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					Top ten famous headhunting industry
1 search only for people who never worry about looking for work
looking for work, for the most valuable talent the opportunity to
achieve greater value, no shortage of opportunities to provide better
2, a person's theory of wages, real wages are a number of
times - to prove that, just be hunting.
3, excellent hunter, his eyes staring at is the strength of talent, at
gunpoint, and is an important part of human resources.
4, when you meet 99% of new jobs, the search effort is only 1%; is
this 1%, so you had a miracle, which can reach 100%.
5, as a successful person, you can search firm refused to provide the
"Breakfast", which means that you will have to use
your own money to buy lunch.
6, dig a man, take 10 dollars; leave a person needs 20 dollars; loss
of a person, not need the money; retrieve a person needs is not money!

7, you know what, it does not matter; important, you know who; know
who is not important, it is important that you be hunter eyeing -
because they (hunters) can create value for you!
8, the headhunter will always care about, not how much you share
resources, but the actual disposal of the resources you.
9, support for search, the best way to avoid the hunter's
invasion, is to let him be your shareholders.
10, Do not search on the money, your social status, his job.
Makes sense, is search for Staring
Origin search:
First, the history of ancient legends
On the "search" the origin of the most popular
theory is: According to legend, the primitive tribes in ancient times,
a cannibal tribe, when the war ended, they cut off the enemy's
head, as war booty back to the village, hanging on tribe, the only
show of its own strength, can also be effectively threatened to commit
the enemy, and their descendants will act as
"headhunters." Although the
"search" in the development of history with a sort
of primitive barbarism, mystery, horror atmosphere, but in modern
society, "search" has been given completely new
meaning, marked a new era of brand, and willing to have distinctive
Second, "search" the origin of
"Headhunting" for Tezhi talent search, the quest, it
is after World War II. After World War II, the United States as one of
the major victors, not only defeated a large number of collecting
machine, weapons and other "hardware", it is sparing
no effort, diligence in collecting defeated the advanced technology
and other "software", especially those mastered the
advanced technology of the elite. Such a process known as
"Headhunting" or "search." Bec
the mind is the wisdom, knowledge of where the quest for talent is to
get their minds in the knowledge, get the latest, most cutting-edge
technical information. From this, "search" in the
quest for talent for Tezhi really the most appropriate and most
After the Second World War, the United States rapidly rising, the
rapid economic development, an important reason for that is, they have
captured a large number of high quality from the defeated prisoners of
war, has brought great wealth to the United States. With the economic
development and progress of civilization, especially the modern
society, people in an increasingly competitive. So, smart business
people to select personnel for the enterprise to completely change the
business practices derive cost. Search has actually developed into an
industry, as modern society is an important part.
Third, the development of search history
Executive search firm originated in the United States after World War
II, according to Connecticut-based executive search consulting firm -
Chiron executive search consultants Secretary (Hunt-Scanlon)
estimates, global executive search company's revenue tripled
recently, in 1993 only 30 billion dollars in 2000 is estimated to
reach 8.3 billion. Such as traditional industries, the industry has
generated a lot of giants, such as Korn / Ferry International, Ltd.
(Kom / Ferry Intemational), Heidrick - Special Secretary for Lagos
International Limited (Heidrick Struggles International) and
Sibinsaiya Special Company (Spencer Stuart), Korn, and so on.
In Europe and the United States and other developed countries, many
multinational executive search firm with close ties, and some even
follow the multinational executive search firm was removed from around
the world, at any time according to business needs action. IBM
Corporation in the bottom phase in, as headhunters go for the new
president of Mr. Gerstner keep the company access to substantial
development. Hewlett-Packard's new head of Carly Burton.
Fiorina also dug over by the search firm's. In other
countries, a high-level managers often change jobs search results come
out, or enterprise is hard to believe the qualifications of
candidates, competence. Credit rating of the candidates is an
important business executive search firm, and career changers are also
originated from the search his good offices in order to show his
status and worth.
Now, the search is the talent agency's core business. In 1998,
one of the largest U.S. executive search firm Korn / Ferry in global
annual sales income of several billion dollars. Japan's gross
national product in 1998, the fastest growing sectors are
communications and human resources in the many employment agencies
insurance companies and in St. Na libraries Road special company
annual turnover has reached several billion dollars. In Hong Kong,
there are 1,200 registered intermediaries. Increasingly open economy,
the Chinese enterprises are facing increasing competition, especially
with the accelerated process of China's accession to WTO,
China is facing increasing international competition, and the
resulting competition means more and more international. As a wide
range of mining personnel for the international business means, a
headhunting company embarked on by the exotic Chinese business
manager's desk.

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