; Formax FD 8902B Industrial Shredder with Baler Review
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Formax FD 8902B Industrial Shredder with Baler Review


Formax Industrial Shredder with Baler

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Reviewing the Formax FD 8902B Industrial Shredder with Baler

After pulling out our microscope and taking a closer look, the Formax FD 8902B Industrial Shredder
with Baler has proved to be a worthy machine. It’s a fairly versatile machine with a not-too-crazy
price tag either (but remember you can often get a better deal if you call or email :-) Overall we’d
recommend this machine but I suggest that you take a look at the specs yourself.

At a level 3 security, this cross-cut shredder gets the job done. Although there are higher levels of
security, a level 3 machine provides a sufficiently small cut size to put your identity theft worries to
bed. We also like the cross-cut because it takes up much less space which means that you won’t
have to empty your bin as frequently as you would with a strip-cut machine. There is really no
reason to jump up to a level 4 machine unless you have some ultra-sensitive documents you need

Shredable Material
The Formax FD 8902B Industrial Shredder with Baler can shred CDs, Credit Cards, Paper, Paper
Clips, Staples. If you need to be able to shred something else then we recommend that you look at
a larger machine and/or look for something with a little bit lower security (the higher the security
the less likelihood that the machine shreds something other than paper).

Continuous Motor
This shredder is rated for continuous operation. That means that theoretically you could shred all
day long and the machine would not have to shut-down to cool off. Remember that results may
vary under real-world operating conditions and things such as the temperature of the room will
affect the ability of this motor to stay cool and continue to shred. We give this machine 2 pats on
the back for being rated continuous duty and we know that you’ll appreciate this feature in due

Bin Size
With a 154 the Formax FD 8902B Industrial Shredder with Baler is going to take quite some time to
fill up unless you are shredding non-stop. Your bags will be pretty heavy so go ahead and cut off
your gym membership to save a little bit of money. Just make sure every time you empty the bin
that your machine is getting enough oil!

Throat Size
A 21 inch throat means that you can fit just about anything into this bad boy. Gone are the days of
folding your oversized paper or crumpling and jamming your machine with regular-sized paper.
This guy gets 2 thumbs up for the often underestimated large throat size.

Auto Oiler
This machine gets a huge bonus for having the automatic oiler already installed. This means that
you don’t have to worry about oiling the machine or figuring out who oiled it last. It is a fact that
well oiled cutting heads will prolong the life of your machine. All you have to worry about is
changing the oil in the reservoir and you’re good-to-go.

The Formax FD 8902B Industrial Shredder with Baler comes with a Lifetime on cutters/1 Year on
machine. This means that you have plenty of time to test out the machine and make sure that
everything is running smoothly. Just make sure to properly care for your machine and you
shouldn’t have any issues.

With an MSRP of $53,995.00 this shredder is not the cheapest around but remember to NEVER pay
the full amount. You can find discounts of up to 50% off if you look around on the web.

About the Manufacturer
Formax is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of paper processing equipment for
the office environment to large mailcenters. Formax solutions include pressure sealers to process
one-piece mailers, inserters, document folders and a wide range of complementary products such
as commercial-grade shredders, bursters, cutters, letter openers, joggers and more.

Manufacturer Jargon
The Formax FD 8902B Industrial Shredder and Baler is a highcapacity conveyor-fed unit designed for
large volume shredding in a central location and offers fully-automated features including Auto
Start/Stop, Auto Reverse and Auto Cleaning for ease of use. The FD 8902B combines the power and
features of the FD 8902CC with an Output Baler for convenient disposal of shredded material. The
Baler continually compacts shredded material into a bale, which is then ejected into a plastic bag
for easy disposal.

So as I mentioned before, we think that the Formax FD 8902B Industrial Shredder with Baler is a
worthy competitor and deserves a second look. If you have more specific questions I didn’t answer
here, feel free to give us a call and we’d be happy to help you out. I also wanted to remind you that
real-world conditions do not always produce the same results that you might expect from the listed
specs. Happy Shredding!


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