife a thousand things. I
envy him a bunch of good retainer, but envy him a good wife.
Mino's Gudang from city to city Tosa's in the village
is the main theme of the story. In 2006 changed the river drama
"Yoshitsune," a source during the battle of the
story, create another famous tragic figure - Minamoto no Yoshitsune.
The longest play in 2007 replaced the "Wind, Forest,
Volcano," Takeda Shingen, Yamamoto Kansuke there Takeda
Katsuyori, the story of two generations, mixed with Oda Nobunaga and
Uesugi Kenshin's guest, in the long-prosperous and war that
point in time to the curtain. I do not know in 2008 NHK thought about
what theme, senguku do too many, I hope this time for a
Xixianglongsheng big fear Shigenobu, Okubo Toshimichi, or Matthew
Perry involved subjects better.

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