Transistor Transistor The first transistor Transistor whose real name is the by fdjerue7eeu


The first transistor
Transistor, whose real name is the semiconductor transistor. It
contains two PN junction of internal and external electrodes are
usually three leads of semiconductor devices on the electrical signals
are amplified and switch roles.
Experienced a point contact transistor transistor, junction transistor
to the new course of development of the transistor.
In 1947, the United States Bell Labs physicist Shockley (William
Shockley ,1910-1989), Badin (John Bardeen ,1908-1991) and Bratton
(Walter Houser Brattain ,1902-1987) successfully developed the
world's first transistors. This is the use of two contacts in
close proximity of the tentacles made of the "point-contact
transistor", can the audio signal amplification 100 times.
Point-contact transistor manufacturing process there is complex,
noisy, narrow scope of the disadvantages. To this end, Shockley
proposed to "end rectifier" in place of the idea of
metal semiconductor contacts. In 1950, based on this idea come out of
germanium junction transistor.
Since then, a variety of new transistor constantly being invented,
such as the alloy transistor, drift transistor, the transistor table,
flat transistors, epitaxial transistor, metal oxide semiconductor
transistors, power transistors.
Transistor is the greatest invention of the 20th century is one of the
microelectronics revolution herald. Compared with the tube, transistor
size greatly reduced, because of its low cost, flexibility and
reliability characteristics have been widely used in
telecommunications, radio and television, computers and other
electronics industries, and later laid the foundation for the birth of
integrated circuits.

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