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August 1903, the ancient land of the birth of the first Chinese to
European technology built brewery - German beer company stock compan
in Qingdao. After a century of vicissitudes, this first beer company
to become world-renowned "Tsingtao Beer" producti
company - Tsingtao Brewery Company Limited. In 1993, Tsingtao Brewery
Co., Ltd. was established and access to international capital markets,
the company shares were listed in Hong Kong and Shanghai, became the
first in a dual listing of the corporation.

The late nineties the twentieth century, Qingdao Beer Company began
full implementation of the "big brand strategy",
established and implemented the "freshness
management" and "high starting point the developme
of low-cost expansion", the "market network
building" and other strategic decisions to "brand
driven" type of asset restructuring, take the lead in setting
off a wave of mergers and acquisitions, known as China's beer
industry, "from the Spring and Autumn to the Warring
States" industry consolidation trend in the guide. On M
& A business, Qingdao Beer implementation of the
"system integration, innovation of mechanism" uniqu
management style, corporate culture with Tsingtao Brewery to integrate
the management of subsidiary management models and concepts.

At present, Qingdao beer company in the country 18 provinces,
municipalities and autonomous regions have 55 breweries and malt
production plant, built a marketing network all over the country, the
basic layout of the completion of a national strategy. Now beer
production scale, total assets, brand value, production and sales
volume, sales revenue, total profits and taxes, market share, exports
and foreign exchange and many other indicators rank the second place
the domestic industry. Facing the new century, Qingdao Beer Company
will continue to innovate to create learning-oriented enterprises and
enhance the core competitiveness, create large international company,
so the value of the international market experts, the Chinese beer
market leader and superstar, write a new century brilliant chapter!
Forge ahead, be enthusiastic, bold innovation, courage, and never

Contributing to society, so that shareholders, consumers, sincere
dedication to society. "Forge ahead,

Contributing to society ", embodies the pursuit of
development in Tsingtao, the pursuit of economic benefits,

Focus on social values.
In 1903, Tsingtao Brewery by the British, German business was founded,
when the name "German beer company stock company in
Qingdao", production equipment and raw materials imported
from Germany. Plant products in 1906 that the International Fair in
Munich, won a gold medal.

In 1993, Tsingtao Brewery Co., Ltd. was established and access to
international capital markets, the company shares were listed in Hong
Kong and Shanghai, became the first in two places at the same time
company having solid raised funds for future rapid development has
laid a solid basis. 2001, through the full implementation of the
"big brand" strategy, Qingdao Beer companies in the
country has basically completed the strategic layout. To seize the
high ground of the national market, to sell the property to achieve
strategic change. On M & A business, the implementation of
Tsingtao management, corporate culture to integrate with Tsingtao
management ideas and concepts subsidiaries.

Tsingtao Brewery was founded in 1903 (Qing Dynasty, Qing Dynasty).
Qingdao was occupied by Germany, Britain and Germany and expatriate
businessmen to meet the needs of the occupying forces set up a
brewery. Company name is "German beer company, Qingdao
AG" (Germania Brauerei Akt.-Ges., Tsingtau.) Factory initial
annual production capacity is 2000 tons, production equipment and raw
materials come from Germany, the product varieties of ale and stout.
In Shanghai, Qingdao, Zhifu, Tianjin, Dalian, with sales agent. At
that time, very good quality. According to Jiro, Japan Tahara of book
"Jiaozhou Bay," the book reads: "German
beer company stock company production of Qingdao beer Expo 1906
exhibition in Munich, received a gold medal."

November 11, 1914 after the outbreak of World War I, Japan took the
opportunity to occupation of Qingdao. September 16, 1916, Tokyo,
Japan's "Big in Japan Ale Co., Ltd." to 500
thousand silver dollars to buy down the Qingdao Brewery, renamed as
"big in Japan Ale Co., Ltd. Qingdao factory."
Officially started in December that year of production. Japanese plant
a large-scale transformation and expansion. 1939 established a system
of wheat plant, have tried the beer brewing barley Shandong good
effect. The use of domestic rice production in Sai Kung; hops to use
the Czech production. After the outbreak of World War II, due to
foreign exchange controls, import hops it difficult, once inside the
plant hospital "hops Park" has been growing. As the
equipment to expand capacity, actual production in 1936, four dozen to
103,202 boxes (3,208 tons), the highest annual output has reached more
than 4663 tons.

Sino-Japanese War victory in 1945. Year in October the factory was
closed down the Department of the Kuomintang government military and
political; soon sent over by the Qingdao municipal government
authorities, the factory was renamed as "Tsingtao Beer
Company." June 14, 1947, "Qilu Co., Ltd.&quot
puppet from the Executive Yuan District Qingdao, Shandong Industrial
processing plant will purchase, known as "Qingdao
Beer." Factory director to key management personnel from the
main production sectors with charge and technicians have a college
degree or more, in the production and handling technology issues
identified by the professional staff.

Since 1979, with the adjustment of national industrial policy,
increasing the vitality of plants, greatly accelerate the pace of
infrastructure, plant large-scale introduction of international
advanced technology and equipment. In 1981, the leadership of the
Central and the State Council under the care of the State Planning
Commission, the Import and Export Commission, the Ministry of Finance
approved investment 45,516,200 yuan, to 100,000 tons expansion project
is completed and commissioned in August 1986; 1986, the national beer
output industry broke through 100 thousand tons. In the same year the
State Planning Commission has approved a grant of 49.9839 million
yuan, to 130,000 tons technological transformation project, and
requested 130,000 tons in 1988, while construction, to co-ordinate the
building of a 200,000 tons and 30 tons of development planning in
order to speed up the Qingdao Beer pace of development. During this
period, annual production 100,000 tons of Tsingtao Brewery Co., Ltd.
in 1991 and the second went into operation; produce 100,000 tons of
Tsingtao Brewery Co., Ltd. are under construction in the third;
produce 20,000 tons of Tsingtao Brewery Factory, also in begin
production in February 1991. Late in 1992, Tsingtao Brewery's
annual production reached 240,000 tons (one, two, four beer of Qingdao
beer together)

With the national economic development and changes in the market,
Tsingtao Brewery's product and production structure, but also
there have been new changes. Tsingtao Brewery produces 12o light beer,
but also produced stout. Later, because the expansion of exports of
beer, brewing capacity is limited, which in 1972 stopped the
production of dark beer, the porter of the technical process of
Qingdao and the equipment transferred to other plants in production,
use, Qingdao trademark. Period began in the Japanese pharmaceutical
business - VITA benefits workshop, 1977, after the words
"pharmaceutical factory in Qingdao beer", but also
increase production triple prime, yeast powder, in 1980, according to
the requirements of national consolidation Pharmaceuticals , stopped
production. In 1964, in order to develop the wine industry, city, and
one of Light Industry, decided to separate the wine shop from the
Qingdao Brewery, the establishment of Qingdao wine factory. In 1958,
according to city requirements for a Light Industry Bureau, Tsingtao
Brewery can set up shop, can increase the production (with lunch meat,
canned meat, canned fish, canned apples, etc.). In 1963, for the full
well the production of beer, canned workshop dismount discontinued.
1978, Qingdao beer for the first time into the U.S. market, the
monarch by the U.S. company as the sole agent of Qingdao beer. Sales
of 2 million cases that year. Since then, dozens of foreign beer in
the highly competitive U.S. market, Tsingtao Brewery for its high
quality, unique style combined with strong U.S. sales promotion
agency, and finally consolidated sales in the U.S. market and in the
United States 50 State established a strong sales network, entered the
Chinese restaurants and foreign-run restaurant and supermarket chains.
From the first time in 1978, Qingdao beer into the U.S. market to 15
years in 1992, Qingdao beer sales in the U.S. market by 2 million
boxes to 120 million cases, a ranking of sales jumped from the 13th to
ninth place, the total market share from 0.3% to 1%. From 1987 to
1992, Qingdao beer sales in the U.S. market accounted for 12 Asian
countries 25% of exports.

In the long history of 100 years of development, Tsingtao Brewery has
accumulated rich experience; in forming the basis of absorbing its own
unique tradition. Thus, stable product quality, brand-name products
are recognized by consumers at home and abroad. April 1963 the Second
National Assessment in the reception, Tsingtao Brewery was named the
national wines, Gold Medal by Ministry of Light Industry; in September
1979 issued by the State Economic Commission national quality silver
medal; in 1980, 1985 Quality Gold Medal twice. In April 1980 by the
State Administration for Industry, "National Famous
Brand" title; in September 1991 was named one of
China's top ten well-known trademarks. In the international
arena: 1981, 1985 twice in Washington at a reception held at the
International Assessment win; in May 1987 held in Jacksonville,
Mississippi in the United States in international beer competitions in
the top of the list; in September 1991 in Brussels, Belgium
international competitions held in Edmonton on by Gold Competition.

At present the company a wholly-owned Tsingtao Brewery Factory, Plant,
Factory, and Yangzhou Brewery, Rizhao and Qingdao Brewery Malt and
charged with Tsingtao Brewery Co., Ltd. 55% stake in Xi'an and
Shenzhen Tsingtao Beer Asahi Co., Ltd. 35% of the shares . The company
sales, profits and taxes, exports and other indicators ranked first in
China's beer industry. Qingdao Beer Group's
development goal is to give full play to the brand and technological
advantages to national capital with a view to carrying forward the
banner of national industry, mergers and acquisitions of domestic
plants and new plant simultaneously, as soon as possible economies of
scale, and vigorously promote diversification, and constantly
cultivate new economic growth point, as soon as Qingdao Beer Group
built with superior strength, regional, cross-sectoral, integrated

Brewery History:

The original beer in ancient China may have 4,000 to 5,000 years of
history, but the market consumption of beer is the turn of the century
with the coming together of imperialism their guns and cannons, to
establish the first brewery in China, the Russian people Hachioji
established in HarbinÎÚ¬²¼Áзò Ski brewery, after five years, Russia
Germany, the Czech Republic to establish the other three were in
Harbin Brewery.

1903 British and German businessmen opened the Anglo-German Brewer
Ltd. in Qingdao, a capacity of 2000 tons, which is now the former
brewery in Qingdao.

Appeared in 1904 in Harbin, the Chinese run their own brewery brewery
--- the three northeast provinces; in 1914 they built the Continental
Harbin beer soft drink; the same year, Beijing set up the two co-Sheng
brewery; appeared in 1935, Guangzhou Five Rams Brewery (Guangzhou
brewery's predecessor).

China 1958 in Tianjin, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Chongqing, Xi'an,
Lanzhou, Kunming and other cities a group of new investment in the
scale of the brewery in 2000 tons, a group of China's beer
industry in the development of key enterprises.

By 1979, the national total to more than 90 breweries, beer output
reached 373,000 tons, an increase of more than 50 times before the

However, we develop a real beer industry occurred in the decade after
1979, China's beer industry more than 30% of annual high-spee
growth. 80's, breweries in China, such as the continuing
mushrooming all over the vast land. By 1988, beer manufacturers to
develop China's mainland to 813, total output of 6.564 million
tons, second only to the United States, Germany, ranked third, (second
place in 1993) just ten years, an increase of 9 manufacturers of beer
times, 17.6 times the production growth, which our country has become
a truly great beer.

Rare combination of ancient and modern design collection Qingdao Beer
Museum, Qingdao Beer century culture as an integral part of the
history of the museum collection development process of Tsingtao,
profound cultural foundation, advanced technological process, tasting
Entertainment , shopping for the whole, for the first domestic beer

1903 building located in the Qingdao Brewery - pe Road 56, the
completion of its domestic and overseas tourists not only approached
Qingdao beer, beer in Qingdao offers a unique charm of
"perspective" has become the lead in Qingdao proud
that the tourism product.

The external walls of the buildings in the classical style to imitate
Europe to transform the Qingdao Beer Museum, an area of more than 600
square meters, divided into centuries of history and culture,
production technology, multi-district three sightseeing area.

Qingdao Beer Museum in the heart of the region comes as the most
valuable areas --- the first hundred years of history and culture.
Here, along the space-time context, visitor information through
detailed illustrations to understand the mystery of the origin of
beer, Tsingtao Beer has a long history of numerous honors Tsingtao,
Qingdao International Beer Festival, an important figure at home and
abroad to visit Tsingtao situation. Many from Europe and the national
collection of artifacts, pictures, information and Qingdao beer is
kind of all stages of the essence of the region show. The grandparents
who worked in Tsingtao, Germany, Japan, historical artifacts donated
by friends dedicated to make the exhibition more interesting.
Value orientation
Use of high-quality malt, rice, hops and water, after
saccharification, filtration, cooling, fermentation, packaging and
other refining processes, its success is due to the unique brewing
technology and strict process management, while continuing on the
basis of the traditional brewing process through continuous
technological improvements, Qingdao beer brewing process has been
perfected, and unique after-ripening process and quality yeast species
is more icing on the cake to ensure the excellent quality and
stability. The company has developed strict than the national standard
of internal quality control standards, from raw material to
semi-processed until the finished product has to pass through the
system, strict quality control. In 1995 the company has passed the
assessment by the Norwegian classification society organizations,
international standard ISO9002 certification, marking the Tsingtao
Brewery to further improve the quality of management and has been with
international practice.

Focus on social values. In line with years of Qingdao beer brand
re-positioning, and enhance their brand image, waves as Tsingtao
re-adjust their corporate logo and branding system design. In the
original corporate identity based on based on the waves in order to
retain the major elements (wheat pavilions and water waves) and the
Italian King in principle to simplify and optimize plus, plus
three-dimensional effects to enhance a sense of its visual impact and
power . The new shape with more emphasis on the two roof pavilions
streamline the Department, reduce the water part, make the head
complete ring holding pavilions and water scenery, then the depth of
red and blue colors and gutting out next film to enhance
three-dimensional effect the overall shape has a clear focus. English
name trademark portfolio to highlight the main, together with
specially designed Chinese and English fonts, and coupled with badges
like supporting graphics to better reflect the Qingdao brand image of
quality and reliability characteristics, and the overall image of the
more global and affinity .
Marketing Strategy
Integration with the world economy's rapid integration who the
clients as gospel God order to quality products and services gain
customers who was the market competition Winner. God only customer is
the enterprise in Qingdao Beer Group, this is not a high-sounding
empty words, because the customer will be the final arbiter of who is
the market winner, but they are consumer products. Tsingtao believe
that consumers from their own faith, because the value of consumer
brand recognition and quality will determine the future of Tsingtao.

The "customer value", Tsingtao Reorganizing the
company when the development of guidelines to formally propose a new
strategy for bigger and stronger, the core of this strategy is the
production-oriented enterprises transition to a service-oriented
enterprises, through the realization of the shareholders, for
employees, for customer service, to further change the system, really
with the market, to form a new competitive advantage.

To Tsingtao, China in this century-old national brand to become the
world's beer industry, strong, scale new century glory, this
is the dream of generations of Qingdao, Qingdao Beer Company believes
that the company's change of system, operating more than a few
eyes improvement of more important figures. Because the development of
Tsingtao a "path", path chosen properly, it is
possible haste, less speed, it may pay undue costs.

Qingdao Beer Company believes that corporate interests and the
interests of consumers put right relationship, handle the relationship
between profit and service, is an important development in Tsingtao
guiding ideology. Tsingtao that "customer
value-oriented" as the center's innovative business
model, that the concept of modern marketing, sales information
automation, marketing management professional, scientific and
logistics and distribution and sales network refinement purpose, which
is all to the consumer as the center, how the first time for consumers
to provide high quality services. Tsingtao companies, which is the
central task of competing in the market, to the speed and quality of
services, create new competitive advantages. At present, this guiding
principle has been to open up markets across the country Tsingtao be
reflected and utilized.

Enterprise adjustment mechanism is the adjustment of the interests of
employees, which, Qingdao Beer companies, is reduced to increase
efficiency can not be simplified, scientific development and reform
must be combined, to seek truth from facts, not to reform the reform,
do not engage in formalism reform should be active, not passive. To
this end, Qingdao Beer companies Strategy Committee, Nomination
Committee, Remuneration Committee of three professional committees,
additional outside directors and independent directors, to ensure
macro-and forward-looking decision-making security, planned,
systematic, top-down organization of the whole staff learning,
stimulate the potential of each person to inspire the creative spirit
of every person, especially in learning and understanding and
international companies, to learn and understand the company's
development goals, learn and understand new business processes,
specifically, "Why Development" as many workers to
improve learning ability, to keep up with the times and the rapid
development of enterprise information pace. Tsingtao is
China's earliest-known listed companies, public sector
continues to increase, over time, the stock value of shareholders
equity in the proportion of the total also increased, how to make this
part of the shareholders value, and continuously get in return?
Tsingtao companies view the benefits of maximizing shareholder value,
from the past returns as the center to the greater emphasis on return
on investment, increase the value of capital is also central, credit
management, innovation and evaluation mechanisms, and pursue the
long-term sustainable development, to shareholders stock value for
money, and constantly add value.

Shaping consumer loyalty is a prerequisite for the success of Tsingtao
beer, Qingdao Beer is the strategic choice of a century continued to
shape the consumer loyalty to the beer companies want evergreen is
essential to this idea, mainly the following:

The first, the first beer company continued the main points of access
to customer loyalty is to continuously explore the methods and
channels, Qingdao beer must shift from the 3A 3P (3A refers to the
so-called consumers in the purchase of Qingdao beer, buy (Available)
and affordable (Acceptable), happy to buy (Affordable), the so-called
3P refers to the ubiquitous (Pervasiveness), the hearts of the
preferred (Preference), value for money (Price to value). When
consumers shift, have to change your strategy accordingly, the same,
given the cultural connotations have changed products, doing so can
make a single taste of products, consumers can adapt to changes in a

Second, the beer company's ongoing second important point is
not too much from the price competition with rivals, but through the
industry chain and value chain analysis, by controlling certain key
points, through mergers and acquisitions, to get more competitive
advantage, such competition can create a healthy industry structure,
enabling leadership through competition between the expansion of its
market share to reduce the follower "counterattack
success" opportunities.
Modern Brewery development
Tsingtao on July 15, 1993 listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange,
becoming the first Hong Kong-listed H shares in China, the same year
on August 27 at the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Tsingtao's first stage - the stage bigger and stronger:
Tsingtao's brand has always been higher mid-range market, but
the high profile of all the Chinese market, the market accounts for
only about 15 percent. Rapid growth and huge potential, but it is
occupied 85% market share in the mass market. Therefore, since 1993,
hopes the acquisition of Peng Zuoyi, general manager of Tsingtao beer
brands into the local mass market different provinces. Tsingtao to
"bigger and stronger" and "low cost
acquisition" as a blueprint for the entire acquisition
strategy and core, and to increase production to 3 million tons and
increased to more than 10% market share target.

Peng Zuoyi so-called "bigger and stronger"
philosophy is through mergers and acquisitions to market downward,
with high subsidies for mass market, market stall, and then into the
mass market has been neglected. However, Tsingtao is a sole
proprietorship, no parent company's financial support, are
therefore required to bear the heavy responsibility for the
acquisition. That is, Tsingtao is required when making acquisitions
than rivals such as Beijing Yanjing Beer and China Resources Holdings
snow beer to pay more direct costs. Therefore, in order to accounts in
a short time into a larger market, therefore have to implement
"low-cost acquisition." As of 2003,
Tsingtao's M & A, 42% are bankrupt acquisition, this
ratio is quite amazing. By 2001, Qingdao Beer has been completed and
40 more received activity, plant all over 17 provinces and cities.
Production capacity of 350,000 tons from the 96-year rose to 2.51
million tons in 2001, while the market share of 3 years from 96% to
11% in 2001, to Peng Zuoyi talking "to increase production
capacity to 3 million tons" and "increase market
share to 10%" of the target, as the country's largest
brewery. In 2001, while 11% market share in Qingdao had, but only this
year, Qingdao in the low-end mass-market losses have reached 7 more
than 10 million yuan, Qingdao need to make a high profile market
profits to subsidize low-end market. Tsingtao acquired while
continuously, operating and management costs are also rising,
subsidiaries, business and management fees from 85.41 million in 1998
rose to 1.2 billion in 2002 to 39.21 million, rose 14.5 times.

Qingdao Beer production capacity through the acquisition of high-speed
rising. Although Tsingtao also enhance the production of the calendar
year, but increase slower. Tsingtao in 2001, production capacity has
more than 3.6 million tons, but production is only 2.5 million tons,
plant as much as 30 percent vacancy rate, a serious waste of
productivity and resources. The result is the performance of
Tsingtao's profit margins significantly in the three breweries
in the worst, only 1.80% of Qingdao Beer, Yanjing Beer in Beijing but
have had 13.90% holding, while China Resources Snow Breweries as high
as 9.86% significantly more than blue beer. The rapid acquisition
activity seen in the past on the Tsingtao more harm than good.
Tsingtao's second stage - the stage of excellence: As the
blind high-speed acquisition with internal management of the
inconsistency that occurs Tsingtao cost, deficit, debt and other
issues. July 2001, Tsingtao Beer, general manager of Peng Zuoyi death
by Jin Zhiguo succeeded. He made it clear to adjust the operating
strategy of Tsingtao, from "bigger and stronger" to
"strong and big" reform efforts to enhance the
company's internal core competencies. Tsingtao's
reform measures (1) restructuring, (2) brand restructuring, (3)
changes in subsidiary stock, (4) slow down the acquisition speed. I
think that the practice of restructuring companies for most of the
considerable reference, so we will make a further detailed analysis.

Restructuring: not before the reorganization, a subsidiary of Tsingtao
is independent of the operating units each, a subsidiary of the same
area, there is no clear division of marketing, their network of sales
and administrative units, resulting in duplication of resources and
waste. Tsingtao was established since 2000, has eight divisions, the
subsidiaries of the country by region reverted to the division,
small-scale program management, and uniform production, supply,
marketing and administration, common use of transportation and
distribution systems optimal allocation of resources, manpower and
cost savings. In 2000, Tsingtao Beer in Qingdao Part ERP information
system is established. And in June 2002 in the South Division to
implement the second phase of the project. After the first two phases
of the implementation of the unification of the 22,041 kinds of
Tsingtao data coding, sorting files more than 1,400 customers and more
than 2,000 suppliers and so on, and for the sector model of management
information system module. System in the division and regional
management information systems based on ERP, Tsingtao control center
set up storage, storage area on the national market re-planning
activities. Tsingtao's storage area from the past more than 70
thousand square meters down to the present 29,260 square meters.
Stocks also improved, from the following data warehouse dispatching
center set up to Qingdao, although the increased production of this
Part, but instead stocks declined significantly.

Brand re: After a crazy acquisition, Tsingtao's brand to more
than 40, not only difficult to manage, but lead to "fight
against each other" situation. In view of this, the brand
Tsingtao reorganization within 5 years For more than 40 brands will be
reduced to 10 the following. For example, in the Northeast region,
Tsingtao beer brands owned by a total of three, namely the five-star
beer, beer and Tsingtao Brewery Xingkai. After re-integration, the
Qingdao Beer summarized these three brands as a brand -
"Tsingtao Beer" introduced in the market, again with
the same district opponents --- Snow Budweiser beer and competition.

Changes in subsidiary equity: since 1994, after the acquisition of
Yangzhou Brewery, Tsingtao Beer has acquired nine years more than 40
beer companies, but many enterprises are 40 1 / 3 of profit, 1 / 3
flat, 1 / 3 loss. To increase profitability, reduce costs, Tsingtao
holdings of some of the better performance of subsidiaries of the
company. The reduction of poor performance, or even cancel them. For
example, the company's stake in Tsingtao from the
Xi'an holdings from 56.32 to 76.1 percent, the company owned
by Weinan holdings from 41.28 to 69.28 percent, Xuecheng Equity
holdings from 70% to 85%. Beijing Tsingtao trimmed ring owned by
54-29%, and write off the Jiangsu (90%) and Shanghai beer (35%) of

Slow down the acquisition speed: a large number of acquisitions since
Tsingtao Brewery across the country, the debt rate, the bank therefore
no longer willing to lend to Tsingtao. Due to insufficient funds,
Tsingtao acquired madness can not continue. Furthermore, the newly
appointed general manager intends to launch the New Deal, slow down
the acquisition and internal integration. Tsingtao since 2001 has
greatly slowed down the speed of acquisition. Between 2002 and 2003,
Tsingtao acquired only two breweries, namely: Xiamen Silver City Lion
Brewery Co Ltd and Hunan China, Tsingtao in these two acquisitions,
share a 124 million yuan.

Tsingtao price trend from the previous view, most of the time Tsingtao
H share price will fall after the acquisition of the dissemination of
information, reflecting institutional investors on M & A news,
Qingdao Beer Reaction of vision. Because of the prospect of Tsingtao
skeptical or questioning whether a series of M & A synergies,
Qingdao Beer, triggered investors to sell after the merger news
transmitters Tsingtao stock. On the contrary, Qingdao M & A
share price is affected by the impact of good news for the continuous
rise in its shares. Before the reform, A shares have preference
shares, which as the domestic sheep mentality of small investors, as
the acquisition is good news. But after the reform, A share price did
not rise substantially because of the reform, remained stable. Hong
Kong institutional investors more than domestic investors to focus on
fundamental analysis. As institutional investors believe that the
strategy to enlarge and strengthen Tsingtao misconduct, so the result
of acquisitions made crazy Tsingtao Brewery shares H shares in the
pre-reform all the way down. However, stock prices have continued to
rise after the reform, institutional investors is clearly positive
Tsingtao's reform strategy.

Qingdao beer virtually every aspect of the establishment of new China
since 1949, organized by the beer quality rating of all gold, and in
international competitions held around the world several times won the
Gold Award competition. In 1906, only three factories in Qingdao Beer
Beer Fair in Munich won the gold medal; 20th century, three 80s in the
United States topped the International Beer Competition, first place;
1991, 1993, 1997, respectively, in Belgium, Singapore and Spain
International appraisal won the gold medal; in 2006 Qingdao Beer
crowned "Forbes" "global credit business
2006 200 Strong", ranked 68; in 2007 won the Asian brands
Festival Awards; in 2005 (first) and 2008 (second session) was
selected for two consecutive British "Financial
Times" published the "China Top Ten world-class
brand." In 2008, in the individual rankings, Qingdao Beer
also include the brand value, quality brands, products and services,
brand value list 4 list the highest overseas.
Qingdao Beer Culture
And most Chinese enterprises, the Qingdao Beer culture can not be
imitated, and most places can not be replicated is that it has a real
"history." "History" is the time
needed precipitation, earth-shaking of the ground wash and
routinization of the inheritance.

Tsingtao to study the corporate culture, we must first development
stage enterprise culture Tsingtao scientific division, as the study of
history must first be the same as dating. August 2004, Qingdao Beer,
chairman of Guirong in an article entitled "Culture of
Qingdao beer Reconsidered" the article wrote: "In
the hundred years of development history, culture Tsingtao experienced
spontaneous, conscious and enhance the three phases, gradually formed
a surface image of the culture, system culture and the deep middle
values as the core of a complete line of enterprise culture.
"This is a course of development of Tsingtao culture stages
and define the first time.

Large mergers in Tsingtao, the cultural integration has played a role
can not be ignored. Qingdao Beer Company to implement the
"big brand development strategy", through
"high starting point the development of low-cost
expansion" to achieve a great leap forward, over conventional
development in the domestic 18 provinces, municipalities and
autonomous regions established a beer production base, built
throughout the country and global marketing network, the annual beer
production capacity, brand value, production and sales, total profits
and taxes, market share, export and many other indicators rank the
first in the domestic industry. Tsingtao benefited from the success of
many aspects of the expansion, which played a key role in cultural
integration. Cultural integration of the acquired subsidiary, unified
management concepts and values for enterprise reform, development has
laid a good foundation on which to enter Tsingtao after more than 40
subsidiaries have become a new force, formed to promote the
development of the great force Tsingtao .

After all the expansion of cultural capital is also the expansion of
advanced concepts, successful brands, excellent management,
"asset light" expansion of the input is the key to
success. 90's of last century, Tsingtao is the scale of the
crisis facing the major crisis. Expansion of the company established
to promote and achieve major strategic market operation, more than 40
companies have joined in. Tsingtao family. The cut and thrust of
different corporate culture, conflict is bound to crash, to enterprise
management and development has brought great difficulties.

Culture is the soul of Tsingtao Brewery, is one of the core
competitiveness of Tsingtao. Tsingtao in the "forge ahead,
contributing to society" under the guidance of the core
concept, design and import a CI strategy, the formation of a
"scientific and strict management of the unity and harmony in
interpersonal relations" in Tsingtao management mode and the
"love of Qingdao Beer, dedication Qingdao Beer, "the
team established a relatively complete system of corporate culture.
Development and growth through self-reflective experience of Tsingtao,
the company's leadership deeply felt: the integration after M
& A is a revolution, which is the most difficult conceptual
changes, and to change people's ideas, the key then is to
educate, integrate and innovative culture Tsingtao.

Integration through specific practices, Tsingtao were aware of
"cultural integration should not be merely one-way Tsingtao
cultural output, but should be the mother of a subsidiary's
outstanding culture, eclectic, the common innovation."
Cultural integration of the essence of corporate culture on both sides
of evaluation, selection, promotion and optimization process. Quality
culture of the enterprise to be excavated, absorption, is the full
respect of subsidiaries, is one of the sources of cultural innovation.
Such as "freshness management" is a Tsingtao beer
industry is an important contribution to the marketing concept, South
Division, will be pushed by extension, not only in the marketing
aspects, but also reflected in all aspects of management, all aspects
should pay attention " freshness ", highlight
the" fast "and the words around the market place
rapid response mechanisms. Through the integration of corporate
culture, learn another culture, the parent company and subsidiary of
nutrition, the two sides to constantly change and grow together.

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