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Personal information: 1. Like marketing, planning, marketing, does not
exclude management.
   ?2. And 3 chat 3 Sellers revenue the first month over 6000.
Thoughts: 1. Why do the work in Kentucky?
Is the salary?
  Certainly not, salary is usually very general, just food and
clothing. And promotion is very slow or the additional money, not many
years assistant to the assistant manager more than the fastest one,
assistant manager 4000, restaurant manager, assistant manager of the
fastest 1 year to more than a monthly salary of 56 thousand, that is
the fastest three and a half years to the restaurant manager,
28-year-old salary 56 1000 in Shenzhen, how? Can go up so fast, that
such people certainly strong communication skills, strong execution,
all it will not be weak. To pay such a person only so many points!
District Manager to be? I never heard of the district manager of 30
years of age, district manager, how much? I heard 8000, there 1.2W
higher, in the KFC have to cook for 10 years, the problem is not a
done every 10 years, will become the district manager, asked how many
10 years also was a restaurant manager when the nest to see see
payroll, and then think about your age, look at housing prices in
Shenzhen, could not help but sweat it!
  Why talk about money? Some people feel popular, we should enhance
the ability to pursue or else what! Then I would like to ask you a CEO
when, but does not give you pay, you do it? Anyway, I quit! What
capacity? What value? Not paid, what means embodied? We work for wha
Bluntly, not that money? What economic independence? Story of Du Lala
said: that all other white pull, you give me promotion and pay rise is
  3 Jan did not even open, basic salary is enough food and clothing, I
have enough for a food and clothing in January, he sold a small house
earn more than the assistant, but I have this month!
Is the ability to upgrade?
  Can learn in the KFC management, this is not fake. KFC execution is
important, what have systems and processes, according do you like, do
not Chucha, do not require you to have too many personal thoughts, you
have no time, time had to make statements, to meet Check it all patrol
the various stores! "Do one" that's good:
IBM has the world's best training system, but there is
something he will not teach you how to start, it will teach you how to
become a better screw, to the company's services, When you a
setting up, want to leave this machine is not it!
  I always think: people still have some kind of professional
knowledge, can not be replaced by others. When we left the KFC,
pregnant with management experience and strong ability to communicate
what we have professional knowledge? What to do in Hamburg? What left
KFC to M? Which company management does not need to do some know
of the industry? Hamburg, as you do not know how to do, how can you
manage staff? I can only imagine N years later into a bizarre screw
us, and basically do not have the plasticity, because time is getting
ah, screw too fragile a! Can we go to Papa John or other fast-food
chain in the world?
  Conjecture: the United States because of KFC restaurants Division
90% form for the franchisee. Therefore, in China this: 90% of
restaurants make their own decisions. Restaurant manager, district
manager salary structure is no reference in the head sample and
standards. According to the Chinese people, and that the
world's other major brands of fast food chains do not develop
when the wild in China, operations management is oversupply, it will
not pay high. N those years or later, when the regular fast-food
chain, when in blossom everywhere in China, operating managers will
pay what, I can not think, because then China will more how this
balance will tilt, or a question.
  I think the KFC business managers is imbecile! Order, who will not
have the brain of people will; scheduling, do not and I say difficult;
training is it difficult I do not know, but from the assistant
manager's monthly salary of 4000, more than 2 years of work,
and I do not think that Tat the others are in difficulty level. What
restaurant manager's job difficult? What difficult area
manager? What is difficult operating manager? From you 5 years or more
than 10 years in exchange for thousands of working hours, or more than
10,000 salary, for others to think of it!
  Old Lee is my goal, I and he was not familiar with, why is my goal?
White said his monthly salary of 10,002 is my goal, so he is my goal,
but he was too old, then a 30-year-old restaurant manager before me, I
do not have passion!
  LCL said they this level, satisfaction surveys per year, are the
most dissatisfied with a salary. I wanted to understand, you are not
satisfied then NB you pay your speech chanting, in this and we say
Shaa? Can only show you enough NB! Thank you!
  Services group in the KFC not many left to find better jobs, are not
much to complain capable people can only come to KFC Why? Manageme
Group that the capacity of the law can be inferred from the service
group derived Why? I do not know.
  Exercise capacity in KFC? Graduated, we like a fish into the sea at
the same time, time in the past, no one suspected was, how can you so
sure can you learn in this than the others are fine? I do not believe
that a person could not learn anything else will be able to manage the
restaurant! Similarly, you do good in this, and went out and personal
"Direction than to"
  I think this sentence does not need to explain, when I sell
notebooks in the peak months in January the company's most N
who raised more than 8,000, I feel good NB ah! But the three sell his
colleagues, the high point of the day you can mention more than
10,000. Said the partnership could sell the computer the ability to
sell his partner What the difference between heaven and earth? Can be
said restaurant manager, district manager of the ability to sell the
house than those of What? Sell a daily daytime and feed the students,
the performance is full of thousands of times in January, over 10,000.
So I think the high price of Sellers or other products are in sales to
make money the right one.
  I admit that sales will be very hard, very hard to manage
restaurants What is not tired? 16 days off due to a buddy and had
never been to class punctual, not tired Why? Community Shop, 24 hour
shops, because to be closing up shop assistant, so the early morning
to get up at 45 am, evening to 23:00 or even later work, not tired
Why? This clock confusion is that the damage to health in January 3000
dollars can make up for What? Which RM, AM good health?
  30-year-old restaurant manager in January and did not ye tired! What
if RM would like to quickly rise, where every day is not easy to go!
If this level of sales of hard to do, I do not believe monthly income
of only 56 thousand.
"Should the future"
  KFC welfare system in more perfect. Lao Li said, he did to
retirement, there are 23 Social Security in January 1000, living in
other cities also good. That we have KFC, Is paid in full on for a
month or a few hundred dollars more than 1000 pieces of insurance and
housing fund? I reiterate: I do not believe that a person could not
learn anything else will be able to manage the restaurant!
  To other businesses also experienced a shift to management ah. So I
do not agree with the prime of rice sales.
"Should the account"
  In order to get the Shenzhen accounts. Requirements: assistant
manager level, KFC for 2 years, the accounts have to run down how the
work of three years. Three years, got a Shenzhen accounts. I'm
not sure in this life in Shenzhen, and the value of What?
  To be honest, I felt could maintain left to right, and buried
talents to his ability, KFC to pay him too little. Capable people are
leaving KFC, leaving behind are mediocre.
  Gates: "Your interest in the secrets hidden in your
life." Of course, Gates is the only, his words do not
necessarily have universal, but we can learn about. My favorite is the
  Is stable at KFC, you endure it, and it without any hesitation you.
There is a risk to do sales, comes down to one question: do you want
for 365 days over 365, or 365 days of life had the same life? I eat
meat, not grass, and I do not want to waste their youth to do a
mediocre person, stable life if I thought I would not come to
Shenzhen, and this is not a grass-roots and a paradise for those who
have the ability Why?
  Shenzhen is a city of emphasis on capacity, the ability to reach a
certain height, the income will double the increase (such as
business), I think KFC longer they do not do the rich, unless
instructions in the KFC will strengthen our ability to help We start,
but I get no evidence, I have not heard of any RM, AM, MM out what did
what, after their own? But I believe could maintain energy, because he
dare to leave this giant KFC.
  Even if I do leave KFC sales should choose a good direction, so I
will not immediately flash; even if I leave I have to make the results
KFC switched again, to prove I'm not having failed to make it
go; even if I'll pay to resign, I will work today. These ideas
can only be the first buried in the heart, waiting time and continue
to find the answers.
  Read "to do list" of Yahuo, overdraft market; read
"KFC in China," customer satisfaction; read
"unexpected CEO" encourage the recognition,
corporate culture. I feel crazy expansion in China, KFC, so no time to
focus on employee satisfaction, employee satisfaction with the
families that we talk about customer satisfaction? Division of profits
to China, 14% of our labor costs and the United States more than 30%
of what the human cost of the gap? Su Sheng, his face had been
overdrawn next employee satisfaction country? China really is a large,
but Hamburg is no need to use the brain to do the work, companies only
need to calculate, the required minimum number of employees and
restaurant employees to bear the minimum wage, to find the balance
point on it. That may be true that is exploited, then: If the employee
does not endorse your company, employees are not recognized families
of your company, you will not acknowledge your customers. What is the
significance this statement? Customer satisfaction is empty in China.
Read many posts that pay low KFC posts, there is one on that
"KFC front desk staff did not quality" of everyone
that the special direct "in January 1000 dollars, you give me
the quality of one!" The staff smile, the staff patient , the
staff come up with all the passion, and we give them?
  Perhaps because my eyes not open, narrow-minded, above all that
garbage, but I hope you can give me pointers, give me other ideas and
thoughts. Thank you!
Plus some I have such high housing prices in Shenzhen understanding:
In the past, one U.S. dollar: 8RMB, we hand 8RMB, now one U.S. dollar:
6RMB, then we have 1.5 U.S. dollars into, so we replaced the money in
RMB, which put the money where it? Interest rate is not high, there is
inflation, so the rich to invest in coastal property market, so prices
higher and higher. Xia Xiang only.