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									Traditional dealer dealers evolution to modern
  Dealers as a corporate marketing as an important part of the sales
and marketing for the product management plays a vital role, but as
the Chinese economy continues to mature and the continuous developme
of network society, and business channels to emulate, flat Strategy
increasingly severe business environment is the distributors in the
event of changes in the ecological system is now operating the rise of
the forces from all sides to break the traditional dealer has been
living in a strict environment, natural selection of the Market
Competitive Law for traditional distributors have to face the pain,
and how to think about the future evolution in order to get their
vendor is not abandoned, not to be abandoned by the market, customers
are not forgotten ... ...
As a long-term and distributors dealing with marketing and business
planning staff, I deeply understand the present, China where
traditional distributors face the pain, but also want to find and
extract from them out of the market some of the text on the dealer
restructuring, can those first-line dealers in the market struggle to
bring enlightenment to friends. In fact, no matter how harsh the
environment, how fierce competition, road, after all, we have to be
out of the market or the people to do out in the final analysis, life
does not make life difficult for the Hom, the same dealer will not
Then placed in front of the Traditional distributors are those
difficulties? May all industries distributor, or dealer with the
industry facing all the difficulties are not the same, but the simple
sum up, traditional dealers are currently facing difficulties seem
nothing more than three, where I simply do a set on do not do type of
Traditional distributors face the reality of the plight of the three:
1, the site less and less, become a factory Tuen side forces: market
marginalization, segmentation, loss of key markets, was forced to
become factory Tuen side forces, a factory hard tail market guerrilla
Getting smaller and smaller construction sites, mainly because of the
brand market, increasing maturity, the core, busy and important area,
the factory continued to recover for various reasons and Direct or be
split to other new customers.
Market marginalization, mainly with the rise of the terminal stores
forces, the traditional dealer channel difficult to adapt to modern
business management, and store and factory direct negotiations, so
that was out of the bustling city, the market has been marginalized.
Important channel to be fully factory Direct from the factory market,
distributors and end their ability to chain the three-pressure,
leading to loss of a good market dealers, good through the market
getting smaller and smaller, the channel is getting worse .
2, the right to become smaller and smaller, reduced to pure logistics
provider factories: to make distribution costs, loss of market
initiative, businesses lower cost replacement distributor, their
passive restricted.
The right to become smaller and smaller, because on the one hand
corporate marketing center, marketing center, sales center capacity
management and operation of the market growing, leading to a
traditional dealer forced to follow the pace of business to go to
become a force in the enterprise market soldier. On the other hand,
with the increasingly fierce market competition, the traditional
dealer in the face of the competitive environment and the pressures of
modernization, it is difficult to bear all market risk, such as the
amount of funds business of modern circulation, management costs,
account of other pressure, was forced to become a regional
manufacturer of pure logistics providers, manufacturers to pay the
deposit and the deposit for the company responsible for handling
cargo, to provide interim storage, earn 5% -10% of the shipping cost,
fuel cost staff their vehicles have to themselves, manufacturers make
big money, earn a little money themselves.
And command of all our actions, neatly, do not talk nonsense tamper
with, have no right to participate in a variety of manufacturers
market management and operation of the meeting.
3, smaller and smaller profits, reduced to a crying speaker
manufacturers: manufacturers make money like water, money to accompa
their saliva, market management, and increasing operating costs, make
more small operating profit.
Smaller and smaller profits, has confused many dealers who have
problems, circulation, trade circulated word, 8 points is guaranteed a
profit of 15 points is a huge profit. However, in the current market
environment, with the market price transparency, market complexity and
operating costs of the lack of opportunities for market operators to
make more small operating profit is not only dealers, but also very
difficult to have the opportunity to earn big difference. Some dealers
said friends are now marketing the product gross margin too small, not
much profit a year by the wholesale money, business is really getting
harder and harder.
Benefits too low, because more and more mature market growth, making
markets more competitive, dealers difficult to rely on mature brands
and products earn high profits, this is the inevitable result of
market development.
Faced with this dilemma, how to shift? Yourself from passive to
active, to complete the upgrade market operation in order to better
adapt to the new environment of market competition, demand, and
maintain their own foundation of evergreen it? Summarize the current
market rules, individuals that complete the modernization of
traditional distributors to change, we must first complete the three
modern transformation.
Traditional distributor faces three Modernization:
1, the channel of transformation: from brand distribution to the
channel change operation
Channels of restructuring is to ask the dealer to their traditional
operating system, maintenance system, management system, its own
retail outlets in the terminal development, including self-built
terminal networks, self-terminal network and associated terminal
network to form his own firm downstream network, thus very good the
conduct of market competition. Before the first store will sit, sit
back and wait, do customers in the wholesale markets and terminals, in
addition to know where the customer is outside, basically do not know
where our customers to sell goods?
Channels of transformation is the evolution for the current channel
model development needs, with the deepening of channel change, channe
models of Chinese traditional to modern channel model must change to
better adapt to economic and social development.
Many conventional channel distributors have been doing the work of
transformation, in 2008 I have the honor to entrepreneurs insight into
the identity of the distributors of the channels of the transition
process, in-depth inspected Zhejiang and Jiangsu, Suzhou, when
accompanied local dealers Xia town to visit their own business
channel, objectively, no better than some of our salesman to do badly,
of course, this became a fellow dealers compete for the customer.
Success stories such as in the other parts, such as in Shandong Linyi
Hengxing wholesale market companies, in the face of Japan - Global
Brand Network - the market interest severe form of rural development
decisively out of the store network in depth, according to statistics,
compared to In 2008, Hengxing in the Lunan region this year added
about 3,000 rural outlets, now in Zaozhuang, Linyi, Rizhao three
cities, a total of 7,000 rural outlets, with annual sales of more than
300 million, although this is only Hengxing company expects annual
sales in 2009 amounted 100 million 8 million in a piece of cake, but
the town is undoubtedly a potential stock market.
Enterprise transformation: from the boss to make changes in
Enterprise transformation require dealers to learn modern business
management and operation of the store from the traditional type of
undisciplined unplanned distribution methods coming out of the way
with the enterprise to operate and manage their own careers, create
their own short-term objectives and long-term goals, management
philosophy, business plan, management practices and ×ʽð control so th
their distribution Chanpinbiancheng distribution Gong Si, not only can
enhance their competitiveness in the market can also help dealers I
completed Cong Zuo Xiao boss to do entrepreneurial transformation.
Enterprise restructuring in the famous wine there, such as Gemma,
Beijing Chaopi Trading Co., Ltd. This company, established in the
country Gima wine more than 2,000 offices, set up tens of thousands of
terminal outlets, built in South China, East, west, north four
marketing division, formed a provincial capital as the center and
city-level focus, to county-level cities as radiation point of three
marketing system. In 2004, wine sales of 280,000 tons, while Gima
group sales of 2.5 million tons, is the world's most
authoritative consulting firm McKinsey called "the wine in
the P & G" brand become the loudest and most powe
wine industry leading enterprises. The "Beijing Chaopi
Trading Co., Ltd." is a joint-stock reform by
"Beijing Chaoyang Wholesale Corporation" formed
joint-stock enterprise restructuring, the total monetary injection of
80 million yuan. Currently has a total area of 8,000 square meters of
intelligent office building, 45,000 square meters of standard storage
facilities, the remnants of the new business with 140 vehicles, 130
Pentium 3 or more computers, a full set of modern office equipment
market experienced management team, strain ability.
Brand Transformation: from brand to brand distribution changes
Transformation of the traditional dealer brand Modernization important
symbol of traditional distributors to help brand companies are only
responsible for distribution of products and brands, and distributors
in modern management methods must learn to cultivate brand brand and
brand building. On the one hand and the corporate brand with the other
hand, can create their own brand.
There are many successful brands, are established dealers, such as
Guangzhou Liby and the Grand Canal motorcycle, there is such as
Jiangxi Renhe. Dayun motor is operating by the time the sun motorcycle
dealer, was established in 2005 and promoted, not only their own brand
now also has its own factory.
Standing on white As a benchmark brand in the brand, you have to do
washing by Chen Triumph dealer established. 1987 Spring Festival, Chen
triumph filled with 3,000 bought two boxes of washing powder, shampoo
home, this move of the Japanese chemical industry. He then founded a
trading agent, detergent and household items distribution of foreign
capital, after several years of accumulation, he opened his own
stores, becoming the largest detergent Puning and commodities traders,
the business began to Guangzhou, Shenzhen and the Pearl River Delta
infiltration. Accumulated by doing some trading experience and
connections, Chen triumph think a lot of money washing powder
industry, have their own idea of running the plant. In 1991, he
registered the trademark Liby --- even when this is just the plant,
products are not brand.
So far, Liby has been established with the Diaopai and keep pace with
the two days of white brand.
In addition to the traditional dealer to complete the evolution of the
three modern after, but also learn to make their own career planning,
career of every individual are constantly upgrading, and distributors
as the market will be a career, time development ladder, but to want
to be a successful dealer, there should be such a career plan.
According to the words of five years as a Canton, dealer friend might
as well give myself a three-year plan.
Traditional dealers are three five-year career planning
The following is a personal ability to exercise the process according
to dealer to dealer friend of the three five-year plan, and everyone
can do their own actual situation is more delicate and more
1, the first five years: make products, cultivating markets, the
traditional management, and enhance the hard power
Make the traditional business projects and products, effective product
portfolio and market hard, upgrade their distribution capabilities,
thereby enhancing their hard power, so companies see their sales
ability and marketing capabilities.
2, the second five years: do manage to enhance their modern
management, soft power
Enterprise management and good management, effective personal and te
improvement and exercise capacity, improve their business capacity, so
that my store-style marketing to the enterprise from the distribution
of changes in order to enhance their soft power, so that modern
business upgrade yourself.
3, the third year: do the brand, upgrading the company's brand
management, enhance the comprehensive strength
Good brand building and creating, so to do from a marketing brand
changes do help enterprises efficiently build brand, or create their
own brand, and realize their entrepreneurial from the dealer to
With the economic times of ·¢Õ¹, traditional ecological distribution has
been broken, from the very beginning of the Zai Zhong Tai Liu Tong
market the shopkeeper Dao Jinruxiandai office of salesmen,
distributors of morphogenetic Bian Hua; Tong Shi, dealers place of
business Tai Duo Ye tremendous changes, from the beginning to find a
good manufacturer, passive acceptance of product sales to the present
initiative to find the product can represent the market Qushi;
distributors also increased job difficulty, was only to be a product
agent, now co-Cheng Wei manufacturer brand building persons; the face
of such an environment, dealers only completed three modern and career
building of the three five-year plan, it can really degenerate into a
modern dealer, to be reborn in the evolution, development can be

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