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Understanding, when I bring a kind of touch when it is less than the
total marginal sense, and thus the degree of understanding when
talking about necessarily saying nothing, we are talking about
understanding, I can not help asking what is understanding?
Mo, do not say anything, and deeds are, agreements, or joint. Tacit
understanding, a common natural compliance, Yihuo harmony. I do not
know whether this explanation was accepted.
For example, in chat when you have not raised the issue, but I have to
say the answer, when the common taste in Tiaoyi Fu and the Chinese
Communists, some spiritual life, positive attitude towards life, no
not the kind of tacit understanding, and is only present in a tacit
understanding between the people. But understanding can not go to
production. Like watermelon, originally round, when people for storage
and transport convenience to become a square, then it is watermelon
it? I am also excited that the pleasure of you in my hands? Also I
have been eating from here to there the urge to do? You can also use
it to the dog wash it? Watermelon can imagine sitting in boat on it?
I can not imagine, just feel embarrassed, when I put something of a
quadrilateral near my mouth, and to prove that it really can be used
as fruits that are so-called civilization, when the feeling of
oppression and anxiety. When we order to conveniently and quickly, or
with other utilitarian purpose to transform a natural object
originally, we seemed to get, but if you have to argue that it is the
watermelon, I can only barely recognized, that in fact the watermelon
is a need for some reason to receive the Quartet of watermelon. Well,
logically it is still the watermelon, but for those who cherish the
feelings of its people, it still is not it?
So for understanding, which may not be to measure the number and
extent of it, or must improve its quality, and let us do like to enjoy
watermelon, at least outside of the Quartet, in addition to its not
there are still many things worth treasuring.
It is just like the music, the two musicians, as long as all the
rhythm by playing on the common understanding, and if not to wait
until a person was shot and then find harmony together if instead, he
was not harmonious.
Understanding and a common, harmonious, but only those who are
different things to harmony. We all know the violin right, crossing a
harmonious music is complete different strings. But like many things,
like the other, reason is also produced by the end of the Yuan Yin,
productivity promote a Xin's Shengchanguanji of production,
and developing to Yidingchengduo Pohuaiyuanyou relations of production
will be the civilization of Man, without Huimie of accident, then the
final destruction of mankind can only be itself, and is called, in
particular less than.
Therefore, this difference is like the strings, have to learn to play
it, and it is absolutely impossible without it, but if he does not
understand the law of subjective puppet theater, it is no good the
Tacit understanding that the process of discord to harmony, to
recognize the distinction between the process, its psychological
motivation is anxiety, that distinction had anxiety because, in order
to overcome the anxiety and urge people to seek harmony to balance
this anxiety, get peace of mind and happiness.
Can be said that human life is to complete the process. Baby from the
moment you were born that started anxiety, crying, there is a
psychological reason for it, which called the original anxiety is due
with the mother From unification to Butong a result of, that is
because the mother Chan Sheng Yu a Qubie , then is the sense of
insecurity, in essence, anxiety.
Human life in all kinds of contradictions, this so-called
contradiction is discord, is different. People to overcome the
contradictions of the process is the process of self-identity, or
self-psychological process of unification with the outside world.
Buddha's speech is to confuse the root of suffering, that is,
lifting the confused, themselves, and close to the real world, to
bridge the difference, they removed the sense of insecurity that is
anxiety, there is no pain. So some people think that death is free, in
fact, return to nature, not a difference, there will be no pain, maybe
some truth in it, but this approach for people who want to live is not
Humanity itself must be anxious, because people must be distinguished
from natural. Similar to the human individual, from all things from
the man, is from the natural differences between this mother out in
the process, lost the protection of nature and hope of human
civilization and technology is to abide by the harmony of Guize lift
this anxious.
In psychotherapy, when patients themselves of their condition is not
individual, but rather the existence of a group, the anxiety will
Back to the love of two people is a solution of the difference. Can
not be achieved in the harmony of all people want at least between two
people can reach, when, and with a loved one, the heart often have
happiness, anxiety will disappear, it is often combined with the
psychological dynamic of two people. People always want to find
identity, to find a similar group and their own, but the existence of
individual differences, in a great harmony within the formation is
almost impossible, but two people are the smallest group. So in love,
this relationship may often be made more stringent conditions for each
other, and this is normal. But to maintain a harmonious love, you
should learn to fiddle with its strings, any aggressive behavior may
undermine its harmony.