Apartheid in South Africa - PowerPoint by pengxiang

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									Apartheid in South Africa
• 1948 White political party that promoted
  Dutch South African Nationalism
• Legal segregation
  of races in South
• Promoted Racism
       Major Players in Apartheid
•   Archbishop Desmond Tutu
•   Nelson Mandela
•   F.W. DeKlerk
•   African National Congress (ANC)
     Archbishop Desmond Tutu
• Used non-violent
  ways to try and end
• Encouraged foreign
  trade restrictions/
  boycotts against
  South Africa
Nelson Mandela
        • ANC Leader
        • Imprisoned for 27
          years before being
        • Elected President
          of South Africa in
               F.W. DeKlerk
• White President of
  South Africa
• Freed Nelson
• Open to reforms
  including ending
  African National Congress (ANC)
• 1912 formed to fight for black rights
• Used strikes and boycotts
The First Steps
        • 1989
        • President F.W.
          DeKlerk started
          measures toward
          reforming apartheid
        • New elections held
          in South Africa
              Majority Rule
• April 1994
• ANC won a majority
  of the vote
• Nelson Mandela was
  elected President of
  South Africa
             New Constitution
• 1996
• More democratic
• Included a Bill of Rights (Similar to USA)
          South Africa Today
• Still democratic and a free-market economy
• Problems: Crime, unemployment, poverty and
  the spread of HIV/ AIDS

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