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					Today News 2009.12.29
  China - ASEAN Free Trade Area will be January 1, 2010 launch, will
carry out China's external trade exchanges and cooperation in
the future have an important demonstration effect
  Li Keqiang: to increase construction of affordable housing.
  Central Bank: the first quarter of next year, efforts will be
controlled credit blowout.
  Jiangsu provincial party secretary, said house prices grew a little
  December credit scale may be 300 billion.
  Credit line set the tone for the four active reserve new year
  Five Power Group signed 200 million tons coal contracts, coal 25% of
the most high
  Minmetals entered Hunan Nonferrous Zhuzhou Smelter Group and * ST
Near the central rate of tungsten.
Central Rural Work Conference held in 2010, the full deployment of the
Central Rural Work Conference from 27 to 28 in Beijing. This
year's total grain output is expected to 10,616 billion
kilograms, a new record high for 6-year yield, the first time over
10,000 jin 3 consecutive years. Rural per capita net income of 5,000
yuan mark for the first time. Next year to speed up the pace of
financial reform in rural areas, speed up rural financial system
innovation, product innovation and service innovation.
CNR traded today
China North Vehicle Co., Ltd. (Stock code: CNR, stock code 601299)
shares listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange today, a ceremony was held.
CNR 2.5 billion of this total issued shares, which under the net to
the inquiry objects placing 875 million shares to public investors
online issue 1.625 billion shares, issue price of 5.56 yuan, trades at
49.21 times.
GEM companies a new batch of eight focus next month on the 7th issue
The new batch of eight companies on the 29th released GEM
"preliminary inquiry and to recommend Notice",
"Initial Public Offering and listing on the GEM prompt
notice" issued starting today, the number of shares to be
issued a total of 15,520 shares. The company this week began a
preliminary inquiry, road show promotion, January 7, 2010 centralized
network, the online application.
Smart Grid standards promulgated soon start pilot projects around the
State Grid Corporation of India deputy general manager of Shu Biao
said that National Grid is committed to the development of intelligent
network planning and specific building standards system has been
developed near the end, for release early next year.
Chemical fiber industry to turn around losses from September to
November overall loss of 543 million
From January to November this year, total profits for the chemical
fiber industry, 6.375 billion yuan, up 187.4 percent. But the
sub-period point of view, chemical fiber industry, from profit to loss
9-11 months, the overall loss of 543 million yuan.
New home sales this year reached 4.5 trillion yuan, or accounted for
the same period GDP13% new high
In 2009, the domestic real estate market volume and price go up, new
home sales to record levels. China Real Estate Association
Secretary-General Zhu said in a 28 1-November, new home sales rose
86.8% over the previous 10 months, an increase of 7.6 percentage
points to expand. Transactions from the situation in December,
full-year sales growth will continue to enlarge.
Shenzhen and then exposed 61 illegal securities institutions
Recently, the Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau exposed the second
batch of a total of 61 does not have the legal qualification of the
securities business and the web site list. The Council once again
reminded investors to establish a legal awareness and risk prevention
awareness, and consciously resist the temptation of improper benefits,
away from the illegal advice, and enhance self-protection.
New Foreign Exchange Reserves in November record influx of hot money
during times of high suspected
With the steady rise of the Chinese economy and the further
revaluation of the RMB is expected to heat up, China's foreign
exchange capital inflows also rose steadily. 28 to the latest central
bank data showed, as of the end of 11, China's financial
institutions Foreign Exchange Reserves reached 19.0203 trillion yuan,
254.3 billion yuan last month at the end add, the second highest level
reached during the year, second only to the 406.8 billion yuan in
(According to data released by the departments concerned, in November
about China's foreign trade surplus of 14.1 billion U.S.
dollars, foreign direct investment (FDI) about 70 billion U.S.
dollars, both total 21.1 billion U.S. dollars, with 254.3 billion yuan
(about 37.2 billion U.S. dollars) in foreign exchange accounts
paragraph 16.2 billion difference, which means that a lot of hot money
began to flow in November in China.)
U.S. stocks close: Dow up 27 points, Nasdaq up 5 points
Christmas retail sales data by better than expected news, U.S. stocks
rose slightly Monday, continuing a recent rally, major stock indexes
rose for the third consecutive day 6, and a new high record year.
The Dow Jones industrial average rose 26.98 points to close at
10,547.08 points, or 0.26%; the Nasdaq composite index rose 5.39
points to close at 2291.08 points, or 0.24%; Standard &
Poor's 500 index rose 1.30 points to close at 1127.78 points,
or 0.12%.
4 with the New York oil prices closed approaching 79 dollars Yang
New York's main oil futures contract closed higher for the
fourth consecutive trading day, the highest in October this year, the
number of days has been rising for a new high, oil prices closed at
record highs of 79 U.S. dollars / barrel. At the United States
released a holiday sales report is quite optimistic about the
prospects of the market economy and high energy demand is expected to
New York Mercantile Exchange, the most recent and highest volume of
crude oil futures contract: February light sweet crude oil contract
rose 72 cents to close at 78.77 U.S. dollars / barrel, or 0.9%. The
contract's intraday high value of 79.12 U.S. dollars, the
lowest was 77.76 U.S. dollars. Last week, in the February contract
trading up nearly 5%.
U.S. dollar fell in New York gold closed higher by 0.3%
New York's main and most recent gold futures contracts are
slightly higher for the third consecutive trading day higher. Earlier
release of a U.S. holiday sales data quite well, the market's
judgments on more optimistic economic outlook. There are other reasons
to promote the rising price of gold: U.S. dollar exchange rate against
major currencies Pudie, dollar-denominated gold price rise of natural
New York Mercantile Exchange, the highest volume of gold contracts:
February contract rose 3.1 cents, to close at 1107.9 U.S. dollars /
ounce, or 0.3%. The maximum value of the contract intraday 1114.5 U.S.
dollars, a minimum of 1102.1 U.S. dollars.
New Zealand suppliers of the most recent gold contract: 12 month
contract is up 3.1 U.S. dollars to close at 1107.2 U.S. dollars /
ounce, or 0.3%. Currently December contract trading was light, it will
be closed Tuesday due.
European stock markets closed at a 14-month high
Monday European stock markets closed at a 14-month high. In the Greek
government adopted a 2010 budget proposal, the Greek stock market rose
steadily, a leading utilities and financial sector gains.
Before Christmas last week, the European stock markets climbed to
October 2008 a new high since. Into the final week of 2009, the
European stock markets continued to climb. Pan-European Dow Jones
Stoxx 600 index rose 1.27 points, or 0.5%, to close at 253.17 points.
The major indexes in Europe, the French CAC-40 index rose 1.98 points,
or 0.05%, to close at 3,912.73 points, its highest close in 14 months
position. London FTSE 100 index rose 30.03 points, or 0.56%, to close
at 5,402.41 points, the highest for the 15 months since the closing
point position.
Zhang Chunjiang involved in the case denied the Divine Taiyue
Divine Taiyue 29 announcement that, "Zhang Chunjiang this
was" double "the cause of the rumors from the
company is not realistic, the company's various businesses are
through the normal procedures, there is no illegal act."
600 375 Ma cars Announcements amendment star: expects to achieve 20
net profit up 250% over the previous year over. Significant progress
in asset restructuring company issues: At present, this significant
asset restructuring issues underlying assets involved in the audit,
evaluation is in progress.
002 250 Union of Science and Technology revised the projected
financial performance: 2009 year to achieve the owner's net
profit attributable to parent company over the previous year 70% -90%.
Foreign Investment
600 202 Ha Kongdiao adopted by the Board on the wholly owned
subsidiary of Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. Shanghai Tian Bo, a proposal
for such capital increase.
600,376 shares opened on investment through the establishment of the
board first to open in Xiamen Xiang Thai Properties Ltd. (tentative
name) of the motion. Recently, the company first opened in Shenyang
subsidiary Shengtai home limited liability company involved in
Shenyang Shenbei traded state-owned land auction activities to
165,736,104 dollars was the price competition in Shenyang Shenbei
State Road 203, east of -36 block residential land use right of
state-owned building; to 122,646,160 dollars was the price competition
in Shenyang Shenbei east of National Highway -37 203 residential plots
of state-owned construction land use rights; to 70,043,280 dollars of
the price competition may Shenyang Shenbei 203 block east of National
Highway -38 residential construction land use right of state; to
52,374,680 dollars of the price competition may Shenyang Shenbei east
of National Highway -39 203 residential plots of state-owned
construction land use rights.
600 536 Chinese software companies to be approved by the Board in
order to cash the Great Wall Technology Co., Ltd., China Great Wall
Computer Shenzhen Co., Ltd., Great Wall Information Industry Co.,
Ltd., and were held by natural persons Jiang Bo Great Wall Computer
Software and Systems Co., Ltd. 34.90%, 34.51% , 29.60%, 0.99% (Total
100%) of the shares, the transaction amount was 46,501,600 yuan,
45,970,500 yuan, 39,441,200 yuan, 1.315 million yuan (total 13,322.83
million). Scheduled for January 13, 2010 2010, for the first time the
company held Extraordinary General Meeting.
600 551 Board of Supervisors Board of Publication in the controlling
shareholder of the transferee by the company in Anhui Publishing Group
Co., Ltd. held 100% stake in Anhui People's Publishing House,
the transferee price of 2,571.53 million.
600 657 Xinda Real Estate Board approved the establishment of the
project has developed a large line of the 3rd block Shaoxing Shao
motion; through the acquisition of stake in Hangzhou, China
Construction Investment Company, Limited and its Share Capital
Increase ôß¹ØÁª½»Ò× motion. Extraordinary General Meeting on the t
of part of the defects by the motion of such assets ôß¹ØÁª½»Ò×.
600 796 Qianjiangshenghua board of the directors a total investment of
30 million yuan through the thermoelectric plant for energy-saving
projects; agreed to hold the Zhejiang South Lake Land Ltd million
shares in 1925 and transferred to the sea salt Grand Horizon Real
Estate Development Co., Ltd., the total transfer to 25.2216 million
600844,900921 Dan of Technology, Danko B shares of the company boar
of directors agreed to the adoption of the remaining funds raised on
the replenishment of 24,541.81 million Tongliao King Coal's
600,879 aerospace electronics company to be approved by the Board on
the core era of public company capital increase, the increase of the
amount of 30 million yuan; by the company to be on a wholly owned
subsidiary Chongqing Space Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. for the
rocket increases the capital of the amount of 40 million yuan and so
Datong-Qinhuangdao Railway Board to purchase 601 006 40 HXD AC driv
locomotives, is expected to cost about 1.16 billion yuan.
000037,200037 Shennan A board agreed to call the company to 34,785
million (subject to approval by the State Development and Reform
Commission) Investment in Nuclear Power Investment Co., Ltd. Jiangxi
get a 5% stake, and the progress of the project in phases, and
investment plans. Scheduled for January 15, 2010 held in 2010 the
first provisional shareholders meeting. The company in March 12, 2008
and Jie Yun (Singapore) Private option contract signed after the
termination of Progress: The company is currently consulting further
expert advice, and to maintain profit companies with outstanding
communication and consultation, the matter eventually result there is
a big deal of uncertainty.
The Board agreed to purchase 000,158 shares at Changshan
Guang'an Avenue Sceneway international part of the commerci
houses in Shijiazhuang, as the agency office space, buy a house, total
amount of 166,580,692.20 dollars.
000 913 Qianjiang Motorcycle Company and the natural person board of
directors agreed to Wong Kan, Wuxi High-Tech Venture Capital Co., Ltd.
established a joint venture in Wuxi-dimensional game Semiconductor
Co., Ltd..
002 028 Siyuan Electric Board of Directors by investing 228 million
yuan to build digital substation and high voltage dynamic reactive
power compensation system device industrialization projects
Hublot 002,104 shares of board of directors agreed to change 15
million yuan raised funds to set up wholly-owned subsidiary in
002,157 Bond invested in science and technology adopted by the Board
on Andy Bond grain purchasing and storage Limited motion so.
Contract bid
600 068 Gezhouba 25 December, the board received a holding subsidiary
of China International Engineering Co., Ltd. Gezhouba Group Report,
December 18 Japanese companies and the Philippines Green Energy
Management Ltd. in the Philippine capital Manila, Yang hydropower
project signed didu contract, contract amount 600,787,561 U.S.
dollars. December 26, China Gezhouba Group Co., Ltd. subsidiary
Gezhouba Cement Co., Ltd. to construct the old mouth of 4800t / d
clinker production line of new dry process cement production ignition.

600094,900940 * ST Hua Yuan, * ST Huayuan B approved by the Board o
the Company and Fuzhou Fujian Industrial Development Co., Ltd. and
concerted action to sign "performance compensation agreemen
supplemental agreement," the motion. The company on Dec. 25
received Fuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Fuzhou
Finance Bureau and Finance Bureau the cauda equina, the relevant
documents, the Financial Bureau, Fuzhou Mawei District financial aid
allocated to the company 2.3 million yuan. The financial aid was
assigned to the company on December 24 accounts.
600115 ST China Eastern Airlines Corporation on December 28 signed
with Airbus "aircraft purchase agreement" to buy 16
Airbus A330 series aircraft.
600,145 four-dimensional Holdings Dec. 28, the company's
second-largest shareholder of Chongqing Textile Holding (Group)
Company and Shenzhen Yi Feng Yuen Industrial Co., Ltd. signed the
"transfer of ownership on the matter of the
600 358 United States tour in Chongqing received a United States tour
is still hot Yi Development Co., Ltd. shareholders "of
Chongqing on the macro properties (Holdings) Limited", Li
Haina, Li Wei came in the December 22 tripartite signing of
"acting in agreement."
600 481 Shuangliang shares recently, the company and Shaanxi and Yua
Chemical Co., Ltd. signed the North Yuan Chemical Co., Ltd. Shaanxi 1
million tons / year contract for the sale of PVC Project Air Island,
the total contract amount of 7,950 million. Extraordinary General
Assembly adopted on the company's motion to change the nam
such business registration.
600,548 Shenzhen Expressway on December 28, the company and the
company in Shenzhen Bao Tong signed management contracts. Accordin
management contracts, Bao Tong Long will the big companies hold 89.93%
stake in the company commissioned to be managed, delegated
administration period from January 1, 2010 until December 31, 2011.
600 720 Qilian Mountains, Gansu Province SASAC, China National
Materials Co., Ltd. and Gansu Qilian Mountain Materials Holdings
Limited was December 27 tripartite signing of the "Gansu
SASAC, China National Materials Co., Ltd. Gansu Qilian Mountains on
the building materials increase the capacity expansion Holdings
Limited Share and share transfer agreement ", China National
Materials Company Limited will increase their investment and equity
transferee way to get Gansu Qilian Mountain Materials Holdings Limited
51% stake.
600724 Ningbo, a wholly owned subsidiary Fidelity Investment
Properties Limited, Ningbo City on December 25 to participate in the
auction of the Weather Road, Haishu District, Ningbo City Western 1 #
block, and was shot in the living land. Auction were sold for 1.02
billion yuan.
900 950 Metro B shares, a subsidiary of Kerry Properties Limited
Shanghai Metro million in December 25 to 953.6 million yuan of price
competition to obtain the Po Cheung Road, Jiading District, the west,
I still pond south of the block. , A subsidiary of Real Estate
Development Co., Ltd. Changzhou New City on December 25 to 450 millio
yuan of price competition to obtain the number for the No.2009G72
cents Qixia District land west of New Road. , A subsidiary of Real
Estate Development Co., Ltd. Changzhou New City on December 25 in
Changzhou city of Land and Resources Bureau of State-owned
construction land use right transfer of activities open to competition
to obtain the price of 836 million yuan in Hong Chuang Machinery
Factory and the surrounding code HX-020608, HX-020607, HX020605 the
000 503 Haihong ESI Group holding company and the United States
interests in Hong Kong joint venture in China International Holdings
Limited medical benefits management business, a joint venture
agreement was December 28 signed by fax.
000 573 Yue Hongyuan A Board of Directors by the Company and Donggu
City, Guang Electrical Installation Engineering Co., Ltd. signed the
"asset transfer agreement," the motion.
000 748 Great Wall Information Board agreed to sign the
"software on the transfer to China Great Wall holds 29.60%
stake in the software agreement."
002 151 Big Dipper through recently, Beijing BD Star Navigation
Technology Co., Ltd. and the People's Liberation Army signed a
new type of unit equipment development contract. The equipment will
enhance the location-aware capabilities, the development of the
contract amount of 2,000 million.
Progress in restructuring
600 059 Gu Yue Long Shan companies for non-public offering of A shares
of the applications was Dec. 28 by the China Securities Regulatory
Commission issued Audit Committee. According to audit results, the
company's public offering of A shares of the applications have
been vetted and approved conditionally.
600076 * ST HUAGUANG asset restructuring company's signifi
progress: December 25, China Securities Regulatory Commission issued
the relevant approval, the company sold the assets of this major
program approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission.
600 170 Shanghai Construction on December 28, the China Securities
Regulatory Commission, the Audit Committee M & 41st, 2009 M
& A conference committee of the Company conditional approval
and a major asset restructuring matters.
600 178 Dongan recently, the company received the State-approved, in
principle, the company agreed to transfer 54.51 percent stake in free
way to transfer to China, Chang'an, the relevant procedures to
be refined reported State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration
Commission handle options to change matters. When the general meeting
of shareholders to increase in 2009 by the daily motion and other
related transactions.
600 192 Great Wall Electrical Company Agreement adopted by the Board
on the transfer of the Green Great Wall in Gansu Solar Co. shares Yang
600221,900945 Hainan Airlines, Hainan Airlines B-share companies
issued A shares closed on December 28 application submitted to the
China Securities Regulatory Commission Public Offering Review
Committee. According to validate the results, the company issued this
application was conditionally adopted.
600 363 joint creation by photoelectric board will hold on the joint
creation of Jiangxi Communications Limited 30.93% of the share
transfer to create Precision Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd.
Jiangxi joint motion and so on.
600 455 National Chiao Tung University Broadcom China Securities
Regulatory Commission Merger and Reorganization of Listed Companies
Audit Committee held on 28 December 41st, 2009 M & A
conference committee, reviewing the major assets of the company and
issued shares to buy assets ôß¹ØÁª½»Ò× matters, the audit results
conditional through.
600506 * ST pear present, the company received the state-owned Assets
Supervision and Administration Bazhou Commission approval document,
agreed by the two major shareholders, the East Sand Field and Court
Chu gardening gardening market will hold all the shares of the company
free of charge transferred to the Xinjiang Rong Sheng Investments
Limited, "the state-owned equity transfer agreement for
free" was signed on December 28.
600,507 shares of the company long force progress on major issues: At
present, the ongoing reorganization of this audit, evaluation. The
company's application and approved by the Shanghai Stock
Exchange, securities of the Company since December 31 called since
changed to "Big Steel side."
600 538 North Sea, the National Development Board of Directors agreed
to by the company to bear for the debt means the price of
11,182,163.17 Yuan Science and Technology will hold the North Sea
Yuhua Industrial Co., Ltd. 100% of the shares transferred to Yaozu
Ping, Lin Changen, Jiang Hui Chen, long travel, travel good league,
leaves a consultation and Huang Rong Luan and so on. Extraordinary
General Meeting on the transfer of pesticides by farmers fertilizer
projects and construction in progress assets ôß¹ØÁª½»Ò× motion.
600 667 purchase of significant assets Tai Industrial Co., Ltd.
Progress: November 17, the company invested 82.5 million U.S. dollars
and invested 67.5 million U.S. dollars Hynix joint venture company set
up jointly by the sea too Semiconductor (Wuxi) Co., Ltd., and start
the implementation of the project.
600 704 Zhongshan University Zhejiang property shares element approve
by the Board on through Mechatronic (Group) Co., Ltd. intends to
acquire companies in Hong Kong Valin Gain Gate Investment Limited held
100% equity; per pass through the property on the Zhejiang Electrical
(Group) Co., Ltd. to set up wholly-owned subsidiary of the motion.
600 806 Kunming Machine Tool Company received the second largest
shareholder-owned Assets Management Co., Yunnan Province, the comp
notice of the approval under the SASAC, the State-owned Assets
Management Co., Yunnan Province, held by the executive of the Compan
4,701.8331 shares transferred to Yunnan Province Industrial Investment
Holding Group Co., Ltd. held by its state-owned assets to fulfill the
responsibilities of investor. 212, 24 of the company to complete the
transfer of ownership upon completion.
600 860 shares in the North during the suspension, the actual control
of the company holding the capital and related parties who were active
consultation and demonstration. In view of this significant asset
restructuring issues related conditions are not mature, according to
relevant provisions of the stock will resume trading from December 29.

600 961 Ye actual control group who received the Hunan Nonferrous
Metals Holding Group Co., Ltd. Notice: Hunan SASAC and the Hunan
Nonferrous Metals Group and Minmetals Nonferrous Metals Holdings
Limited and China Minmetals Corporation signed on December 24
"On Hunan Nonferrous Metals Holding Group Co., Ltd. Capital
Increase Agreement ", the increase made after the completion
of Minmetals Nonferrous Hunan Nonferrous Metals Group Holdings 49% o
the shares. December 25, Hunan Nonferrous Metals Group completed a
capital increase and the shareholders of the above changes and other
industrial and commercial registration procedures. The parties on
December 28 signed the "Hunan Nonferrous Metals Holding Gr
Co., Ltd. stock transfer agreement." Under the agreement,
Minmetals Nonferrous Holdings will be assigned to side to accept Hunan
SASAC free transfer of their holdings of Hunan Nonferrous Metals
Group, 2% of the equity.
000036 * ST Hua-controlled board of directors approved the sale
Ninghai Hualian Textile Co., Ltd. 100% interest in the motion.
Scheduled for January 13, 2010 for the first time in 2010 held
Extraordinary General Meeting.
000 061 agricultural products present, the company with the signing of
Shouguang City Administration of state-owned assets, "equity
transfer contract" will be held in Shandong Shouguang
Vegetable Wholesale Market Co., Ltd. 54.41% equity stake in Shouguang
City, the state-owned assets transferred to the Authority, the
transfer price of 86,539,485.87 Yuan. Transfer is related to share
transfer formalities have been completed it.
000 066 Great Wall Computer Board agreed to 45.9705 million yuan to
the China Software and Technology Service Co., Ltd. to sell the
company held by the Great Wall all the 34.51 percent stake in the
000 150 Chinese real estate companies should twenty-fourth meeting,
the Board discussed and approved "on the acquisition of Wing
Shun Investment Co., Ltd. Shantou equity bill." Related to
change of business registration was completed on December 25.
000403 S * ST biochemical company in 2007 under the third shareholders
meeting discussed and approved the asset transfer issues, December 18,
the transfer of items in Yichun city, industrial and commercial
administrative department Yuanzhou transfer of ownership upon
completion. Involving transfer of related debt should work not
completed according to agreed, relevant debt borne entirely by the
assets of the transferee, the company is working with the state-owned
assets operation of Yichun City, limited liability company and the
relevant creditors, debt transfer process matters.
000586 * ST Huiyuan owned subsidiary approved by the Board of Sichuan
Huiyuan Optical Communications Co., Ltd. commissioned the construction
of related transactions on behalf of the motion.
000587 S * ST Light Company has received the company's
controlling shareholder of Bright Group Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Hong
Yang on its Investment Management Co., Ltd. signed the
"Equity Transfer Agreement" and
"Supplemental Agreement" fulfillment of its
recovery, Guangming Group 12 21 Hong Yang received 49.5 million yuan
paid by the company's share transfer payments. Company
management, the progress of insolvency proceedings: bankruptcy
reorganization case, the first meeting of creditors held on 14
December. After the meeting, according to relevant provisions of the
additional claims administrator to accept registration and review
process; the same time, asset evaluation and corporate bankruptcy and
reorganization related to other work in progress.
000657 * ST in the actual controller tungsten company received notice
of Hunan Nonferrous Metals Group, 24 December, Hunan SASAC and Hu
Nonferrous Metals Group and Minmetals Nonferrous Metals Holdings
Limited and China Minmetals Corporation signed the "on Hunan
Nonferrous Metals Holding Group Co., Ltd. Capital Increase Agreement
", the increase made after the completion of Minmetals
Nonferrous Hunan Nonferrous Metals Group Holdings 49% of the shares.
December 25, Hunan Nonferrous Metals Group completed a capital
increase and the shareholders of the above changes and other
industrial and commercial registration procedures. The parties on
December 28 signed the "Hunan Nonferrous Metals Holding Gr
Co., Ltd. stock transfer agreement."
000 690 Po new energy company received in December 28 in Zhanjiang
City Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. transferred to the relevant approval,
agreed to subscribe for Zhanjiang City Commercial Bank Company of
329,956,795 additional shares and the transferee in Zhanjiang City
Infrastructure Investment Co., Ltd. Zhanjiang City Commercial Bank
held 65,991,359 shares for a total holding of Zhanjiang City
Commercial Bank 395,948,154 shares.
000 783 Changjiang Securities Currently, the company received the
China Securities Regulatory Commission approval, approval of the
company set up in Chongqing Changjiang Securities Co., Ltd. Chongqing
Branch, Chongqing-based securities management department. Adopted b
the Board on the motion to change the scope of such company. Scheduled
for January 15, 2010 2010, for the first time the company held
Extraordinary General Meeting.
000 890 Fasten the transfer approved by the Board on the Company held
by Jiangsu Hua Ming Steel Products Co., Ltd. 10.8% stake in the
motion; through the transfer of the company held by Shenzhen
Technology Co., Ltd. Fasten 40% stake in medium-range motion and so
Sinosteel Jilin Carbon 000 928 by the company board of directors
wholly owned subsidiary of China Steel Group Co., Ltd. Wuhan'
carbon fiber, 70% of the shares to 35 million yuan price transfers to
the company's controlling shareholder, China Steel
000981 S * ST blue light according to the company and a major
shareholder in the Shenzhen Economic Development Corporation and the
blue light of non-associated natural Mr. Wang Guofei share transfer
agreement between, the share transfer issues have been fully
completed, including the share transfer of the Company shall have
received that the transfer of ownership upon also has been processed.
So far, the company no longer hold sales of blue light, blue light
Sanda, import, export and blue light blue light audio and three other
company shares.
002 042 Huafu color spinning on December 28, the controlling
shareholder of the company received written notice Huafu Holdings
Limited, the transferee Hualian Holdings Limited which owns 95%,
Shenzhen Hualian Property Management Limited holds 5% Ninghai Hualia
Textile Co., Ltd. shares, as the sole shareholder of Ninghai Hualian.
Three have signed equity transfer agreement. Extraordinary General
Assembly adopted the motion on the change of accounting firms.
002073 Qingdao soft control on product sales for the subsidiary
guarantees to buy back the progress of clients: December 21st largest
bank in daylight Zhengyang Road, Qingdao Branch, Shandong Hawk Rub
International Co., Ltd. signed the "Loan Contract"
which set the initial specific amount of 1,992 million buy-back
002 074 Eastern Electric on December 26, the controlling shareholder
of Nantong, Tongzhou District, 10 total collective assets of the
Investment Centre and Mr. Sun Yiyuan entered into share transfer
agreements, 10 the total investment to equity holders of the Eastern
Electric's 12,668,400 shares transferred to Mr. Sun Yiyuan ,
the transfer price of 11.85 yuan per share.
002 078 Sun Paper Company "integrated pulp and
paper," the progress of the project: As of now, 200 hectares
of the project supporting nursery forest bases have been built, 300
thousand tons / year plant bleached hardwood pulp plant site has been
put in place. Extraordinary General Meeting by the thickness of
Takamatsu on the investment and construction paper projects pure
002 183 purchase of major assets Eternal Asia Progress: Hong Kong
United Yi on December 16 signed an agreement with the POTENT GROW
LIMITED, grant POTENT GROWTH LIMITED until the effective date of the
agreement in January 2010 required 31 to 2.1 Hong Kong dollars in Hong
Kong together Yee / price to sell shares held by the Hong Kong
Alliance Yee VST Holdings 150 million shares of all or part of the
right to choose. Company shares will be December 29 opening date for
002,229 shares of Hong-Bo adopted by the Board information on the
proposed acquisition of Ssangyong Paper Co., Ltd. Wuxi shares of
motion. Extraordinary General Meeting to change the company through
the 2009 annual audit on the agency's motion.
600 186 Lotus Gourmet Powder then shareholders notice of China Great
Wall Asset Management Corporation, November 26-December 28, China
Great Wall Asset Management Corporation total reduction of the number
of selling unrestricted shares to 1,208.92 million shares.
600 769 dragon electrical access the second largest shareholder of
Hubei branch of China Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited
notification, from April 17 until December 25, workers province branch
of the Shanghai Stock Exchange trading system has been accumulated
through the reduction of the company shares 3,749,000 shares
000 023 A shareholder of Shenzhen, Shenzhen World Investment Holding
Limited 21 October to 25 December the cumulative reduction of 153
million shares.
000 923 Hebei work on December 28 announced the Board was informed
that, as of December 25, the company has accumulated through the
Shenzhen Stock Exchange, China CAMC Engineering Co., Ltd. to sell 150
million shares.
002 076 Light snow on Dec. 26 the company received a controlling
shareholder, chairman Chai Guosheng notice, Chai Guosheng I on
November 12 to December 25 period focused on the secondary market
through the Shenzhen Stock Exchange auction sale held by the
cumulative outstanding shares of 1,846,768 shares of the Company.
600 112 Long Electric Company Shareholders of Chengdu Choi Shing
Investment Company Limited will hold 21,000,000 shares of company
stock pledged to the Xi'an International Trust Company
Limited, and has handled the pledge registration. Pledge registration
date for December 25. As of this disclosure, the company has received
Zunyi Economic and Trade Bureau of Rehabilitation Huichuan district
capital 10 million yuan subsidy.
600 082 Haitai development view of the company's Tianjin
Binhai High-tech Industry Development Zone, software and service
outsourcing base for project development and construction of
supporting the environment, which greatly enhanced the overall
investment environment BPO base. The Tianjin Binhai New District is
the CMC decided to give the company a one-time subsidy of RMB 3,300
million for environmental construction. As disclosed in this
announcement, the company has received all the funds mentioned above.
600,100 shares of the same side of the China Securities Regulatory
Commission under the notice, the China Securities Regulatory
Commission, M & A Audit Committee will review the company ha
to Tangshan Jing Source Technology Co., Ltd. 1,688 million shares
issued to purchase their holdings of Tangshan Jing source Yufeng
Electronics Company Co., Ltd. 3,375 million shares in issue. According
to relevant provisions of the stock since December 29 from the
600 110 in Section Ying according to the notice of the holding company
subsidiary of United Copper Co., Ltd. Qinghai West Mining (now renamed
the Qinghai Electronic Material Industry Co., Ltd.), "an
annual output of 10,000 tons high-grade electrolytic copper foil
projects" included in the Qinghai Electronic information
industry revitalization and transformation project in 2009 the third
installment of the central budget for investment projects to expand
domestic demand (the first), was 3,000 million state subsidy funds
(funds in place yet to be determined), earmarked for projects.
600 380 health per company on Dec. 25 limited liability company
received Tiantongzhengquan part of the estate distribution, total
allocated funds 16,157,181.28 dollars.
600 510 Black Peony Co., Ltd. under the Jiangsu Bank Annual General
Meeting 2008 resolution "on the 2008 profit distribution of
motion." Jiangsu Bank, Ltd is currently holding 15,000
million shares, according to the distribution plan, receive 12 million
yuan in cash dividends, the company has recently received a dividend
shall amount.
600727 * ST northern Shandong Wudi County, according to the Financial
Bureau of the notice, the company received government subsidies
capital 80 million yuan. The money has been allocated to the company
000725,200725 BOE A recently received Beijing BOE Optoelectronics
Economic and Information Committee of the notice, the BOE
Optoelectronics discount syndicated loans issued 120 million yuan, BOE
OT after receipt of the funds included in "operating income -
financial support "subjects. As at the disclosure date, BOE
OT has not received the payment. As at the disclosure date, a new
station in Hefei, BOE has received the remaining allocation
Development Zone grants totaling 140 million yuan.
000 789 Jiangxi cement present, the company received in Jiangxi
Provincial Finance Department allocated the "liquidation in
2009 and eliminate backward production capacity in 2007-2008 financial
incentives central funds" 6.9 million yuan, profit or loss
included in the company in 2009.
002 134 Tianjin Spring Company "high-density interconnect
laminates" industrialization project has been included in the
national high-tech industry development plans and the national capital
grant program and provide state subsidies for 10 million yuan. Company
has recently received full subsidies.
002,283 days Run Run crankshaft crankshaft-day Co., Ltd. November 28,
2008 for the "ball plug hole into the device",
"a working vehicle traction," "crank test
stent positioning device," "a kind of orbit
load-bearing vehicle "," a drill hole crankshaft
flange clamp eccentric "," a crankshaft moving
support device "six utility model patents, has won the State
Intellectual Property Office issued a patent certificate.
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