To start it_ by fdjerue7eeu


									To start it!
  ?To start it, this is what I wish to say to yourself, then most
would like to say to young people. Young people should be the most
passionate, most are not afraid of hard work, most are not afraid of
risk, and most can withstand the blow, and if Hussein had not made
this time pioneering step, I am afraid that this life was more
  Of course, I am not saying that business can do better than working
better than doing a good professional managers, such as Welch,
Iacocca, Gerstner, Tang Jun, Yang, Shong, Sun Jun and so many career
managers are very successful, and also I was very admirable. To be
honest, sometimes I have always very much force to twist dedication,
in the end a good start or a good professional managers. Not really a
high than down. But I can absolutely sure that the business must be
more than doing professional managers need to have drive, and more
need for tough, even dare to play. To be a man, I appreciate the
tenacity of the people, brave man, tough and focused, people move
forward, the magnificent man! Is a man should not be so? So, to start
it, the sooner the better!
  ?All along, perhaps more accurately, from the thesis has been
finished, this idea has been haunting me, I know sooner or later, just
need a better project, more appropriate starting point. Almost every
night in bed, my mind in a variety of creative billowing up to now,
the resulting ideas are more than my beard. In fact, perhaps I never
should have thought so much, immediately do; maybe I should consider a
little more mature, the main thing is how to obtain the relevant
technologies; maybe I should ~~~~~~
  In fact, I have always thought that I considered a very timid
person, in addition to dare cross any money to take risks, what about
you will not be used to take risks, emotional, moral, reputation,
health, huh, huh. I know a lot of people are like stars, like the sea,
I do not know that you really like it, If you really love, that would
like to congratulate you, more courageous than I am. I might like
stars, like the sea, but I fear more is. Hou from the small time, I do
not quite dare to look at the stars, now sit in the boat at sea is a
bit strained. When I think of the universe so vast, did not know where
the edge, looking super-telescope hundreds of millions of light years
away, hundreds of millions of ah, but also light-years, actually have
not found side, do not know what number to thousands of stars, The
Earth is so tiny and small one, and we compared with the Earth, it is
simply too small to mention. So, as a person, count it? Good small!
Perhaps you will say, you really engage in philosophical ah, then the
small time actually see this issue to see the Star! Ha ha. My friend
said that I control the strong desire, want to take anything, to
control, if I am not sure all are in my control, I will fear! She read
a more thorough, perhaps yes.
  I just want to be a strong desire to control people! At least, your
life should be controlled by their own! Themselves to be tricky, for
themselves, to be responsible! To start to work hard, not for money,
not to enjoy, to the effect on small compared with the universe to the
more exaggerated do not know if you come to this world Zouliaoyizao!
How many billion years the universe already exists, and no one knows,
the earth has been in existence 4.6 billion years, you can imagine
what state is it? People live I, a mere hundred years, compared with
the Earth, compared with the universe, nothing is instant, right, a
moment you came and left! Therefore, it is waste of life, not a waste
of time, if you complain about the time every day, getting on slowly,
how so bored, you are committing suicide, you take a trip to easily
do, but you doing such a thing!
  Therefore, the entrepreneur Ye Hao, competing Yehao not for the
money, but to do one thing to add to your life's a heavy. Do
not wait until about leaving at the right time to come.
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