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					To Nicholas. Tesla salute!

To the great Nicholas. Tesla salute!

Perhaps he is the legendary goddess (the Mona Lisa or Statue of
Liberty) incarnation, perhaps he is the legendary alien, perhaps he is
the soul of the legendary Atlantis!

The history of human civilization, more than Newton, Einstein, Thomas
Edison's greatest scientists, to pay tribute to the great
CCTV0 People column video

Introduction: the scientific community there is a general consensus
has existed in human history, the two recognized Masterpieces genius:
Leonardo da Vinci and Nikola Tesla. Nikola Tesla was a pioneer in
electrification, he invented and created the AC system, invented the
motor and high-voltage transformer, the modern industrial world has
had a profound impact. Our family has been able to have lights also
like to thank Tesla. Tesla created the first radio-controlled
machines, robotics and solar powered engine principle, X-ray
equipment, power meters, car speed meter, Designed, electronic clock,
electronic therapeutic apparatus ... ... His scientific and
engineering areas have about a 1000 invention. The invention of the
modern world system is still based on scientific legacy on Tesla.
Tesla pioneered the concept of electron microscopy, laser, television,
mobile phones, the Internet and many other things closely related to
our daily lives.

Nikola Tesla


Nikola Tesla, for most people, a rather strange name.
In China, few people do not know Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, but
the achievements of a scientist who was almost more than the sum of
two scientists, and his achievements in the past 100 years, quietly
changing the course of human history, and completely in the near
future to change the human world, to change human perception of
subversion of the physical theory we know even the history of mankind
....... may also become a tool for a country to destroy the world.

Let's get to know this is called "the voice of
God," the scientists

Nikola Tesla, 1856 Äê -1,943 years, July 10, 1856 born, is a
world-renowned inventor, physicist, mechanical engineer and electrical
engineer. Serbian origin, was born in Croatia (later incorporated into
the Austrian Empire). Tesla is considered an important inventors in
history. He in the late 19th century and early 20th century the
contribution of the electrical and magnetic properties are well known.
His patents and theoretical work form the basis of modern alternating
current electric power (AC) systems, including multi-phase power
distribution system and AC motor, helping his band for the second
industrial revolution.
In the United States, Tesla in history or popular culture can be
compared on the reputation of any other inventor or scientist. In 1893
he demonstrated the wireless communications and has become the winne
after the current war, it became the United States one of the greatest
electronic engineer and respected. The results of many of his early
works to become a pioneer of modern electronics, and many of his
groundbreaking discovery of the important. In AD 1943, the United
States Supreme Court recognized him as the inventor of radio. Tesla
did not care for his financial situation, the poor and forgotten in
the case of disease the world, at the age of 86 years.
The use of electricity in the modern world can be seen everywhere
Tesla's legacy. Apart from his work on electromagnetism and
achievements, Tesla was considered robotics, ballistics, computer
science, nuclear physics and theoretical physics superior contribution
in various fields. Tesla later life as a mad scientist and create
weird for saying that science was the invention of attention. Many of
his achievements have been applied with some controversy, to support
many of the pseudo-science, such as the mysterious UFO theory and
theory of the new century. Tesla contemporary admirers regard him as a
"person who created the twentieth century"
He was a great man of the world's forgotten. Alternator is his
invention, but Edison invented his favorite DC generator, strongly
suppressed Tesla. If the Tesla is not forced to give up the
AC's patent for the world to free use ($ 2.53 per horsepower),
then he will be the world's richest people. His dream was to
provide the world with inexhaustible energy. His life is very tragic,
very sympathetic to him, but he is a peerless genius, unfortunately
not many people remember him.
More information Baidu Encyclopedia:

"Everything has to create in the mind of a genius, rather
than natural. That is real genius is always something in the mind
prior to the formation of a clear image about them."

"I will no longer work for the immediate, but for the
future." ŦԼÌØ˹À- so in 70 years ago, told reporters.
"The future will be mine!" - AC, multi-phase motor,
reversible magnetic field, wireless communication, remote control ...
... the inventor of the automatic learning. Tesla was an inventor, he
patented the twentieth century laid the basis of energetics, his own
decades of struggle the formation of the universe, he also hoped that
as he completed the actual invention of the combination of the
material and spiritual So in theory, accomplish this task.
Now bring Nicholas? Tesla's name, it certainly will take him
and the so-called Tesla coil, induction motor, as well as the
international unit of measure of magnetic field strength symbolic
link, but have forgotten many of his anecdotes and extraordinary life
creative talent.
Tesla to create the most productive period was spent in the United
States. In different countries he has more than 300 patented
inventions. Even today a large part of which still can not duplicate.
For example: Radiation energy receiver. In addition to know that this
is a cosmic ray energy on the converter it works outside that we know
nothing about. 1899-1900 years, a special laboratory in Colorado
Springs where he threw himself into the study of low frequency
electromagnetic vibration. Two years later, Waters in hand building in
Long Island near New York the world conversion points but ran aground
due to funding problems. During this period, he got a friend -
American steel magnate JP Morgan's financial support. After
completion of the program in 1905, he chose to stay away from
people's attention, work alone. But this time he did not stop
his new discovery. It is in this period as a mature scientist he won
the landmark could become the basis of future scientific findings.
Reviewing history, we know that when scientific thought finds itself
at a crossroads, scientists are beginning to seek support and
inspiration from the past. Let us try to answer some important
Tesla discovered how to get him? These major findings are: ultra-low
frequency electromagnetic effects on biological systems, especially
how it affects the brain work, the energy structure of the merger, the
Tesla primary, secondary magnetic field generated by induction coil,
the so-called "fireball", natural or artificial
Superconducting materials issues and the so-called wireless power
transmission and so on.
Tesla cosmological main axiom that? How did he get these according to
their philosophy of justice? He is experimental in their application
how they? Why the modern time physics theorists and experimentalists
have on the reconstruction of the physical essence of Tesla theory and
his views on the electromagnetic phenomena so interested? Why Tesla
never clearly stated and published his theory? Tesla found that the
ethical aspects of scientific predictions on the reconstruction of
modern physics, in particular the crisis of ideas in physics are
helpful? We have studied the concept of Tesla in the near future gain?
Tesla said in his famous 1900 Plan "global system"
in the global information-oriented society may be over-estimated him?
It really is that we now called new world order based on the
technology and science and technology? Can we believe that Tesla is
called "Tesla age" of new technologies and
pioneering spirit of science and technology? Here, "to
design" popular and unique, the energy level of physical
processes from a variety of non-simultaneous and unlimited ... ...
(Editor's Note: Time as an energy source in many studies are
extremely important issue. We are a simple way how to explain it? In
my opinion, it is different from the equation E = hv (v is the
frequency) expressed energy vibration, which depends on the spatial
scale, that is, the time course of speed. We assume that some system
of energy E from the space A move to accelerate the time of the local
space B. in the launch of the increase in the mean energy, because the
same wavelength In the space B is short. Let us assume that there are
some "bridge" or "energy transmission
channel" exists in the space between A and B space. In this
case, we can help of the natural gradient of energy density to create
incremental energy. Abramovich, Professor writes about "the
physical processes of various levels of non-simultaneous" but
more accurate concept of "time relative differences in
speed," the article, in the article he physical properties of
light and space to link "asynchronous nature" can
the same frequency of oscillation in both the process to detect. but
in my opinion, this situation can not be used to generate the energy
density gradient.)
Let us return to the nineteenth century, came to Austria - Hungary
Mingjiaosimi Bay Province, a small village. June 10, 1856, the Serbian
priest Milutin Tesla watched their fourth child, Nicholas's
Tesla's family does not allow him to craft school, his father
hoped that he inherited his father. Nicholas has a small deep call
from God to do yourself an electrical engineer, his father's
objections very upset. So when he may die until a turnaround, the
father finally agreed to his son's request. Tesla soon
recovered miraculously and quickly immersed in the invention of fancy.
After intense mental activity, after he suffered a very strange
phenomenon. This is a super-spiritual idea's special
abilities. - "Since childhood I have suffered from
hallucinations great pain, often accompanied by a strong flash, which
has the image of real objects, which to my thinking and behavior a lot
of ... ... when someone told me a word time, its image will be in my
shadow come out in vividly demonstrated, as well as by design.
Sometimes, I myself can not tell it in the end is real or an illusion.
He describes his journey of thinking: "Suddenly, I began to
get rid of my little world known to the shackles, I instinctively
started thinking travel, see new scenes never seen before. Just begun,
I can see some vague The image can not be identified, when I try to
focus upon them, they quickly flashed from the eyes. But gradually, I
can fix these images, they become clearly visible and, ultimately, to
present the real the details of things to. Later, I discovered to
follow your imagination the most comfortable, but the dash. So I
started to travel - of course, in the brain. every night (and
sometimes during the day), when I'm alone, I began their
journey, see different places, cities, countries, and sometimes settle
down, meet different people, understand each other and made friends.
However, it is unbelievable that they are sincere and friendly to me
on the same as in real life. They all live relaxed, aloof. This
continued into my 17 years old, ever since I started and threw himself
into inventions and going. "
That can advance their own invention in the mind completely good Tesla
is proud to. He do not even test, model, drawings. In this way he
developed his own approach to creative ideas into practice. Tesla
sharp distinction can be thought to form the image into his mind,
which is obtained through the specific analysis. Tesla explained:
"When some people imagine in the design of a device, when th
only problem is how his original ideas into practice. This is why the
invention in this manner the lack of details, sometimes Comparison of
low-level because ... ... my method is completely different here.
"He never rush experiment. When has an idea, he immediately
began to elaborate in mind. He can freely modify the design in mind,
improve it, start the device and let it run. For him, in the
laboratory or in the brain is the same test. He can even take into
account the prejudice to the normal operation of the aspects of the
invention device in this way ... ... he can perfectly realize their
ideas without hands, as long as the final product in the mind of the
specific examination. Two decades, all of his inventions are done this
way, without exception ... ... there is no one scientific invention is
not visible in the picture in this way, but just from the mathematical
reasoning out ... ... description is not over, the original idea into
practice is always a waste of time and energy.
In the study the mechanism of their spiritual life, Tesla found that a
large number of ghost in the "Virtual Reality" and
"really real" have some connection. He soon won the
recognition of this ability to reason. He was pleased to find that his
every thought is the result of external impressions influence. He
noted that not only ideas but also acts the same way. Later, he found
himself being given nothing more than a movement, emotion and thought
of the "cosmic force machine." Years after the
invention of remote control is a summary of this idea. He knew through
his own innate sense of external training apply this rule to control
their behavior.
The form of geometric image ... ...
Nicholas? Tesla imagination like a good heart, and when
pre-organization to explain the use of mathematics to die. Not to
mention Thomas Edison and his contemporaries, because "he w
hard at first entirely by long-term experimental guidance, based on
its own very weak math."
In his report, Tesla often talked about his physical and mental
process of sick relationship. The principle and nature of these
processes should follow the principle is the same. He's
God-given natural gifts as an "extra pressure", such
pressure that he felt it necessary to create the next invention, which
is lacking in the previous experiments the researchers something. Here
he not only saw the invention of the usual source of inspiration, but
also got different things that affect people's rules. In
short, Tesla the creative imagination as a sense of discovery
activities at the beginning.
By his words, these firm conclusions, in a form of geometry in his
brain spontaneously. The next thing is to understand the principles of
these findings and their physical interpretation. Find the necessary
material to reflect the nature of the technical features in order to
establish the correct mathematical form of physical models built on
continuous operation. His understanding of the invention work is the
first step in efforts to purify mind, ignoring the contradictions and
minor details, as these would be obscured by the main principles of
forming and to close to the true nature and the relationship between
the basic elements of complex geometry.
At the same time, in the nineteenth century seventies London Crooks
and St. Petersburg Mendeleev began systematic study of the spirit of
scientific phenomena. Expert Group set up a small amount of work
(about 10 experiments) concluded that it is just superstition. Since
then, British and Russian scientists have secretly been divided into
two camps: "pseudo-scientific", including
Tesla's ether and absolute physics and the
"traditional science faction", commercial or
political orientation of the College of Science, for example, :
Nuclear physics and relativity.

This post will be long-term update on the talent of all kinds of
information, hope Neng Xu Yao's people to have to do some
contribution, even more important thing is that the more the people
understand his research he's technological response
Weilaimashang be harmful to humans Shengcun of crises, especially whe
all evidence suggested that his secret study Duonian in the United
States, the United States may have mastered the far Chao Yue Guo
Jia's superior technology anywhere in the world especially the
military technology of the time I must admit that many of our past may
Zhi Shi many phenomena are mysterious event might not be as simple as
you think.
UFO, haarp project, gray people plan, telepathy ..... Tesla is said to
have been appointed to the secret projects "Amoy grams of
Mongolia Project" general head of a large-scale high-tech
during the experiment (time travel, instantaneous transmission,
consciousness control, mental programming ...) and exposure to alien.
If you think I am talking nonsense, in fact, I really hope I have said
is really nonsense .... but I hope you look at these data and to study
some relevant facts, perhaps you will believe before you see it as
just some of the fact that science fiction who are interested can
study other resources under me ....

-------------------- The following is a resource directory

Information on a CCTV "People" program science
"Superman" Nikola Tesla

Do not know if the mainstream media on the great man for the first
time details, but I understand that a significant effect on the
Tesla video on the contributions and the supernatural ability to
introduce a more comprehensive, as we know Tesla entry materials.
This is the PSP can play the files directly

Data 2 FBI's two and Tesla related documents

4 Tesla biographical information
The following are major blog, forum, posted it on the discussion of
the magic figure

Just CCTV10 biography part in playing the Nikola Tesla, a hundred
years to over half a century ago, scientists have not entirely ***,
timid, showing its destruction! Tesla's some English and
Russian versions of the paper documents are now easily in the
literature database in search, said on TV, the Soviet Union is one of
the countries have Tesla technology, so Westerner related R &
D is there. TV also said, Tesla technology has been used for some of
the war ...... add this: in his later years Tesla is committed to free
access and wireless transmission of energy, it was a great threat to
mold the country's energy giant, in the Edison, Laomo roots
and old John D. Rockefeller Jr. join forces to stamp out, Tesla fade
out of the stage of history, but GE has been the largest shareholder
of George Taylor Fulford was the funding, unfortunately George Taylor
Fulford killed, so entrepreneurs have a grandson who write
"Fiction": China to help singled Masonic .....

°®µÂ¼Ó¿-Î÷ interpretation that the soul of Atlantis back caused by the
explosion of science.

Nicholas. Tesla is no doubt that a previously living in the soul of

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Tunguska explosion, and he said the experiment could not believe about
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Such a person 100 years, humans may have been leading two centuries
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I also just saw CCTV, too shocked, amazing ... ...

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Read the CCTV, I just know there is such a genius in the original, so
startling, and a man who changed the world, actually it was buried. Or
are those "orthodox" suppressed by the scientific
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