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I     ’m sure summer holidays have become more action packed each year as the
      number of child friendly activities has increased a thousand fold. Things have
      definitely moved on from when I was little and spent a large amount of time
playing traffic jams with my matchbox cars in my bedroom, moving them
forward one by one, inch by inch. Although on second thoughts, maybe things
aren’t that different after all, as the annual summer holiday drive down to
Cornwall is a painfully similar exercise. I think the matchbox cars might just have
the edge on the real thing, especially since my car was a purple mini with silver
seats and always managed to make it to the front of the traffic jam, whereas I
always get stuck in the inside lane behind a herd of caravans going v e r y slowly.
Still, the Cornwall trip had a most unusual angle this year as my father and I
compared Parish magazine notes. My father, inspired by the greatness of the
Parish Pump, offered to take on the editing of his local parish magazine (I say
inspired, I think he was ambushed by the flower ladies). We were so delighted to
have someone to compare notes with, we totally failed to notice we were sitting
on a very wet patch of sand down at the beach, and had to walk home with wet
clothes. Ew. Still, I managed to pinch his village music quiz which I have
reproduced at the back. Do have a go, and let me know if you can get the answer
for 37. I am still stuck and it’s really annoying me, as dad won’t tell me the
answer (maybe he doesn’t know either!)
The high point of the holiday, however, had to be the most amusing trip to the
cinema to see Toy Story 3 in 3D
The twins had never seen a film in 3D before, so it was a marvellous experience
to see them ducking out of the way as things came out of the screen to hit them.
The funniest thing though was when Toby, not given to talking very much,
started heckling the bad guy, a strawberry scented embittered purple bear, who
was trying to do away with the good toys. ‘You’re all junk’ said the bad bear (or
something like that) to which Toby shouted at the top of his little voice ‘So!
You’re just a big ball of fluff’ Oh, thank goodness cinemas are in darkness. Like I
say Toby doesn’t talk very much. Actually he doesn’t listen much either, but
when the chips are down and the purple bear gets mean, wow! You should see
Toby in action then!
I hope you enjoyed your summer as much as I did. September is cracking on now
and the Pump is full of harvests and Ride and Strides and autumn-y things.
Just a little plea. As you read through your Pump, as you do, avidly every month,
you might notice that we need a new advertising coordinator. If you would like to
help out, or know anyone who would, please get in touch with Lin 01993 823006.
Thank you!

Dear friends

T       here was a definition of an Astronomer given some time ago, which is that
        he is a man who knows the position of every star in the sky at night, but
        has no idea where his teenage daughter is at 11.00pm. A good many
parents would say the same, and wish they could keep track of what their
children are up to. But, in fact, it is getting easier for governments, police and
corporations, if not parents, to track the activities of all of us. The UK has 1% of
the world's population, but 20% of its CCTV cameras. It has been estimated that
the average person in this country is captured on camera 300 times a day,
although those of us living in this Benefice are probably spotted less often,
especially since the Oxfordshire speed cameras have been turned off! So in spite
of the fact that this and other modern technologies have enabled the police to
catch many a criminal, there is justified fear that we may become an Orwellian
‘Big brother is watching you’ society of the kind that ruled by fear in Communist
countries. What starts as an attempt to provide national security can become a
sinister means of control.
Interestingly, there was a poet who lived around 800BC who realised that
everything in his life was being watched over. But far from it being a sinister
surveillance, it was a source of amazement and joy to him. It gave him a motive
for moral achievement, and a certainty about his ultimate security. He wrote a
superb and moving song, psalm 139, to describe his thoughts and feelings. He
begins ‘Lord, you have searched me and known me, You know my thoughts, my
words and my ways; You know when I sit down or stand up or lie down.’ The
extent of God's knowledge of everything in his life leaves him astonished ‘Such
knowledge is too wonderful for me’ he cries!
Supremely, he knows that the eagle eye which scans his every move is not a
threatening Big Brother, out to criticise, control or condemn. It is not the TV
voyeurism which delights to probe other people’s lives, and stand in judgement
on them. Rather it is the eye of the Heavenly Father who loves those whom he
has made with an enduring love, ‘my frame was not hidden from you when I was
made in the secret place; he watches with an intense concern for the best for us.
But more than that, he goes on ‘If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on
the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will
hold me fast’ and ‘Even the darkness is not darkness to you’. Here is a
surveillance that can challenge and stimulate and reassure and inspire us. No
wonder, the poet ends ‘Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and
know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any wicked way in me, and lead me in
the way everlasting.’
Harry MacInnes

 1st Sunday 5th September Trinity XIV
 10.30am    Kelmscott           Benefice Communion, choir    HM/EJ
 Midday     Alvescot            Family Communion, Baptism    HM
 6.00pm     Broughton-Poggs     Benefice Evensong            EJ
 2nd Sunday 12th September Trinity XV
 9.00am     Broadwell           Holy Communion               NUW
 9.00am     Westwell/Holwell    Holy Communion               AM
 10.30am    Alvescot            Family Communion, Baptism    EJ
 10.30am    Filkins             Parish Communion             AM
 10.30am    Shilton             Parish Communion &           HM
                                Children’s Church
 11.00am    Little Faringdon    Matins                       NUW
 6.00pm     Black Bourton       Evensong                     HM
 6.00pm     Kencot              Evensong                     EJ
 3rd Sunday 19th September Trinity XVI
 9.00am     BBourton/Alvescot Holy Communion                 AM
 10.30am    Holwell             Holy Communion               AMG
 10.30am    Langford            ‘Sing for Joy’               PW
 6.00pm     Broughton Poggs     Evensong                     PW
 6.00pm     Alvescot            Harvest Festival             HM/J.Hubbard
 6.00pm     Westwell            Harvest Festival             NUW
 4th Sunday 26th September Trinity XVII
 9.00am     Shilton              Holy Communion              PW
 10.30am    Alvescot/BBourton Parish Communion & Baptism     NUW
 10.30am    Filkins              Family Service/Communion    PW
 10.30am    Broadwell            Matins                      AP
 11am       Lt Faringdon         Parish Communion            HM
 6.00pm     Holwell/Westwell     Harvest Festival            NUW
 6.00pm     Kencot               Harvest Festival            PW
 6.00pm     Langford             Evensong                    HM
 1st Sunday 3rd October Trinity XVIII
 10.30am    Langford            Harvest Festival             HM
 11.30am    Broadwell           Harvest Festival             PW
 6.00pm     Shilton             Harvest Festival             HM

Mid-week Services
 Weds 8th Sept      Black Bourton        Holy Communion     EJ
 Weds 15th Sept     Black Bourton        Holy Communion     PW
 Weds 22nd Sept     Black Bourton        Holy Communion     HM
 Weds 29th Sept     Black Bourton        Holy Communion     PW


I    f you have children between the ages of 3 and 12 and would like to come
     along, we meet every second Sunday of the month at 10.15am in the Village
     Hall in Shilton for about 40 minutes of fun and creative Christian based
activities before we join the main body of the church for the Parish Communion
Service. If you would like to know some more about what we do, or where to
find us, either give me a call on 01993 847049 or The Rev’d Harry MacInnes on
01993 845954.
Debs Price

There is a service every Sunday at 3.00pm in the Methodist Church.
Barbara Edwards

1st Sunday 5th September Trinity XIV (Green)
Deuteronomy 30.15-20     Psalm 1             Philemon 1-21           Luke 14.25-33
2nd Sunday 12th September Trinity XV (Green)
Exodus 32.7-14           Psalm 51.1-11 1 Timothy 1.12-17             Luke 15.1-10
3rd Sunday 19th September Trinity XVI (Green)
Amos 8.4-7               Psalm 113           1 Timothy 2.1-7         Luke 16.1-13
4th Sunday 26th September Trinity XVII (Green)
Amos 6.1-7               Psalm 146           1 Timothy 6.6-19        Luke 16.19-31
1st Sunday 3rd October Trinity XVIII (Green)
Habakuk 1.1-4 & 2.1-4    Psalm 37.1-9        2 Timothy 2.8-15        Luke 17.5-10

8th August Shilton                 Thomas Christopher Thomassen Rawlings
                                   (born 10th Oct 2009)
15th August Black Bourton          Amelia Marie Monir Gerges
                                   (born 10th August 1998)
5th Sept     Alvescot              Isabella Rose Bryant
                                   (born 22nd November 2009)
11th August Kencot                 Mrs Miriam Foster
                                   (died 5th August 2010, aged 96)
31st July     Shilton              Guy Richmond & Susan Hayman
7 th August   Broughton-Poggs      Robert Truman & Helen Blackett
7 th August   Black Bourton        Jospeh Coutts & Samantha Richards
14  th August Shilton              Warren Seldon & Lynne Weston
28th August Shilton                Ryan Green & Rachel Thompson


O        ur next meeting will be on Wednesday September 1st in the Methodist
         church Schoolroom. Our Speaker will be Mrs Shiela Mouna of
         Lechlade. All are welcome. Refreshments will be provided as usual.
Barbara Edwards


R        ecently I have been thinking about communicating, mainly because I
         could not get on-line. I could not surf the net or receive e-mails. What a
         tragedy! I wonder what my grand-parents or even my uncles, who used to
live in Shilton, would think of these things. You can
even type one of my uncle’s names and a World War
Two story about a motorcycle is there for all to read.
It says he was a God fearing man, that is certainly
true. He was a committed member at Shilton Chapel
and would be thrilled with the work that has recently
been achieved.
Most of all he would be pleased that the Chapel is still
open for worship every Sunday and would heartily
sing the old hymn:
We love the place, O God,
Wherein Thine honour dwells;
The joy of Thine abode
All earthly joy excels.
Janet Whitfield
September 5th     Informal
September 12th    Graham Sparrowhawk followed by communion
September 19th    Mike & Chris Barrett
September 26th    HARVEST FESTIVAL
                  David Earl followed by refreshments in the Old School
Visitors are always very welcome to any of our services and particularly to our
Harvest Service on 26th September. It’s always a wonderful opportunity to thank
God for all His provision for us over the last year.
Elizabeth Harfield

This year’s Remembrance Service will take place in St Peter’s Filkins on
Sunday 14th November. Full details will be published in October
.Branch Committee Meeting
The next Committee meeting will be held on Tuesday 5th October at the 5 Alls,
Jeremy Taylor

The 15 villages that make up the 11 parishes in the Shill
& Broadshire Benefice are lively places. Every month
there are dozens of events organized by the many local
organizations that flourish here.
We are pleased to report on every event that has happened,
and to publicise all those that are to come.
We try to incorporate all the many contributions we
receive, but please accept that we can not always advertise
your particular event in the way you would like.
But please do keep sending us all your Village News.

                   St Peter’s

This will take place on Sunday 19th September at 6.00pm. Everyone is most
welcome to attend this simple and traditional annual service of thanksgiving.

Alvescot Village Hall Sunday September 19th at 7.00pm for 7.30pm. This is a
good opportunity to catch up with village neighbours after the holiday period is
mainly over. There are many issues for our village community to work on
together, and we hope this evening will enable us all to get to know more of our
village neighbours. There will be a two course meal, a licensed bar and some live
musical entertainment. Do come along. Tickets are £7.50 each - available from
Jayne Lewin or Tessa Farley or Sandie Morris. (Any profits raised will be used
for St Peter’s Church Restoration Fund)

Will be held on Saturday 2nd October in the Village Hall. Call me on 01993
842135 to reserve tickets. The £7.00 Ticket price includes a delicious supper and
there will be a Bar. The evening will start at 7.30pm
Terry Morris

Many of you probably have weekend papers delivered by Mark Romanek.
Did you know that a small group of villagers also pick up a set of papers on
weekdays, on a rota basis, from Langford and leave for collection at a couple of
points in the village? If you would be interested in joining this group and having a
daily newspaper delivery, and also sharing in the collection rota (one week every
10 at the moment) please contact me on 01993 841357 or
Malcolm Farley

Once again the Alvescot Ladies will be organising the Village show on Saturday
4th September. The Photo competition subjects will be Gateways, Close Up and
Reflections, so get snapping.
The cooking competition is for 5 cheese scones; recipe in the show schedule.
Our raffle and charity this year is Helen and Douglas House so please come in
have a cup of tea and view the exhibits from 2.00pm - 4.00pm.
Sandie Morris

Saturday 11th September on behalf of Oxfordshire Historic Churches Trust.
Would anyone in Alvescot like to ride or walk between any churches and raise
funds by sponsorship for this charity and for our village church? If so please
contact Tessa Farley on 01993 841357 for more information.

Sandie Morris and Doreen Hart invite you to join them at a Coffee
Morning in the Alvescot and Black Bourton Village Hall on Saturday 11 th
September between 10.00 am and noon. This is to raise money for Breast Cancer
Research. There will be lots of stalls including homemade cakes, tombola, bran
tub, raffle, jewellery and white elephant. Anne Woodward-Malin will be giving
ten minute taster sessions on reflexology and Indian Head Massage, so come and
treat yourself. If you can help in any way either by baking a cake, donating a
prize or helping with a stall you will be very welcome. Ring Sandie on 01993
842135 or me on 01993 844124. We look forward to seeing you.
Doreen Hart

This year, the school ended the year with a Science Week.
Jenny Jura and Claire Brown, a science teacher from
Burford School, planned the week, with a different science
focus for each day.

On Monday, all the children developed their knowledge of how to live healthy
lifestyles and participated in a shared lunch. The Year 2 children bought the
shopping and prepared food in the five different food groups. The children
created their own healthy lunches and tried new foods they had not eaten before.
Next, the focus was ‘forces’ and Claire Brown visited the school to provide
workshops for all three classes. The children had a wonderful time watching
exploding coca-cola, floating tea bags, the effects of milk on food colouring and
the change of state of custard powder as it was passed between them.
On Wednesday, the school borrowed resources from Science Oxford and the
children had the opportunity to explore a selection of puzzles and games which
required logical thinking and problem-solving skills and to take part in ‘Bubble
Challenges’ using 3D shapes to help create unusual bubbles.
On Thursday the Year 2 children visited the science laboratory at Burford School
to explore changing materials and were very excited to have used real Bunsen
burners. In the afternoon Claire visited school once again to provide workshops
on ‘Sound’. It was a very noisy afternoon and all the children had a great time
making different sounds into the oscillator.
On Friday the children and staff enjoyed a wonderful day out at Bracknell Forest
and the Look Out Discovery Centre, exploring the forest and learning more
about science in the hands-on interactive science and nature exhibition. The
children all made us very proud as their behaviour was exemplary! They were a
credit to our school and their parents.
There was more excitement on our return from Bracknell, as the lorry arrived
with our temporary classroom. We were back just in time to see the classroom
lowered, by crane, over the wall and onto the playground. With the school
packed up and the builders on site, it is now full steam ahead for our building
project and we look forward to returning in September to a refurbished
classroom allowing for a long awaited hall!
The Leaver’s Service in St Peter’s Church is always a moving event and once
again the children filled the church with their beautiful singing and made parents,
staff, governors and friends of the school very proud. This year Reverend
Wheaton led the service and Liz Savage gave the reading and presented our
Leavers with their Bibles. This was followed by the family picnic and once again
the sun shone and a lovely lunch was had by all.
Term begins again on Monday 6th September for children in Classes 1 and 2 and
the new children starting in the Foundation Stage Class will start, mornings only
for the first three days, on Wednesday 8th September, and full-time thereafter. We
look forward to everything that the new year holds and wish all our Leavers every
success as they start their new schools.
Sam King

Postscript - A fantastic day and result!
A huge thank you has already gone to all those who contributed to the success of
this very special day, a major feature in the Alvescot 900 celebrations. The
entertainment was brilliant and the costumes fantastic. Well done everyone for
really entering into the spirit of the event. Almost 1,000 people came along, had a
go at the games, got shut in the stocks and spent their money, raising a huge
£7665 for our local Village organisations and in particular, our Church, as we
raise funds to repair and upgrade this wonderful old building.
Jayne Lewin, Treasurer Fete Committee

                     BLACK BOURTON
                     St Mary’s

A very big thank you to all those Burford Road residents who gave so generously
to the annual Marie Cancer Care house collection in July. I was able to send a
cheque for £85.20.
Julia Shirlaw

Once again we are calling on all those who wish to cycle, walk or horse ride
round the churches to raise money for the Historic Churches Trust and their
own local Church. If you wish to take part and raise money for St Mary’s Black
Bourton please contact me on 01993 844124, many thanks.
Doreen Hart

See under Alvescot

                 St Peter & St Paul’s

 August 29th                     Kristina Wordie
September 5th                    Kristina Wordie
September 12th, 19th, 26th       Alison Goldingham

The first week of August was stressful for us, a local inhabitant wanted to make a
film, and use the village as free scenery! Well, he did have a good idea, and an
important one too, about the military going berserk, as has happened in Africa;
but he fell down badly on the public relations side. The street was taken over,
and dead bodies lay about, covered in blood; not nice for a young child to see
near their home. There was only the minimum of warning that shots were going
to be fired, so one nervous older person wondered if she should ring the police
when this happened at the end of her lane. Only the minimum of warning as to
how much the road was to be full of vans and cars, so it was difficult to pass with
buses, and farm machinery; and only the minimum of understanding whether
domestic and farm animals would panic as a helicopter hovered overhead.
Yes, it was a Good Cause, but we felt violated. They should have called a village
meeting well in advance, and explained everything, then we would perhaps even
have offered to be part of it, or gone away for the duration. Sick people, those
trying to run an office, teachers, gardeners, and folk with washing on the line that
got splattered from helicopter downdraught, are to say it mildly, not too pleased.
Finally, look how a film team behaved, who once did this in Bampton. They went
out of their way to consider and thank the inhabitants. And so they did not leave
behind the many complaints we have had here.
The film crew seemed to think they could do as they liked, and the instigator of it
all went on holiday on the first day. He will find that he has fewer friends when
he gets back.
To other villages: don’t let this happen to you!
June Goodenough

Our newly installed outside tap has been in much use as the
sunny weather has spurred much activity in the garden using
water pumps, wheels and jugs. Children have been testing their
fishing skills with magnetic fish and rods. The colourful fish
they catch have been a great stimulus for lots of discussion
about size, shape, patterns, numbers and colours. We've even
had some budding Jamie Olivers who want to cook the plastic fish on a
barbecue! The activities in our garden area are always very popular and on these
hot afternoons we are lucky to have a lovely area of shade under our magnificent
walnut tree.
This month we have continued to read traditional tales, one of our favourites has
been Rumplestiltskin.The children sat spellbound when it was read aloud.
Storytelling both indoors and outside in the garden always take place in every
session and has made a vital contribution towards the love of books and stories.

On our display boards inside the older children have worked with a partner to
draw and decorate houses with bold colours using paints, felt tips, chalks and
sequins. On another wall one can see Jack emerging from the clouds on his
beanstalk to a grand castle made from a variety of junk materials.
We had a very successful Welcome Afternoon in July but if you know of anyone
who missed this and wishes to visit or would like a prospectus please contact the
Over the summer break the interior of the pre-school will undergo a
refurbishment and a covered sandpit will be installed in the garden.
A big thank you to Charlie Greenslade’s dad who erected a blackboard on the
side of the playshed. It has already attracted much artistic creations.
.We wish our older children all the very best in their new schools. Goodbye and
good luck to you all. Another thank you to all the mums and dads who have
volunteered their time to help on the rota and to those parents who have worked
on the committee, your help has been very much appreciated.
Looking ahead to next term, the date of our fete is Sunday 19th September from
10.00 am until 12noon. This is our main fundraiser for the year and we hope you
will be able to come along and support us. Everyone is welcome.
Further information about Broadshires pre-school or to enquire about a place for
your child,please contact Jackie Overton(supervisor) on 01367 860729
Sam Lawton

                St Peter’s

September 5th, 12th & 19th               Lorraine Chitty
Sept 26th                                Wedding flowers

Do come and join us for a Harvest Breakfast at St. Peter’s Church, Filkins on
Sunday 10th October at 9.00am. Following the breakfast there will be a Harvest
Thanksgiving Family Service at 10.00am. All are welcome. Tickets for the
breakfast are available from the Post Office, Village Shop and Woollen Weavers.
Adults £6.00 & children £3.00. All proceeds raised will go towards ‘Farm Africa’.
Mary Cover

                                       FLY ON THE WALL
                                       In aid of churches in Filkins and Broughton
                                       Poggs, on Saturday 2nd October at 8.00 pm in
                                       the Village Hall, there will be Live Music
                                       from FLY ON THE WALL, Rock covers
                                       and original 4 piece band.
                                       Ticket price £10.00, to include glass of wine
                                       & sausage in a bap. On sale at Post Office,
                                       Village Shop & Woollen Weavers
                                       Gill Allison

The next Filkins Theatre production,a hilarious
comic piece, will run from thurs-sat sept 23rd to
the 25th at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.
Filkins Theatre was relaunched in 1986 with a
memorable production of Hay Fever produced by
Marjorie Barstow and starring among others
Dorki Heslewood, John Cambridge and
Christopher Harrison. Since then we have
produced a wide variety of pantomimes, comic
and serious plays, childrens shows and revues. In
addition to our acting talents we have a very good
membership which also provides a high standard
of costumes, sets lighting and sound. We meet regularly each month for informal
entertainments at each others homes.
It is always a little difficult in a relatively small village theatrical society to chose
the best type of entertainment and then be able to adequately cast it and support
it, but our next show should fit the bill and provide considerable entertainment.
We have been in rehearsal since early July and our cast of six features Sue
Ashforth-Smith, Liz Ferris, Alan Heath, Jeremy Irwin-Singer, Lynne Savege and
Pat Scott. Jeremy has taken the plunge and is directing and performing for the
first time in many years.
Robin Hawdon is a playright who should be much better known .He has written
a lovely comic play, a farce really, ‘Perfect Wedding’, which has been surprisingly
rarely performed in Britain. It features a group of apparently successful friends
making arrangements for a lovely wedding but sadly, and hilariously, everything
that can possibly go wrong in the preparations for the wedding goes badly wrong
except that there is a very subtle twist at the end.

The pace is fast and the lines demanding, so we are hard at work in what we
hope will be a memorably amusing early autumn entertainment in Filkins.
So please put the dates in your diaries, tell your friends and family and get your
tickets priced £5.00-£7.00 from the shop, Post Office or the Woollen Weavers.
Filkins Theatre

Nursery children staying with us for Holiday
Club were treated to some very exciting outings
once again this summer, including swimming
afternoons, trips to various play parks and lots of
local exploratory walks.
We welcome 10 new children to nursery this term. Along with our child-initiated
topics, we will be discussing ‘All About Me’, a topic which will allow children and
staff to get to know each other as we explore our senses, our homes and families,
our feelings and how to keep healthy. We have made a few changes to our
session times from September to enable us to offer 15 hours of free funding to
our 3yr olds each week. Our new morning session times of 8.00am-1.00pm will
enable all children to have lunch with us before going home.
This term, French will continue to take place on Monday afternoons, Saltbox
music will be Tuesday afternoon, and Tatty Bumpkin yoga will be Thursday
afternoon, the latter two being fortnightly. Do call for more information.
Our new playhouse has been well utilised over the holidays. The children have
already found a variety of uses for it, in addition to its use as an outdoor home
corner! Over the next few months we also hope to refurbish the indoor home-
corner, bringing in some new ideas brought back from recent courses by staff.
We would like to make some collections of natural objects for the children to
count, sort and investigate as appropriate, and would really appreciate any
donations of items such as small baskets, shells, interesting pebbles or stones.
Thank you so much to everyone who collected vouchers for us again this year.
We have ordered a balance bike as well as many additional smaller items with the
Sainsburys vouchers and these should be with us by half-term. We have decided
to bank the Tesco vouchers until next year to enable us to purchase a larger item.
After-School Club numbers continue to rise. We welcome 3 new reception
children from St Peters Alvescot and all look forward to getting to know them.
Half-term is Monday 25th - Friday 29th October, and Holiday club will run as
normal for this week.
Louise Jenkins

The annual Ride and Stride is set for 11th September 2010 (10.00am to 6.00pm),
can’t wait. Last year was a bit lean in respect of riders and striders, so this year we
would like a few more. Old stalwarts were there……Julie Neame and Sue
Ashforth-Smith setting the pace. For newcomers, all you have to do is get
between as many churches as you can on a bicycle, horse, on foot, etc. Between
Broadwell, Kencot, Broughton Poggs, Langford and Filkins you can clock up 6!
Get sponsored and get on your wheels! I must say, the Welcomers were
excellent, the usual suspects present. This is a most important job ensuring
someone at the church to hand out some refreshments and encouraging words.
If this tickles your fancy also contact me. Sponsorship forms available from me at
Hazell Cottage, 01367 860 082. Allez Allez!!!
James Ashby

Covering the villages of Filkins, Brougton Poggs, Langford, Little Faringdon,
Kencot and Broadwell (All telephone codes 01367)
Tuesdays                                     Thursdays
                                             2nd Sept       Mr J Moir          860031
7th Sept       Mrs M Cover         860302    9th Sept       Mrs J Geake        860534
14th Sept      Mr A Woodford       860319    16th Sept      Lady Allison       860787
21st Sept      Miss H Squire       860337    23rd Sept      Mrs J Higham       860197
28th Sept      Mrs C               860319    30th Sept      Mr A Woodford      860319
Charges: Surgery Runs: Carterton, Lechlade and Burford - £2.00. Fairford &
Witney - £5.00. Hospital Runs: Cirencester and Swindon - £8.00, Cheltenham
and Oxford - £10.00)(plus Parking Charge if paid)
Patients should notify the nominated driver at least 24 hours in advance of their
appointment. The Surgery service only covers appointments up to 4.00 pm on
Tuesdays and Thursday. All users of the service must be able to make their way
to and from the car unaided. For all runs other than those to Carterton, Burford
and Lechlade please contact me. The October schedule will be published when
the new roster has been prepared. If it has not been published by the end of
September and you need a driver in October do let me know.
Tony Woodford

Do please remember that minutes and notices of meetings are displayed on the
notice boards in the bus shelter, in Broughton Poggs in the Village Shop, and in
the Post Office. There is a more comprehensive file of Parish Council bumph in
the Cotswold Woollen Weavers Coffee Shop.
Cris Hoad

Telephone: 01367 860620 Opening hours
Day           Morning                 Afternoon
Monday       9.00am to 12.30pm        1.00pm to 5.00pm
Tuesday      8.30am to 12.30pm        Closed
Wednesday Closed                      Closed
Thursday     9.00am to 12.30pm        Closed
Friday       Closed                   1.30pm to 4.30pm

                      St Mary’s

Julie-Anne Edwards is organising Holwell's posse for the Oxford Historic
Churches’ Trust Bicycle Ride on Saturday 11th September. Contact her
(or have your excuses ready). By a happy co-incidence, she moved in to Holwell,
full time, on Friday, 13th August, so there’s no escape.....!
Corinna Rock

                 St George’s

Ellie Maughan

Pinafore dresses, dungarees and checked shirts are de-rigueur on Saturday 11th
September when Grandma’s Yo Yo Barn Dance Band (aka Don Rouse and
friends) will be leading the barn dance at the Morris Memorial Hall, Kelmscott.
This event has been organised by Kelmscott Fundraising Committee especially
for Kelmscott residents, their friends and families. Doors open 7.30pm. Bring
your own food and beverage. Tickets available in advance from Jane Milne -
Adult £5.00/Child aged 10-16 yrs £3.00/Child under 10 yrs free! E: or T: 01367 253348
Jane Milne

This is your last chance to visit our craft fair! We’re open every Wednesday up to
and including the 22nd September so if you’ve not visited us yet, please do! The
fairs open at 12 noon and finish at 5.00pm in the Morris Memorial Hall and we
offer a wide range of quality, hand crafted goods. Choose from beautiful wooden
bowls and platters, treat yourself to an aromatherapy pack, let your plants bloom
in our hand decorated pots, browse our unique and individual textile crafts or
why not brighten up that blank wall with a fabulous piece of art. These are just a
few of our available crafts, please come along and see for yourselves! Please call
me if you need any further information on 01367 253103 and I look forward to
seeing you there.
Laura Roberts

                  St George’s

28th August & 4th September     Helen Squire
11th &18th September            Caroline White
25th September                  Harvest Festival all welcome to help.

The Harvest Festival will take place on Sunday 26 th September. If you have any
flowers, fruit or vegetables after a prolonged drought or any preserves they
would be welcome. Please bring them to the church on Saturday 25 th September
when the church will be decorated. All are very welcome to the service after
which the produce will be auctioned accompanied by wine and nibbles. Proceeds
from the auction and collection will go to PACT (Parents and Children Together)
a Diocese charity.

Thank you to Belinda Oakey and Nigel Oakey for contacting me saying that the
children in the photo (July edition of The Parish Pump) are Sally and David
Clapton. As yet no one has been able to establish the year.
Gill Cox

This takes place on Saturday 11th September. Volunteers (to do stints of sitting in
the church) and riders are needed. Further information and sponsor forms are
available from Jonathan Fyson at Manor Farm, on 01993 860223

Sunday 25th July saw the second year of what we hope is now established as an
annual event, The Big Lunch.
The idea is to get communities together, so that you can have fun with your
neighbours, and hopefully meet and get to know more people in your village.
Unlike last year we woke to a lovely day in what has been a truly remarkable
summer. It was great not to have to call on the Walkers and set to, clearing their
barn. This is what we had to do last year, so that the event could take place in
spite of the pouring rain.
Gareth from the Malthouse generously lent us his field for the occasion. It was
immaculately mowed and the most perfect setting for our village get together.

The backdrop is the steeple of the church at Broadwell, what more could we
want? We had our rounders bat ready for play and a croquet set.
However the food, wine and chat was so good, not to mention the weather that
lethargy set in and in the end no physical activity took place, a sure sign of a good
extremely sociable day!
Unfortunately the date clashed with a few other village events and school
holidays, so the turnout was not as good as we hoped, next year we will ensure
that there are no clashes.
And talking about next year, the Carter Institute will be a hundred years old. We
thought it would be good to combine this 100th birthday with the newcomer, The
Big Lunch. We intend to bring forward the date for this joint event maybe to the
beginning of July, before the summer holidays, so watch this space.
 Deirdre Cordwell
             St Matthew’s

            CHURCH FLOWERS
September 5th & 12th  Mrs C Johnston
September 19th & 26th Mrs. R. Range

The annual Ride and Stride this year is on Saturday September 11 th in aid of
Oxfordshire Historic Churches Trust who has given us very generous grants
towards the church roof. You can get sponsorship for walking, riding your bike
or ringing your horse. So please make an effort this year. Sponsorship forms
from Richard Kirby (01367) 8602050.

Gravel Extraction.A fighting fund has now been set up to raise money for the
fight to stop gravel extraction over the next 15 years in our area. The parish
meeting last month was well attended, not only by people from Langford and
Grafton, but also from othere nearby villages. Mr. John Bowler and his team
from AGGROW (Anti Gravel Group of Residents on Oxfordshire West) gave a
presentation of the possible effects of such long term gravel extraction to our
area. It was agreed (by residents of Langford present at the meeting) that the
Parish Council should support AGGROW in its fight.
Keep a date in your diary, a Halloween Party in Aid of AGGROW will be held
in Langford Village Hall on Saturday 30th October. Buffet, Disco including Fancy
Dress. Details of tickets will follow.
Save Energy and Cut Your Bills Energy meters to measure home electricity

usage are now available for residents to loan out from West Oxfordshire District
Council. The energy monitors can be borrowed, free of charge, to record how
much electricity different home appliances use and their associated running costs.
Monitors are available from the Council’s Town Centre Shop, 3 Welch Way,
Witney. A small deposit of £10 is required and this is paid back on return of the
whole meter. The Council has a supply of 10 meters and these will be loaned out
on a first come, first served basis for a loan period of up to a month.
Below are some simple energy saving tips:
• Always turn your lights off when you leave the room
• Change your light bulbs to energy-efficient ones: they use less energy than
normal light bulbs and last much longer
• Fill the washer or dish-washer: a full load uses less energy than two half loads
• Dry clothes on the line rather than in the dryer: one load can cost between 30p
and 70p to dry in a machine, and set the washing machine to 30 degrees
• Don’t leave electrical appliances on standby, turn them off completely at the
switch in the wall
• Don’t overfill the kettle: only boil what’s needed.
For more information about saving energy visit:
For information about generating your own energy, visit:

Join us for an evening of whist at Langford village Hall on Tuesday 7 th
September. We start at 7.30pm; however if you would like some tuition please
arrive a little earlier than this. You do not require a partner, but are very welcome
to come with one. The entrance fee of £1.00 includes tea and biscuits at half
time. Everyone is welcome. All profits to Langford Village Hall. If you need any
more information please ring me on 01993 852378
Jo Hutchings

Doreen, our local floristry celebrity will be doing a flower demonstration on
Thursday 9th September. At the time of writing full details are not in, however we
will also probably doing a small hands on demonstration, please look at notice
board for more details during that week.
We meet at Langford Village Hall at 7.30pm every 2 nd Thursday of the month,
visitors most welcome at £1.50, refreshments and raffle also available.
If you have wondered what it’s like to be a member please give me a call, or any
other member.

Jumble Sale at Langford Village Hall on Saturday 9th October, full details in next
issue but any query please contact Cherry on 01367 860304.
Craft Sale at Langford Village Hall on Friday evening of 22 nd October, Tables £5
pre booked. This will be a good quality craft, i.e. Wood turning, stained glass,
embroidered items etc. Please contact me on 01367 860514 if you would like to
book a table. (tables supplied).
Chrissy Tinson

After the exciting and emotional end to the summer term we are
looking forward to our new families joining us in September, both
in Foundation Stage and Year three from St Peter’s. All the new
children thoroughly enjoyed their induction programme and I’m sure that they
will continue to enjoy their time with us.
The Year 6 leavers’ service was, as always, an emotional event as we said goodbye
to our oldest children. I am confident that they are ready for the next stage in
their education and that they will thrive and enjoy their new schools. I would like
to say thank you to Reverend Wheaton who led a really lovely service at St
Matthew’s Church which celebrated the children’s time with us. Mrs Wargent put
a lot of work and effort into making the last week of term one to remember. The
St Christopher’s traditional Rounders Match was a great success, as was the
fantastic ‘Tiaras and Ties’ party, featuring local band Little White Lies. The
children (and parents!) really enjoyed the evening, dancing along to the band.
Two of the band members were former pupils of St Christopher’s and it was
great to see them in action.
The new term will bring a few changes; we are continuing to develop our
fabulous outdoors with a new outdoor learning environment at the back the art
bay. This will mean that all children in the school will have a place outside their
classrooms to learn and explore. We are moving the year two and three children
up to this end of the school so that they will have their own sandpit, water tray
and gardens along with a huge canopy to enable them to go outside in all
weathers. Teachers are already really excited about the development and
incorporating it into their planning. We hope that it will be finished shortly after
the beginning of the term.
We are also changing our teaching arrangements slightly in September. Although
I thoroughly enjoyed teaching our year 2 children last year, I am going to be
supporting all teaching across the school in September and spending more time
developing other aspects of the school and the curriculum. I am very keen to
continue developing the teaching of French across the school as last year we
were named the leading school in the development of Modern Foreign

Languages for the Burford Partnership, also gaining a Silver award from
Oxfordshire for the development of French throughout the school. I would like
to welcome Miss Laura Sumner, who will be working with Mrs Cookson teaching
year 2 and 3 children for the Autumn terms. I’m sure Miss Sumner will be a great
asset to the school.
We are continuing to develop our curriculum and make it exciting, stimulating
and meaningful to all the children.. Please do contact the school if you feel you
have anything to offer to support the children’s learning on 01367 860318.
Sarah Nisbett

               LITTLE FARINGDON
               St Margaret’s

September    Jeanie Pollock
October      Barbara Browne
Could everyone please help with the Harvest Festival on 10 th October.

                                         Millie and
                                         have very
                                         photos of this
                                         year’s Church
                                         Lunch, held in
garden. These photos bring back wonderful memories
of a sunny afternoon filled with music by the
Gloucestershire Youth Jazz Combo,
auctioneering by Sam Butler and Arthur the
smiling assistant (!), and warm applause for
Sylvia Griffiths’ many years of service to the
Barbara Browne

This year's Ride and Stride on behalf of the Oxfordshire
Historic Churches Trust will take place on Saturday 11th
September. St Margaret's Church directly benefits from half of
the sponsorship money raised by those from the village who
cycle or walk to other churches in the area. The Trust also
provided us with two grants towards our repair programme
last year. Anyone who wishes to participate in this year’s Ride
and Stride should contact me on 01367 252205.
Jeremy Taylor

               Holy Rood

Everybody who enjoys drinking tea or coffee, eating
homemade cakes and having a good old natter in aid of
a very worthy cause is invited to Shilton Old School
hall on Friday 24th September, between 10.00am and
2.00pm when we shall be hosting a coffee morning as part of Macmillan Cancer
Support’s annual World’s Biggest Coffee Morning fund-raising event. We will
also be selling homemade cakes, jams, chutneys, local produce and whatever else
we can lay our hands on between now and then, as well as holding a raffle. Please
come and join us and help make this the best ever fund-raising year for
Macmillan. Contact me on 01993 842404 for more information.
Shirley Cuthbertson

The PCC have planned a churchyard tidy up morning on Saturday 9 th October
starting at 10.00am. If you can spare some time to help maintain the grounds of
our beautiful church you will be warmly welcomed so do please come along
bringing with you secateurs and cutting tools. Please let me know on 01993
841194 or of course, alternatively, just turn up!
David Roberts

For our Coffee Morning this year on Saturday 6th November we have a change of
venue and it will be held at the Old School in Church Lane. More details will
appear in next month’s Pump but in the meantime make a note of the date.

Last year our farmers were
concerned about the wet summer
and now this year their concern has
been about the lack of rain to swell
the grain. I’m sure though that when
the crops, fruit and vegetables are
gathered in we will have much to be
thankful for at our Harvest Service
which is to be held on Sunday 3rd
October at 6.00 pm. As usual our
Supper will follow the service at
A village newsletter will be put
together in September so please, to
avoid disappointment because space
is limited in the Old School,
complete the application form for
the Supper. Please do try to come to both but if you are not able to do that you
are very welcome to attend the Service or the Supper.
If you have any flowers, greenery, fruit, veg or would like to help decorate the
church please do let me know on 01993 841194.
Jean Roberts

Our new session starts on Friday 10th September when our old friend Gordon
Ottewell will speak on ‘Cotswold Curiosities’; a good time for new members to
join us. We meet at 7.30 pm in the Old School.
 Fred Robertson

6th October Shilton
1st December Shilton
All meetings start at 7.30 unless otherwise stated. Meetings at Bradwell Village
will take place in the Hobbies Room. Call me for more details on 01993 840825.
Katherine Robertson

Keep-fit every Thursday in Shilton Old School, 7.00-8.00 pm, £3.50 per session.
For more information, contact me on 01993 706265.
Sandie Hunter

This has now re-opened every Friday in Term Time from 10:30am - 12:30pm
serving hot and cold drinks and biscuits. It provides a wonderful opportunity to
get to know your neighbours and is a splendid social focus. Further details from
me on 01993 824801. Volunteer helpers are needed please.
Sharon Howat

The next meeting is on Tuesday 14th September from 10.00am until 2.30pm.
Visitors are most welcome, at £2.00 for the day. The half-annual subscription is
£10. 00 Please bring along your latest project to work on. Drinks and biscuits are
provided, but please bring a packed lunch. I can be reached on 01993 824475
Marion Ellis

ECOfun Out Of School sessions run various activities and schemes for all
Primary School children. They are held in Bradwell Village Hall on various dates
in the half term holidays. Many are free or ask a small donation. We would like to
have a representative from each village to help us ensure we are including
everybody. If you think you might be able to help please direct any enquiries to
me on 07977 477120 or see
Samm Price

 Established in 2002 the group has been running successfully
with a huge range of equipment suitable for new borns
through to pre schoolers. Weekly craft activity, songtime,
playtime and refreshments included in the £1.50 per family contribution. Come
along to the village hall for a free taster session, you and your children would be
very welcome. Mondays 9.30-11.30am. Any queries contact Angela on 01993
823623 or me on 01993 837296
Miranda Mowbray

               St Mary’s

               No news this month

A look at events and news from a little further afield.


A         reminder that the School Open Evening will be held on
         Thursday 23rd September from 4.30pm - 7.30pm. Potential
         students and families are welcome to come and visit to meet
staff and students and see the whole school.
If you are unable to come on this day the Head Teacher, Mrs Haig,
would be pleased to show you around at a later date. Please call school reception
on 01993 823303 or email on for further
Throughout the year, several Year 7 students have regularly attended the weekly
Creative Writing club and have produced some outstanding work. The group has
looked at writing in different forms, from play scripts to monologues, and has
considered how to create interesting and imaginative characters. Here is a
selection of some of their work from the year:
‘Running, running, just running. From what? Who knows?
I stumbled into a dark, black cave…
The first thing I saw were two brilliant orange eyes staring hungrily at me. They
smiled at me in recognition. I stepped back, but a high, clear voice like bells
ringing said, ‘No, don’t be afraid. Don’t go. We need you.’
Out into the light stepped at first what looked like a lion, but then I realised it
was the face of a woman. Porcelain and pale with orange eyes, baby pink lips and
perfect bone structure. What is this beautiful creature?’ Emily Watt
‘A scabbed blue-grey hand rose above the still silent water. The darting ripples
sped across the glassy green surface. An arm appeared, fleshless, little more than
bone and warty blue skin. Tiny silver fish darted into waving red weeds and bold
crayfish retreated into their shadowy lairs. The face appeared, colder than the
most disturbing dream, more evil than the darkest dream. His empty eyes were
staring and his rotten brown teeth were glistening with saliva.
His mouth was slightly ajar and luminous yellow drool dripped into the
underground lake. His torso rose into view, no more than a sliver of bones.
Around his thin waist he wore a mouldy leather belt. On it was a knife beautifully
sheathed. Through a small hole in the sheathe it was possible to see the blade. It
changed colours from bruise brown to deep blue to violent purple and then back
again. The bronze hilt was covered in long grey wires which shaped out sharp

horned and long tailed devils.
The keeper of the twin of the subtle knife, the most ferocious warrior of hell, has
risen again. A name was burning in his twisted mind: Nomed. He claimed it as
his own. My time has come he thought it is time for revenge.’ Andrew Skidmore
Building work for the new Drama Studio and 8 classrooms is now well underway.
The foundations and footings are complete and steel work is progressing well
with brickwork following. The project is due for completion by April 2011 and is
currently well on target.

The 2009/2010 Burford School Uganda Link has just finished its final phase
when 12 pupils from Bishop Dunstan School, Kalangala visited the UK. They
stayed with students’ families and host families until the 18 July 2010.
Last July the 12 pupils from Burford School, 2 of whom have since left, but
continued with the Link, stayed with their Ugandan partners on the Ssese Islands
in Lake Victoria, Uganda. It was now their turn to show their partners something
of life in this country.
The Ugandan children and their UK partners were involved in activities in the
school, in partner primary schools nearby and on trips out of County which
enabled them to see something of the wider United Kingdom.
This is the fourteenth year that the Link has been going and this makes us the
longest running link between a UK and Ugandan school.
The UK team parents would like to thank all the members of staff and former
members of staff at Burford School who have worked so hard to make the Link
a success, sometimes over several years.
One Uganda Link Parent comments:
‘The two years of fund raising is over for us and we are all very excited that the
Ugandans are finally here and we can make sure they have a wonderful time in

the U.K. We have had such fun with the Danceathon, Car Washing, Fetes - face
painting, ducks, bottle table etc., bag packing in the Co-op, a concert featuring
bands from the school Battle of the Bands, a clothes sale, Tolsey sale, Golf Day,
on-line auction etc etc etc
 We would like to thank everyone who has helped with the fund raising. It has
been amazing how generous people have been - Many thanks...Continued
support is essential and I wish the next group of students a very memorable time’
Information will be available in school next year about the next round of the
Ugandan link exchange.
Mary Alcock

Our opening times are:-
Monday        Closed
Tuesday       1.00pm-5.00pm        6.00pm-7.00pm
Wednesday     Closed
Thursday      10.00am-1.00pm
Friday        10.00am-1.00pm       2.00pm-5.30pm
Saturday      9.30am-1.00pm
Please telephone 01993 823377 for more information.
Carol Holdcroft

Shilton, Alvescot, Kencot, Broadwell, Langford, Filkins & Little Faringdon

T       he West Mobile Library provides a library service to the people of West
        Oxfordshire, a complete list of mobile stops and online library services
        can be found on the Oxfordshire Library Website
( With over 2500 books on board we hold a
comprehensive range of adult and children’s titles including large print and audio
books on cassette and cd. We visit fortnightly every alternate Thursday.
The van will stop at:
Shilton (Bus stop)                    10.15 to 10.25
Alvescott (School)                    10.35 to 10.55
Kencot (Village Hall)                 11.05 to 11.15
Broadwell (nr Nursery)                11.20 to 11.35
Langford (Sweet Briar nr cross)       11.40 to 11.55
Langford (The Elms)                   12.00 to 12.10
Filkins (Church)                      12.20 to 12.30
Little Farringdon(The cottages)       12.40 to 12.50
Upcoming dates are: 2nd, 16th & 30th Sep10 etc.

Please note that any Oxfordshire library card can be used on the mobile and any
Oxfordshire library book can be returned to the mobile library.
Online. Using borrower number and 4 digit PIN(available from any library)
you can: Renew your books.
          Search the catalogue, by author, title or keyword.
          Write a book review
          Reserve a book that will be delivered to your own mobile stop.
Information. Also available at is a
range of titles that include, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Oxford Art and Music, The
National Biography and many others.
Bill Dickson

Members’ Exhibition
4th September- 26th September
A lively exhibition of pictures by West Ox Arts
Open: Tues - Sat 10.30am to 4.30pm Sun 2.00- 4.00pm. West Ox Arts Gallery,
Town Hall, Market Square, Bampton OX18 2JH. Contact 01993 850137 or or
Richard Anderson


T      he Second Choral Workshop takes place Saturday 16th October with Brian
       Kay preparing Israel In Egypt by G F Handel at Burford School.
       The Burford Singers invite you to join them to take part in an all day
workshop on Handel’s dramatic oratorio Israel in Egypt, followed by a final run-
through when family and friends will be very welcome. This is a rare opportunity
to practise and perform in Oxfordshire a work with wonderful double choruses
under the direction of the well-known broadcaster, presenter and former King’s
Singer Brian Kay, conductor of The Really Big Chorus internationally, and of the
Burford Singers locally. Registration is from 10.00am, with workshops from
11.00am until 1.00 and 2.00pm until 4.00pm. The final run through is at 5.00pm.
Cost: £15.00 with use of your own score; £17.00 with use of a score hired from
Burford Singers. Early-bird booking before 1st August 2010 £12.50 and £14.50
respectively. For Schools’ group booking rates, please contact me at
17 Shilton Road, Burford OX18 4PA by 30th September .
Jan Campbell

The 37th Asthall Horse Show took place in glorious sunshine with record
breaking entries, a great family atmosphere and no whinges! The going was good,
considering the recent hot weather, thanks to the proximity of the river. The river
did however flood the field three years ago, pretty waterfalls in the Handy Pony!
Profits are £2000 which will be divided between our local Air Ambulance,
Macmillan Nurses who are currently caring for a friend and in memory of a dear
friend recently departed, Tony Blackmore, Asthall Church and St Richard’s
Hospice in Worcester in memory of Nikki Highmore-Sims and one other charity
yet to be decided.
Below are a few of our local winners, for full results see our website at
Best Coloured Horse:        Rachel Tozer and Humbug
Best Family Pony:           Isobel Gulley and Millie
Best in Hand Veteran:       Katie Campbell and Megan
Georgia Amer produced the fastest clear round in Handy Pony, Flora Hadaway
won the 2’6 jumping and Kate Moody won Open Jumping. One of Susanne
Dores’ Caspians won a second and Pheobe White took second place in her first
Mountain and Moorland Class. Harriet Lees was best rider on a lead rein on Lexi
Don’t believe the rumours; next year’s show takes place on Sunday 31st July 2011!
Enid Butt


I    t has been great over the last couple of months to be invited to attend
     Annual Parish Council Meetings, to hear about the work going on in our
     villages, and to understand some of the challenges faced.
Since becoming your councillor, my postbag has consisted largely of small
planning related issues, which affect individual villages; however there are
currently two particular planning issues which would affect a number of villages
if they are not challenged.
 West Oxfordshire District Council (WODC) is consulting on the long term
future of housing in the region, and in particular the possibility of a substantial
number of new homes in an area west of Carterton, effectively between
Carterton and Alvescot.
 I have been particularly involved with Alvescot Parish Council and intend to
speak at the WODC Cabinet Meeting on 13th October when the Local
Development Framework is discussed which is likely to include a discussion on
Carterton West and a recommendation by Cabinet for ratification by all
councillors on ‘Preferred Options’ for future development, those sites which
would make the best area for future housing growth.

The second major planning challenge for the Broadshires is the Oxfordshire
County Council (OCC) consultation on the future extraction of sand and gravel
in and around our villages.
 OCC is considering three options for sand and gravel extraction; option 1 is to
continue quarrying on existing sites, options 2 and 3 raise the possibility of land
being allocated for gravel extraction around Kelmscott, Langford and Grafton.
AGGROW (Anti Gravel Group of Residents in Oxfordshire West) under the
chairmanship of Clanfield resident John Bowler has been set up to fight the
proposals (WWW.AGGROW.ORG.UK).
I attended a recent meeting of AGGROW which is seeking to raise money ahead
of the OCC decision on their Preferred Options for gravel extraction on 19
October; and to provide legal representation to fight the proposals if they end up
at a Public Inquiry.
Both these issues have the ability to change forever parts of our community. I am
pleased that we have active communities discussing these issues and challenging
the experts who believe we could be the best home for these developments. If
anyone needed a case study of Localism they need look no further than the
current work of Alvescot Parish Council and AGGROW.
David McFarlane, (Councillor, Alvescot and Filkins Ward on WODC)


W           essex Male Choir is looking for new members to join its ranks and is
            holding a number of open rehearsals throughout Gloucestershire,
            Oxfordshire and Wiltshire.
The first of these sessions will be held at the Memorial Hall in Lechlade on
Tuesday 21st September at 7.30pm.
Anyone is welcome to come along, there is no need to book, and the open
rehearsal will include a ‘mini concert’ by the choir so you can see the guys
perform. The evening will give potential members the opportunity to meet the
choristers in an informal setting and afterwards have a chat over a drink nearby.
Wessex Male Choir performs at venues throughout the UK including the
prestigious Westminster Central Hall in London.
Next year also promises to be an exciting time for the choir as it has had the
honour of being invited to take part in the 2011 International Eisteddfod and we
will begin preparing for this event from September 2010.
So this is the perfect time for new members to join us!
For further information about the open evening in Lechlade, or about the choir,
please call 07939 249021 or visit
Claire Ryall

(Anti Gravel Group of Residents in Oxfordshire West)
Say NO to quarries in our villages ……

O         xfordshire County Council is currently developing plans for sand and
          gravel extraction from 2011 to 2026. The County Council has
          nominated a number of sites throughout the county for consideration.
Two options, ‘Options 2 and 3’, would be development in one, or up to three
new areas. One of these is Clanfield/Bampton which stretches from Kelmscott
in the West, through Langford, Clanfield, Black Bourton and Bampton to Aston
in the East.
Contractors have nominated, for inclusion in the plans, quarry sites in and
around the villages in our area. These sites include land around the Broadshires.
Contractors intend to excavate up to 2.1 million tonnes of gravel each year.
If the excavations were concentrated in our area, each year, for 10 years or so, the
beautiful countryside in and around our villages could be burdened with 84,000
trucks, each carrying 25+ tonnes of sand and gravel. For 6 days, every week our
peace and quiet will be shattered by 538 truck journeys per day.
All the Broadshire villages would be affected directly or indirectly: Alvescot,
Aston, Bampton, Black Bourton, Bradwell Village, Broadwell, Broughton Poggs,
Brize Norton, Clanfield , Filkins Grafton, Kelmscott, Kencot and Langford &
Little Faringdon. Some have been earmarked for quarrying; others will be
directly affected by transport and flooding issues should these options proceed.
Since April of this year 12 of the local Parish Councils have been fully occupied
in preparing a response to this potentially disastrous proposal. Working in
partnership they have formed this alliance to oppose ‘Options 2 and 3’.
Speaking with one voice, and on your behalf, the alliance of West Oxfordshire
villages submitted a joint statement to the County Council detailing the serious
and widespread objections to its plans but to no avail. A campaign group called
AGGROW (Anti Gravel Group of Residents in Oxfordshire West) has been
formed to fight this proposal.
This article cannot describe adequately the impact, which the proposed quarries
will have on our villages, our lives and those of our children. No doubt each of
us is only too aware of the clear and present danger posed by the County
Council’s ill-conceived proposals.
If the OCC proceed with this proposal, which they will decide in October, and
choose the so-called Clanfield / Bampton option, then Public consultation is
likely to begin later in the year. In preparation for this, AGGROW has already
devised outline plans for a campaign against sand and gravel quarries in our
villages. Public consultation will afford us very short timescales. If we are to
stand any chance of successfully opposing this, it is vital that our campaign be

professional, well informed and well organised. To that end we propose to seek
specialist consultancy, legal and media involvement
The steering group is working tirelessly on your behalf and is well on the way to
formulating a strong case. We hope that this will persuade Oxfordshire County
Council that the sand and gravel that lies beneath our parishes should be
regarded as a resource of last resort!
We have engaged our district and county councillors and have an appointment
with our Member of Parliament in August to discuss our concerns. We have
attended focus groups facilitated by OCC and have pressed our case in the
strongest terms, and, currently, we are very busy presenting to other villages and
engaging national and regional organisations who we hope will add their support
to our cause.
Through the generosity of some, we have been able to employ the professional
expertise of Planning Consultants, who have wisely advised that we should make
preparations for a Public Enquiry should the so called Clanfield/Bampton option
appear as OCCs preferred option. Given that this area features in 2 of the 3 OCC
options, it would be naive to think that this is not possible, or even probable.
Our consultants advise us that we should focus on the poor road infrastructure
of this village and its surrounds; on its flat landscape and on the potential
implications for flooding. To do this we will need to employ specialist expertise
to undertake in depth surveys of these areas for us.
If we are to become the subject of a Public Enquiry, those of us on the
AGGROW steering group will be no match for contractors’ barristers. To have
any chance of winning, we will need to employ our own barrister. If this is the
case, the cost will be significant.
The overriding purpose of a recent leaflet drop through the 12 villages that made
up AGGROW was focussed on seeking your financial help to pay for the
specialist expertise we need now and legal representation, should we need it in
the near future. Since these leaflet drops we have made a number of
presentations and gained interest from Filkins, Broughton Poggs & Little
Farindon. The money raised from your donations or pledges will enable us to
strengthen our case and, if necessary, to fight at a Public Enquiry.
Without funds, we cannot continue to fight.
Please visit the AGGROW web site on and register your
email address, For any further information or offers of specialist or general help
with the campaign, please email
Thank you,
The AGGROW Steering Committee.


T       he buddleias are in full flower now but where are all the butterflies?
        Usually they are jostling for positions at this time of year but I have just
        had the odd Peacock, an occasional Red Admiral and a sprinkling of
Whites both large and small. The small ones have been leaving their mark on our
cabbages where their green caterpillars have been feasting. Earlier in the season I
did have the odd Comma, easily identified by the ragged wing shape and also a
few small Tortoiseshells but even these have not visited for sometime now.
On 18th July I visited the Wildlife Trust Reserve of Homefield Wood which is in
a part of the countryside I have not visited before between Henley-on-Thames
and Marlow. Here in open woodland we saw Silver-Washed Fritillary butterflies,
large bright orange with black spots and streaks, fluttering around in good
numbers on undergrowth of wild raspberries. This was a rare treat as I have not
seen this beautiful one before and I have not seen wild raspberries growing
outside of Scotland. Also this reserve is noted for its rare Military Orchid which
flowers here in May - June. We were too late for the flower but we did see the
seed heads remaining. There are only two other sites in the country to see these
flowering in scrubby grassland as dense spikes of pinkish-violet flowers with
petals and sepals folded in such a way that they resemble a knight’s helmet. The
distinctive lower petal is shaped like a human form with arms and legs and the
spots resemble buttons on the jacket. I shall have to visit earlier next year. In
consolation tall spikes of Broad-leaved Helleborine were in flower with up to one
hundred flowers on each spike.
This area is the stronghold of the red kite and they were drifting overhead in
good numbers. Further along the same road are beautiful beech woods which the
Chilterns are noted for.
On a visit to friends in Herefordshire over the weekend we visited The Boat Inn
at Whitney-on-Wye and sat near a large window looking over the River Wye and
surrounding countryside. The House Martins, which I have not seen all summer
were there in large numbers before us hawking for insects and performing all
sorts of wonderful flying acrobatics, a delight to behold.
Back home our swifts seem to have departed over the last few days and on
Sunday evening there was just one flying around. Their short visit seems to have
come to an end.
David Roberts

Four young men, talented musicians aged 18-20 years will be performing a
mixture of Barbershop and Light Music at St Mary’s, Bampton on September
11th. They are well worth coming to hear and support .Tickets will be £5 on the
door, contact David New 01993 841807 or 07850 064775

Chicken and Peppers
I have a new recipe book which is so good that several friends will find it under
their trees at Christmas or will be getting it for their birthdays. Indeed, it is such a
wonderful thing that it is being featured each week in the Times. This gem is The
Flavour Thesaurus by Niki Segnit (publ. Bloomsbury). It tells you, in a very witty
and readable way, which favours work well together. Some we all know, such as
lamb and rosemary. Other slightly more unusual pairings we might pride
ourselves on knowing, such as lamb and anchovy. And some, such as oily fish
and mint, are new to me and yet to be experienced. She gives lots of recipe
suggestions that I am longing to try out. I am slightly hindered on the cooking
front however as we are on a strict diet in the Galione house which precludes
cheese, cream, puddings and the like, so several of the yummier-sounding ideas,
such as chocolate and cardamom tart, will have to wait a while. Here is one of
her suggestions though which is so easy it can hardly even be called cooking and
is slimming-friendly. In fact, on the Slimming World diet this counts as ‘free
food’ which means you can eat as much of it as you want and you will not put on
weight. Brilliant! We have this without rice or bread (too fattening) so it is more
like a chicken and pepper soup. The broth part really is ridiculously tasty, far
more so than you would expect from just two ingredients. I feel that it looks a
little bland in its basic form, so I add a handful of fresh herbs at the end to give
colour as much as anything. A bunch of baby spinach leaves would do the trick
too. Also, I am reliably informed that stirring some cream in at the end adds a
new and rather delicious dimension to the dish. This I can well imagine but, as
we are on a strict* diet, I have not tried it yet.
6-8 peppers (red, yellow or orange, not green)
8 chicken thighs (skin on & bone in for flavour preferably)
a few fresh basil leaves, or chives, thyme, coriander, whatever you have
Salt & pepper
Method: De-seed the peppers, cut them into generous chunks and place in a
large, non-stick saucepan. Add the chicken thighs. Cook over a medium heat,
stirring from time to time to prevent sticking. Once the peppers start to release
their juices, cover and cook over a low-medium heat for 30-40 minutes or until
the chicken is cooked and the pan is half-full of broth. Season generously and,
just before serving, stir in a handful of fresh herbs or baby spinach. Serve with
rice or couscous, or simply some crusty bread. Serves 4
*It would be strict if I stuck to it, but … one’s willpower is does fail from time to
time. I’m with Oscar Wilde when it comes to resisting temptation.
Angela Galione

Do you have a few hours a month to spare?
Do you have a computer at home?
Would you like to provide a very worthwhile service to the benefice?
If you are still reading, then you might be just the person we are looking
for to take over the advertising section of the Parish Pump. The job is very
easy and undemanding and an interesting project for the right person
working from home.
Please contact Lin Edgar if you are interested on 01993 823006

Your local Police Community Support Officer is Isabel Webb who is based in
the Carterton, Bampton and Burford Neighbourhood Police Team. Isabel would
like to remind residents to report any suspicious persons or vehicles in their
villages, please try to note down as much detail as possible without putting
yourself in any danger. The neighbourhood team can be contacted on the non
emergency number: 0845 8 505 505. In an emergency dial 999.

Administrator for the Shill Valley & Broadshire Benefice
The Benefice is looking for a part-time administrator to handle many of the day-
to-day tasks involved in running our ‘12 Churches’. This will require reasonable
computer skills on programmes such as Word and Excel, as well as being happy
to liaise with people through both phone and email. The role will require around
12 hours per month, perhaps best spread over 2 mornings a week, with a salary
equivalent to around £10.00 per hour. The purpose of the role is to cover much
of the behind the scenes administration of the benefice in order to allow the
clergy to focus on pastoral concerns. The main tasks required include:
Managing the Benefice fees account - from Weddings, Funerals and Memorials
Co-ordinating the Benefice diary, Sunday services, Weddings & Funerals
Administration relating to Weddings, Baptisms, Funerals and correspondence
across the 11 parishes within the Benefice
For further information or to express an interest please contact Rev. Patrick
Wheaton Tel: 01367 860846 Email:

Benefice Calender of Events
Send your event details to Lin Edgar (contact details inside front cover) by 10th
of each month for events taking place during the following month
Keep-fit every Tuesday in Shilton Old School 7-8 pm Sandie Hunter 01993
11th Ride and Stride each village organises own event on this day.
11th Coffee Morning in Alvescot & Black Bourton Village Hall 10.00
       Tel: Sandie Morris 01993 842135 Doreen Hart 01993 844124
14th Bradwell Village Stitchers 10am - 2.30 pm 01993 824475 Marion Ellis
19th St. Peter’s Church Alvescot Harvest Service at 6 p.m.
19th Alvescot Village Supper 7 for 7.30 Tickets £5.50 each from
       Tessa Farley 01367 841357
24th Macmillan Coffee Morning Shilton Old School 10.00 – 2 p.m.
       Shirley Cuthbertson 01993 842404
26 th  Shilton Chapel Harvest Service
26th Kencot Harvest Festival

                FREE ADS – SALES AND WANTED (Not trade)
                           (Subject to space availability)
       Send to Lin Edgar (details inside front cover) before 10th of each month

Mamas & Papas Pliko Pramette Polka          Baby Bath (white) £5.00
Pram/Pushchair. Excellent condition.        01367 860001
£150.00 ono (£350 new) 01367 860001
Tenturi Exercise Bike – Upright Style.      Konica Minolta Magicolor Laser Printer
Easy to use console with comprehensive      Toners for sale – 2400/2500 series. New
displays. £40.00                            High Capacity black £30.
01367 860001                                New Standard Capacity Cyan £20.
                                            Ring John or Hilary Dudley on
                                            O1367 860382 (evenings)
Cleaner available for housework locally. Honest and reliable young lady.
Intelligent and well presented, with own transport. £10.00 per hour.
Telephone: Lucy on 01367 243044 or Mob. 07864 535616

       I am a lovely flower
   And I could have the power
    To be a thing of beauty
    If you will just water me

          I am a vegetable
  I could put food on your table
        But if I am to grow
         I need some H20

        I am an apple tree
      And fruitful I could be
     Don’t let my fruit be sour
     Give me water to devour

    Once I was a lawn so green
 But brown grass only now is seen
     I could look like I oughta
  If you just gave me some water

  We are herbs bitter and sweet
 For your foods and for your meat
    But to improve our flavor
   Give us water we can savour

 We are bright and scented roses
We could make you perfumed posies
     But to get us in the pink
     You must give us a drink

    I’m a climber on the wall
    I could grow so very tall
   But if you want new shoots
   Put some water on my roots

       So all of us cry out
 We can’t flourish in this drought
 A drink, a drink, a drink we say
And then your kindness we’ll repay.
           Chris Hanks

                     MUSIC QUIZ

In each case, identify the well known song. For Example
The precipitation on my cranium is never ceasing = Raindrops
keep falling on my head
    1 What is the price of the canine animal on display
         behind the glass panel ?
    2 24 hours ago, my worries felt very distant
    3 We are circumnavigating a deciduous shrub of the genus Morus
    4 The entertainment profession is unique and unlike any commercial
    5 Fasten a custard coloured band of material around the circumference of
         the ancient acorn bearing lifeform
    6 Are you glad and aware of this fact? Then applaud
    7 Render a tune regarding 6d
    8 Fasten my Macropus giganteus to the ground with a piece of rope, mate
    9 Elizabeth, my pail contains an unwanted perforation
    10 My aged Father is a waste disposal operative
    11 The river crossing of our country’s capital city is collapsing
    12 Below an extending Castanea
    13 My only wish this Yuletide is to receive a pair of incisors
    14 A darkened pair of gorgeous optical organs
    15 Adorn the places of public assembly using the branches of a prickly
         evergreen shrub
    16 Nought compares with the wife of a knight or baronet
    17 Orange edible roots cooked in water with ox, bull or cow flesh
    18 I’m asleep and my mind is considering an extremely pale coloured
    19 My visual capability has improved considerably following the cessation
         of the downpour
    20 Pursue a path along the carriageway constructed of buttercup coloured
         building blocks
    21 A decade of emerald coloured glass receptacles suspended on a brick
         built fence
    22 Ireland’s largest inland county is very distant
    23 Stow your anxieties in your ancient equipment receptacle

24 Earl Grey for a pair of people and a pair of people for Earl Grey
25 Advise us of the best course of action to pursue with this inebriated
26 8oz of 2d Basmati, 8oz of thick dark brown sugar syrup
27 The lady was dressed in a very small, two piece lemon coloured spotted
   bathing costume
28 Myself, and the patch of shade which I have produced, perambulating
   along the tree lined road
29 Perhaps the fact that I live in our Capital, explains the reason why I
   adore the city I live in
30 I execute my nighttime thoughts beneath the curved brickwork
31 1 tsp of a carbohydrate such as sucrose assists the remedy proscribed by
   the doctor to descend
32 Would anybody like to have a fortune which amounts to a thousand,
   thousand pounds? Not me!
33 Bellis perennis, Bellis perennis, respond to my question why don’t you?
34 Pounds and pence enable this planet to revolve, this planet to revolve
35 Before lunchtime tomorrow I will be joined in Holy Matrimony
36 Ancient Male Watercourse
37 You may assume that you are in your own dwelling. You may assume
   that you are my close relation
38 I am in possession of a beautiful cluster of fruit kernels from the Cocus
   nucifera tree
39 A pair of young males possessed a pair of playthings
40 You must select at least one receptacle which is found on a piece of
   clothing to contain objects
41 My father, who is getting on in years, stated that I should pursue the
   small load bearing automobile
42 The luminous body round which the Earth revolves will emerge the day
   after today
43 The sixth month is violently expanding everywhere
44 A timepiece encapsulated by Granit, limestone etc
45 Female horses and rabbits consume the cereal used in porridge and baby
   sheep consume Araliaceae