To potential customers into actual customers by fdjerue7eeu


									To potential customers into actual customers
And the effective communication of potential customers is a potential
customer's first step into real customers, in addition, the
exhibition will also show through a variety of marketing related
information to potential customers in order to facilitate their
clients to show the reality transformation. In promoting the
transformation of potential customers into actual customers during the
exhibition must do the following.
1. Attention to customer needs
For potential customers into actual customers must show marketing
starting from the customer's needs, emphasizing quality and
show the characteristics and consistency between the customer needs,
potential customers will gradually accept the show, otherwise,
although the characteristics and quality of objective and fair but if
they do not match the needs of potential customers, customers will
still turn a blind eye on the show. Therefore, to communicate with
customers, potential customers of the exhibitors want to (visit) the
demand of individual customers taste, the customer's
evaluation criteria show full understanding of the potential
customers, according to the information to develop marketing and
communication strategy are the most irresistible.
2. Show full dissemination of information
In general, the show should have all the potential customers it is
very difficult, often show that it can only understand as much as
possible in contact with customers, for those who have not met the
potential customers, the exhibition will be difficult to understand
and, even contact with customers, understanding their needs might not
comprehensive, end, event must take measures to remedy these
deficiencies. Exhibition can be carefully planned marketing
exhibition, through multi-channel and multi-channel marketing to
complete the show to disseminate information on potential customers,
potential customers on the show to make a full and complete
understanding, thereby promoting their participation (visit).
3. Minimize the cost of paying customers
Sometimes, though customers are participating (visit) the needs and
desires, but they do not necessarily act upon them, often because they
think that participants (visit) the cost is too high. As mentioned
above, customer participation (visiting) the absolute cost of the show
is not just monetary expenditure, it also includes the time customers
have to pay for the cost, energy cost and psychological cost. However,
many show exhibitors in considering lowering customers (visit) costs,
they only consider the monetary costs of customers, customers for the
exhibitors (visit) while turning a blind eye to pay other costs. Of
course, the cost of money as customers major cost component of the
cost of the customer to pay plays an important role in the exhibition
it must be taken seriously.
4. Attention to every contact with customers
Show contact with customers and media access, including access to two
staff contacts, for different customers can choose to show different
contact channels. For some customers, if the media access to the main
event we must first understand the customer's media habits and
type of exposure, that is, to understand customer habits from what the
media seeking information, the customer used in these media for what
kind of information, most customers Xinren which one or what kinds of
media information above, and then targeted to select the media and
release information; for some customers, if exposure and Wei Zhu,
exhibition Yao select Geshi the contacts location, time and methods of
Jiang Hua contacts theme. Regardless as to which channel contacts with
potential customers, show two important issues to be resolved: first,
the potential impact of the most critical customer information
delivery channel for that? The other is the impact of potential
customers most participants (visit) the key decision-making channels
5. Understand the customer's participation (visit) resistance
The potential clients to prepare participants (visit) the
decision-making process often encountered resistance, the resistance
may come from economic, but may come from,, Psychological and other
aspects of the impact of competitors, they affect the potential
customer participation (visit) decision-making. Show to potential
customers face to keep abreast of exhibitors (visit) resistance, good
customer feedback collection and sorting analysis, and take timely
measures to show the marketing and customer communication strategy
targeted adjustments, try to eliminate potential customers exhibitors
(visit) resistance, prompted them to exhibitors (visit).
6. Endeavor to provide participants (visit) to facilitate
Since most potential customers did not participate in the exhibition
experience, how they participate in the show, how to handle a variety
of exhibitors (visit) procedures, how to solve the exhibitors (visit)
during the food, shelter, and basically do not understand the problem.
Show potential customers to stand in the perspective of how to solve
these problems, how to solve these problems of information passed to
the hands of potential customers, so they make the most convenient way
to exhibitors (visit). Only in this way, potential customers will come
to attend the meeting with confidence, otherwise, have worries of
potential customers is difficult to become a reality show customers.
For potential customers into actual customers is a very challenging
task, to achieve this goal, the exhibition must stand on the problem
customer's point of view. On the one hand, the help of CRM
software system can show detailed analysis of customer needs and
desires, eye tracking customer trends, understand the
customer's participation (visit) resistance; other hand, the
show has been acquired according to customer information to develop
targeted marketing and customer communication strategy, potential
customers on the show to promote awareness and acceptance, so that
they become a reality show customers.

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