Temporary Disability Ins.   YesD   NoD
             Office Use Only
Share Balance    $,                _
Loan Balance    $                  _    PEORIA POSTAL EMPLOYEES CREDIT UNION
                                                                                Account No.         _
Add-on          $                  _
COI             $              _                                                Note No.        _
New Balance     $                        APPLICATION FOR CREDIT UNION LOAN
                                                                                Soc. Sec. No.   _
I am indebted to the following          creditors    (list all debts such as rent, mortgage payments, automobile,               doctor    bills, repairs, furniture,    Installment loans, en .. AtlaCl1
additional    sheet if necessary. If NONE, please state "NONE".                   Indicate with an "X" -those obligations you will pay with the proceeds 01 this loan.

                                                                                                                                                              Original           Present       Monthly
To Whom Owed                                          Name & AddrftS                                            Purpose                  Date of Loan                                          Payment
                                                                                                                                                             Amount              B"I"nce

                                                                                                       Rent or House Payment                                                $              $
                                                                                                         Automobile     Loan

                                                                                                                                                               Totals       IS             ~

                                                                                       CO-MAKER'S STATEMENT
                                                                                                                                                    Oate                                                       _
To the Peoria      Postal   Employees     Credit     Union:
Having read the foregoing application              lor a personal loan and being willing to become a co-maker with                                                                                             _
_____________________________                                                      .                            Ior the desired loan I will sign the note which will evidence the loan if granted.

I fully understand the responsibility           which is assumed by signing the note.
Present address                                                                                                             How 10ng                        Tel.No.                                             _
Former address                                                                                                                                    No.of    dependents                                           _

Employer's      name                                                                   Address                                                              Tel. No.                                            _
Type 01 business                                                                                                                   _     No. of years with employer                                            _
Position     occupied                                                                                       _   Name and title 01 superior                                                                      _
Income:      Sa~ry,~ges.orcommi~~nspermonth$                                                                                                                                                                   _

Other personal income (do NOT include alimony.                    child support or separate maintenance payments) $                                                                                         _
You need NOT disclose the following                sources of Income; but if you want the credit union to consider such income in connection with this loan application.                          please
complete      the following:    Alimony     $                          Child Support $                                  Separate Maintenance $                         Person Liable                           _
Personal Reference                                                                                        Address                                                                                          _

Personal Bank Account:          Commercial                               Amount        $                          Savings                                       Amount $                                       _
Name of Bank                                                                                              Address                                                                                          _
Real Esmre -       Location and description:          Titleinnameof                                                                                                                                            _

Purchase Price                                     Balance of Mortgage                                                              Monthly      Payment                                                    _

How long have you known applicant                                              Are you the spouse of the applicant?               Yes     0           No   0
Are you a co-maker on other loans?                                     yes or No                       Amount $                                                                                             _

Total outstanding       debts (except mortgage) $                                                  Monthly payments on debts $                                                                             _
Date of Birth                                                                                                       _

I certify    the above information      is true and correct        --------c;;:;:::7.':-::-~:_;_;= ••
                                                                                                          of Co-Maker                                          Social Security     No.

Information below, including appropriate signature(sl,                 is to be filled in by either the credit committee,         credit manager or loan officer, depending upon who sets
upon this application

On                                                                      , 20            '   II} (We) approved a loan in the amount and on the conditions               requested by the above applicant,
except as follows       (list any changes In amount,          terms, or conditions):                                                                                                               .,- __

                                                Approved by CREDIT COMMITTEE:                                                                                             Approved by
                                                                                                                                                                        LOAN OFFICER
                                                                                                                                                                       CREDIT MANAGER

 If application    is rejected - reason for rejection                                              ~                                              _

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