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									Unique Selling Proposition
Unique Selling Proposition
The USP theory.
50 early ÂÞɪÈð·ò˹ (Rosser Reeves) proposed USP and demand to
that a "unique selling proposition" (Unique Selling
Proposition), referred to as USP theory.
USP theory consists of three aspects:
First, not only by each ad text or images, but also for consumers to
make a suggestion that the purchase of this product will be a clear
Second, the proposal must be unique to the brand is competing brands
can not be made or had not made;
Third, this proposal must have sufficient strength to attract, moving
to consumers, attract new customers to buy your stuff.
Simply put, USP is: the unique marketing theory, that is a selling
point, or appropriate to the product positioning.
USP theory of the origin of strategy:
1969: Position - to win the market and create new differences
In an increasingly competitive market, how to create and there are
other differences between opponents in a major marketing focus,
marketing master has proposed three effective theories and strategies.
Orientation of the 70s, not only to provide greater creative new ideas
and methods, but the entire marketing campaign of the strategic high
ground is to decide Zhuduo ²ßÂÔ the starting point and the basis of 50
years - product of the times: the early '50s Alvarez proposed
USP and demand to consumers that a "unique selling
proposition" (Unique SalesProPosition), and this idea is that
competitors can not do. But by the late 50's early
60's, with advances in technology and imitation of various
alternatives are emerging, USP has become increasingly difficult to
find 60's - the image of the times: David Ogilvy made the
brand image of that point of interest in the product features become
smaller and smaller cases, Ogilvy's image of that when
consumers value the real and psychological interests, and, while the
visualization of the brand is the brand brought the psychological
benefits. This theory, under the guidance of Ogilvy successfully
engineered Rolls-Royce cars, Hathaway shirts and other internationally
renowned brands, resulting advertising industry blowing the
"brand image of" the whirlwind. 70's -
Location of the times: in 1969 two American young people to Trout and
Ries (Trout ¡¤ J & Rise ¡¤ A) Location of proposed
(Positioning); 1979 published book "Positioning:
Psychological War." On the location of stress along with
intensified competition, homogenization, similarity, the more serious,
so it is necessary to create psychological differences, personality
differences. Advocates from the communication target (consumer)
perspective, outside-mind in the dissemination of the object to occupy
a favorable position. In order to innermost last, we need research to
understand consumers are thinking, through the research to find a
unique market position. In 1996, Trout, etc. (Trout ¡¤ J &
Rivikin ¡¤ S) has published "New Orientation", whic
made consumers five of "Mind" (thinking), and
focuses on the "reorientation" ( Repositioning), to
achieve beyond innovation.
70's: the concept of social marketing - the new corporate
social responsibility and corporate values, not just to make money -
outstanding entrepreneurs and corporate culture to pursue higher value
Non-profit marketing
Marketing is not only a valuable marketing business way of thinking
can also apply to commercial activities, a wide range of organizations
and individual activities. Kotler and Î÷µÂÄáÀ³Î¬ made in 1969,
"expansion of the marketing" ideas. That applies not
only to marketing products and services, but also to the organization,
ideology, government, schools, political parties, politics. Regardless
of whether these organizations currency transactions, in fact, are
engaged in marketing. This makes the application of marketing areas to
become "all-pervasive." <BR> From
Europe and the United States or our political party activities in Hong
Kong to see which marketing techniques. From the U.S. president,
governor election costs rising each year, growing number of
advertising, the increasing activities of the event can see the
political use of marketing. Who can raise enough campaign funds to
determine the length of their television appearances; who is on the
voters mind, mental grasp accurately and also can be more targeted to
release its "policy agenda." Similarly, rising
levels of public service commercials, public service advertising more
and more time, that the "expansion of the marketing"
meaning. "Expand the marketing" ideas was to bring
more social activities into marketing considerations.
"Expand the marketing" gives us a lesson that big a
country party politics, every introduction of an activity to promote a
political philosophy of each, each to develop a policy should be put
to use at least, so most people know, for most people agreed to reduce
the waste of promotional expenses; more first survey targeted
research, to communicate with the language of the people to achieve
the best results. To a small event, a plan must be reached with a
minimum budget of the largest known, attracted the most interest, the
greatest support and participation. "Expand the
marketing" in the development community has further room for
development. Of course, some scholars oppose "the expansion
of marketing", that marketing is not "one size fits
all" thing. 80: customer satisfaction excellence companies
must proceed from the customer needs is the essence of the marketing
Customer satisfaction.
Since the 80s, a new concept of marketing strategy in Japan, the rise
of Europe and America, that is, customer satisfaction (Customer
Satisfaction). Kotler that "satisfaction is a feeling state
level, which originates from the idea of a product's
performance or output and the expectations of the people carried out
by comparison." Therefore, the goal of marketing is to raise
expectations and increase the performance, a combination of both, the
pursuit of so-called "overall customer satisfaction (Total
Customer Satisfaction)".
Customer expectations of products or services from past experience,
the experience of others, marketing personnel or competitor
information commitments: the performance of the overall customer value
from (from the product value, service value, personnel value and image
value form) and the overall customer costs (by the cost of money,
time, cost, physical cost, the spirit of cost structures) differences.
Erected overall customer satisfaction and customer emotional
connection between cultivate customer loyalty, brand or
company's overall quality as customer satisfaction is
significant, since 1987 the establishment of the United States
Department of Commerce Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award
(Malcotm Baldrig6 National QualityAward), to place customer
satisfaction the most important position, accounting for 30% of the
weight. Satisfaction of the eight sub-projects should also tell us how
to implement customer satisfaction strategy. These subprojects are:
customer demand and expectations of awareness, customer relationship
management, customer service standards and commitment to customers,
quality improvement requirements on the solution of customer
satisfaction recognition, customer satisfactory, more customer
satisfaction. The research became a necessary means to achieve
customer satisfaction, these eight factors need to be research based.
Since 1988, the beginning of the U.S. National Quality Award,
Motorola, Xerox, Federal Express (FedEx), IBM, Ritz Carlton Hotel
(RitZCarlton), Texas Instruments, AT & T, etc. The company has
received this award, they were all in the customer satisfaction
aspects of excellence.
Relationship marketing - a return to people
After a hundred years after the marketing focus has finally returned
to the marketing activities of the subject - the relationship between
man and man, it can be said that a return is to the Eastern culture,
Western culture, a return swing.
In 1985, Barbara Bender Jackson stressed the relationship marketing
(Relation Marketing) importance. Relationship marketing is the
establishment of the West to maintain and develop customer
relationship marketing process, goal is to build customer loyalty. In
contrast to traditional transaction marketing to customers to increase
economic, social, technical support and other value-added. Marketing,
relationship marketing can better grasp the concept of essence.
Company is not only a purchase but rather to build relationships. When
the service trade in the products become increasingly prominent in
time, relationship marketing is more than transaction marketing. In
fact, bulk products, equipment, professional services, we have seen
much higher than transaction marketing for relationship marketing.
However, consumer packaged goods industry, relationship marketing mor
suitable for cooperation with distributors, but with the end consumer,
the more the transaction marketing.
Relationship marketing to emphasize that the human relationship
marketing activities, namely the marketing of humanity, and thus close
to the Chinese culture, because Chinese culture has long attached
great importance to all kinds of "relations" to
grasp the world.
90 years from the last century to the new century, this decade was the
fastest-growing mainland China market as a stage, also the birth of a
lot of great marketing communication concept, which has an enterprise
or in one fell swoop Chengjiu, a brand, or a stroke Zhuanbian market
operation rules. Obtained by finishing top ten marketing
communications concepts, these seemingly simple and
"outdated" concept is a miracle of marketing, in all
the "physical fight" (such as channels battle, the
price war, sales war, etc.) Nowadays, these This should not be ignored
by everybody but is being largely overlooked classic case of
integrated marketing together should give the Chinese people inspired
some of the profound, worthy of the new century marketers food for
thought again.
1, white with black - treatment of colds, black and white
In 1995, the "white with black" listing only the
180-day sales of 160 million yuan on the break, cold medicine in a
crowded market, 15% of the share split, boarded the second in the
brand's position in the history of marketing communications in
China , called a miracle. This phenomenon is known as "white
with black" shock, in the marketing sector had a strong
In general, homogeneous market, difficult to find a "unique
selling proposition" (USP). Cold medicine market, many
similar drugs, the market has shown a high degree of homogeneity of
the state, and both Chinese and Western medicine, are difficult to
make a substantial breakthrough. Contac, Cabernet Franc, 39 other
"biggest names" With a strong advertising campaign
before their occupation of a site, but Gaitianli this strength is not
very strong pharmaceutical companies, actually in just six months
later by the home on The key is a new product concept.
"White with black" is a great idea. It sounds
simple, but the cold medicine into white pieces and black pieces, and
put cold medicine in the sedative "chlorpheniramine"
on black film, the other did not do anything; but in reality is not
simple, not only look at the brand the formation of competing brands
with very different, more important is it consistent with the
consumer's life style, to the spreading effect caused a strong
Assistance in advertising, "white with black"
identified altogether concise advertising slogan, "Treatment
of a cold, black and white", all of the advertising
communication of the key message is "piece of white clothing
during the day, not sleepy; evening clothes black films, sleeping of
Hong. " Product names and advertising messages are clearly
communicated the product concept.
Second, Safeguard - then who rule the roost soap home on the market
March 1992, "Safeguard" to enter the Chinese marke
as early as 1986, entered the Chinese market,
"Hercules" has been firmly occupy the soap market.
Epigenetic "Safeguard," but in just a few years,
brutally, called "Hercules" from the soap king of
the pull-down. According to 2001 data, Safeguard market share of 41.95
percent, higher than the second place 14 points Lux.
Safeguard's success has a lot of factors, but the key point is
that it has found a new and accurate "sterilization"
In the beginning of the Chinese people wash their hands with soap when
Safeguard started it up to 10 years of "education",
to the Chinese people truly clean hands - washed off the stains
visible, invisible bacteria you wash it?
In the Safeguard of marketing communications, the
"sterilization" as the axis of the concept of demand
"effective sterilization of family care", and in
advertisements by playing cars on the clogged, carry gas cylinders and
other scenes to tell you, life will be infected with many bacteria,
the bacteria under a magnifying glass, "give you a
jump." Then, Safeguard and through the "contains
antibacterial ingredients 'Di Bao skin'," the
rational appeal and experiments to prove Minsheu Safeguard allows you
to hand wash "clean", In addition, through the
"Chinese Medical Association Verification" enhanced
brand trust.
Third, melatonin - shouted from the gift market in China
In China, if anyone mentioned "does not receive this
year's feast," one can easily tell you
"gifts received only melatonin." Melatonin has
become the first representative of the gift market.
Sleep disturbance in the elderly has been the problem, due to insomnia
and sleep-deprived people everywhere. Data statistics, there are at
least 70% of the country there is lack of sleep phenomenon of women,
90% of elderly people are often sleep well. "Sleep"
market so large, however, K of hearts to bring "the
blood", 3 Oral carry "conditioning stomach&quo
to create the concept of health care products in China, after the
market peak, in the health industry fall into the bottom of
credibility, the melatonin rely on a "sleep" concept
can not rapid rise.
As a single variety of health products, melatonin to rapidly start a
very short time the market, and landed on China's health
industry "leader" of the throne, leading up to
China's health industry for five years. The main factor of its
success is to find a "gift" axis concept.
China, ceremonies. A New Year gifts, visit friends and relatives, the
patient gifts, public relations gifts, wedding gifts, gifts lower to
higher levels, young people and various gifts of the older acts of
gift giving, gift market He Qihao large. The success of melatonin, the
key is located in the huge gift market, and predisposed to benefit
from the "Position First" rule, the first clear
positioning itself as a "gift" - to lead the
consumer trend of gift positioning.
4, Robust, 27th floor cleaning
After rounds of "water war", drinking pattern of the
market forming the three pillars: Wahaha, Robust, farmer spring, even
the powerful Master Kong has once been out of the water market.
Looking at the success of the water, purified water Robust benefit
from the success of its "27 layer cleansing" the
concept of marketing communications.
Robust pure water market at the beginning, we recognized that a
rational appeal to lead the charge to establish the importance of a
strong brand identity, so there will be a "27 floor
clean," the rational demands of the birth of classic
The beginning of the year prevalence of pure water, all the purified
water brand ads say its pure water pure. Consumers do not know which
brand of water is really pure, or more pure time, pure water in a
variety of media Robust launched a unified advertising selling point,
prominent Robust pure water purified through 27 layers of its pure
water Pure proposed a strong support point. This series of ads in a
number of similar products in the ads stand out quickly, Robust purity
of pure water left a deep impression to the audience, "Robust
layer of clean pure water through the 27" very soon a
household name. "27 layer cleansing" to the consum
a "very clean, reliable" impression.
27 Purifying What is this? Other pure water manufacturers fail to
process it? Definitely not. USP, one said it, the concept of marketing
communications only.
5, farmer spring, sweet but still happy
In 1998, Wahaha, Robust, and many other brands of mineral water war is
waged, and in front of Wahaha and Robust, the farmer had just come out
of spring weakened in the face, another farmer spring only from the
Kuril Lake water, transportation costs.
Nongfushangquan into the market at this time and in a few years
withstood the impact of many domestic and foreign brands, retaining
its position as the top three industries, the success of its marketing
in its strategy for differentiation. And differentiated from the
direct performance of "a little sweet," the concept
of creativity - "Nongfushangquan a little sweet."
"Farmer Spring" was a bit sweet? No, just the
concept of marketing communications. Farmer spring water from the
Lake, is a summary from a lot of mountain spring water, through the
Thousand Island Lake of the self-purification, purification, can be
said that the sweet spring water. But how can consumers and visually
recognize Nongfushangquan the "origin" and how to
form a beautiful "Oasis" impression? This requires a
simple image of the concept of marketing communications.
"Nongfushangquan a little sweet" does not require
the water must be a bit sweet, sweet is synonymous with good water, as
did coffee taste bitter, but Nestle said delicious description of
coffee is good coffee. Chinese is "Oasis" in
explaining the water is sweet. "Sweet" not only
deliver good quality information, but also directly reminiscent of the
sweet refreshing spring water, drinking up the natural feeling
"a little sweet."
6, Nongfuguoyuan, a "shake" three
Both father and son dressed in beachwear, the fat in a liquor store to
buy drinks before;
See Nongfuguoyuan poster reads a "Nongfuguoyuan, Shake be
So funny but cute son raised his hands to twist the body, a beautiful
salesgirl looked suspiciously They face;
(Shot of a turn) I play: Nongfuguoyuan by the three kinds of fruit to
blend a shake before drinking;
(Vision) two father and son gone to my hips.
When first seen this ad, first one happy, then very excited - the
marketing sector, one more great classic idea!
Is Yangshengtang, again in a competitive industry has been very
intense, but also a classic concept of marketing communications, will
create another marketing miracle! We can not but Yangshengtang
comrades Heart respect!
Unified main female consumer market, shouted, "Drink more
beautiful" slogan, Master Kong, Jianlibao, Huiyuan, also have
used beauty line. Master Kong signed Gigi Leung as "Daily C
fruit juice," beating the drums, Jianlibao hire Asian Pop
Ayumi Hamasaki as a "Fifth Season" the image of th
spokesperson, Huiyuan cold filling in the information after a while,
invited South Korean actor nowadays all the most red Zhi Xian as
"real orange" spokesperson. PET packaging of fruit
juice market, once the beautiful clouds.
The subsequent Nongfuguoyuan "not in sex
temptations," extraordinary your opinion, again using a
different strategy to an action as its unique brand identity -
This is a great idea!
Three kinds of fruit to blend a shake before drinking. "Shake
it" the most visually suggests the consumer is made by the
three kinds of prepared fruit, shake can taste unity; In addition, the
more wonderful is the silence speaks to convey a high juice content -
because my juice content is high, can shake the material more thick
shake that concept. "Shake" is behind "I
have goods" subtext.
Sentence in Nongfuguoyuan ad before playing, and many fruit drinks and
even oral liquid product packaging will have to be such a line of
small print - "If precipitation, for the flesh (active
ingredient) precipitation, after shaking invited to drink" .
This row of small print seems to remove a misunderstanding - that is
not my product has been precipitated bad, drinking on the line after
shaking. In fact, a very good selling point - it proves that high
fruit juice products, but such language in a variety of packaging has
been for many years, nobody Guan Zhu Guo corner of the "ugly
duckling." Nongfuguoyuan found that the white swan, and her
dress became the star of a new package - a fantastic slogan
"Shake before drinking", has become a unique sellin
Meanwhile, the emotional identity, "Shake it" makes
propaganda juice products with similar aspirations very different,
with its unique interesting, entertaining additional consumer Memory.
VII 1:1:1, Jin Long Yue than the new world
In China, Kerry Oils & Grains (under the Malaysian Kuok
Brothers Group, founded by ethnic Chinese Hong Kong Branch)&#39
the "Jin Long Yue," oil, 10 years has been
overwhelmingly small package edible oil industry, retaining its
position as the first brand position.
Blend oil this product is "Jin Long Yue" created. At
first, Jin Long Yue has been very popular in the introduction of salad
oil abroad, and found that although there is a market, but not
completely accepted by Chinese. The reason is the high level of salad
oil refining though, but not too much oil incense, do not meet the
Chinese diet. Later, Jin Long Yue developed the peanut oil, rapeseed
oil mixed with salad oil products, so that the pure salad oil demand
for health and the combination of Chinese, making product innovation
has earned the Chinese market.
In order to "Jin Long Yue" to create a strong brand,
"Jin Long Yue" in brand innovation, from the initial
"warm affection. Jin Long Yue family" as a
"healthy living Jin Long Yue", however, for many
years marketing communications, these "fuzzy"
concept of offering consumers remember the brand of "Jin Long
Yue" is the brand name, and do not lead to more associations,
but we do not seem clear to blend oil mentor is What, what good.
In 2002, "Jin Long Yue" another leap gantry,
received a new breakthrough, the key lies in the new concept of
marketing communications, "1:1:1." Seemingly simpl
"1:1:1" concept, with the "1:1:1&quot
best nutritional supplements, "the rational demands of both
the image to convey the Jin Long Yue made by the three kinds of oil
harmonic characteristics, perhaps Consumers "think,&quo
only "1:1:1" and Jin Long Yue is the best cooking
Decade of grinding sword. Jin Long Yue of China in 2002, so that
consumers only really know the cooking oil, the key is to find a
simple concept of marketing communications.
8, taken music scraps, dig a new selling point for drugs
In the long 10 years time, to nutrition, supple, dandruff Three
Musketeers, represented P & G Pantene, Rejoice, Head &a
Shoulders shampoo almost monopolized the Chinese market, the
lion's share. To be developed in the shampoo area of business
enterprises are overwhelmed by the three mountains, are all living in
the shadow of P & G's difficult to see the light.
Later, the "Shu Lei", "Feng Ying&quo
"Xia Shilian," "Hercules,"
"flowers" and so many shampoo brands Gengrang h
to break. Mining Music "came out" of the
international, domestic dandruff shampoo market is relatively mature,
the demands from the product point of view, it seems no longer gap can
be drilled. The Xi'an-Janssen production of
"Caile" to cure for dandruff, listed at the
beginning it easy to enter the market, sales rising, stood out.
"Mining Music" is a breakthrough treatment. Its
success is mainly from product innovation, the shampoo when the drugs
to sell at the same time, based on the ingenuity of this marketing
channel "for sale in major drug stores," also
To dandruff cure for the pharmaceutical industry can not find a strong
competitor in the field of shampoo even if unhindered! Triatop find an
excellent market for blank areas, and a unique quality, succeeded in
capturing the market.
"Dandruff is a fungus on the scalp caused by over-breeding,
remove dandruff should kill the fungus; ordinary shampoo and only wash
her hair dandruff, our approach, killing the hair on the fungus, with
8 times, for fundamental . "
Functional properties of these unique demands, a strong grasp of the
psychological needs of target consumers, allows consumers to address
the fundamental dandruff, the forgotten dandruff shampoo, think of the
"take delight."
9, Haier oxygen bar air-conditioning, aerobic exercise a dynamic
Brought air conditioning industry, we often think of "price
war", when we at guessing who will be the 2003 price war
first started shooting in the enterprise, and much earlier than last
year when a long shot, there was a market kinds of consumers whom the
eyes shining, and marvel products: oxygen bar air conditioning.
In face of "SARS" and "cool
summer", the prices of raw materials, multiple
"oppression" of 2003, Haier air conditioning is
still held up quite well, the most important factor from the product
(concept) innovation - oxygen bar air conditioning.
Not so much a product design's success, as it is the success
of the concept of innovation is to pay close attention to consumers
living, born in a successful way to meet demand. Oxygen Bar Air
creativity is simple - under the indoor oxygen shortage caused by
closed (although this relative lack of oxygen and little impact on the
people), by increasing the oxygen content of air-conditioning; the
principle is very simple - according to the design of this
air-conditioning Haier air conditioning experts, but the air
conditioning on with a special oxygen-rich films to film through this
layer to 30% oxygen concentration, and then pump Jiang containing 30%
oxygen in the air into the room, to ensure indoor air enough oxygen,
not only ensures the vitality of the people, but also to avoid the air
conditioner's disease.
Haier oxygen bar air-conditioning, by product (concept) of the
difference in design, achieved another beyond. In other air
conditioner brands hold high price of butcher's knife to kill
the reign of terror, the Haier again through a simple and great
innovative products (concept) exclusive high profits.
10, Huiyuan Juice - "cold" hot market
June 3, 2003, in the fruit juice market, the sound of a hot war,
officially launched in Beijing Huiyuan Group, "Cold"
program, the domestic nine-known food experts in a report entitled
"Huiyuan PET aseptic cold filling technology appraisal
book" on signed their names.
Including China Light Industry Association, including vice president
of Pan Beilei experts believe that the Huiyuan juice industry in China
the first application of PET aseptic cold filling technology will
enable the Chinese juice market has entered a "technical
decision to market" a new stage. The so-called
"cold" program, that is, PET aseptic cold filling
Huiyuan's production technology. In the Huiyuan "PE
cold filling" ad, an orange "shabu" to tear
up a represent "traditional hot-fill" of the
Aseptic cold filling technology, with instantaneous sterilization, and
then filling in the 25 degrees Celsius ambient temperature, heating
time can minimize the juice, so that greatly reduced the loss of
thermal components, thereby ensuring juice taste fresher and more
natural. There is a problem caused a lot of people did not understand,
Huiyuan early 2001 on the introduction of the three aseptic PET
production line, why is it that in June 2003 only with propaganda?
The concept of marketing communications only.
Huiyuan in 2003 to find a valuable concept. Whether consumers can
distinguish between hot filling of fruit juice and cold filling of
fruit juice which tastes better then? No also. But consumers can
clearly feel the "cool" it tastes better,
"cool" just does not make nutritional damage. We do
not need to study the so-called "hot fill" in the
end how much of the impact of nutrition and taste, but as long as we
believe the "cool" than the "hot&quot
good enough! Marketing, product shop to the consumer, it is more
necessary to value the concept of laying into the minds of consumers.
Revelation 1: consumer brand awareness
Today's market, do not care what your product in real terms
(advances in technology make it easy for everyone in the products of a
high degree of homogeneity), the key is how consumers view your brand.
90's of last century, a famous professor at Northwestern
University in its DE Schultz world's first
"integrated marketing communications" (IMC) in the
monograph states: in the homogeneous market, the only communication
can create a travel brand of alienation competitive advantage. And
effective communication will require a consumer desires as the
starting point of "axis" concept.
Modern marketing than ever the need for imagination, seize the
imagination is the key to success. Through the scientific method to
find out valuable product concept, but also to express the great ideas
- the concept of a simple and profound understanding of the most
intuitive for consumers. "Robust 27 floor clean,"
"sweet little Nongfushangquan", "Jin Long
Yue 1:1:1", "Nongfuguoyuan, shake before
drinking," and so on, through a specific concept for people
to create brand a series of good associations - anything goes without
saying a word, a mood.
Revelation 2: The best marketing is to create a good product (concept)

Famous Marketing Guru Philip Kotler said: every market products, are
intangible and tangible activities to promote the different
combinations. Successful product should be the use of professional
skills and imagination to create value for money products, such as
oxygen bar air conditioning product innovation is not mysterious,
adding a rich oxygen in the air conditioning unit, is the
"combination of innovative law" a kinds of
applications, like mobile phones can take pictures with the same
electronic eye. The most important thing is that this innovation
because the occupation of the consumer market and make it amazing, the
Psychological. Market is the ultimate test of the product position,
the best marketing is to create a good product (concept), to meet the
individual needs of consumers is the occupation of the market.
The success of Haier oxygen bar air conditioning can bring a new
inspiration: the invisible activities of enterprises focus on the
differences of above, these activities can create products that
customers expect, well-differentiated market introduction of potential
products (concept), will bring a tangible enterprise market space for
enormous profits.
Revelation 3: USP Obsolete
Unique selling proposition USP is the acronym in English, meaning
unique selling proposition, popular theory called selling point. Bates
Advertising USA 60 years in the 20th century as its business
philosophy first proposed after the flood in the advertising industry.

According to Bates, chairman of Mr. Luo Se exposition, USP has the
following characteristics:
- Each ad must state a proposition to consumers: "Buy this
product you will get this specific benefit."
- This claim must be unique, is the competitor does not or can not be
made, and both the brand's unique, it can be in this
particular is not some advocate of generic advertising.
- The proposition must be strong to move millions of people, that is
to attract new customers using your product.
Proved, USP is a marketing concept of creative thinking is an
effective tool, resulting in many marketing people have created the
mighty "Big Idea". Although the idea of the 20th
century 60's, after all, in modern marketing shows its
limitations. However, compared to developed countries is also not very
fierce competition in the Chinese market, the theory and demonstrated
its great power, the top ten listed in the marketing concept, almost
all from USP, sufficient to prove the theory of the powerful.
Revelation 4: refining the concept of tips - Description of specific
Description of specific criteria is selling refined and copy writing
is one important way, can give consumers a sense of trust, the ten
cases in Robust 27 layers purification, Jin Long Yue 1:1:1 have
adopted the strategy In addition, there are many successful brands in
marketing communication with the strategy it happened:
- Governor's brand of cigarettes: There are 20 000 filter
particulate filter;
- Little Swan Washing Machine: 7500 times running without fault;
- Beverly Car: Seat 300 000 times the durability test, 288 hours
exposure to the test vehicle, test the durability of 50,000 times the
door opened, 4,000 km round the side impact test, more than 3800
joints each tear test;
- 9 Mu Wang Pants: 5600 people work together to create a. 9 Mu
Wang's pieces of trousers with a needle are: catcher 10 462
needles, sewing needles, Eichhornia 330 pins, 500 pins fight dates,
pull dates 500-pin, 800 pin pull ears, pin button pin 160, a total of
23,000 pins.
If you do not successfully apply to their own ideals TOP SCHOOL, but
you think you absolutely enough TALENT; If you look at your writing
ESSAY, but how can not find LEADERSHIP's highlights; If you
want to fully understand their LEADERSHIP POTENTIAL, but no very clea
idea; if you want to know how to make your essay story highlights
aspects of the integration of LEADERSHIP factors, the main Bo please
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