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									Transformers 2 Feedback
After lunch today, I will watch it with their mother,
"Transformers 2", the first feeling after reading
that - quickly, want to see it again. . . . . . And 135 minutes after
reading it ever really feel better faster, a little not to waste! ! !
Title: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Translation: "Transformers 2: Revenge"

From the Paramount and DreamWorks co-filming "Transformer
2" yesterday (June 2) in the United States base in
Pennsylvania, an official start shooting. The first movie theater,
should be designed in a virtual Chinese iron and steel base. It is
reported that, "Transformers 2" will be held in
September fixing, release time was set for June 29, 2009.

"Megatron" resurrection

According to U.S. media reports, "Transformers 2"
plot the immediately preceding episode. Beginning of the film, the car
and the military is planning a secret war against the Decepticons. As
more and more Transformers re-surfaced, it was found that these robots
in the history of the planet more than they imagined ancient, some
officials and even speculated that cars were called to the
Decepticons, who proposed to drive car go. Optimus Prime do not want
to let the earth is no one to protect the state, let the Decepticons
wreak havoc, and he to Sam for help, asking him when the car's
voice, to convince the man for car people to stay. Sam refused, he
left for the university, and other people do want to live a normal
life, but he was unable to do so, because his body through the raw
energy of debris Cube affect him so that he produce all kinds of
strange ideas and illusions . When Sam refused to give his own voice,
to the car people and the world have brought serious consequences, the
Decepticon leader Megatron resurrected, with its accompanying demons
Transformers ancient history ... ...

Optimus Prime
After deformation: red truck head
Features: Leadership
Quotes: Freedom is the right of all creatures with perception
Voice: Bidekalun
Optimus Prime is not their only one term leader, but he is one of the
largest known. Years ago he was "Matrix of
Leadership" (value at the head of the chest of a robot
firmware, the equivalent of the crown) to select a new leader, his
personal modesty, sense, is the perfect hero in disguise. When he led
his men ready for battle, the Association said that infamous line
"car people, deformation start!" (Transform and
On the deformation: Regardless toys, cartoon or movie, Optimus Prime
is a deformation of the red truck after the first, but the design of
the truck is different from the first
Features: superior command leadership, can bring people together cars,
signs of weapons in the hands of laser guns, in the second focus of
his hot pole weapon upgrade quotation: "Freedom is the right
of all creatures with perception. "

Iron sheet
After deformation: General Motors GMC SUV
Features: extremely low temperature of liquid nitrogen bullets
Lead shot high temperature
Quotations: high-tech circuit could not replace the bloody
Voice: ½Ü˹¹þ÷¶û
Iron is an old friend of Optimus Prime, in the car were brothers to
the largest number to participate in the fighting, although he rough
tough, but goodness, like a ready gun, cowboy. Iron is usually
responsible for some important people, and material security work, but
also the private bodyguard Optimus Prime.
On the deformation: the film is a deformed version of GM's GMC
sport utility vehicle
Features: Iron can be a very low temperature of liquid nitrogen
injection bullets and high temperature lead bullets, he also equipped
with sonar, radar, radio wave detector. Despite the mileage in the car
were his slowest, but his case made by the Trithyllium steel alloy,
this alloy contains radioactive carbon fiber, making him less
vulnerable to attack.
Quotations: "high-tech circuit could not replace the

After deformation: General Hummer H2 rescue ambulance
Features: superb machine repair engineers
Quotations: You destroy my repair
Voice: ÂÞ²®Ìظ£¿Ë Voss
People in the car played a "doctor" role, although
the "saving lives" is his work, but he did not fight
them less, his courage and loyalty stand the test of time.
On the deformation: the original cartoons was an ambulance, but in the
film version of deformation is common in his "Hummer
H2" (Hummer H2) emergency ambulance.
Features: superb machine repair engineers.
Quotations: "You break my fix."

After deformation: General Chevrolet Camaro
Features: excellent scout, mobile and flexible
Quotes: The most obscure people who may be the most dangerous
Voice: Makeruien
National People's Congress in the car count Hornet family,
small size, often by other peers as a little brother, but he is
dangerous since the implementation of tasks better than others can be
a little less. He and the human boy Sam (Sam Witwicky) to establish a
solid friendship, in the second focus can not bring Sam to the
University of hornets go, Hornets still this cry and trouble the
temper. Shadow of the Image of the Hornet was very successful, than
the original cartoons was also impressive, director Michael Bay has
said publicly that his favorite role.
On the deformation: animation, he was a Beatle after deformation,
after deformation, the film version is a yellow Chevrolet Camaro car
Features: mischievous personality, excellent scouts, flexible,
operational form, the entire head look just like that one,
"Hornets head"
Quotations: "The most humble person may be the most danger

Wang Gun
Has a cool shape, foot cross-shot wheeled vehicles will no doubt be
among the new highlights. In the original cartoon in the cross-shot
and Scud (Sunstreaker) are twin brothers, two combat comparable, but
very different personality, horizontal run of reckless courage, more
On the deformation: deformation animation in his sports car is the
Lamborghini of Kang Taqi, the film version of his Chevrolet
"Corvette Stingray century" concept sports car
(Corvette Stingray Concept)
Features: cross-gun arms can be used as hammers, made him easily
through the defense system
Quotations: "I will not break the rules, but I will change
the rules of the greatest."

"Transformers" one of the few female King Kong,
originally prepared on the debut episode, in "Transformers
2" in the whole body pink, tall and exquisite Arcee and her
two sisters would be this full of iron and steel fighting action movie
brings a little soft colors. However, as director Michael Bay does not
like this role, she is likely to concentrate in the
On the deformation: deformed her cartoons is a pink convertible, the
film version she is a pink Harley Davidson motorcycle the 2006 Buell
Firebolt for Megan Fox driving.
Features: Speed, dexterity, energy bows and arrows
Quotations: "looks are always deceiving."

Transformers in the grandfather, so he designed the film to grow a
beard robots. His energy is depleted, will be issued for each landing
squash, deformation becomes non-Shun Liu, as suffering from arthritis.
He was a red spider friends, a few million years ago, a scientific
expedition in the fall in the earth, and later had been frozen in the
Arctic. Decepticons found him and lured him to join the crazy camp,
but the day of the fire discovered the true purpose of the
Decepticons, the resolutely out of them, switch cars people camp.
On the deformation: deformation in the movie version after he was
strategic reconnaissance SR-71 Blackbird.
Features: Although the old and feeble, sick sick, but the day of the
fire still has the firepower and the cruise capacity, he also likes
Quotations: "Victory to the unknown mystery conceived in the
process of conquest."

Decepticons their leadership, cruel cold militant, in the last episode
at the end he was defeated and thrown into the deep-sea car person, he
will be resurrected in the focus, to begin a crazy car revenge.
On the deformation: the cartoons are usually become Megatron pistol or
cannon, in the film version of the aircraft, he would become, he will
become concentrated in the tank.
Features: firepower, great strength, wily, means rule with an iron
fist Decepticons.
Quotations: "tyranny will bring peace."

Red Spider
Decepticon's second figure, no cunning strategy, although
always coveted Megatron's leadership, and not hide, but has
been unable to do so. Starscream Megatron even cruel than militant, is
one of car's powerful adversary.
Of deformation: deformation in the film version of his F-22 Raptor
after jet fighter.
Features: Speed class, size large, mighty firepower
Quotations: "Conquest is the enemy into ashes."

Strange giant scorpion
"Giant Scorpion Devil" as the name implies, is to a
large machine scorpion, fans have gotten in the first centralized
power over it, and the second focused on where it secretly from the
U.S. into Megatron's body stolen and used their fire to
On the deformation: None
Features: Can the speed of 80 km per hour in hard underground walk
through, so as not to be aware of the secret operation. Can launch
Robert guarantee: "If you like the first, you'll love
second. If you are a mad love for the original audience, that
Transformers is not the first place, second will be for the upcoming
you. "

...... The above summary of the various versions of the Fang Jian
rumors after the results, I do not know whether it is satisfied
friends? Wind from the new model to pull the motorcycle classic ice
cream truck, "head stool", from braving the hail of
bullets of terrorists went to the United States made on location in
Egypt, "Imperial Shanghai Import and Export" big
melee, from Xiyalabo husband's car accident headlines to cool
the tanks Megatron transition stills - if even the
"Transformers 2: Revenge" is not "does n
reflect the first red", then no movie really deserves it
says. The same people shown with the reunion and production costs
steadily, and the new role debut, waiting for Michael Bay on the day
that a good mood easily the true face unveiled a new villain. Needless
to say, countless film fans have long since regarded as a
"can not miss the 2008 film of the No.1".

The most exasperating is Paramount bullying, second not shown,
"Transformers 3" actually has the head start to be
finalized June 29, 2012 gold schedule, obvious sacrifice human lives
ah! In the modern economic situation and investment under the law,
like "Lord of the Rings" as the number one go does
not much different, but "Pirates of the Caribbean"
series after the two holiday rotation mode of production, still a lot
of "first nouveau riche" were fabricated,
"We intend to start production from the trilogy" to
create the conditions for the lies. May
"Transformers" camp is not even under this level, he
just took aim at "Spider-Man" two years after the
second episode, three years after the proclamation of the production
process - that is, even if the "trilogy" of the lies
were exposed, but also to 2016, when even human beings do not
necessarily exist ......¡£ So let's not think about, and
honestly so that the Department of it.



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