Loose yourself in the colorful Fairs and Festivals of Tamilnadu

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					                Loose yourself in the colorful Fairs and Festivals of Tamilnadu

Tamil Nadu is an enchanting state of South India which is blessed with rich cultural
heritage. And if you wish to get acquainted with its culture, participate in its colorful fairs and

Some of the famous fairs and festivals of Tamil Nadu are:

Cape Festival
Celebrated with great enthusiasm in the glorious city Kanyakumari, the Cape Festival attracts
many a visitor. It is a mesmerizing city hemmed in by the Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and
Arabian sea on its three sides. The festival is held during the month of October and is celebrated
for three days. Enjoy several cultural programs in the festival.

Car Festival
It is a religious festival celebrated in the month of March/ April for a period of ten days.
Kaliyaperumal Temple serves as the venue for this festival. The religious procession is carried
out in the streets for three days on the finely decorated chariots carrying the idols of heavenly
deities. On the fifth day of the celebration, the procession is carried out in cars. And the ninth day
is marked with religious traditions and rituals.

Karthigai Deepam Festival
The ascending of the star Krithigai in the Tamil month of Karthigai is marked with the
celebration of Karthigai Deepam Festival. The legend goes that during this month Lord Shiva
created Lord Muruga. The temple houses a Shivalinga called Agni Linga. Representing the linga,
deepam is lit during the festival in a big container with a capacity of 2,000 liters of ghee.

Kavadi Festival
It is an interesting religious festival of Tamil Nadu. During this festival a procession is taken out
with Kavadi, a decoration festooned with flowers, up the Palani hills. Devotional songs are sung
and traditional dance is performed in honor of the lord Murugan (second son of Lord Shiva).
During the celebration Kavadis are offered to the lord by devotees for winning over all problems
in life.

Natyanjali Dance Festival
It is a festival of five days which is celebrated in February in honor of Lord Shiva, the Lord of
Dances. The devotees who come from far and wide perform dance to please the Lord. Many
dancers from around the country participate in the dance performances.

Pongal Festival
It is the most famous festival of Tamil Nadu which is celebrated as a thanksgiving event. It is a
harvest festival celebrated in January annually. The heavenly deities such as Indra (the God of
rain), Sun God and cattle are thanked and worshipped during the festival. A special dish of rice,
jaggery and ghee is prepared during the festival.

Tea and Tourism Festival
It is a three-day wonderful festival held in Ooty every year in the month of January/February.
Organized by the Government of India and Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, the
festival offers an amazing chance to tourists to taste different flavors of tea.
Fairs and Festivals of Tamil Nadu beckons you to enjoy and experience the glorious cultural
heritage of this state. From religious rituals and traditions to feast, dance and music, all elements
are there in the celebrations.

Description: Tamil Nadu is a wonderful state of South India where amazing festivals are celebrated. These festivals showcase the rich cultural heritage of this land and also offer an opportunity to tourists to get the real taste of Tamil Nadu. Pongal, Cape, Karthigai Deepam, Kavadi, Natyanjali and Tea and Tourism Festival are some of the famous festivals of this state.